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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Conservative Hustle.

Thursday as usual started off at Camen’s Café downtown Muskegon for our weekly Conservative Breakfast, we call it the Carmen Group.

Click on any pics to enlarge.

Had to leave a little early so I could make it out to a gathering of a Punter Platoon. This one was Captained by Kay Punter. Our task was to label and sort postcards for the upcoming fundraiser for Ken Punter who’s running for the 91st State House seat. Not being a career politician he was working so Kay took over the duties of running this event.

Wham bahm, quick and easy with lots of willing hands. Always fun and interesting to talk with some people of like mind.

LeRoy Beck has been working hard on Facebook and Twitter; getting the Facebook page up and running for the Renewed Muskegon Patriots. This is reawakening of the original Muskegon Tea Party Group. Already there are 107 people on its Facebook page.


Our first business meeting in which the public is invited is March 2nd at 7pm see link below for details.


Here is the Muskegon Patriots’ group site on the Tea Party of West Michigan.


Things are starting to come together. Jim Riley and LeRoy Beck will not be able to make it so duties will have to be shared. Full thanks for what they have and are doing. Susie Hughes, Chris Kaijala and I will be sharing the duties for getting our first meeting this year set up. We so far have an agenda of things we propose setting up including a rally on Tax Day 4/15. Also other smaller volunteer events that will get us in a better position to influence local government.

The thing that makes the Tea Party movement work is our ability to take the frustration and anger out there and turn it into productive action. We as individuals are relearning that we can do things on our own. The whole idea is to take back the power given to us in the Constitution. We on the local level are learning how to do that at the City, County, Township and School Board levels.

Can’t begin to tell how many will show up, but we’ve been doing our homework and Chris and Susie have been sending out email blasts to all and Chris is sending out PRs to newspapers, radio and TV stations. Jim led it off with a Chronicle Clipping ad which ran Wed. from which we already are getting calls. The ad will run Sun. and Monday also.
Susie’s house is large. We are hoping for 40 or more. Manistee’s first one had 130/!!!
Here is a group Last April that gathered in Lansing on the Capital steps. I took these pics and had the day of my life.

Susie's house isn't that big. lol
Say hi to Joe

Meanwhile that day Muskegon had its own Tea Party put on by the Muskegon Patriots, the very same group that is having its Rebirth Meeting March 2nd. Here is a link to a blog I did about it.


Looking for bigger crowds this April 15th. Come to the meeting March 2nd and help us plan it out. If you missed the fun last year welcome aboard.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Wendy Day

Last night 2/23 I had a nice ride up to Scottville Mi. to see a town hall put on about health care sponsored by the Ludington and Manistee Tea Parties under the umbrella of the Tea Party of West Michigan.

click on all pics to enlarge

Rod Merrill and the crew from Ludington with Ilene and Tom Biggs from Manistee put on a great event. About 100 people showed up. Guests speakers were Wendy Day of Tea Party fame, Ken Braun from the Mackinac Center and Sen. Wayne Kuipers.

Wendy Lynn Day was the Mistress of ceremonies. Wendy is nothing if she’s not a doer. Here is her facebook page.


Like I said she’s a doer. Just a couple of days ago when it snowed and almost everyone was complaining, she got a group together and made snowmen, about 3 dozen snowmen, in Lansing and decorated them with licorice and marshmallows and stuck protest signs in their hands. Shanghi posted about it. Yeaaah? -- that’s not Shanghi Mi.


I remember her from way back when. Bear with me please.

Did I say she was a doer and not a BSer??? Follow this time line.

On the morning of Feb. 19th 2009 no one had heard of Tea Parties except as a cute piece of ancient American History.

Then later in the day Rick Santelli on FOX (where else) gave a rant heard round the world, we’ve all seen it, we thought it was great then we went about our lives like nothing had happened except maybe we had a little smirk for the next day.. Well that was most of us. The windy city rant blew into Lansing and Wendy Day sniffed it like a bloodhound and was on it.

The very next day
On Friday, Feb.20th 2009 Wendy posted this on her blog.

By the following Tues (4days) she had organized it, and put the word out.
Three days later in Lansing there was a Tea Party with over 300 people. you notice in the article Joan, Melanie and Wendy all went on to become major organizers in Michigan and beyond in the Tea Party Movement. I remember taking pictures of the Thousands that turned up less than 2 months later on the steps of the state capital April 15th; myself included.

Is Wendy the leader of and responsible for the Tea Party Movement? No but she was a part – a big part. She showed “we the people” at least in Michigan that it wasn’t rocket science to get involved and (a big and) – we weren’t alone. All you had to do was call some friends (network) and set a date and show up. The word if it’s good does the rest. From 0-300 in a week, from 300-3/4000 in 2 months.


Here are the pics of Wendy and Joan.

Wendy is on a tear with something else involving individual and State’s Rights which was introduced by Senator Wayne Kuipers who announced last night at the Forum that he was told his bill had made it out of committee and will make it to the floor for debate and a vote.

What bill you ask? Lol The bill is linked below.

There is a House Bill also.


First a hat tip to Rod Merrill who is becoming a bountiful source of information for the Tea Party Movement in West Michigan. Did I say he is the networking king of it all???

Wendy, Wayne and Ken Braun all are on the same page as far as getting this passed in the Senate.

Ken Braun from the Mac. Center gave a good get it moving presentation and how the Mac Center has the tools and research necessary for Tea Party Activists to help in this endeavor. He is the creator of the Mac. Center's Capital Confidential which comes out every other month. In Muskegon you can pick one up for free at Carmen's Cafe downtown at their newsstand. Ken told us now that it is online for free also and the site has new contenet daily.

Senator Kuipers said he thought all the Republicans would vote for it but the problem is that there needs to be a 2/3 vote in the Senate and the Democrat controlled House for this to pass. Kuipers said they needed to convince 4 Dems in the Senate and I believe <<< edit 30 not 14 >>> 14 in the House.

Did I say Wendy is a doer. Lol She’s on this like white on rice; but she needs our help, so does Senator Kuipers. Go to his website and sign his petition for Independent Health Care in Michigan. That’s a start. I will blog later as I find out more and come up with my own tid bits.


The crowd was listening and they asked questions at the end which showed they were paying attention to the finer points. Well at least those over 2years old.

There is a new Paradigm out there and the Tea Party Movement is a big part of it. Politics as usual doesn’t work well any more. Like government it is broken. The old ways have reached critical mass and need something. Politics as well as nature abhor a vacuum and soon fill it. Move over Kirby, The Tea Partiers are sucking up the dirt and cleaning up the process; inventing new old ways to set thing right.

A Couple Cases in point.

The first meeting of all the 2nd Congressional Candidates including the Libertarian, the Democrat and all four Republicans was held in Holland and the Holland/Zeeland Tea Parties hosted it. Not the Chamber or either political party or the Moose Lodge.

Last night a State Senator broke the news that his bill would be making it out of committee. Where did he do that? At a Tea Party sponsored Forum. Guess who he is counting on to help create the pressure needed to get the bill through and into law? Guess who he understands is the only group that if it comes to a referendum, has the people on the ground to get the signatures necessary to get it on the ballot. Guess who he is counting on that if the Bill becomes law will have the sand to stand up and defy the Federal Government? Yup You Betcha, the Tea Party.

I will try to live up to Wendy’s energy and see how I can help in Muskegon hopefully with our Re-energized Tea Party; the Muskegon Patriots. Wendy has shown me we are not alone. As Instapundit Glen Reynolds has said we are each but one in an “Army of Davids”.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Muskegon Tea Party, Muskegon Patriots

The Muskegon Patriots are up and Brewing.

Gordo M at Muskegon Pundit (see link below) has led the charge to re-energize the Muskegon Patriots. Feb. 22, six compatriots went to Los Amigos and decided now is the time to reboot the Tea Party Movement in Muskegon. I’d like to remember Josh and Chris who joined their respective groups for that awesome first event in which Jim/Gordo has a picture of in the link below.


Later Kudos to LeRoy for helping Josh keep the Patriots together through the tough times. Fred along those lines kept the faith alive with his input from the Tea Party of West Michigan.

Untill -----

Such a small thing as a one liner in a national magazine was all it took to get us together and serious. Our individual Tea pots had been brewing for a long time now and this was the spark we needed. We together are hoping to brew a huge kettle full.

Of the six whether original members or not we had one thing in common.

We all have “Had Enough” Big government and Little Government Corruption and we wanted to do something about it. We wanted our Freedoms back

Susie at the meeting was instrumental in organization and offering up her house as our first meeting place.

I’m sure we all took different things away from the meeting, but the thing we all took away in common was a conviction that we can work together to get this off the ground and let Muskegon have the Tea Party they deserve.

We are determined in our efforts.

This was put out by Jim about our first meeting.


Muskegon Patriots March 2010 General meeting
Every Patriotic American is invited!
Tuesday March 2, 2010

RSVP info:
Call Susie at 231-343-4092
or send us an e-mail at
or visit our website
The home of Susie and John Hughes
2425 Safari Lane
Muskegon Twp.
At the back of the subdivision near Milliron and Evanston
Lost?.... call 343-4092 or 777-3037

google map link:,+Muskegon,+MI+49442&gl=us&ei=Xt-DS5WrNYyMnQeI5cHVAQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CAcQ8gEwAA

The networking with the other groups has already begun see below for the event and comments on the Tea Party of West Michigan site.


I’ll keep you posted for further action on the Muskegon Patriots.

For tonight I’m headed to Scottville to see a Townhall dealing with Health Care that the Ludington Tea Party and the Manistee Tea Party are putting on. Senators Wayne Kuipers and Cameron Brown will be there as well.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Direct Connection Candy Store

Click on any pic to enlarge

Direct Connection
Candy Store.
245 Irwin. Muskegon

I have a sweet tooth, actually to be honest a sweet set of false teeth, but you get the drift. Lol

I had seen some stores making up a small strip of stores on Irwin on the corner of Terrace; between Hoyt and Terrace on Irwin. I grew up 50 years ago right around the corner on Hoyt St. There used to be a lot of small business around the neighborhood. I thought it had all dried up. What caught my interest was the word Candy. The store fronts are nicely done but don’t stand out at all. I never really paid them any attention. But back to my sweet tooth.

I had some time so I decided to stop in and see what they sold at the candy store. Although they are in the 5th Precinct they are within three literal stone throws from where I live now, and as I’ve said right around the corner from where I grew up.

As happens more often than one thinks when prowling the Precinct, I walked in on a story. Not a front page story but definitely an American one. This is a story of a family coming to live in Muskegon and trying to live their life. They also had their vision of the American Dream. Part of their lives, part of their dream was to own their own business.

Sue and Steve Counselor started out by trying the internet ad work at home game which didn’t work; but they were learning. They then started by printing their Tee shirts on a press they bought and also making jewelry. Steve continued to work and Sue also cleaned houses to keep their dream alive. Through their journey they came to understand the idea that failure was the best teacher and while they were trying to find a niche, they kept working and trying different things.

Finally they moved into their current location at 245 Irwin on the corner of Terrace. That was 5 years ago; and they have had a constant battle staying afloat.

Sue told me how she learned about the candy business and its need when she simply put a jar of candy at her check out and it was soon empty. Well keep trying different things till one works seems to be their motto. Well that one did work and they adapted only as a self funded small business can.

This business is unique in that it doesn’t fear or shun the neighborhood kids; there is no sign on the door saying “only two students at a time”. As I walked around and loitered in the store, kids would come in from school in groups and pick through the candy. What I saw however was a certain respect with which they treated the store and Sue.

At the checkout as I watched the interplay I realized that Sue knew most of these kids. She called them by name, knew what they usually bought. One girl was short 25 cents and Sue reached into her own pocket and gave her a quarter. Then she said, “I’m putting my garbage out tonight and I want it emptied by tomorrow. The girls said she would.

I kept loitering and saw other things that reinforced that idea of a personal connection between the owner and the customers. Meijer’s eat your heart out.

How did this happen? This was not an instant success story. This was a stubborn belief in themselves and a willingness to put their all into their dream and keep at it through the down turns and keep trying. The stories of how her 18 year old daughter was dragged into the back room by a man with a long knife and almost raped and another story of how a bullet went through the front door as Sue was standing there; coupled with their determination to stay where they were, helped explain the respect the kids were showing her in the store as I watched.

Sue told me that after the near rape, the neighborhood stood up and backed them. Just to top it off, as I was walking out I saw two pair of feet and tennis shoes in the snow on the sidewalk partially blocking my way. I was brushed aside by Sue who went out and picked up the two teens who were fighting and telling them she didn’t allow that kind of thing around here. She then made – made them shake hands and they left. Did I say Sue is I’m guessing not over 5’5” and not much over 100 lbs.

From the pics you can see the store is being run on a shoestring and what it lacks in high tech sterile shelving and glitzy displays it makes up for in charm. The Counselors are still trying new things. The current effort is to get a “real” food business going. Bread and a few canned goods along with a homestyle fridge with frozen foods; also some dairy products are starting to grace their shelves.

They also have some greeting cards and sell school supplies for kids. Some other things here and there point to other avenues they are trying.

As to the charm, well the walls are filled with antiques, Sue said that customers brought some of them in. Will this store make it? I don’t know, but it won’t be for lack of trying. This is a poster child for free Markets; for the Freedom Americans have to pursue their own American Dream in whatever way they so desire.

I asked Sue if there was one thing she would like to say to my readers, what would it be? She said to support your local businesses. I totally agree. The money spent here stays here. On top of all that, the calming effect they have had on the neighborhood is noticeable and it didn’t cost taxpayers a dime, no government grants here, just a lot of grit.

So if you’re in the neighborhood driving down Peck St. hang a right on Irwin and just past Hoyt St. on the right look for the Direct Connection's New Awning and the word Candy Store at 245 Irwin. Tell her I sent you. Pretend you’re a kid again and get some penny candy. The buyer need not beware here.

Website just put up.

Another link,

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Center and From the Right of

Stopped at the regular Thursday 8am "Carmen Group" for Breakfast. I got there early and was done eating as people started coming in. A new friend Eric picked me up in front at 8:15 and we were off to a Center Right Meeting in Lansing. This is a monthly affair and a branch of Grover Norquest’s famous Wednesday breakfast in DC.

Well this was an interesting group that gathered. I got there late and just missed Jay Riemersma give a brief talk. But a little background first. The purpose of Center Right is to gather a coalition of people from different center right organization within the state. They are each given a short time (hopefully less than 5 mins.) to say their piece. Literature is passed around ahead of time. Next a few who have something current going on that they need to tell the others about, do so and a give and take then happens. Ie a little barnstorming of ideas.

There was an all-star group of people attending, plus some conservative lawmakers stopping in. This is Lansing remember and we are right next door to the legislative office buildings.

Jack Hoogendyke (Jack's Blog) presides over these meetings and also present were Scott Hagerstrom from AFP, Jack McHugh from the Mackinac Center, Ron Weiser the State Republican Chair was there too. I did manage to talk with him in the hall as he was leaving. I made a case for a Fix Michigan Center for Muskegon and he reaffirmed that they were rolling out satellite centers later; but only in areas where the races were tight and a Fix Michigan Center would help turn the tide. I then told him of the 34th State Senate seat and the chance of taking back the 91st state house not to mention the proximity of the 101st, along with the importance of it’s recapture. He then said Muskegon was definitely a contested area. Well I filled his ear along with others and I hope some of it stuck.

What he said of the Tea Party led me to think that the leadership at the state level was finally getting the Tea Party thing and how to react to it. I was pleased not to hear any condescending statements. Mr. Wiser has been doing his homework. More on the Tea Party nationally in a minute but I’ll continue with the meeting.

This Center Right meeting seemed to cover all the hot button issues facing the legislature currently. Experts were there. Last night the Muskegon Pundit -- turned me on to an organizational meeting of a Union for Day Care Providers which was to be held at the Holiday inn Muskegon. I found out about it while grocery shopping at Meijers. Well I rushed home and then went to it. I was barred from going in because I wasn’t a dues paying member. A friend was with me and he took a picture then a couple of union guys came over and tried to escort us out. We held our ground they got management and the bottom line was we stayed. There were only 5 people attending and 3 were working for the union. Big ball room, nice finger food, - but no ball. Lol

The odd thing was, there was a person at the Center Right meeting who was all about putting a stop to this union. In fact, this was the guy who put together the John Stossel Fox report on the subject last week. The lawyer was there too.

Here is a link to John Stossel’s report. Note the mention of Mackinaw Center and also the lawyer and Representative Amash who were all at the Center Right Meeting. !!! Did I say I had a ball at this Lansing meeting? lol


Next is a link to the actual Stossel interview on Forced Unionization.


After the meeting we drove back to Muskegon and Carmen’s Café, it was about 2:30 and I decided to have lunch. Today was a day of splurging. I ordered a cheese burger w/lettuce and tomato, and onion rings and to top it off one of their beautiful strawberry malts in the fluted glass with the whipped cream on top and the freezing metal mixing container next to it with another full refill inside. Then I went home and Goeff Hansen called and wanted to meet me so it was back to Carmen’s Café. They were closed by then but Scott was out walking his dog and invited me in to wait for Goeff to come. Free coffee. Kool. Anyway Goeff came and we ended up talking with Scott and Carmen for quite awhile. The topic always reverted back to buying and shopping local of which we all were huge fans. By the time I got home it was after 6.

My whole reason for going to the Center Right meeting was to get a feel for how they conducted the coalition meeting and how it actually worked. This is what I have been working on for awhile now. In fact the original inspiration for the Carmen Group came from Grover’s weekly Wednesday Breakfast DC group. I think I have the nuts and bolts down from this trip. I’ve previously talked with three Muskegon leaders of different groups so far and Scott Hagerstrom and Jack McHugh said they would be glad to come to Muskegon to attend on occasion. They said they were interested in having a Center Right thing in Western Michigan they were thinking of GR. I immediately assured them that GR was not West Michigan the only water they had was the filthy Grand River. We had a great time. Jack McHugh showed me a little presentation on his lap top which was much too funny and very McHugh like. Snark to the limit. I told him he can be our Breitbart. I still think of him as Michigan’s answer to William F.

Anyway on the ride home Eric the computer guy or as Kay Punter references him “The Facebook Guy” came up with some good ideas on Youtubing some of these to help get out the messages of the individual people to more people. This may be set up along the lines of a BNI format
Stay tuned as I flesh this out.

On the Tea Party front. This was what happened in NY’s Long Island.

Long Island's eastern 3rd Assembly District seat became vacant and a special election was held. The seat was previously held by a Democrat she quit. A Republican, who was a businessman and a Tea Party person, Dean Murray entered the race.
The Democrats tried to make Murray’s Tea Party affiliation an issue. The article linked below has the following quote.
“Murray's Tea Party affiliation became an issue during the campaign. A group called the Long Island Progressive Coalition said the loss by Attorney General Martha Coakley to Brown in Massachusetts "shows progressives that who is elected matters and that special elections can send a powerful message that resonate well beyond state or district borders. ... Dean Murray, is a Tea Party organizer. If he is elected to a seat held by a Democrat, it will only embolden the Tea Party right and hurt progressive causes throughout Long Island."
Well guess seems like it was the Tea Party people who were emboldened (read pissed off) enough by that statement because after a recount, Dean Murray won his assembly seat. The article went on to say;

“Murray said (he) hopes his special election triumph will indeed send a message beyond his district's borders”.

Well let’s just say I’m blogging about it in far away Michigan. Lol. Good job NY!!!

-----link for above-----

So all in all - a busy political day, with new stuff popping up all over. An organizational meeting for the Muskegon Patriots will be happening next week. We’ll see how and if this meshing of interests works.

The Sleeping Giant is stirring. Tonight I will sleep well; the Republic is doing its thing.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If you can keep it.

Some have been thinking my categorization of the Republican reaction to the Tea Party movement as arrogant and condescending was off base and a figment of my over actife imagination. Well first is a link below in which several Tea Party national leaders all take pot shots at Michael Steele for calling the activist meeting the media labled the Tea Party Republican meeting.


The RNC which Steele leads put up a website titled – Gee wonder why they did that without first asking to use the Tea Party name. The next link says that Steele didn’t know about the site. It wasn’t his fault.


Between those two articles, Chairman Steele has been accused of a lot of things among them arrogant, not taking care of his own business, publicity hound and basically being incompetent and not even trying to understand the Tea Party. That was by all the leaders I know of in the Tea Party movement. In fact I ordered a book by one of them just last week “Rules for Conservative Radicals”.

They along with me wonder if he is our Gaff a minute version of Joe Biden.

So if I call the Republican Party condescending towards the Tea Party at least I’m not alone. The Tea Party isn’t interested in being Republican or Democrat they are Conservative. What I’m afraid of is that I am the only Republican that thinks that way; which leads to my worst fear as I posted before. The Republican Party is seemingly doing everything it can to lose the Tea Party voter block.

Which is like cutting out your own heart.



I blogged the following in May 2008.

“The nut of what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what party is in power because the people get upset by the arrogance of government. The parties just seem to take turns sharing being disliked by those who voted for them as they merrily increase and make government more inefficient in order IMO to insulate themselves from the scrutiny of the voter.”

Well that frustration has finally found a voice outside of what used to be the only two choices we had; and the people are partying in their new found freedom. They feel liberated because they have an answer to the often repeated hopeless feeling that we feel when we’re told we have no choice.

I’ve had two Republicans already tell me that the Tea Party members will vote Republican anyway. They just don’t get it. They will put up their own candidates in the primary and take away some of the safe Republican seats by trying to defeat Republicans like McCain and others. Even if those candidates may not win the general. This is not a safe year for any incumbent.

Republicans need a message and the action behind it to prove the credibility which they have lost by their actions in the past. Simple backbone is called for once again. Some kid lacking education and polish will turn into another Lincoln or a so so actor will turn into a Reagan. Nature and politics hates a vacuum.

I go back again to the example of Chris Christie’s speech, of Reagan’s unwavering commitment to action upon those beliefs he so eloquently kept simple and on point. Repetition and good works go to character. Character is what we need not just another character spewing clichés and hawking books.

As Franklin said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

The Tea Party is reminding us that it can still be up to us to choose our destiny.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

This is a start. signed Wed in time for the start of CPAC


Wish I was there.

Next we need specifics.


After yesterday’s post I want to make the point that the Tea Party people have stated over and over and over until they are blue in the face for most of their life. They do not want to form a 3rd party. They want to reform the Republican Party from within. So when a Bill Huizenga then tells the TPers how great and wonderful they are and then tells them that they should not form a third party; doesn’t that go to Bill’s knowledge of the Tea Party thing?

I don’t speak for the Tea Party, no one does or they all do and that is the point. We the People are saying what we want. CNN put out a poll and the overwhelming majority by 2-1 said they’d vote to “throw the bums out”: note, very little difference between the parties.
The language is mine; here is a link to Anderson Cooper’s blog AC 360 which says the same thing.


Here is a link to the actual poll


While the poll shows Obama’s numbers still going down; it is funny to see CNN being excoriated by the Left’s blogosphere for even printing such a poll. CNN in the email article I got put in the middle of the text in larger font and highlighted (10 ways your Republican legislator has failed you) which had nothing to do with the story other than to appease the left.

Getting back to local politics and my hope that the Republicans can get their act together to let the TPers in; we need a message. While all the good news is that the Dem. Incumbents are retiring the bad news is that they will be replaced with fresh Non incumbent faces. Maybe the McCains, Snows, and other Republican incumbents should retire also. That is what in my roundabout way I’m trying to get to.

The Tea Party people are tired of both parties making excuses for the mess we are in, when all the while government is getting bigger, deficits are mushrooming and our freedoms shrinking. They wouldn’t mind getting rid of all who made that possible.

Look at the Rasmussen Poll below.


The Democrats still have the lead in the vision race. I don’t think we are taking full advantage of our chances if we just rely on the fact that the people think the Democrat message is misguided.

We (Please note I’m still saying we when I talk of Republicans) as a party need to have a clear message. Reagan had his vision and he hammered away at the same message till through repetition and action people started to believe him. Later in 94 Newt gave us some concrete easily followed promises with the “Contract with America” people believed.

But over the next 10/12 years people quit believing because the Republicans lost their way and it started showing up in the 2006 election then tsunamied us in 2008 when another vision came along. We need a specific message of the precise things we will do if elected. And or a galvanizing governor who will show us by example what he or she did to their state to turn things around. If other Governors follow Chris Christie’s lead we will have a chance to be The party of change in 2010 and 2012.

Getting back to the nuts and bolts, Juanita Pierman (Oceana County Chair) and Joan Runnels (Lake County Chair) are getting a busload of people together going to Lansing and will be shown around by State Rep. Goeff Hansen and perhaps others Republican notaries. I got in late, so I’ll be taking pics. There will be a load of children coming; I’m hoping the pics will be good.

I had originally included Lake County in the “Five Counties” I cover as they do not have a website and only a link to the State GOP site. Well since then the State created a new site promising to put all the counties in it. Well they forgot the promise. Offense intended Mr. Wiser the website sucks. You should help, not hinder your counties. But your memos are great.

Anyway, I’ll be putting not only the major stuff on my calendar for Lake as I do with the other 4 counties but for Lake county I will list the meet and greets she sends me. That would be too much for me for all the candidates and counties but Lake could use the help and doesn’t mind plus they are a feisty bunch.

All for now.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As the World Turns

Funny how things keep rolling on down the hill once you give them a kick. I’ve been doing a lot of kicking for a couple years now and well the can is slowly making its way down the hill. I’ve learned that once I kick I need to get out of the way. Once I try to take credit - well - progress stops. I’m going to go underground at least as much as my ego will let me. One thing I’ve learned is that ego is one thing the Party is not in short supply of.

We had a meeting of the Muskegon Republican County Party last night. It was interesting to see the leadership feign ignorance of the Tea Party. Fred Bertsch from the Tea Party of West Mi. was there and he has been there 2 other meetings and he was asked who he was so he could be introduced as a guest. Gee I remember two meetings ago after the word came down from Weiser that the Repubs should connect with the Tea people and steer them in the right direction; vice Chair Barb Vander Veen cornered Fred after the meeting and grilled him good.

I sincerely hope the party doesn’t screw THIS voting block up. We’re running out of possible voters. The TPers are as conservative as they come and so filled up with everyday common sense that they will probably fly right over the condescending Republican party heads as they are looking down trying to talk at them. Frankly I’m sick of it. The snobbism and elitism and just plain obtuseness of the Leadership is beyond the pale of reason. Why? It makes no sense other than ego. When our chairman is a lobbyist in Lansing I have my doubts of change, at least the change I’m looking for. I saw too that our National Committee Woman who is again running for the 91st state house seat is now showing interest in the Tea Party. That’s sincerity for ya. Kinda goes to credibility you might say. Oh well there’s nothing money can’t buy --- or is there?

What can I say, I guess I should be glad more Republicans didn’t become Democrats so they could get elected. I think CB knows what I mean.

The whole leadership from Wiser on down if they claim to see what’s going on must have developed eyeballs in their behinds as their heads remain buried in the sand. There is a tsunami of Precinct Delegates being recruited Country wide – yes country wide that will be on the ballot. They are being recruited and signed up by the Tea Party groups. Not the Republican Party. There may well be a real election by the people in the precincts to elect a Rino OR a Tea Party Republican as their PD representative. I think I’ll make up some yard signs saying I’m running as a Tea Party Republican for Precinct Delegate Precinct #6, maybe a refrigerator magnate or two, some bumper stickers and find some babies to kiss. It’d be a blast if it wasn’t so sad.

The By-laws of the State party have the PDs as the elected reps of the Precincts and acting as the backbone of the party from which all else is supposed to flow. The party has continually neglected that part of the party as what? Being too Plebian, too much like the unwashed masses? (read too stupid) The business of the County Party gets done the way it always has by 3-4 people to the exclusion, by design or otherwise of the PDs and the public in general. PDs are ridiculed as not doing their jobs. The party never told me what to do except come to a convention to vote so they’d have a quorum. Wow - to quote Chris Matthews, “I felt a chill run up my leg” lol. I had more responsibility when I was 7.

We should have picked our head out of the sand after 2006, we didn’t. After 2008 I stuck my head up and breathed deep. There is a world out there a real world, not made up of spreadsheets and poll numbers but of real people. Once I started getting out among my crowd I started learning. Once I quit preaching I started finding out how better to put conservative principles to use among all the people, to help them get out of the mess we as a nation are falling into. I began talking to people, not just the readers and writers of blogs and other assorted really smart people, who only lacked a little common sense and some real life experiences.

Then as I watched the unwashed impossibly naive masses within one year become better organized than the Party on the county level, while losing only that minimum of naiveté necessary to demand better. They in their simplicity knew they had what they needed; faith in the rights they had as stated in the Constitution and backed by the rule of law. They were thankfully naïve enough to demand that their Representatives listen to them. They used the freedoms of the Constitution to assemble and speak their mind no matter to whom and in what office. They weren't there to listen pliantly to excuses but to demand action.

They were just naive enough to think of the Constitution as what it is; a written contract with the people of America and their elected representatives; stipulating how the people were allowing the government to be formed and the limits of its coercive power. This was to be the one document upon which the rule of law was to be based. The smarter and less naïve lawmakers soon looked at it as a Living Document that need not even be changed as it was too hard to do; but rather simply legislated or judicially decreed away or lately executive ordered to death.

If the people felt as refreshed as I did in actually using my rights, they were feeling good indeed as they exercised those rights and put “Downtown Scotty Brown” in office along with Chris Christie. Wow - did you hear Chris Christie’s speech as Governor of NJ to their legislature? Wow. “Forget About It”. What can I say but “You Betcha”. A Republican, winning by a fair margin in NJ !!!!. Without mob help ---- man o man the people have spoken, if the Repubs can’t connect with and believe in this movement then they deserve to have a 3rd party thrown at them for they have abdicated the Conservative ideals that made them what they are.

You know the next project I was going to do for the party was to start recruiting new members and try to talk the party into setting up a voter registration drive. There are people out there that actually recruit new Republicans off the street. I’ve been getting info from them by email. One is in that Liberal Bastion of Califorina. (NOT sp) But like they said about recruiting PDs last night at the county meeting, we should just limit our recruiting to from our own. Geeze Louise, may my Dad (Young Republican Turk that he was) roll over in his grave.

Perhaps I’ll wait on that idea; I’m thinking I’d make more headway if I started recruiting people to the Tea Party. Either that or stick my head back in the sand. But funny thing about freedom, it is addicting. No wonder it’s such a secret.

Lately I’ve become a political geek, but I hope I’ve kept enough of my idealism and naiveté to help the brewing of some pretty strong tea all across this land; while keeping enough “political geekness” to kick some political butt on occasion. I’m starting right now – right here in my own back yard. I’ve been working for too long for the good of the Party, It’s time to work in my area. The party will do what it will do; and it will do it easier without my help.

I tell ya that fresh air gets you high.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps I’ll still report on the Republican events and keep up with the calendars of the “Five Counties” but you will see a blending of Tea Party and Republican events and commentary from me. Something BTW I wish the Party would do.

PS Below are some of the pics from the county Republican meeting in Musk.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lincoln Day

Muskegon County Republicans had their annual Lincoln Day Friday evening, 2/12/10. The event featured a forum for the 4 main 2nd Congressional District Republican Candidates. (Bill Cooper, Bill Huizenga, Wayne Kuipers and Jay Riemersma.) This crew has been waging the Primary battle now for awhile. Near the end of the "forum" patience was wearing thin.

I must say that I cannot make up my own mind. I find some really great qualities in every one and none has all the qualities I would find in a perfect candidate.

There was a full house or nearly so and I give a salute to a job well done by our Chair David Farhat, Vice Chair Susie Hughes and Treasurer Jan Koens; plus any and all I missed who helped put this on.

The list is long and awesome as to the political powers within the state that showed up. The headliner of course was Congressman Pete Hoekstra which the latest Rasmussen Poll has Pete back in the lead for the Gubernatorial Race. Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land gave a nice stand in speech for Mike Bouchard and let everyone know too that she was running for Lieutenant Governor. Tom George was there also.

Almost all the candidates were there for SOS, AG and the Trustees; Like I say you couldn't turn around without bumping into someone at least semi famous including State Senate leader Mike Bishop who is running for AG.

State Senator Gerald Van Woerkhom was there with two candidates running for his term limited seat this year; Goeff Hansen and David Farhat.

The two candidates for the 91st state house seat, Ken Punter and Holly Hughes were there as well.

Happily there was a good turnout at the event so in the end the actual citizens outnumbered the candidates.

Below are the pics, I gave up trying to figure out who to cut out so I went ahead and put them all in. If you were there you probably will be in a picture. If not I apologize.

Click on Pics to enlarge.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative