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Sunday, December 8, 2013



From a blog I wrote before the 2010 mid terms about the Republican’s chances of winning back the US House I said the following about the races in Michigan we needed to concentrate on.

“Three Michigan races needed to win the US House back.

They are the 1st district (the UP) with (Rep) Dr. Daniel Benishek vs. (Dem) McDowell, the 7th district with (Rep) Tim Walburg vs. incumbent (Dem) Mark Schauer and lastly the 9th with (Rep) Andrew (Rcoky) Raczkowski vs. incumbent (Dem) Gary Peters.”

Well, we won those battles and we got the US Senate back in Republican hands.
Looking at the 2014 elections from that perspective, the only conclusion I can draw is that the Democrats are hard up for candidates.  Two of those who lost elections are running again.

The defeated Democrat Congressman Mark Schauer is running for the Michigan Governorship.  The defeated Congressman Gary Peters is running for the US. Senate.
Do you see the irony?  Two Democrats defeated in District wide races somehow think that will translate into statewide victories.  ???

The Republican Governor Rick Snyder already won his statewide race, Terri Lynn Land the Republican Contender for the vacated US Senate seat already has won two state wide elections as Michigan Secretary of State.  Neither of their opponents have. 
Somehow I’m sure the Democrats will try to spin it into being a good thing.  Can’t wait to hear that whopper!  

Terri Lynn Land has started to attract national attention.  Polling data continues to show that she is dead even with the Democrat.  Michigan is becoming one of the races that could help Republicans win back the US Senate in 2014.  

The US Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell recently held a fundraiser for her with a group of Republican Senators running the ideological gauntlet from McConnell to Rand Paul.  Without a primary challenge and with this kind of support Michigan's Senate Seat is becoming a winnable race for Republicans.

I called and talked with her about the fundraiser and I could tell she was pleased and excited.  She informed me that she also spent the day being shown around to some of the PACs located around DC.  I got the impression she was excited about that.
I recently went to the Republican 2nd District Meeting in Allendale in which Congressman Bill Huizenga was on Skype with us.  I told him about the Senate fundraiser and asked whether if the House was planning anything along those lines.  He confirmed that the Michigan US Senate race was starting to pick up traction in Washington and Terri was getting on everyone’s radar.  He also thought it a good idea for the House to do something similar.

So with that in mind, we need to help get out the vote for Terri Lynn Land.  It’s about time for a change of leadership in the Senate.

PS.  Also at the 2nd District meeting Judge David Viviano was present and gave us a nice talk about his qualifications and pride in being appointed by Governor Snyder to fill the vacancy on the Michigan Supreme Court.  The Judge spoke glowingly of the predominance of “the rule of law” ethic on the Court today.  I remember the fight to get the court back to a majority in belief of the rule of law and Bob Young as the Chief Justice.  

Judge Viviano’s appointment turned it into a 5-2 rule of law court.  In an interview after his appointment the following Q+A confirms this.

Q: The comments are that you're a so-called "conservative" justice, and now the court will be 5-2 in favor of the conservatives over the so-called "liberals."
A: "As I've said already, I'm a rule of law judge. What it comes down to is I have a healthy respect and understanding of the constitutional form of government that our Founders created. Part of their genius was putting in a lot of checks and balances so that government wouldn't grow so powerful that it would overtake the citizens and our individual liberty. One of those is the separation of powers. We have a Legislature that makes the law, we have an executive that enforces the law and we have a court that applies the law. If the court goes beyond its constitutional role, then we end up taking from the people their right to have their elected representatives shape policy in the state. So our job is to take the work product of the Legislature and the policy-making branches of government and to fairly apply those laws to the cases that are brought before the court."
The article above was written by Jameson Cook for the Oakland Press News.
I got a chance to talk with Judge Viviano before the meeting and after.  I’m hoping to get him to come to Oceana County to campaign.
I can’t overstate how important and vital the guarding of the Rule of Law is to the protection of our US Constitution and our freedoms.  The Rule of Law is the cornerstone of our freedoms.  
The absence of corruption - conventionally defined as the use of public power for private gain - is one of the hallmarks of a society governed by the rule of law ...

If you think the government is not following the law for its own gain, or if you think some are above the law and corruption is getting out of hand then, We need to get out the vote for this man, and his fellow rule of law Judge Brian Zahra.  FYI liberal Michael Cavanagh is running for re-election.  Let's out vote him too.
Regards, Live Dangerously be a Conservative

Monday, November 18, 2013

Time to Play Our Part

Michigan Senate Race Heating Up.

The biggest battle on the political front for the control of government in 2014 will be for control of the US Senate.  Republicans need to pick up 6 seats without losing any.  Only 5 for a tie but the tie breaker is the President of the Senate – Joe Biden, hence the need for a 6 seat swing.

Sounds pretty tough but two Democrat seats seem pretty safe for Republican pick ups.  There are 4 other Democrat Senate seats up for grabs in states that Obama lost last time.  So it seems there is a chance.
None of the political elite gave Michigan’s Democratic seat a chance of changing hands and becoming Republican until longtime Democrat Sen. Carl Levin said he wouldn’t run this time.  This only let Republican/conservative dreamers like myself think Republicans had a chance.  My dreamer status was born out in 2012 with my failed attempt to help defeat Dem. Debbie Stabenow with my “Dump Debbie” buttons campaign.  May have been a small attempt but qualified me for “Dreamer” Status.

Well since Former Mi. Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land threw her hat into the Republican Primary ring after Levin’s retirement, things have been going her way.  It was first thought that this primary would be jam packed with Republicans forming their well know circular firing squad.  A strategy that worked so well for the Democrats in the past.

I love Pete Hoekstra but he had enough and said so.  Then his heir apparent Congressman Mike Rogers decided not to run.  There were a couple others that while they said they were flattered decided that they weren’t up to it.  Finally the Tea Party favorite Rob Steele bowed out.  Now the coast seemed to be clearing out.  Oh yeah, the parting of the seas.

If this holds true, wouldn’t it be great to be fighting the Democrats instead of ourselves?  What a novel concept.

Terri Lynn Land has many of the necessary attributes to make a success of this race.
1.     1.  Name recognition state wide from her terms and electoral success as Michigan SOS.

2.     2. Her fundraising ability seems to be getting impressive.  Last report was $1 million of her own and another $1 million plus from over 1500 contributors.

3.    3.   Her campaign prowess is indeed impressive.  In a blue state with a winning Democrat governor, state wide she out polled Democrat governor Jennifer Granholm who won the governorship.

With all of this happening her poll numbers have been running slightly behind Democrat Peters, but the tide seems to be turning.
Maybe the Powers that be in the Senate know something we don’t.  Since this whole Obama Care debacle and the polls showing other Dems losing ground perhaps Terri Lynn’s “win ability” is becoming apparent.

More than just a pipe dream for political dreamers like myself.

Politico just put this article out there 11/12/13 by James Hohmann which states that there is to be a fundraiser to be held by 13 Republican Senators in Washington headed by Mitch McConnell.   The article is titled “Michigan Senate race 2014: A Land-ing pad for Senate Republicans”

For those still interested in political divisions within the Republican Party, please note that Senator Rand Paul is on the list of those supporting Terri.  He however was on the stump for Cuccinelli in NY in which Cuccinelli lost by half of the votes garnered by the Libertarian candidate.  Hopefully Libertarians have learned to listen to Rand Paul and will come out for Land.  I think from Cuccinelli's race at least the establishment has learned that they need to support their parties nominee.  They didn't in Virginia and lost a governorship.

With just under a year till the election it is far too early to predict in the fast changing world of politics, but it is rare to have a Republican seeming to be riding a perfect storm made up of many things beyond her control. 

I know that I for one have suffered under a Democrat Michigan for too long.  Our last two elections have turned the tide with a Republican Senate, House, Governor, SOS, and AG.  Guess what, Mi. is turning around?  What do you think?  

I think it’s time to have a US Senator from Michigan.  If you want to get rid of Obama Care there seems no better way to do our bit in helping to take over the US Senate.  

For 2016 you can guess what the next step would be.

It’s time now to start turning America around.

In Michigan we have a chance to do that in a big way.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously Be a Conservative 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Take Back Our Country.

What does that mean?

During that last election we had those yard signs and they were popular, perhaps more so than any one candidate’s signs.  We didn't have enough.

What basic fire do those words ignite in so many people?

That answer is as varied as there are people who say it.

Just before I moved from Muskegon to Oceana County a Black lady I knew asked me “Take the Country back from who?”  I simply told her “not from you but from big government”.  I could tell that she couldn't quite wrap her mind around that idea.  The idea of the government as the problem and not the solution to the problem.  She I feared thought that I wanted to take the Country away from her.  I didn't

When most politicians are asked, “What can we do to combat the power of Big Government: our loss of Individual Freedom?” ; they simply shrug and say it’s too complicated and there is nothing they can do.
Taking this question down to the local level, it becomes what can we do to get the government back to its original role in the constitution and out of our lives?

Simple, Stand Up For Our Rights.

That Black Lady Understood that.  When I talked of our/her rights and fighting for them, we had common ground.  From there we began a real conversation.  We talked not about high and lofty things but upon the trouble and frustration we both saw in the over reach of government, no matter at what level.  That is how we connect with others, find what bugs them about government and talk with them about it.

We all need to step back and in a clear head look at the big picture and once we get that in mind base our individual actions upon that.  Goal setting is so important in any endeavor.

That goal is to create a limited government whose main purpose is to help individuals achieve their goals.  This government needs to have a bureaucracy albeit smaller that is there to help individuals not hinder them.  To only be called upon for suggestions to help an individual, not to arbitrarily decide and demand through the threat of force what an individual may or may not do.  We as individuals need to learn to take care of more of our own problems and demand that the government stop interfering with our efforts to do that.

To stop this increasing loss of our freedoms we need to stand up for those freedoms where ever and whenever they are demeaned by government restraint.  We need to fight for our right to take care of ourselves and demand the government leave us alone. For too long we have forsaken our duty as responsible citizens.   It is time to put our foot down and demand from our legislators (our representatives) that they put back and mend the fences that used to confine the government.  It is time that we demand of ourselves the time and effort it takes to do in our daily lives what we can to keep government accountable to us and not themselves.

This takes constant work and takes up time.  We need to start at the local level and go to our township/city/village/school board meetings.  No one can go to them all but if we go to one a month we will find the one that is the best fit for us then specialize in it.  Perhaps at some point become one of its members.
The more we interact with bureaucracy the better we can understand it.

But be careful to not become that which you wish to change.

But beyond that, we need to start talking with the local leaders in the professions.  They have earned a position of responsibility within our community.  We need to remind them.  Talk with a lawyer about the rule of law.  Ask him/her the difference between administrative law and judicial law, then ask why the two are different?  Why shouldn’t there be a check and balance on the bureaucracy by the judicial system?  Always ask them what we can do about it.  Keep them thinking.

Talk to doctors about the Affordable Care Act and its effect upon them.  Again ask them what can be done about it?

Talk with others; the Pizza shop owner, the barber, the auto parts store manager, the farmer big and small.  Ask them about the over burdensome regulations upon them, under which they have to try to make a living, and whether they could do a better job without them?  Time to get these leaders thinking that change in regulations is necessary and most important that there is public support (you) for that idea.  Remind them to talk with their other professionals and then their legislators and support the idea of getting rid of regulations.

Self-Governance means me and you.

Even though it requires a lot of work especially to start, think of the rewards in the long run for ourselves and our children that a freer less regulated system can provide.

Joel Salatin in the introduction to his book “Everything I Want To Do is Illegal” he asks the following question.  “If a little girl wants to make cornbread muffins and sell them to families in her church, why should the first question be “but is it legal?”. “As a culture, we should praise such self-motivated entrepreneurism.  We should be presenting her with awards and writing stories about her creativity.”  Notice the “We” in the quote.  That means you and me.

If we are to live in a free country, we need to make it free.  If we are to live in a country ruled by reason and the Rule of Law where everybody has equal rights and freedom from the arbitrary decisions of government upon those freedoms, we have to continually earn it.  We have to work at it, in short; it is You and I that have to  ---
Take Back Our Country.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Nothing to Do ??? BS !!! Part II

Nothing to Do ??? BS !!! Look Around. Do it. Part II

Well back to one thing leading to another.

Let me start with my own house, my self, my neighborhood, my county.

Throughout the summer my garden demanded a lot of work, I had learned a lot from last year and tried some new things.  Some from reading but mainly talking with neighbors and farmers in my area.

The harvest was great.  I was able to freeze green beans, corn and Turnips and turnip greens.
I also did my first canning.  I managed to can 15 half pints of Strawberry Jam, 7 half pints of Grape Jam, 7 quarts of carrots, only 3 quarts of tomatoes along with 3 half pints of tomato paste.  Along with that I have roughly a year’s supply of potatoes and onions.  Along with a few parsnips of which I am the proudest.  I had been trying to grow those for 4 years and never even a single one till now.  This time about 15 grew to maturity out of about 100.  They are still in the ground, as they get better tasting once they feel some frost.

My Broccoli came out great.  Grew my first watermelon and it was sweet along with a bunch of acorn and summer squash and my first spaghetti squash, I had it for dinner last night with some butter and brown sugar, it was excellent.

My wood again is all cut and split ahead of winter, racked and tarped – enough for two years.  This is now the 2nd year I’ve managed that.

This Thanksgiving I will indeed give thanks.

My job as Road Commissioner has the added blessing of giving me a reason to get out and meet people from throughout the county.  Forgive me if I spend a little extra time with those that farm or garden.  Believe me, I’ve been traveling some pretty small two tracks finding roads, places and people I didn’t know.

Much as I did in Muskegon, I’m spreading out across the county meeting people and seeing the different areas of Oceana County.  Kind of one person, experience leading to another.  

I’m also going to the different township meetings.  While I hear a lot of complaints about the roads, the people are usually pretty polite about it and seem happy that I came out to see them.   They after all are the people who know (their) roads better than anyone.  At some of the outlying township meetings I have been the only person in the audience.  In one Township the Supervisor said that I was the first Road Commissioner to actually sit in on one of their meetings since he could remember.  I felt good about that.

This just reinforces my idea that what we need to help us change things in the big picture is to start the change at the bottom or local level and working with the next level on up the ladder.  This way generates a groundswell instead of a "flash in the pan".  Getting on a township board is relatively easy and is a great place to start to learn how government works.  

However it takes some work and then time actually doing it, but speaking for myself who thought it would be easy, I’m learning from the Road Commission that there is a lot to learn and then of course the politics of the job comes into play and that is another skill one learns from the doing and I think it's worth it. 

Remember starting out small is a great way to begin to make a difference, especially if you make a mistake or make a wrong decision, this is where it will affect the fewest number of people.  Before you start on a high horse about mistakes – take note you as well as I are human, we all are and humans and we all do make mistakes, in fact that is how we seem to learn best.

Out in my townships, I've been meeting smaller farmers that take the whole idea of self-sufficiency back to a level that it was meant to be.  These are the entrepreneurs that know what government regulations are all about and how they can hamstring a start up and small to midsize business.  It still surprises me that many of them vote Democrat.  This is where the conservative message needs to be spread.  This is where it will be of the most help to the people that need it desperately.

Perhaps if more legislators got out into the weeds of their districts and met these fledgling entrepreneurs vs. the big companies/donners,  they too might learn from them the true cost of over regulation. 

One family farm (the Wrights) raises chickens and lamb for sale, cattle for themselves along with other wild fowl.  They also grow a lot of farmer’s market produce which they sell in person locally and as far away as Chicago.  It is great to see how the whole family pitches in.  One boy specializes in the produce and with the help of the rest has erected a couple of hoop houses to prolong the growing/sales season.   Another boy raises lamb and has learned to shear them pretty well.  That single skill has allowed him to travel as far away as Colorado for sheep shearing competitions from  which he was hired to shear some sheep there and the whole thing paid for itself and then some.

Last time I checked they had a heard of over 30 sheep.  They also raise some pigs, and a horse or two
Another similar farming family I've met just down the road from me are the Hendrions.  They raise a lot of chickens in chicken tractors.  This is a method of range feeding chickens enclosed in a small floorless “coop/tractor” that you move ahead each day to provide fresh forage for these “broilers”.  To further this, Mr. Hendrion and his family built a brand new FDA approved chicken processing plant on their property.  The whole craziness of government regulations really hits home when one is confronted directly with this kind of process.  Mr Hendrion said that the State and Federal regulations were pretty straight forward and he really didn’t have much of a headache until he met up with the township and their interpretation of the regs.  They caused him a lot of grief he said.  The grief came from not understanding the regs and what he was doing.

The whole “Chicken Tractor” movement was started by Joel Salatin who has written many books about self-sufficiency on the small family farm.  One of his books that points out problems of the interface between the government and individuals is aptly titled “EverythingI Want to Do Is Illegal”.

Also since my last post as Chair of the County Republicans we put on our Annual Brat Fry.  While I tried some new things to boost attendance from within the community, they didn't seem to work.  The food was great and our speakers Sen. Goeff Hansen, and Rep. Jon Bumstead were good, but the turnout was below what I was hoping for.  The excuse of it being a non election year has some validity but I wanted to see an increase at all our event, all excuses aside.  We need to come up with a new way to get people to come out.

Along the same lines, we held our 2nd “Adopt a Highway” cleanup hosted by the Republican Party and that went very well.  Rep. Bumstead was there and a group from Ferry Township showed up.  I had gone to their township meeting and let them know we would be cleaning up part of M-20 in their area, and 4 of them showed up.

One thing continually leads to another if you let it and keep an open and flexible mind.

I’m also trying to set up a multi-county Republican bash with US Senate Candidate TerriLynn Land as the guest speaker.

I’vw just started thinking of starting a Conservative Movie Night and feature movies like Hating Breitbart, and some Reagan flicks.  Need to find a place etc.  This idea came from the Unleashed movie night in Hart sponsored by the Baptist Church.  As with the Cozy Conservative Corner we continue to have, I hope to promote unity of conservatives not disunity.

So from the Bottom Up I continue to let one thing lead to the next and see where it takes me.
My new signature.

Regards, Live Dangerously be a Liberal Conservative

PS.  For an explanation of the reason for adding the word Liberal see this post in my other blog.
See the last Part the PS.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nothing to Do ??? BS !!! Look Around. Do it. Part I

This blog is to catch you up on what I've been doing since early Spring, mainly in politics.

There are a lot of pictures to break up the legnth of this post.

There hasn't been much down time in my life as a retired person, I'll tell you that much.

First a recap from just before I moved to Hart till this early spring.

If you know me, you know I'm a transplant from the "Little House in the Hood" of downtown Muskegon, to the "Little House in the Wood" of Oceana County. I've lived here now going on 3 years in a small beautiful house on 20 acres. I really do love it here.

This post is about what I've done as an individual person along with my new friends. I'll let you decide whether what I've done has made a difference.

The first thing I did was to start up a weekly breakfast coffee clutch for conservatives. I did this actually before I moved up to Hart. Our first meeting was at Morat's bakery in Hart at which 4 people including myself showed up. Pictured above. This was a copy of the successful Carmen's Group coffee clutch I and Jim Riley started 2 years prior to that in Downtown Muskegon and if I might add, both are going strong to this date without a break. Muskegon's next meeting will mark 267 consecutive Thursday morning Carmen meetings and 141 consecutive meetings of Hart's Cozy Conservative Corner. This tells me that there is a desire out there for the conservatives to get together.

I always remind myself that if what I do doesn’t catch on, it is because I did it wrong not that there isn’t the desire by the public.

The idea for this “coffee clutch” came from an article Peggy Noonan wrote about how a single guy, Grover Norquist was responsible for the Republican Revolution back when Newt and the boys wondering what to do in the minority. Noonan said it started with Grover setting up a Conservative "Center Right" weekly breakfast in DC and it soon became a focal point for the Angst out there for change. Well I stopped what I was doing and said I can do that where I live. I did, then I moved and did it again.

Our Cozy Conservative Corner in Hart is every Tuesday morning 8:00 AM; at La Fiesta downtown Hart. All are welcome. If you are a conservative socially or otherwise or think you might be, you will be welcomed. Dutch treat of course - we are conservatives after all. The purpose is not to build the Republican party, or the Tea Party or any religious or other conservative thing, the purpose is to gather conservatives over good food and fun to explore what we have in common – and hopefully figure out what to do about it that helps us all.  As they say a rising tide floats all boats.

And here let me be blunt, even hard. The people who fight amongst themselves are cowards. They are too afraid to fight the real enemy, which is the "Organized Left" and simply withdraw to live in a cocoon made up of snappy catch phrases and all the gimmicks of ideologues of the right and the left.

Andrew Breitbart was not such a person; he would wade into it with anyone from the far left and argue with them, as the new terminology goes he demanded the right “Stand their Ground”. The last thing he did was put out a movie “Occupy Unmasked”, in which he debunked the Occupy Movement as a spontaneous affair. He showed how it was run by the unions and how they bussed in people and got all the far left groups together. The best part was footage of him wading into the Occupy LA scene yelling in their faces to “behave yourselves”. The movie is available on Netflix.

Andrew Breitbart had great success; we lost a valiant warrior with his passing.

Well forgive me for diverging, back to what I’ve been doing.

Then through the people I met at both the Cozy Conservative Corner (CCC) and the Oceana County Republican Party, I organized the first ever Oceana Tea Party. I couldn’t have planned it better as the CCC had as its first members, the leadership of the Republican Party and I was the leader of the Tea Party, so it worked out as long as I made sure the meeting didn’t turn into one or the other.

I had great success with the Tea Party and got some great speakers including our State Senator and Representative. We also had a debate with all the 7 candidates for the US Senate in Hart.

I stepped down after a year to set a precedent and the Tea Party is going strong to this date. Below is a picture of our own version of throwing some Tea into “Hart Lake” at our 3rd annual “March to the Park”.

During my tenure as Chair of the Oceana Tea Party I was always pushing the idea of getting into politics at the local level. I called it “Bottom Up Politics” after the name of this blog. At about the time I stepped down, my plans crystallized into running for County Road Commissioner. Below is a pic of my sign and slogan, Put a Carr on the Road --- Commission”.

Below is a pic of me living up to my slogan, as I’m checking out a broken culvert.

I won with the backing of the Republican Party faithful and the friends I made in the Tea Party.

Next came the County Republican Convention at which our long time chair decided to step down and I was the one who filled the vacuum.

Let me make it clear that the reason all this happened was not because I was the sharpest tool in the shed, but because I always tried to think “What can I do today”, not “Who is doing something wrong today”.  I then always followed through and “Jumped in”. I’m a firm believer that we need to start doing and then learn from that experience. No one is perfect and no plan by man is perfect and the only thing that matters in the end is what we do, not what we talked about doing.

To show how interconnected things are; the fact that I first started blogging then the fact that through blogging I met the Muskegon County Clerk whom I volunteered unasked to help in her re-election bid, and all of that got me into the Muskegon Republican party and raised my standing there. The fact that I started the web site for them and this blog and later a 5 county Republican blog helped not only in the Muskegon, but the other surrounding counties of Lake, Mason, Oceana, and Newaygo. then the fact that I started to go to their meetings helped me also. The fact that a State Rep from Hart (100th) decided to run for the Senate in the 34th which included most of the above districts brought him to read a blog I made about the struggles of the East Muskegon Fair. As I was sitting at that picnic table talking with the Pancake makers I got a phone call and it was the State Rep. Goeff Hansen who was just pulling into the area and wanted to know how to get there and that he wanted to meet me.

That was the beginning of my relationship with Senator Hansen. Yes he did win. I like to think I had something to do with it. Like I told him, I would be happy to introduce him around to some of the small shots I knew from blogging but he would have to get to know the big guys himself. It soon became an obbession for me to help him get elected. It was because I was a little dispirited after Karen Bui our Musk. County Clerk lost her election in which I had helped. I was more determined to do what I could to help Goeff over the finish line in first place. I did all I could, including inviting him to Carmen’s Group, to Tea Party Meetings, introduced him to Karen Bui who was the head of the Black Women’s Caucus in Musk. I also introduced him to the owners of the new “Mia and Grace” restaurant and they hit it off as their idea was gourmet “farm to table” and Goeff knew the farm and the grocery business. Also the owner and manager at Carmen’s restaurant fell in love with him.

Between those two races I must have gone to 50 parades sometimes 2 a day, year in and year out.  I've put up yard signs and gone door to door. 

The point I’m making is that all those little things a person does are really very interconnected with each other and they tend to feed off each other if you give them a chance.  First though, you have to take that first step.

Also luck plays a part. It was really just a coincidence that the house I found to buy was in Oceana County. Pure chance, kind of a last ditch shot in the dark.

Now to early spring, the pic below is the last of the ice on my little pond, which over flowed and is just now back within its banks.

Then the next pic reminded me that I live in Mi. as a blizzard happened the next day, but it was winters last gasp and spring had sprung.

Still the annual Ocean Tea Party’s “March to the Park” was a cold affair as we again threw our Tea into the Harbor, well ok Lake.

Below is a pic of Newaygo County Chair Sam Chansler at their Lincoln Day Dinner.

A next pic is of a CCC breakfast.

Next my first asparagus shoot and my roto tiller action in my garden. By now my garden was planted and starting to sprout.

The Hart Parade was also gearing up and I was there to help Senator Hansen and Rep. Bumstead.
Below are pics from that event.

This year is the start of my sixth parade season, Man have I given out a lot of candy. !!! LOL

This marks the end of “Nothing to Do?” Part I. More to follow. Shortly.

So don't tell me there is nothing to do.
Better yet give me a call and I'll hook you up with something to do.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative