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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Precinct 6, Ward 2, Muskegon

New Years Eve Day started out great. I let my fire stop around 8pm the night before to clean out the ashes. I then decided to not relight it till the next morning to save wood. The temp outside was mild I took the chance. It worked. While chilly the following morning it was ok and I soon had a fire going. By the time I got out of the hot shower, I dressed in 65 degree warmth, and the coffee was perking on the fire. Now that is Green Self Sufficient Conservatism. Now if I can just become Compassionate. lol

Anyway, I was a happy camper in my “little house in the hood”.

I couldn’t soak up much heat however; as I was in a hurry to get to Carmen’s for our weekly conservative get together and breakfast at 8am. I made it on time and a good time was had. Jim brought in “Weapons of Choice” a book I had given him for Christmas and he was full of praise about it. I told him there were two more in the series and he said he had already ordered them. Jon scooped up Jim’s copy and I said I had ordered more used copies for our burgeoning informal Thursday morning book club. That would be my first donation; Susie and Marve were the originators.
Click pic to enlarge
Bob S wasn't in the pic. Sorry Bob

State Representative Goeff Hansen stopped by for breakfast and we had an interesting talk about what the state government was up to. Goeff talked of the deal hammered out in the Legislature for the new Bay City coal fired plant to be built. The deal included the need to in effect cut the Coal generated electric output in the State. They will do this by shutting down up to 7 of the oldest coal fired plants in Michigan. Below is the link to the Chronicle piece about it.


In Muskegon the BC Cobb plant is high on the list of 7 to be shut down. The Cobb plant this year alone will generate close to 4 million $$s in property and personal taxes. That will be a huge loss for a city that just had a short fall of a million and had a tough time handling that. There is also the loss of jobs in the area. The only upside of this will be the opening up of a big section of Lake Front property. Hope they don’t build another parking ramp.

Goeff was able to shed some light on the politics of the deal. It was fun listening to some of the un- reportable back room negotiations that went on. If you expect me to break confidence, you’re crazy, you’ll have to come to Carmen’s yourself.

He also talked about the Windmill Farm being sought offshore Of Ludington. 200 square miles of our Lake Michigan will be off limits. 200 square miles of the floor of Lake Michigan will be dug and drilled and filled with untold thousands of tons of concrete and steel and plastics for a technology that isn’t yet perfected. The maintenance cost is something everyone seems to brush off. Goeff said that he had asked the promoter or his guy I forget which, about why not a nuclear plant which would take up way less land and generate more electricity, and he was told we couldn’t get rid of the fuel.

As is common at our little get together at Carmen’s, I threw a little snark in about if we sold the fuel to Iran for a lot of money it would be a win win situation.

Everyone seemed to think it wasn’t a totally bad idea. Lol/ I should of added we could do this with a concession for a signed agreement that they wouldn’t bomb anyone with it and we could wave it in the air and yell “Peace in Our Time”. Oh well. Moments lost, are gone forever.

Next, on the list after blogging and the other stuff I do; I met up with Marion and his crew at the Nelson Community Association Food Bank building on Beidler where we put together the recycled gallon milk jugs I save all year, sand and votive candles.
I only got one pic of Marion and one of the young men helping.
Click pic to enlarge

We then put them in my truck and proceeded to put them out in the Downtown area along the sidewalks of the stores, churches and offices which donate to the Food Bank for this service. Normally we do it on Christmas Eve but due to the weather we did it this year on New Year’s Eve. Just that morning I received in the post 20 LED battery Tea Lights which I hope will work better than the actual candles.

We made the rounds and were pretty cold by the time we got done. The temperature had dropped and the wind was getting pretty gusty by the time we hit our last stop, the Chamber of Commerce. Altogether we put out over 150 candles. We had a crew of 5so it really went pretty well compared to last year. Below is a pic of the house on Houston and 4th. The candles are around the side walk on this house.
Click pic to enlarge

In the past, the candles continually would blow out and get put out by the rainy snow we always seem to have on Christmas Eve. If these LED candles work out I’ll raise enough to buy a couple hundred for the years to come. While they cost around 1$ @ vs the Candles at 20 cents @; the LED ones can be used over and over for 80 hours or I figure a guaranteed 4 years which brings the price down to 25 cents @. For the amount of time saved and frustration saved, it is well worth it. Also the candles will stay lit and our “Product” will be much improved. Donations could go up. I noticed though, the LED candles were not as bright as the regular candles. I’ll keep looking.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Research about our Carmen discussion on the Coal Fired Electric Plant.
Link below is a classic case of how two different papers report the same thing. Note the second paragraph.


It says that it will create a $1.2 billion dollar boost to the Michigan economy as it adds 830 megawatts to the grid. Then the article goes on to explain the temporary jobs created to build it and the 100 permanent jobs to run it. WOW oh but by the way, how many jobs are going to be lost and what will the loss to the economy of Michigan be by closing down 7 power plants and taking off the grid 980 megawatts?
The headlines should have been by any paper with a spine (no pun intended) Two West Michigan Towns face bankruptcy due to Bay City’s political muscle and the Governor’s Political Maneuvering.

Yet another victem of the Green Granholm effect –


How good for us is it that in June 09 that NMU through Green PC pressure and lawsuits from the Sierra Club was forced to stop plans for a clean coal power plant of 10 Mega watts. How many jobs weren’t created by that (temporary and permanent); how much of a boost to the economy?

Let us not forget how LA gleefully reported our governor leading the way to cut these coal plants. This was back in Feb 09. Talk about trickle down “Detroit-OG-enomics”. Don’t get it? Just think of the effects of G (Granholm) facilitated O (Obamanomics) to give the world a cookie cutter to reproduce the destruction and demotion of Detroit to 3rd world status. If I could of found an appropriate Porker whose last name started with an H It could have been “Detroit-HOG-onomics” A better picture of the animals at the “public tax payer/real people producing” trough these bloodsuckers feed from.


Geeze I was feeling pretty good till I added that PS.

It is good for me to remember that by doing things like I did with Carmen’s and the Food Bank Candle thing I felt good and by writing about what was wrong I felt bad.
My New Year’s Resolution then is to write like crazy so I'll have to spend most of my time balancing it out by DOING good things. Man that will fill up my whole year. lol

More Regards and Feeling better, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time's a Wasting

It’s OK to be Right.

If that is too much to swallow for the faint of heart; you can start by saying It’s OK to think that there is a right and wrong.

It that is still too radical, just say It’s OK to think for myself.

Cultural Change needs to happen to think those things. The Me generation has to learn the Me and Thee ideas.

Why should I waste my time with politics? Politics is how Me becomes Thee.

I know all about Big Government and Big Business and Big Labor and the smaller my Freedom gets as they get bigger.

What can I do? Will it make a difference? Please re-listen to the last two minutes
of the following link to a speech Newt Gingrich recently made. ps over a million hits.

513,000 candidates are needed to run for all the offices in the country in both parties.

What good can I do about finding half a million candidates.

Remember those ½ million come from all the precincts around the nation. If I can find one and then find other friends etc to go out and vote; then when we vote, we will have taken our neighborhood back.

That is one exponent of Exponential change.

To do that is not impossible. It can be done without getting your toes cut off from frostbite or taking a bullet. It can be done by getting off our butts and walking into a local Republican HQ and talking and learning and above all learning to act. By setting up a HQ if you don’t have one.

It can be done by talking to your neighbors and doing those things you preach about.
Well, if I vote – I won’t be wasting that ½ hour once a year or two.

If I get on the ballot as a Precinct Delegate, I won’t be wasting another 10 hours a year.


That link above gives you links to find out if you are registered, what precinct you’re in and a handbook about Precinct Delegates, and all the necessary forms etc to become one. Once at the link above, move your mouse over the “How Can I Help” button on the left and see the dropdown menu to see how you can help candidates and the local party. Or simply donate and take the easy way out.

If I volunteer for Party functions that help my neighborhood, there is some more time I won’t be wasting.

If I volunteer to help a candidate, I will have not wasted even more time.

If I vote for a candidate I have helped and he or she wins, I will not have wasted so much time I will feel righteous.

In short Time’s a Wasting. Sign up deadline for Precinct Delegates is May 11th, 2010.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

You need any info or help let me know.
Bob Carr

Friday, December 25, 2009

God Bless Ya Ernie.

I hope I've lived a worthy enough life so I may at it's end truely give thanks and Ernie Harwell has just done through the Detroit Free Press. For those who don't know he was given 6 months to live five months ago.

You go Ernie.

-----Ernie's Christmass Card to us Fans-------
Christmastime in the Harwell household always has meant that my wife, Lulu, did the heavy lifting and my job was the sending of the greeting cards. These cards were to express our thanks for the loyalty and support of our friends.

This year, I'm not sending cards. Last July, doctors gave me only six months (more or less) to live. That was five months ago. I am still hanging around. But, while getting ready for my new adventure, I'm not dying to send out cards.

However, my friends at the Free Press are allowing me use of this space to thank all of you who have reached out to me and my family since the announcement of my illness. I can't answer 10,000 cards and letters with a personal note, so I have to do it the easy way.

Robert Browning was a great poet but didn't know much about baseball. He once wrote, "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" That's a great outlook on life, but I'm sure Jim Leyland would rather see his outfielder catch and hold onto a fly ball than have his reach exceed his grasp.

Anyway, you folks have reached out to me in so many ways. Your encouraging words, your prayers and your gifts have touched my heart. You've certainly discovered "what's a heaven for."

I've received prayer shawls, Catholic mass cards and holy water, and beautiful flower arrangements. The family has enjoyed delicious food you've sent. We lead the league in casseroles, banana bread, pies, cakes and all kinds of cookies -- all expressing your loyalty and support. I deeply appreciate the visits of my friends -- especially those who flew here from Texas, Baltimore, New York, Boston, California and other faraway places.

Several years ago, I decided for the first and only time not to send Christmas cards. I was surprised that nobody seemed to notice. In fact, one friend told me, "Thanks for that beautiful card you sent," and another said, "Hey, I really liked your Christmas card."

So, this season I again won't send cards. (I'm saving my strength to sign the numbered posters commemorating my little speech in September at Comerica Park. I'm proud of the great job photographer-designer Jim Tocco did.)

Thanks to the Free Press for lending me this space to send you all my thanks and appreciation for your heartfelt responses.


Regards, and Merry Christmas -
Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ray Franz - A Candidate or his Message?

It’s the Candidate.

I was reminded Monday that; an election especially at a more local level boils down to the Candidate first and then the message.

Another way of saying that is, if a Candidate cannot communicate his or her message the message will not matter. The Candidate will not matter.

Politics as they say is personal. You have to get personal to get your message across. Candidates are the personality of any campaign; they become the face of the message.

As I meet and talk with candidates from around the “five Counties”, I appreciate a candidate that seems to know his or her mind and is able to communicate that to others. A John McCain vs a John Kennedy, or a Reagan vs. a Dukakis. All may have good messages, but when two of them talked it was the time to hit the refrig for snacks so you could enjoy listening to the other two.

Monday I met with the Candidate for the 101st state house district, Ray Franz. His campaign manager Jennifer Smeltzer was there with him. While Ray Franz may not be a Reagan or a Kennedy I did not feel like getting up and running to the fridge. We had a great political discussion and I learned a lot not just about Mr. Franz but the whole political layout of the 101st which includes Manistee, Benzie and Leelanau counties.

Our talked ranged from the active Ludington Tea Party group and an active Women Republican group in Mason County; to the 2008 election and how the 2010 election will be different. We talked about his experiance and this cut an paste below from his web site pretty much sums up his experiance in politics and the ability to get things done.

I served on the Onekama Village Council for 29 years; the last six as Village President. During my tenure I made getting results a top priority. We cut taxes by 50%, paid off bonds 12 to 30 years early, and established a road re-surfacing program. When I left, there was approximately two years' of fund equity in our account balances. I want to take that drive and determination to Lansing.

Our meeting was for the purpose of having an interview later with him for Bottom Up Politics. I find I can research my questions better once I personally get to know the candidate. I am hoping to get the interview published sometime in January after the holidays.

While Ray has never held state office, he ran for the 101st and lost last time. From that, he seems to have a handle on the process of how to run an election and who to see and talk with; in short how to communicate his message to the most people. Ray said he has learned the ins and outs of campaigning. I gave him a couple tough questions and he fielded them well and believably. He’s been there before and done that.

Perhaps the best reward from not winning the last time was the knowledge of what he can do differently this time to pull out a victory. While stating the obvious that this is an off year election and that the “Obama Wave” effect won’t come into play nearly as much as in 2008; Mr. Franz is realistic enough to admit that there is a lot of hard work ahead of him. The work he says will come in the fact that he will be trying to unseat an incumbent.

The main work will be to get the base out on an off year election. As I brought up the whole “Tea Party” thing as helping him to do that, he agreed; but it was obvious to me that he knew that he had to work to get their vote as well as everyone else’s in order to pull off a win. It was as always, refreshing to talk with a candidate that was sure enough of himself and his plan to talk freely about his campaign.
It was nice to hear some plain talk; not the usual political hack stuff.

Another positive was that there seems to be no serious Republican contender at this point. I will keep in touch with Ray to keep my readers at Bottom Up Politics up to date on this campaign. I am feeling that this swing district could swing back Red from Blue this time around. The polls show the 101st to be a slight 3-4% Republican leaning district. Ray Franz communicated his confidence to me that he knows what to do and is willing to spend the time and money to flip the Mi. House 101st seat back to the Republican Caucus.

The mood is in the air.

I believe him. This time around the Candidate will carry the message and the people will listen.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Counting Our Blessings

In a recent email update on Congressman Pete Hoekstra’s run for the governorship he ended the email by saying - “Enjoy your Christmas/holiday time. Spend time with your family. For a fun family event go see Blind Sided.” I had recently blogged about the movie “The Blind Side” and thought Pete had made a mistake; so being the journalist that I am lol I started digging. Sure enough there is a movie “Blind Sided” separate from “The Blind Side” and it seems like a truly inspirational movie.

What I like about both movies is that it elevates the individual as being capable of fixing their own circumstances, with the help of others to be sure. Those others need not be “our” government; but can be normal unpaid individuals rising to the demands of their own individual hearts.

Think about it.

What power does an individual have if not over his or her own life? What power does the government take away when it inserts itself within our lives? What is the definition of Individual Freedom? I think we always need to promote the power of the individual not the government. Whenever possible promote teaching people to fish, not giving them fish.

Or as Colonel West on his great youtube video says, the duty of government it to promote the general welfare, not provide welfare. Just to keep it going on the West thing here is a link to his appearance on the Sean Hannity show.


The main body of Congressman Hoekstra’s email highlighted a poll saying Pete leads the Republican Contenders for governor and also is 14 points ahead of Democrat John Cherry. I did some digging and here is a link to the Rasmussen Poll, where those #s came from.


Vanity is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and in this case it is working in our favor. I mean why o why would the Democrats run anyone for Governor even remotely tied to Granholm and the policies that have gotten us to where we are? Why would they run her Lieutenant Governor? This is indeed a good time to count our blessings. I know some Dems who are looking for any reason however slim to even go to the polls, let alone vote for a Democrat who helped us get into this mess.

Michigan and especially Detroit have become the embarrassing poster child for failed liberal policies. (see the pps at the bottom) voters aren’t finding any hope in Cherry. The Independents are finding the choice easier and easier. We are offerning a clear one. Another blessing is that I look forward to the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort this coming Election.

Back to the movie Blind Sided I ordered a copy (less than $20 including shipping) and also put a call into Pete’s office floating the idea of having the star come and speak and or show the film. Maybe it’s something that could work. We'll see, I called the number at the bottom of the Blind Sided site and talked with a nice lady there who seemed to be willing to help make something happen. I explained I don’t have the wherewithal to make it happen; but I’d put the idea out there to those who might. I'll also bring it up within the "Five Counties" Whichever movie Pete intended to highlight, you can't go wrong with either one. To anyone reading feel free to do the same.

The more promotion of our basic Republican ideals the better.

Indeed the biggest blessing to count and fight for is our Freedom.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. Here is a video I took at a town hall in Holland. Pete talks about Freedom.

Pps. Here is a teaser for a PJTV video coming out Monday. This shows the view of Detroit from an outside vantage point. Be sure to tune into PJTV and "Louder with Crowder" Monday.
A final ppps. If you want to listen to Pete about the direction he wants to take Michigan as Governor, this is a link to a video of his Meet Pete in Holland speech.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Old Fachioned Christmas

Click on any pictures to enlarge

The smile and wonderment on the faces in the picture above came about by the work and loving effort of Marve Engle pictured below from Englewood Farms; along with the Fruitport Lions Club, Fruitport Schools, Fruitport Township, Village Inn, Fruitport Foods, and Copies and More; who put on an “old time holiday celebration with hayrides, outdoor lighted Christmas tree, carols being sung by the fire, chili and hot chocolate was served across the street at the VFW.

click on post any picture to enlarge

This was a two day event Dec. 16th and 17th from 6-8pm. I missed the first day but came to the second evening. I’m glad I did. This was all about the kids. Marve told me they thought about 300 neighbors attended the 16th, I would guess 200 or so came the 17th.

As I approached on Airline Rd. I saw some flashing blue lights and knew them to be the police. I had hoped no one was hurt. I was relieved to see that two police cars were blocking Airline Rd. to let the families walk across the street from the parking lot of the VFW where they were serving the hot chocolate,chili and other goodies; to the other side to see the lighted trees, bonfire, carolers and hay rides. Hats off to them for directing traffic and keeping everyone safe.

The carolers were from the Fruitport Middle and the High Schools. My videos do not do them justice but hopefully will give you a glimpse of what went on. the videos are at the end of the pictures below. Maybe next year you can all come and see for yourself.

The hayrides were a big hit for kids and grownups too; they were going nonstop. I walked back to the VFW and ate some chili and hot chocolate. Then up roared a fire engine with the sirens going and off hopped Santa who went into the VFW.

The line quickly formed and the kids had a ball. By the number of pictures you can probably tell this was the part I liked the best. I kept seeing my kids when they were at that age; with fear, joy, excitement and curiosity all rolled up into the moment when they tried to get the courage to sit on Santa’s lap. Some didn’t quite make it.

This Santa was really like a Santa should be. He was kind and took his time to listen to the kids and let the parents take pictures; candy canes were given out to each one after seeing Santa.

As I left, I felt warmed up and not just by the fire.

My hats off to Fruitport for making a Christmas celebration that a lot of kids and parents will long remember fondly.

Below are all the pics I took of everything especially of the kids, I’m not going to pick and choose how could I? I apologize for not taking pics of all the kids, my batteries died. There is always next year.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative Merry Christmas

Click on any picture to enlarge

God Bless

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bottom Up Politics

Muskegon GOPers had their noon Caucus lunch at the Pizza ranch Monday as usual. What wasn’t usual was the fact that there would be no regular business meeting the following Monday as usual, for the month of December due to the Holidays. Due to that we had a “semi” business meeting at the luncheon.

See the pics below for who attended. A few had left by the time I started taking pictures, for that I apologize.
Click on pics to enlarge

Muskegon Chair David Farhat led the impromptu meeting. He led off by asking for a moment of silence for Susie Hughes to wish her well on her surgery. He told us that Lincoln Day for Musk was to be held at the Oakridge Country Club Friday Feb 12. He said that plans to roast Sen. VanWoerkham were scrapped in favor of a panel of the 4 Congressional Candidates.

Also he told us that he had set up a date for the food truck from Bill Cooper’s “Thanks a Million” food giveaway.
The Candidates present were given a chance to speak, they did. Ken Punter and Holly Hughes talked of the 91st, Bill Cooper talked of the 2nd Congressional District and Goeff Hansen talked of the 34th state Senate Seat.

For both of these David seems to be doing the work, he said they needed volunteers. He will probably call individuals as he needs them later on I would think, he didn’t say. Bill Cooper was there and he said they would need 20-30 volunteers and they were looking for a covered place to hand out the food. The point is there were no committees to do this no one took or actually asked for volunteers, no one gave out contact #s or people to contact if anyone wanted to help.

I know it seems obvious to “us” the regulars that if you want to volunteer to get hold of David or Cooper but to those not in the loop. – Well hey it’ll get done anyway somehow.

As usual we had a nice caucus lunch; I got there early and had 3 helpings of the buffet at Pizza Ranch. If I may; I would suggest to all county chairs, that they continue to try to set up committees at meetings to get more people involved. Always beat the bushes to get more people to come to meetings. As Marlene Chockley said at a Precinct Delegate training I attended in Livingston County that there are a lot of people out there that are waiting to just be asked and will volunteer according to their abilities.

This I know may be harder and actually takes more effort and probably more time but we need to continually reach out to the new members and get them involved.

I will not stop harping on the importance of that. The idea is not to get these events done. Not just keep our little “band of brothers” happy. The idea of County groups is to win elections. We do that by attracting voters; that is the purpose of these events, and the money. Get voters. These events can and should do three things.
1. To give the regular members something, and keep them on focus.
2. To attract new members
3. And to give all a chance to get invested and energized in the party through volunteer efforts.
Through these events we can and should foster a sense of community; a community that is active and growing a community in which people want to join because it is changing the status quo and not a part of it. I name my blog “Bottom Up Politics” for a reason. Our party preaches outreach and individual freedom over top down big government; we need to learn to practice what we preach if we are to have any credibility with the public if we are truly trying to attract them.

I feel we have started; I applaud the Food Truck, our increased efforts at the Salvation Army Bell Ringing, the flag giveaway at the County Fair, the Summer Picnic we had, also the Monthly Caucus we just had. These are all good examples of worthy efforts. We also have the GOP yard signs in the works.

We need to see the opportunity each one of these things represents and not just the event. These things are golden opportunities to attract and involve our members old and new; to keep and expand our base – not by fleeting words but by lasting actions.

David alluded to the fact that the upcoming election in 2010 is vital for the course of our party. He is right, we will either have a huge comeback or not. It is up to the grassroots of the party to make sure we do. It is up to the party to then make sure it means something. We do that by reaching out, really reaching out for new members and making them feel a part of the group, by letting them influence the party because they are a part of the party, make them and all of us feel we will make a difference.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Little R+R

For most of the campaigners in this neck of the woods, Sat. in Scottville marked the end of the “Parade” season. This parade was really small, a fire engine, a nice band, a church float and a couple of other participants. But there were a bunch of kids. Goeff Hansen also was there and some of his crew.

The parade was pretty short also. The amazing thing was that there were people out watching. The word does get around about these things, and the kids were there with their bags for candy and we gladly filled them. For the size and length of it the people there enjoyed it. Usually we have to be a little careful how much candy we give out. This time however, the kids that were there were getting handfuls.

The kids after all are what the Christmas parade was all about, and at the end. Santa and crew came in all his glory. As it should be, we were just the warm up act for the Headliner. Santa.

Campaigns and the campaigners now put up their gear and turn towards their families and friends. As with Thanksgiving we try to remind ourselves this Christmas what we are campaigning so hard for -- family, hearth and home and the freedom to make and enjoy our lives and raise our kids to do the same.

Marve Engle County Commissioner from the 5th District is hosting the 5th, Fruitport's "Old Fashioned Christmas 2009” Just for that reason. Details below Pictures.



Fruitport Lions Club, Fruitport Schools, Fruitport Township, Village Inn,
Englewood Farms, Fruitport Foods, and Copies and More


An old time holiday celebration with hayrides, outdoor lighted Christmas
Trees, carols being sung by the fire, chili and hot chocolate served at the VFW
And Santa will stop by.

*All Free as a gift to children young and old.


Englewood Farms at the corner of Sheridan and Airline Rd’s


December 16 & 17 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Trees lit at 6:00 pm December 16

Choir sings at 7:00 pm

Chili and hot Chocolate served at the VFW with

Marshmallows by the fire for roasting

Anyone (family, group or business) wishing to decorate a tree should contact Copies and
More (865-6370) before December 10 to be put on the list of participants. If you would
like to participate with a tree but don’t have time to decorate it, a $50.00 donation to the
Fruitport Lions will be given dollar for dollar to a local group to decorate the tree for you.


This is not a partisan affair, but rather a celebration of community and friendship and a nostalgic look back at what Christmas used to be like. From the results of the first one last year – A look at what Christmas can be again. All are welcome.

Time for all to take a little R+R

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, December 11, 2009

Blizzard in the "Five Counties"

Blizzard in the “Five Counties”

Politics is not immune to the effects of the ravages of West Michigan’s winter storms.

Cancellations due to our recent Blizzard included, Oceana’s planned “Cap and Trade” forum to be put on by the Randall’s out of Chicago. Then the Mason County Republicans had to cancel their Executive Business meeting. At the other events held or attended by “Five County” Republicans attendance was spotty yet due to conditions, those attending had that special camaraderie such weather and events occasion.

Muskegon’s Carmen Group was held for the 70th consecutive time, but only 4 showed up. Muskegon GOP had its 2nd and final day of ringing the Salvation Army Bell at Wal-Mart on Henry and while a couple of Politicians couldn’t make it for various reasons, a full crew braved the weather and all went well as the pictures below show.

The last Pic is of Kay Punter hoisting a youngster up to the kettle to make a donation; which reveals that even in these economic times the goodness of people is still there and they are passing it on to their chiledren. I missed taking pictures of the last two bell ringers, Don Sheff and Doug Thorstenson. Also Jim Riley did yoemans work being there every hour for two days to make sure everyone made it and was set up with the right stuff. He also took pics of everyone. I would like to echo his, the event chairman Jim Riley’s sentiments; and thank all those that stood for an hour or more in the cold and rang the Salvation Army Bell. Thanks also to the Salvation Army for the tireless work they do year-round.

Click to enlarge Pics.

That evening Holly Hughes held a fundraiser at Hagger’s Hideaway in Lakeside. It was good to see the turnout despite the terrible weather. All were warm and cozy and the Evans cooked up a fine Spaghetti and meat ball dinner with all the trimmings and plenty of volunteered deserts. I along with everyone had a good time meeting with the old and new faces there.

Click to enlarge Pics.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative