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Friday, October 31, 2008

Jack and Thomas and Me

Whenever I get lost in my thoughts and lose my connection to my basic beliefs, I can always go back to Thomas Sowell.

His book “Conflict of Visions” was a watershed for me, it has helped me in all areas to frame the context of my thoughts.

His recent writings have truly helped me to steer a steadier course through these troubled and confusing times. He is my beacon of conservative thought. Below are links to his last 3 articles.

Going from the philosophical to the everyday thoughts, from the “Save the World” to the “What specifically can I do today” to make a difference type of thinking almost always leads me into so many different streams of thought that I easily become confused as to purpose without going back to my basic footings. These lie in conservative thought and those thoughts are best manifested for me in the writing of Thomas Sowell.

I have volunteered to be a poll challenger for this election. I have no idea what I am getting into. I just know that an election free of intimidation are a necessary ingredient of the type of government I want to be a part of. Being a poll challenger seems the most direct way to accomplish that and answer my question, “What Can I Do Today”. Of course after that, there are a myriad of things to attempt along those lines, but for now today a “poll challenger” is what is on my plate. That is what I’ll do, then something else. I will not fall into the trap of thinking something better, as that assumes perfection which may easily talk me out of doing what is good but imperfect today. This journey of mine is simply constant vigilance of the freedom I have that others have won for me and my accepting the responsibility to stand up for those ideas that will ensure my children the same if not more freedom to pursue their happiness.

Along those lines another more direct and closer to home inspiration for me has been Jack Hoogendyk and his race against the bespectacled Carl Levin. A staunch conservative in his views and voting in the State House Jack has been a long time voice of reason in Lansing. Through the efforts of Arlene Helms, Jack will be coming to Muskegon Monday. The Boortman’s will be hosting him along with Karen Buie and Holly Hughes at Toast N Jams in the old K mart plaza on Henry. Although this is not yet written in stone, I believe it will happen. (EDIT--This has been confirmed, click here)I will post again when I get the actual confirmation and I will correct the name spelling etc and provide full details as soon as I get them.

Let’s all make an effort to attend and show our support for a good cause.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. If you want to be a poll watcher or poll Challenger let me know give me a call anytime at 231-728-3455. Call soon, as the election is Tues.
PSS Have to run, just got a call that we are setting up on a street corner to hold up signs for Karen Buie to catch the morning traffic. Forgive my loose grammer and spelling as I gotta go.