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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great Lazy Weekend

It’s been a busy but laid back type of summer weekend with all the minutia of “bottom up politics” . My friends parking concession for Summer Celebration is working well. See my side bar top in blue.

I marched in the parade with a lot of supporters of Karen Buie, I’m going to call them the “Buie Bunch” The parade was pretty short and some of the “Bunch” met afterward to unwind. Next parade is in Whitehall, if you want to join the "Bunch" see my side bar under “Calendar” and get hold of me. Bring good shoes as it is a long parade. I’ve been helping on Karen’s new web site too. Hope we can get it up before that parade. "Incolor" is building it.

Hope to be seeing all the candidates in Whitehall. Give me a call to get in touch with any of them. I’ll do my best. BTW we didn’t run out of candy this time. The kids were happy.

Well I’m getting used to no one showing up for my Sunday Morning Conservative Coffee for Ward 2 Muskegon at the McDonalds downtown at 8am. So in keeping with my mantra of Make Do, Make It Now, Make It Work. I’m doing the Make Do part and catching up on my reading. I’m reading Paul Drucker’s “ The Effective Executive” A classic how to of common sense about running an organization, but more importantly from my perspective how better to interact with people. It is great so far and I can relate to it in my own quest to relate to other people better. Not as a leadership guide. Kind of a get me out of my shell thing. As to politics the sub title says it all. “The definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done” Remember this was written in the late 1960’s so the “Right” does not me Republican or Conservative. Just right. Well come to think of it. lol This book so far is stressing the bottom up part of leadership. The necessary listening part of the process. Letting your agenda if you will fit the real needs. Learning what is really important. The necessity of making changes, without which you will surely become outmoded, as new opportunities arise. I’m seeing some McCain type things in this even.

Overall just a pleasantly busy weekend. Gave me a chance to recharge my batteries.

I might add that my daughter got her picture on the front page of the Detroit Free Press to highlight a full article about her chosen sport of “Disc Golf” in the Twist section. Below I have a link to the article.
------Proud Daddy Link-------
What can I say. She loves this as I love politics, I’m truly happy.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PSS Just got an email about a fund raiser to help elect David Schultz as our Muskegon County Drain Commissioner. I’ve posted the details on my side bar under “Calendar of Events”.

2 comments: said...

Nothing wrong with a lazy weekend. I tell myself. As I plan for a fourth or fifth in a row to be in the yard attempting to regain mastery of my of the earth from the weeds, bushes and strangely placed trees that make up my landscape.

Not that Sundays aren't nice though. Nothing like a morning with the church family and an afternoon with the biological one to recharge the batteries.

Speaking of, if you get your fill of coffee on Sunday mornings and you're looking for a spot, Berean Baptist in Grand Rapids may actually be the best church in the history of the world. Then again I might be biased.


live dangerously said...

Thanks Nick.
Could you do me a favor and call me at 231-728-3455. I have some worrying news I don't know what to do with. My number is 231-728-3455 Regards, Bob Carr.
PS I sent an email but I don't think it made it thru