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Monday, June 16, 2008

Taqueria Aguilar

Taqueria Aguilar

Pretty soon it will be hard to walk past the 1100 block of Third St. on an empty stomach. lol
Sunday I took my daughter and her boyfriend out to lunch, as they were in town from Detroit for father’s Day, at 1141 Third St. It’s a new Mexican Restaurant called Taqueria Aguilar. The meal was good and the portion ample. Looked like a family run affair. A proud and happy family. The tables were small but serviceable and the waitress’s were fine. This is good down home authentic Mexican Food. I had a Burrito. The price was recently raised to $8.00 which I thought was steep until I got the meal. Probably had to do with the gas crunch. The Burrito was huge and really stuffed with goodies. The meats available for it were either Steak, beef tongue, or Marinated Pork. Had sour cream, cheese, lettuce and all the fixings. I was pretty full after a half hour of hard eating.

The other main selections were Tacos, Tortas, Gorditas, and Tostadas they also came with the choice of meats mentioned above for the Burritos. Except added to the list for the Tacos was Biria of which I don’t have a clue. The Tortas also had Breaded Steak as an extra choice for meat.

I admit to buying a single taco Mexican style with beef tongue to see what it tasted like. I was really surprised. It really tasted good I was reminded of the burnt taste of fat off of a juicy steak.

Also on the menu was Pollo Asado (Arroz y Frijoles/rice and beans)
Menudo-Tripe Soup and they had Tamales
There was a long list of extras like Frijoles, Papas Gdes, rice, beans, Grilled Onions, Fries and more.

I asked the owners name and Maricela my waitress told me it was Luis Aguilar. I believe he came in later but as I was too busy eating we only nodded to each other. Just one more thing I noticed while I was there. A couple of young families came in and ate dinner, with about four other customers. I felt right at home in a family environment. I was happy I decided to try Aguilar’s out. I’ll be back.

Store Hours.
Monday - Thursday 10am - 10pm
Friday and Saturday 10am - 2am
Sunday 10am - 10pm

Phone 231-727-7000

I wish I was getting paid in food to do this.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

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