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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roosevelt Park Parade - End of the Beginning ??

Saturday was the Roosevelt Park Day Parade. Thank goodness while the weather remained unseasonably cool, the rain held off for the parade.

Again I’d like to thank the Westwood Reformed Church of Roosevelt Park for holding their annual breakfast (pictured above)at 8am before the parade for all the participants. The cost was only $3.00 for all the pancakes and sausage milk juice and of course coffee you could drink or eat. It is always a nice way to start the day.

For the “Hooked on Hansen” team we had a good turnout for such short notice.

As usual the parade was loaded with lots of participants floats and the like. This is probably the areas 3rd largest parade just behind Fruitport and the Muskegon parade, although Pentwater and Whitehall are right there too. The people came out in force and braved the cold in sweatshirts and I saw a few winter coats. Good thing global warming changed it’s name to global climate change. But I digress. Lol. The kids as always had a blast and got lots of candy. To them it must be like Halloween, but with the houses coming to them.

Goeff Hansen got to goof a little with “Stan” the Lumberjack’s mascot.

Goeff’s Democrat challenger Mary Valentine was right behind us. She was there with one person giving out candy. So far the Democrats aren’t showing much enthusiasm.

I handed out a few hundred flyers and Joemaflage of Youtube fame, , who walked with us and handed out flyers too, he brought his family too. Pete Wills and his wife and child were there too. Leonard Bathrick filled out our crew. A couple of people from the Hansen crew had previously gone door to door with flyers a day before. People noticed.


Update on Bill Cooper’s “Thanks a Million”.
Below is a link to the Cadillac event on MLive.


Sat. they also did another event in Manistee that same day. As you can see by the MLive piece, the response is great. Also note that the Rotary is talking about buying one of two more of these, this was Bill Coopers original idea, that if he did this others might do the same.

As you can tell, I’m behind this effort. I think Bill Cooper should not hide the fact that he is running for the US House. I see nothing wrong with mixing politics and humanitarian endeavors. In fact it’s high time we demanded from our candidates that they put on their own thinking caps and quit listening to and giving all the money to the paid political consultants and interest groups and figure out ways to give back to the community; at least a part of the huge almost sinful amount of money that is spent on individual campaigns for the likes of TV ads, refrigerator magnets, pens, pencils, bumper stickers ad nauseum.

I ask you a question. Who will make the money and get the benefits from the projected minimum cost of $500,000 that it will cost one candidate to run for that seat through the primary and general election using the same old, same old tactics of professional politicians? Think now about spending 1/5 of that money on a project like this to give back to the community. Think of each candidate doing that. Which is better for society? Now just imagine if by Bill Cooper throwing down the gauntlet, the other candidates pick it up and they start spending some of their war chest on humanitarian projects, how bad would that be. NOT !

Here is a link to the original email Bill sent me about this, the same one he sent all over the media. The same media that should be heaping praise and shaming other candidates for not doing similar things; I might add !

By the way, as you may notice, the link above is from a brand new website that I’m building. I just started this site so cut me some slack. I will keep posting on my other blog sites until the new web site is ready. One example of why I’m switching to a web vs. a blog site is that I could not cut and paste emails with graphics to my blog which as you can see in this web site I can. This way I can copy any flyers for fundraisers and events candidates or County Parties send me complete with all their beautiful graphics.

Be warned it will take a while for me to learn how to do the web site.

The goal is to have a “Bottom Up Politics” web site that can pull together all the counties of Musk, Newaygo, Oceana, Lake and Mason. I want to build a site to promote the sharing of ideas and perhaps resources. I want to promote a sense of camaraderie in our party; a place to network and make friends. I would love a site where all the candidates, (from Baldwin to Ravenna and all the stops in-between); can put up their events and campaign info including links and pictures, a place for the county parties if they want to post their information in an easy free and timely manner. Not to compete with, but to compliment the work they are already doing. Simply said; Extra Exposure.

This site will still serve above all showcase any ideas I can find to help people get involved in their community, in the political process. I hope by example in my blogs to show what I do to keep involved. I hope to make available lots of resources to let and help people know that it is easy to get involved in the process in as little or as large a way as they want.

I’m dreaming this will turn into a hub in the effort to take Michigan back, and especially the Counties mentioned above. Ps I need a name to call this group of counties. It doesn’t quite fit into any political geographic area; any ideas? How does “The Fighting Five” sound? As always post a comment, call, or email me.

Bob Carr

Above all have patience with me building and learning how to build this. The plans I have may be big and I’m just one person, who is a slow learner of the mysteries of the computer at that. This will not happen over night so please in your wisdom, Keep checking back. If the idea is bad, it will not work out, if not then I will learn in the doing and keep learning and as I always say; “Make Do, Make it Now, Make it Work”. Please feel free to email me with constructive criticism. But please remember also that the more cooperation and kind words lol I get, the easier it will be.

So perhaps with the "Fighting Five" counties and my web site working together; with us all working together,we can help start to take Michigan back, with a lot of hard individual effort together. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, this election with our effort can well be the end of the beginning.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Politics a Popping all over from the Bottom Up.

Politics a Popping all over from the Bottom Up.

Friday morning I blogged then figured out my schedule. First I decided to run down to Holland to see if I could help in Bill Coopers “Thanks a Million” food giveaway. Then I thought I would catch a ride with a friend up to visit the County Fair again in Oceana’s city of Hart. But first I had some busy work to do.

First I Hooked up with Hansen to make sure the Roosevelt Park Days parade was on his schedule for Sat. Glad I did, because it wasn’t now it is. Breakfast before the parade at 8 in the Westwood Reformed church. Also started getting in contact with the First Congregational Church downtown in my precinct to see if I could get them to come up with volunteers for the “Thanks a Million” food pantry and have the truck come to us in Precinct 6 Muskegon. All preliminary at this point.
click to enlarge all pics.

Back to today and the first thing on the agenda; Bill Cooper’s innovative, charitable and brilliant idea; the “Thanks a Million” mobile food pantry. I showed up just after the truck showed up and people were just starting to unload the food.

Picture a semi truck similar to a beer truck with separate panels on each side probably 10 in all. In each panel is a different food piled on pallets two high. Convention tables also get set up around the truck and each separate food is added up. Let us use strawberries for example as that was the food I volunteered for. We give out to 200 people, so the number of strawberry quarts is added up then divided by 200. We came up with the figure averaging around 3 quarts per person or family. This is done for each food group around the truck. The strawberries quickly were piled on the table and we quickly went through each box taking out any spoiled berries, then the people started coming through the tables getting their 3 quarts at a time. This is done for each food type at each table.

It is fast and the two hours flew by. 200 people received 50 lbs of food each. We had volunteers also that helped some of the people carry their food through the line. After, there was a quick clean up of all the empty boxes and there was literally a semi full of them and the parking lot returned to normal. We all gathered and I took some group pictures and after about a total time of less than 3 hours, you couldn’t tell that anything had happened there.

I might add, this is not a government program, it is private. Because of that the lines went fast and people and volunteers were nice, friendly, and it felt good doing it. The thing was super efficient.

At home that evening and perhaps for this Saturday and Sunday dinner, there were a lot of people sitting down to eat strawberry shortcake and all the other good stuff provided by this worthwhile project from potatoes to corn on the cob and all kinds of other goodies. Become a volunteer for one or all.

Remember too this was done later that same day by Bill and his crew without me I must add, in Muskegon at 5:45 in the Omni Fitness Center parking lot. Sat. they are also doing it twice again. Come Sunday they will get to say 4 down and only 96 left !!!!! Think about it. They could use all the help we can muster. Volunteer if you can. See below.

Kelsey Duda
231.799.4987 | 866.668.2468

Then I was off with Leonard Bathrick to visit the Ocean County “Fair Days” and the Republican booth. It had rained and the turnout was a little less than the day before. There was a nice crew again at the Republican booth. Juanita Pierman and Jane Drake were there with 3 other ladies. Jane Drake is running in the primary for Goeff Hansen’s term limited state house seat in the 100th district. It was nice to be able to meet these people. Goeff too showed up and got busy saying hi. Marc Libants also running for Goeff's seat showed up too after working the booth all last night. Below is a pic of Juanita and the a winner of a big prize in the middle surrounded by the candidates.

Pete Hoekstra had two guys there getting petitions signed. They need to come up with 15,000 signatures, they just finished 4,000. The real deadline isn’t until Aug. but they are hoping to get them by the middle of this Sept. in time for the Mackinac event to “close the deal” on their primary campaign. If you haven’t signed one yet and wish too; feel free to call me – Bob Carr, 231-728-3455. I’ll get the petition to you.

The way I look at it is that Pete has been a faithful congressman for a long time and served us well; signing a petition to get him on the ballot is the least we can do.

Well Politics is a poppin in Michigan. Hope to see you at the parade.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thanks a Million Bill Cooper

I talked with Bill Cooper in relation to his run for the Michigan US 2nd District Congressional seat, last week and he hinted about a huge plan that he was going to unveil. Well he did and it is below. I'm taken aback.

This is something so different and so unique that I think it deserves special attention. This is a very Bottom Up Politics type of thing. A marriage between the innovation that comes with years of experience in the business world and a grasp of the reality of politics. This is the best of what politics is. Too many good things to say about it to put down here.

I give Mr. Cooper The Two Thumbs, Bottom Up Politics award for his innovation and humanity.

I just got the heads up yesterday late on my return from the Oceana Co. Fair.

Here is a link to the “Thanks a Million” mobile food pantry campaign. This has just been set up and will be flushed out in the near future.


Bill Cooper’s website is linked below. Please note, he will be getting a new website within a couple of weeks. The phone # listed at the bottom of the website is functioning. Ms. Duda is on the job.


I can’t get a link to the complete email so I’ll cut and paste the info.

-----thanks a million cut and paste------


West Michigan Businessman and potential candidate for Congress Bill Cooper has decided to distribute one million pounds of food to people in need throughout West Michigan in a program he is calling, Thanks a Million West Michigan.

Starting Friday August 28th, Thanks a Million will be coordinating one hundred, 10,000 lb. mobile food pantries throughout West Michigan over the next year.
"When I was first encouraged to run for Congress, I asked, 'How much would a campaign cost?' When the answer was $500,000, my next natural question was, 'Where does all that money go?"' He decided that if he was going to pursue this path, he was going to make a real difference in West Michigan - not just spend money on radio and TV advertising, billboards, stickers and pens.

"While considering a run for Congress, I felt that it was important for me to meet the people of West Michigan, not just the GOP party people or key political contributors. I want to meet all of the people; including the people in need and the people who are willing to help out their neighbors in need," said Cooper.

Cooper says; "I am a fiscal conservative who is angry at how our government robs us every April 15th of the good feeling we get for being obedient to the Lord and helping others in the way we choose. I have never seen a person break down and cry tears of joy after sending in their taxes; tears of joy are a regular occurrence at a mobile food pantry by both volunteers and recipients."

The stated goal is 1 million pounds of food, but the real goal is to show people how easy it is to take this idea back to their own groups and organizations. It is Cooper's intention to see 1 million pounds turn into 4- or 5- million pounds by showing the volunteers how easy and rewarding this can be.

"Regardless of the outcome, I can walk away and say, 'We did something real, we did something significant, we didn't just shake hands and pat babies on the head.' We gave 1 million pounds of food away to people who need help in West Michigan's horrible economy!"

For his wife's 40th birthday last winter, she wanted to do a mobile food pantry with her family. As a direct result of that single mobile food pantry, several more were done shortly after that in their hometown.

Feeding America West Michigan land filled nearly 3 million pounds of food last year simply because they logistically couldn't get the food out in time. Cooper bought his own truck and beverage trailer so that they could help do their part to see to it that this food gets in the hands of those in need.

If you want to help, contact Thanks a Million at or call 866-668-2468.


Thanks a Million is providing 1,000,000 pounds of food in one year to those in need across West Michigan through 10,000-pound mobile food pantries.

Our mission is providing temporary solutions to food insecurity, while encouraging people to start their own mobile pantries or food banks for sustainable
development and lasting change in their communities.

Quick Links
Bill Cooper
Thanks a Million!

Upcoming Events

Friday, August 28
+HOLLAND: 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM in the Westshore Mall Parking Lot
+MUSKEGON: 5:45 PM to 7:45 PM in the Omni Fitness Center Parking Lot

Saturday, August 29
+CADILLAC: 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM in the Downtown City Parking Lot (Behind the Elk's)
+MANISTEE: 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM in the Dunham's Sporting Goods Parking Lot

,[more coming soon!]

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us. If you have a group of 20 to 25 volunteers, we can plan a mobile food pantry on a date that works best for you. If you are an individual volunteer, we can plug you in to help at a mobile food pantry coming to your area.
Contact Information

Kelsey Duda
231.799.4987 | 866.668.2468

Thanks again Bill Cooper, I'll keep posting updates as they happen.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Oceana County Fair Days

Oceana County Fair Days

Drove up to Hart to see the County Fair there Thurs, and to volunteer to help work the Oceana County Republican Party booth. What a Republican winner. What a friendly group of volunteers and crowd. I went up there to not only help but to learn.

Learn I did. The main thing I learned was that the Oceana County Republicans had it together.

I got up there at 4pm and there were 4 people manning the booth, I made it 5. Juanita Pierman their County Republican Chair had told me earlier that they had someone lined up for the booth all four days; from 10am – 8pm working 2 hour shifts. That takes time and a lot of effort. My hat’s off to Juanita.

When I compared this to Muskegon’s effort at our County Fair, I found us wanting. Next year I hope we take note of what Oceana has done and put some more effort into pumping up our base.

Marc Libants, who is running in a crowded primary for Goeff Hansen’s term limited 100th district State House seat was there with a couple of people.

Rebecca J. Griffin, the County Clerk of Oceana was also there working the table. Pete Hoekstra had a couple of his people gathering signatures. Goeff Hansen came later and was the hit of the event. This is his turf and it was apparent.

Add to that the idea of actually having things to do at the booth for the people, like the flag give away, petition signing and brochures, free pencils and pens etc, topped off with free ice cold lemonade and there was a palpable buzz at the Republican booth.

A “sea change” in the political environment is in the air. As with any election there are two parts, firing up the base and getting new people. I believe that it starts of course from the Bottom Up with the base and then the broader public. It’s the buzz of the base that gets others coming to see what they’re missing. This event, this county fair, this county Party is the proof of that pudding.

The Oceana County Republicans were fired up; they organized the County Fair booth into 2 hour shifts, for 4 nine hour days. They came up with interactive things to do. They came together and a buzz was created. The faithful came and created more buzz. It was evident to all who passed by whether they stopped or not whether they were Republican or Democrat. In comparison to the Democrat County booth, the difference was a welcome change to this Republican.

Next year I will volunteer to chair the Muskegon County Republican effort at our Youth Fair I hope they let me. Coming from the 6th Precinct, Ward 2 of the City of Muskegon, I am always heartened and enthused by the attendance at the County Fairs. For me the buzz tells me someone is watching my back. This is definitely our base, and we need to fire them up. This a prime place and next year will be a prime time to also set up a voter registration table to help get out the vote.

So if you see me coming and you don’t want to volunteer; lock your doors and pretend you’re not home because I’ll be knocking.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raising Hell in Michigan

Mich. Lawmakers in the News

Politico came out with this headline, “Groups target GOP on cap-and-trade” written by Ben Smith.


Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mi.Parts of Wayne and Oakland Counties) the "rocking congressman"; is the headliner of the piece. McCotter has been one of the most eloquent of those speaking out about Cap and Trade and the Obama Care plan. This is one person you will not see Democrats willing to debate. He is one sharp cookie. His style is subtle and British leaving opponents wondering what happened.
McCotter is equally at home on TV, the floor of the House, and in his rock band. Below is a debate on Hardball with Chris Mathews.


If you look at the other McCotter You Tube videos you’ll see why the Dems are spending so much and are so afraid of people like him.

In the article they refer later to the idea that there were Democrats who voted against the bill and further on they mention that the same cabal of Interest Groups will be targeting also two of their own party that bucked the party line.

If you notice even further on they conjecture one of the purposes of the attack on the four states from which the House members hail are all energy producers which puts pressure on the Senators from them to vote in the Senate against the Cap and Trade Bill. The real battle is coming up in the Senate.

My belief is that if the Obama care plan is put down then the momentum will be in the Republican favor to help put a stop to the cap and trade bill in the Senate. The Democrats seem to feel this and are fighting back. The money mentioned will run into the millions for this alledged campaign orientated ad attack for the upcoming 2010 election. But if that was all it was after it would make better sense to spend it closer to the election which is still over a year away. That they want to flex their muscle to try to intimidate the Senators from Michigan and the other states involved in their ad campaign seems a more likely scenario.

As the title of this blog alludes to, there are more than one Michigan lawmaker in the national news.

Mike Rogers (R-Mi) has put out the following video.


Let us not forget the Republican Leader of Michigan, one of the original “Young Turks” of the Republican Revolution leading the way, the former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and now ranking member who is continually in the news currently raking Pelosi over the GITMO/Standish coals, Congressman Peter Hoekstra, (R-Mi) is running for Governor of Michigan.

In the Mi. State House there is Goeff Hansen (R-Hart) who has introduced HB 5202, which the Muskegon Area Chamber of Commerce says of this amendment to the Renaissance Zone Act, “is a step in the right direction."

The Mason County Growth Alliance wrote, "The Mason County Growth Alliance supports this bill as an additional economic tool to encourage start-up businesses. Currently, the state does not offer anything like this, and we believe it would be a tremendous addition to our entrepreneurial support system. We commend Representative Hansen for listening to our concerns and coming up with a possible solution."

Representative Hansen’s amendment is an attempt to make something already on the books more diverse and more accountable; in other words a more fiscally accountable bill.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservaive

Monday, August 24, 2009

Plenty of Deadly Duo's

The Deadly Duo.

Deadly to Michigan that is. The “Tiresome Twosome” of course is Cherry and Granholm. They are Deadly to Michigan's economy, therefore the Democrat Party because the latest Rasmussen poll is out and is showing that Duo is taking a toll on the voters, and bringing out another “Deadly Duo”.


If I was the Democrat Party in Michigan I would look at the Cherry Granholm administration and see skull and crossbones waving in the fresh breeze of “common sense” that is blowing through Michigan. Their administration has been deadly to the party and to the economy of Michigan for the last eight years.

The Rasmussen Poll above seems to prove that beyond doubt and brings out the other “Deadly Duo”; only 2 people out of every one hundred think the economy of Mi was doing well. The other 98 think otherwise; that includes a lot of Democrats. Only a couple of the most whacked out left wing loonies are left believing the Granholm Cherry rhetoric.

Outside of the fact that Ms. Governor Granholm has been constantly losing approval numbers; two things stood out in this poll.

1. While 44% approve of Graholm’s performance, the people who strongly disapprove of her greatly outweigh those who strongly favor her by 39%-22%.
2. While the article says, “. The state (Michigan) has gone for every Democratic presidential candidate since 1992.”: the article goes on to say the President’s healthcare plan is opposed by a margin on 47%-51% and again those who strongly oppose it outnumber those strongly in favor of it by a margin of 44%-29%.

The astonishing thing I get out of all this is that Republicans have gained the emotional edge. The Dems are just talking the party line, but the Republicans are talking from the heart. They are feeling abused and walked upon. They seem to be saying no more Mr nice guy. Along with and on top of the already familiar refrains of “Enough is Enough”. They seem to be finding their voice.

Going into the new election cycle the Dems have reason to be feeling nervous. Michigan GOPers need to unite behind this emotion being shown by the electorate, let the electorate lead the party for a change; let this be the year of Bottom Up Politics. This can happen if the Political Party Bureaucrats in Lansing and Washington will let it.

I personally remember the giggling and snickering from the all knowing party leaders when I started pushing the “Tea Party” thing, and before that the “Drill Here, Drill Now” thing. Some weren’t however thank goodness, and I'm grateful to the likes of a Newt, then Boehner and Burton, and Tom Price and Tim Walberg, and McCotter and especially Riley.

Now more are listening. We have a real chance here to keep the momentum if we can just keep the professional computer model makers out of it. If the likes of Steele and Wiser can keep their hands off and just offer to help them, then this can happen. This (what is happening now) is the raw data that will make up future computer models; This is a new The Deadly Duo.

This (what is happening now) is the new raw data that will make up future computer models; we have a chance here to make history. We are making a new paradigm.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Activist Training, Held in Jackson Thurs.

Went to the following Tuesday.

I had also signed up earlier in the day for the phone town hall being put on by the National AFP which included speakers Jim Demint and Michelle Bachman. The problem was that they were going on at the same time. So there I was listening to my cell phone in one ear and trying to catch as much of the Jackson affair from the other.
Needless to say I missed a lot. But I also need to say I learned a lot. Early on it became apparent that I could get more out of the Jackson affair than the national town hall. I still listened to my cell phone but only keyed into certain parts. My attention was drawn to the live show. I'll post later if I can find a recording of the telephone townhall.

This live affair “Citizens in Action” which I call the Jackson event was held at the small but beautiful Spring Arbor University near Jackson Mi. I was as always glad to see Jack Hoogendyk in attendance with Scott Hagerstrom for AFP. Former US Congressman Tim Walberg was there also as a keynote speaker. James Muffett from the co-sponsor Citizens for Traditional Values was also there and speaking.

Tim Walberg reminded me why I liked him so much when he was in the US House. What he said came from the heart and that is refreshing to see for a politician these days. I am and have been a big fan of the Republican Study Group, which is the caucus of conservative US Reps. Walberg’s talk of them and his membership in the group was animated; it brought back memories for me as well. Here is a link to it. I see Tim is running to regain that seat he lost in 08. The seat is for Michigan’s 7th Congressional centered around Jackson and Albion. Here is his campaign link I wished him luck. I will do what I can from Muskegon to help this conservative.

As a side note this 7th US Congressional Dist. Has in it Calhoun and most of Jackson counties which make up the 19th Michigan Senate Dist. This district is having a special election this November and the Republicans are hoping to gain a State Senate seat. Our candidate is Mike Nofs. A win in this special election would provide needed momentum for not only Tim Walberg but also Michigan Republicans in general. Here is Mike Nofs website. I donated to his $19 for the 19th effort. I talked with some people at the Jackson event Thurs. and they were all excited about the Nofs election coming up.

Am I dreaming or could this be the start of a rude awakening of the condescending left to the power of common sense against their bullying ways?

James Muffett from Citizens for Traditional Values was someone I had never heard before. I have been looking hi and low for places or programs that will train Precinct Delegates and just plain activists in general. The Republican Party at best has nothing and at worst tends to dismiss that kind of thing. If you follow this blog you know I made a pilgrimage to Livingston county to see a PD workshop put on by someone not directly affiliated with the party. I then tried to put together a PD Workshop through the help of the State Party and it fell apart. Their words definitely fell short of their deeds, as I freely admit so did mine.

Thursday night here was this guy Muffett talking of Precinct Delegates and more importantly about training all activists and even setting up classes for the youth that would teach them of what the government actually is and how it works. For me James Muffett stole the show. While his evangelical style of speaking put me off, I was hooked by the message. What he said he set up was too good for me to believe without further proof. I started to do some research.

Mr. Muffett talked of SSI Student Statesmanship Institute; he talked of transferring truth to the next generation through teaching students about government and how to get involved through fun and work filled work sessions in a concentrated “summer camp” setting. Dig into the site above and you can imagine the good this program is doing. Amy Hawkins, a graduate of SSI gave a short talk and it was obvious that SSI can do wonders with the raw talent that our youth represent.

The talent of James Muffett was not only spent on the youth. His whole purpose is to organize through the churches throughout the state. He hopes to find candidates across the state to fill all the local county and state positions. After talking with him and others in his group I feel this man has his fingers reaching all across the state; I feel this guy can do what he says. With our help of course.

I have previously blogged about how the liberals have a huge army of foot soldiers in the form of Union people, SEIU comes to mind. Their infra structure is in place and can be called up on demand. Ours isn’t, ours can’t. The Liberals can ship people when and where they want. I’ve also pointed out that in the past the only foot soldiers Republicans and Conservatives have had are the churches. In the Reagan and Republican Revolutions they were organized and they worked. In the 06 and 08 elections the churches were not well organized they were shunned. We lost.

As a side note, Jackson's own Democrat Mark Schauer who by the way is running against Mike Nofs in the upcoming Special State Election this Nov. had this protest last week at his office. It was billed as a pro Obamacare rally. Later a big stink was made because it was found out that union people were bussed in from around the state from as far away as Detroit(76 miles) and Muskegon (146 Miles). See link below to RightMichigan and an article by the Blogprof.
At the event I went to Thurs, there were people that counter protested the Obamacare rally. At the beginning of the event they asked for people from the West side of the state. I raised my hand and volunteered that I was bussed in from Muskegon. It brought the house down. It was obvious that I wasn't bussed but spent my own gas money to make it there. I wasn't the furthest either. We had a couple from Traverse City.

The beauty I saw within this meeting was that AFP, Americans For Prosperity which is a Free Market more fiscal orientated conservative group had joined with the Citizens For Traditional Values which is a faith orientated organization. This combination not only worked but brought out people from across the state to unite under a common cause. The planners had thought of 20 or 30 people but were surprised at the turnout of well over 100. 160 had RSVP’d.

What impressed me was the nature of the people who attended. They were serious about what was going on in the country. They were not all waving individual flags for their individual causes, they were there to learn. I was there to learn, I was there to network. I did both.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS >> Update. 08/24/09. CTV highlighted this post on their site. Scroll down to the 4th entry under "Recent News+Interests of CTV", titled "Citizens in Action Grassroots Training - Wonderful Results!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Servant Leadership for the 91st

Breaking News – 91st District.

Ken Punter of Ravenna has made a pre announcement that he will throw his hat into the ring to run as the Republican nominee for Michigan’s 91st District House Seat. Ken along with his wife Kay made their plans known last night at the monthly Muskegon County Republican meeting.
Kay will be Ken’s help mate in their endeavor. From financial guru to campaign manager; and all the other plethora of things involved in a campaign; this will be a family affair.

Ken has felt a calling to serve his neighbors and community for awhile now. He had flirted with the idea of running last election cycle, but waited till now to step into the fray.

Ken Punter has called this “calling to serve” Servant Leadership for the 91st. I quote him below.

“I am committed to being a servant leader for a strong and vibrant Michigan as I run to represent the citizens of the 91st District beyond the election in 2010. My platform for state representative is built on the foundation of family and its core values. Strong family values ultimately leads to less government and lower costs. A society based upon the family unit takes care of itself and is not reliant upon a welfare state or socialized government. Strong families lead to lower unemployment, better education, less welfare payments and smaller prison populations.”

Ken further elaborates his idea of serving the people of the 91st by quoting Abraham Lincoln.

"I freely acknowledge myself the servant of the people,
according to the bond of service - the United States
Constitution; and that, as such, I am responsible to them."
- Abraham Lincoln (Aug 26, 1863) Letter to James Conkling

Lastly, I quote Ken again.

“I am not a career politician and will always be connected with the citizens of the 91st District. While it would be easier for me to let someone else be elected as our state representative and complain about the results, I firmly believe that the 91st District seat must be filled by someone who is elected “by the people” and works “for the people”.”

Ken and Kay are busy scrambling to put together a web site, which is in its final stages. They are finding out the intricacies of political campaigns and finance laws. I would think that they would agree that overregulation is a problem here as well as in business.

If you would like to contact them, below are their #s. If you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of a campaign for a conservative, this is a great place to start. I know they would welcome any offers of help.

Ken and Kay are hoping to run a grass roots campaign. At the meeting Kay put out the word that they are starting to look for volunteers to help with their campaign.

Contact info.

Ken says.

“I am eager to hear from those who I will be serving if elected to office. If you would like to contact either myself or someone within the campaign, use the methods listed below.”

Contact Me By Mail:

Citizens for Ken Punter
P.O. Box 73
Ravenna, MI 49451-0073

Contact Me By E-Mail:

Contact Me By Phone or Fax:

(231) 853-6109

I believe Ken will make a great candidate for the 91st. He is strongly pro family. His small business, Marine and farm background keep his feet firmly planted in reality. His “non career politician” stance along with his “Servant Leadership” slogan are appealing.

I wish them the best in the upcoming campaign. I will be posting info as it becomes available.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Post script.

Also at our GOP Business Meeting, Jim Riley announced Monday Madness for later that evening after the meeting to be held at the Hearthstone. Jim organized it and promoted it with the help of the Party. As the pictures below show, a good time was had by all. The main point of it was to have an informal discussion about politics, eat something and imbide in some libations. All was accomplished.

Last Sat. I marched with Goeff Hansen in the Pentwater parade. My camera's batteries died and I didn't have replacements. That won't happen again. Below is the only pic. I took. This parade was great. A lot of friendly Republicans lined the streets sometimes 8 deep. We ended up with a full compliment of marchers "Howling for Hansen". Gave out a ton of smarties.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Upcoming Meeting, Thoughts

At our Caucus in Muskegon Co. we decided to meet 1/2 hour early to discuss ways to revive the PD/volunteer effort. Needless to say I sat down and wrote these thoughts; then emailed them out. Our monthly caucus had between 15-20. Click on pic to enlarge.

Been thinking of ways to get membership for the Muskegon Cournty Republican Party. The issue seems to be of two parts.

1. Signing them up
2. Keeping them once signed

Signing them up is a pretty straight forward project and we can look to the dems as a case in point. Last election as I travelled with Karen around the festival circuit, there were Dem. booths set up to sign up voters. These booths were set up by volunteers with an overriding goal driving them. Electing the first Black President. So for our effort we need not only volunteers and the booth we need a slogan to put on all the booths and all we do; to not only let people know what we are doing but to remind ourselves why we are doing it. We need a “Greater Good” to fight for. The Liberals are giving us plenty to choose from. The Tea Party angst is something we could use. Let us not pick just one individual issue, let us pick a general slogan that will include all the ammo the Dems are giving us. Maybe “Enough is Enough, Vote Republican” I don’t care. Something to tie into the frustration people have because they feel they are being steamrolled by big government. The whole thing with the booth is to be active, like carnival hawkers, fire up the people; not passive. Teams are always better than singles. Ie draw them in, sign them up.

1. Enough is Enough, Vote Republican
2. Be Different, Vote Republican
3. Take a Chance, Vote Republican
4. Be different than your Parents. Vote Republican
5. Be an Individual, Vote Republican
6. Self Reliance, Vote Republican
7. Live Dangerously Be A Republican

The second part is the hard part. Once we get people to join the Party we need to keep that flame alive. We need to have things that the new and old can do “immediately” that will keep that feeling of “making a difference” stay alive. The Party needs to be the infrastructure around which new faces will find a home and place to vent their angst in positive ways. If a new comer asks, what can I do? We need a list of things to chose from. Things to sign up for.

1. Salvation Army Bell Ringing
2. Poll watching and poll working
3. PD sign up
4. Event volunteer signup sheet.
5. A list to sign to create their own event.
6. We need to keep that list current and add to it.
7. Watching the GOP Headquarters
8. List of candidates asking for volunteers.

We seem to be taking on the position that we don’t want to overtax the faithful few. I believe that if the faithful few actually saw results and new members flow from their efforts they would not be overtaxed but overjoyed.

We need individual as well as Party action. A few big things which we already have, Lincoln Day, our new GOPotluck and Youth Fair are good and should be built upon. These are good and could be added to somewhat. Our New Tradidtion of a GO Potluck could really be built upon with kids rides and a cook out not only for the chosen few but for all.
We also need individual fueled things. Small things; from my neighborhood, a group could help serve breakfast once a month at the First Congregational church. Just a few Republicans gathering once a month for an activity of their choosing to help out and let our faces be seen doing it. In that regard it doesn’t get any better than Jim Riley stroke of genius in the Salvation Army Bell Ringing. Honest Obvious and straightforward = letting people know we care and help out when needed in our communities.

To back up this effort we need to create a “Presence” in our communities. IE the PD thing. How we do it or what we call it is not important. That we do it is. That we provide constructive things for people will not only keep them, but help to reinvent ourselves. Will cause us to be a Party of individuals getting together how and when we want to help in our own ways our own communities.

We need to get tied in with the local groups like the Lions etc, Marve’s Old fashioned Christmas Days etc. and get their event into and put those events on the list for volunteers. I would love to see The Muskegon GOP as a place community groups send info to hoping to get our help.

Let us not forget that the Party can be more than any one candidate, it should be here to help define itself and gather a base of support for all candidates.

I know it is a badge of honor to have been able to fight our way into the GOP party, but maybe we should start looking at ways to make it a little easier to get new members to be actually active in the party. Who knows it might be fun to have new members that were there because of the Party and not in spite of it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nofs Wins Primary, Dem. vows to change parties

Mike Nofs wins Primary in the Special Election of the 19th State Senate District and sets the table for the general election against Democrat primary winner Griffin.

This was expected as both of their challengers were late into the fray and underfunded. Please see link below from the Jackson Citizen Patriot, written by Chris Gautz


I don’t know about you but after I read the article, I was stunned.

1. Republican voters showed up to vote 2/1 over the Democrats.
2. While turnout was abysmal, it was twice as abysmal for the Democrats.
3. There seems a complete lack of excitement on the Griffin side
4. Seems obvious that Mike Nofs has out campaigned Griffin and out fundraised him.

From my initial encounter with Mike Nofs and consequent blogs about this race I realized that he was a worker, here was someone that knew how to campaign, knew the value of door to door. That hard work seems to be paying off. In fundraising, it seems like Griffin is waiting for a stimulus check. If the Democrat party wants any chance it will have to bail out Griffin and take him to the woodshed and talk to the guy.

Another amazing unexpected quote from the article follows from Griffin's challenger and fellow Dem. at least for now. lol

-----quote from the article-----
Renier said she plans to run for Congress again next fall — this time as a Republican.
"I am so fed up with the Democratic Party I can't stand it," she said. "I won't run as a Democrat again."

Notice she is not fed up with the Democrat party because they are not liberal enough, but because they cannot generate election victories for her with their liberal agenda.

This should send shock waves down through the Democrat party. I hope they don't pay attention. I hope we do.

This is an early harbinger of bad news for the Dems. Hopefully if Mike Nofs and the Republicans can capitalize on it; this may well be the harbinger for the 2010 elections that I’m hoping for.

Now is the time to close ranks behind Mike Nofs and show some support from outside the district. The election is 3 months away.

Griffin is right, the Democrat party will be throwing a ton of money into the race. If you go to Mike’s web site you’ll see that you can donate $19 for his campaign for the 19th district. I did. It seems a small enough amount I could afford and if enough people do likewise, well you know the tune.


Congrats Mike, keep up the hard work

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

>>>>>>>>>>> BREAKING <<<<<<<<<<<<

Steve Sachs from the Nofs campaign returned my call.

When asked why the turnout was so lopsided in favor of Republican Mike Nofs, he alluded to all the hard campaigning they have done. “A ton of door to door” by his crew and Mike himself. Steve reiterated that it was Mike’s message of Jobs and a lot of face to face plus Griffin’s lack of message that got the voters to turn out.

Steve said that, “if we keep up the fight we are well on our way to a big victory” (in the upcoming November election). His spirits were indeed high. Part of that stems from the great organization he told me that has sprung up from volunteers in general and from other campaigns. He said that yesterday in Battle Creek they put out 4,000 phone calls getting people to the polls. That was in one day. !!!!

As far as the party switching of Renier from Democrat to Republican Steve gave me a link to the Battle Creek Enquirer. Priceless.


Below is a quote from the Battle Creek Enquirer in an article written by Barrett Newkirk.

{Renier said she was disappointed by the primary's outcome.
"I'm officially a Republican," she said, adding that she will "absolutely" take on Tim Walberg in the Republican primary for U.S. House District 7 in 2010.
"I am no longer a Democrat," Renier said. "They don't even know when they've got a good candidate."}

The only problem I see is that Tim Walberg doesn’t need the extra competition. That will play itself out later. But right now there must be panic in the Democrat camp. I would think that all the dirty tricks will be pulled out of their old bag to try to scare the voters. Not to mention a ton of money. But you know face to face, door to door will out do the “same old same old” tactics of the Dems. Voters are starting to see through that ploy.

So, to Mike Nofs and his crew and all the volunteers, a big “Two Thumbs, Bottom Up” award; for a job well done and for planting the seeds for a victory in November. Hopefully a harginger for 2010.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative