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Tuesday, June 17, 2008



That saying is my new way of saying get things done, don’t just talk about it. If you’re old enough to remember the MacGyver show. You’ll know what I mean. You could sum the above saying up by just saying “MacGyver It”. lol This saying to me epitomizes the whole concept of free really free enterprise and how it can be applied to social concerns.

Bringing this concept down to the very local level, now that I’m looking I see it all over. The small business’ that I highlight like Bolt Hardware, Mia & Grace, Aguilar’s, US 31 BBQ, Logan’s Print shop, Carmen’s are all concrete examples of some individuals trying to start up a business by “Making Do” with what they have, “Making It Now” because they have limited funds and time is of the essence, and “Making It Work“, or it will fail and they will lose their money. The key to this is that these entrepreneurs are invested in a successful outcome with time and money. They all, however approach creating their business with what they bring to the table. They are all different in how they approach the problem. All or most of these approaches will probably work. The effort and motivation seems nearly as important as the idea. The typical government solution usually is a one size fits all type of thing. On top of that it takes away the personal investment that makes free enterprise work. Like politics, business is also personal. Well you get the idea. When a solution is success based and run by people invested in that success it usually works.

I think we need to bring that ( 3M ) approach to social things, I give here a “ 2 thumb “bottom up” award to Morning Bear. She has been the driving force behind setting up a community garden spot in my precinct on the property located next to the Love Fellowship Baptist Church on the corner of 8th and Monroe. We rotor tilled it. Then she brought the neighbors together to help straighten it up and plant it. This last Sunday at noon there was a work bee. People mowed the area, and worked in the garden weeding and digging. Morning had gotten some large forms to help raise and separate the beds. About 10 of them. She had old sheet plastic and we put that down. The used forms were donated by the people that own the new shop, Clay Avenue Station. Located at 611 Clay. Hours are Tuesday - Friday 11:00 - 5:30, and Sat 12:00 - 5:00. They are a wine cellar and an art studio. With local talent showcased. They also said that they could bring a load of wood chips to fill in between the forms. I drove my Daughter Liz and her friend Bill past it later and I saw Pastor Phillips with some of his flock admiring the work that was done.

This all was done without government money. Started by one person (Morning), it was a good idea, it filled a need, others who will directly benefit volunteered to help. Plants are growing. The neighbor across the street volunteered the water. He isn’t planting anything. He just liked the idea of helping. I see it as Morning facilitating the process. If the need isn’t there anymore the garden will return to grass. How easy is that. The thing I like about Morning is that her approach is opposite from mine. I would have been organizing things better, (taking over, taking the freedom away from the gardeners, doing what I tell others not to do.) She just rented the rotor tiller bought some hay started doing the work but made sure that the others did the lions share of that work. She instinctively knew how to make sure the others became invested in the project.

Also I’d like to give a 2 thumb “bottom up” award to Marion who runs the (other) Nelson Neighborhood association. He does this all by himself mostly, some others help out when we can, when he asks, which is seldom. Definitely a different approach from Morning’s above. He runs a small food pantry in a building he bought. I spent last Sat. from 8;30am to 6:30pm going all over Muskegon County to the different Green Houses that donate flower and vegetable plant to him every year. Three round trips to Weises in Montague, Twin Lake nursery on Holton Rd, Pavolowski on Airline , Barry’s on Whitehall Rd. ect. He charges his members and whoever else shows up, a dollar a person. Probably about 4 flats @ person. We get about 60 - 80 people. He gave me $60 to help cover gas. I had a volunteer name of Tim a sharp 17 year guy. Eager to help. I worked him hard. Lol no complaints from either of us. Marion is always beating the bushes for food donations and volunteers to help get the donations. He has a major fund raiser selling parking spaces for Summer Celebration. Again volunteers stand and help run it. Also another fund raiser happens every Christmas eve when he puts out, cut out milk gallons with a candle, to outline the sidewalk or curb at places that donate to him. I drink a lot of milk, I donate to him probably around 200 clean and delabled milk jugs. Now that’s what I call recycling. That’s green conservatism. A lot of places downtown and other areas in the neighborhood are lit up Christmas Eve, it is a pretty site. All driving past benefit, Marion can buy more food for his pantry. He doesn’t get government money. He also doesn’t drive a car. Never did. When I feel I don’t have enough whatever to be able to do something, I think of Marion. BTW he has to be at least 80 years old and he just recently had a hole drilled in his head to remove blood. But he was there handing out the plants to everyone and quieting things down. Doing what he’ll tell you is right to do. This guy is what I would call an FDR democrat. ----- Before you start thinking those thoughts, remember so was Ronald Reagan. From successful solutions, a successful party will follow.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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