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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Integrity and the Rule of Law

When I was first asked to become a Precinct Delegate (PD), I asked what I had to do. I was told not to worry about it; I didn’t have to do anything if I didn’t want to. Since then I have been on a quest to find out what a Precinct Delegate is and what can they do. I wanted to answer my question of “why become a PD”

There is a big story breaking in the news concerning the Tea Party and the Tea "PARTY" in Michigan.

Let me explain.

First the Tea Party

If you ask anyone, they know what the Tea Party is; they have seen it on TV, read about it in their newspapers and seen it plastered all over the internet news services both good and bad.

Fair warning I am the Chair of our local Tea Party; believe me we fall somewhere in-between “good and bad”. Speaking from experience the Tea Parties throughout the state have been committed to not forming a 3rd party because as we have seen in the past (Ross Perot comes to mind) a 3rd party only divides the Conservative vote.

Now the Tea "PARTY".

The big news story is the attempt of someone or some group not connected with any known Tea Party group has claimed the name Tea Party as its own and is setting up a political Party, a 3rd party. They have gathered enough signatures to get put on the Michigan ballot this November. Those signatures are now in front of the State Board of Canvassers. They will probably ok it.

Next they held the required state party convention to nominate candidates for their party.

In that same document they also usurped along with our name the Icon of our Tea Party movement. Below is a picture of our coiled snake with the caption Don’t Tread on Me. If this fraudulent effort is allowed to stand; your ballot this November will have along with the Democrat name and Logo of a Donkey and the Republican name and logo of an Elephant, the name Tea PARTY and the logo of the coiled snake.

If you watch the news you would more than likely know what that symbol means to those in the original Tea Party movement. It is one of the Icons of the Tea Party movement from the beginning. I remember buying my first “coiled snake” flag in Grand Rapids. It proudly graces our regular Tea Party monthly group meetings now.

Why is all this important?

All this activity to start a 3rd party in Michigan is shrouded in secrecy. The person filing the signatures is an unknown union worker who contributed to two different places last year for a combined total less than $100 dollars. The Consulting firm was paid over $100,000 to collect signatures. Nothing else is known. His address is a PO box and repeated tries have received no answer.

The recent “Convention” they claimed to have had was also shrouded in secrecy. No publicity, no location, and no exact time. In all reality probably just some phone calls were made. However over 20 candidates were nominated including those for Secretary of State, Attorney General and all the State House and State Senate races which are considered a tossup for this coming election.

The Mackinaw Center’s article below points out how the Political Director of the Oakland Co. Democrat Party notarized almost half of the Candidates that the “Tea PARTY” nominated.

The Mackinaw Center’s publication, Capitol Confidential just ran an article by Tom Gantert claiming a “smoking gun” has been found linking this “Tea PARTY” to the Michigan Democrat Party Oakland branch.


So – what does this have to do with my being a Precinct Delegate? After reading the article above and having met Mr. Gillman through the Tea Party circuit; I realized that because I had become a PD I knew the terminology behind the method through which Mr. Gillman ferreted out the smoking gun.

The article quotes Mr. Gillman as saying "I couldn't get hold of these people (candidates)," said Gillman, who then said he knew that they had to file affidavits of identity with the state when running for political office. "Otherwise, it's like these people don't exist."

As I read the article I knew what the “affidavit of identity” was because I had to fill out one myself and get it notarized when I ran for PD. Just the background and information I picked up to become a PD helped explain the article and gave me a clearer picture of this whole mess and the way the political process is being corrupted.

This goes to the sanctity of the individual vote.

For all the candidates for Secretary of State who are reading this and have been hounding me for my vote because I’m a PD; if you take a strong stand right now on this issue, it will mean more to me than all the emails, snail mails and robocalls touting your integrity.

That is one of the answers to my question – “why become a PD”

The other answer to that question comes in the knowledge I have found out about the political process and how as a PD I can make a difference. As a PD I have a direct say in who becomes the nominee for my party for SOS and AG among others at the State Convention. I found out they weren’t nominated on the primary ballot but rather at convention of which I as a PD have a voter.

The bottom line is that words and symbols mean something and should be protected. When words and symbols can be corrupted and fraudulently used to corrupt the vote of honest Americans – Well - That Should Be Illegal.

The honesty and integrity of the rule of law is what my version of the Tea Party movement stands for, the integrity of my voting rights is what I’ll fight for.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Sunday Reflections – The Day Of

Today as I reflect on the things I’ve done the last couple of years and the mish mash of eclectic things I have tried to accomplish; one thing kept coming to mind.

Nothing I did made headlines and while I admit that headlines would have made me feel good; it would have been in the end counterproductive.

What I realized was that big events or stories that erupt into banner headlines are made up of all sorts of smaller events of every type. I realized also that these small efforts can build upon each other and create the ground swell for the type of events that garner headlines. Knowing that I was a part of the smaller events brought me comfort this day - this Sunday.

This reverie brought to my mind the whole idea of blogging, and some of my old internet haunts. One of which was Libertas which had closed down last summer.


I had followed and blogged about this site a couple of years ago as being part of the effort to take the conservative message and introduce it back into the main stream "pop" culture. In this case the movie industry. Libertas tried to provide a platform for conservative actors producers and directors to give vent to being black balled from the news outlets and the movie industry itself. Libertas would highlight those efforts and try to help sell them once produced. I, in my little local way highlighted them at the time and their movie selections.

Libertas struggled, shut down for awhile. They, as I did must have felt they had little effect. I see now they have reemerged in a sharper, brighter, and glossier format. The link above tells of the new movie Salt staring Angela Jolie. Below that is an article about the movie being made based on the classic Ayn Rand book “Atlas Shrugged”.

Also different actors have come out of the closet and proclaimed their “Conservativeness”. What was responsible for this? Not one thing, but as a friend always reminds me about the book Glenn Reynolds wrote called an Army of Davids, a lot of people and ideas and events are making it possible.

The point I’m trying to get to here is that small steps matter. The plethora of small ideas and efforts put forth by an "Army of Davids" against the Goliath that is Government has had huge effect. Through the Alternative Media of the internet these small steps by different people are exposed to the “Free Market Place of Ideas” and through the free choice of the public the best ideas survive and have a chance to flourish.

Conservative always seem to win the argument on paper. We have enough reams of paper devoted to the conservative message to repopulate six Brazilian rain forests. The problem is, nobody reads that anymore.

Andrew Breitbart was the first person I heard actually talk of taking the conservative message and putting it into the Pop Culture. Andrew took the old saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words mixed it with the internet and video and started making headway in the pop culture of the news media. People had for years written lengthy exposes about the corruption in non profits and nobody listened. When Breitbart built his platform “Big Government” for people to tell the same story with video; everyone took notice.

James O’Keefe and Hanna Giles took advantage of that platform and were able to take down ACORN with some video on YouTube.


So as I relax finally and get a chance to blog this Sunday morning, I’ll give thanks that I am able to do those small things which added to everyone else’s may do some good in the world. Although I wonder how buying the remaining 400 prizes for a flag giveaway or transplanting a tomato plant will change the world – I will continue to believe it will therefore I’ll do it.

Besides, some things are just worth doing. And as John Wayne might say about reflections and that already it's almost noon -- "We’re burning daylight."

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, July 23, 2010

David and Goliath (local American style)

David and Goliath (American Political Style)

There is a primary race in my neck of the woods that is shaping up to be a classic David and Goliath story out of the Bible. That race is for the 91st district State House seat.

If you remember from the Bible, Goliath was a giant standing over 9 feet tall and clad in name brand armor. He represented the Philistine army as they faced off against King Saul and the army of Israel. Due to the immense size and strength of the mightily armored Goliath, King Saul’s army was intimidated and frightened into not attacking.

That came to an end when David, a teenager who had been sent by his father to get news of the battle heard the taunts and insults of Goliath. With only the simple faith of his beliefs he stepped onto the field and won a victory over the Philistines.

We all know the story, though everything was against David, the simple faith in his beliefs led him unswervingly to attack and defeat the mighty Goliath. Ever since; that story has come to symbolize the triumph of the underdog over seemingly insurmountable odds.

In this current reenactment the role of David is being played by Ken Punter and Goliath by Holly Hughes. The seeming strength of Holly Hughes lies in the size of her bank account and her armor is made up of all the National Republican contacts and offices she holds. She knows all the right people personally from John McCain to Michael Steel. On down the food chain to Ron Weiser the Republican State Chair.

On top of this she is the National Republican Committee Woman; a highly influential position in National Party Politics. She was instrumental in electing Michael Steel to the National Republican Chair.

On the National Republican Party stage she is a key player.

Combined with the armor of her name dropping and the towering height of her financial stature she is indeed daunting to lesser mortals. Now to the specifics.

Both of the Republican Candidates have submitted their pre-election financial reports for the primary. A recap of the information which is available on the Secretary of State website is as follows:

Holly Hughes: Contributions - $25,896.41; Expenditures - $119,780.23; Cash Loans from Candidate (this election cycle) - $80,000.00; Account Balance - $7,340.39

Punter: Contributions - $10,960.33; Expenditures - $14,475.57; Cash Loans from Candidate (this election cycle) - $5,000.00; Account Balance - $1,373.43

Goliath is out spending David by 8/1 !!!!!
Most people would gasp and say Ken Punter is outmatched and sure to lose.
I simply wonder why Holly Hughes thought she needed to spend so much against a rival spending so little in the primary.

I also start to wonder if Ms. Hughes spends her own money so freely how will she spend the taxpayer’s money.

Ken Punter is not easily intimidated; I guess that is what comes from retiring from the Marines as a Lieutenant.Colonel. In the same vein he knows how to stay focused and follow through what he starts. His 15 years on the school board attests to that.

He brings to the field in his sling a simple but deadly weapon --

People Over Politics

As with the stone in the Bible; Ken Punter’s simple faith in that slogan may indeed bring down a modern day Goliath.

If that happens; as with the Army of Israel the Republican base will then have time to think and realize it was really inevitable.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chetly Zarko is Dead, but not forgotten

Chetly Zarko has passed away at the age of 39.

Our condolences go out to Eric Rothoff the Co Chair of the Muskegon Tea Party who was a friend and fellow co worker of Mr. Zarko.

The Muskegon Tea Party had its Executive Board meeting 8am Tues. Eric with the rest of our board was there talking the business of our Tea Party group. We were discussing putting out a press release regarding the fake Tea Party which just announced it had filed the necessary petition signatures to put their name on the ballot.

Because Eric was intimately involved with Chetly Zarko and his efforts since last May to expose the “Tea Party Party” as a fake; our co chair was able to give us some needed insight into who was probably behind the effort to deflect the popularity of the Tea Party Movement and its influence on the elections.

Here is a link to a radio station site which gives Wendy Days opinion.


Here is a link to the Mackinaw Center’s RIP article. It has some good links about Chetly Zarko.


I only met him a few times and then only in passing, usually at Conservative meetings or conventions in and around Lansing where he was based. One example was a Center Right Meeting in Lansing hosted by Jack Hoogendyk.

I can only empathize with Eric on his loss, and tell him to keep involved in all the work he and Zarko have been doing to keep the fight for freedom alive. Keep immersed in the effort to allay your sorrow and know that by doing so your boss would be proud.

Again our condolences go out to his family friends and co workers of which Eric our co chair is included.


Just talked with Eric and he told me he was he the one who found Chet at around 11 Tues. He also said Chet was in his chair and Fox was on. Eric believed that he was the last one to talk with Chet on the phone and it was (if I remember the conversation correctly) Sat. Eric found Chet Tues. Chet's parents had called Eric to check on Chetly. An autopsy will be performed today; which will determe cause and time of death.

One side effect of this is that Eric was going to be the MC at the Young Republican sponsered 2nd Congressional Debate at MCC, now he will not be able to do it. A suitable replacement will be found he assured me.

We will all miss Chetly's due dilligence in bringing to light that which has been in the dark too long. The burden upon us to try to make up the difference in this fight for transparancy and freedom has indeed increased with his passing.

Bill Cooper Sues Jay Riemersma.

Here is the link to an MLive article. The news came out last night.

As if there wasn't enough sizzle in the frying pan which is the Republican Primary race for the 2nd Congressional Seat. Now we learn that Bill Cooper is filing a lawsuit against Jay Riemersma.


The debate in Muskegon should be interesting. Think the media will perk up their ears at this. Get there early.

In a phone conversation today with Meghan Cooper I learned some things she ok'd for publication.

1. This lawsuit was filed three weeks ago. (Like I said this news just came out)
2. Meghan claims the Cooper camp did not make the news public.
3. When I asked the motivation for the lawsuit as it would not be settled before the August primary, she told me the Bill Cooper did it to stand up for himself and to do what was right.
4. Bill Coioper will attend the MCC debate mentioned above Thurs as scheduled.

I asked for some specifics as to what was alleged and what they had proof of.
She told me they were accusing the Riemersma camp when going door to door of stating falsehoods about Bill Cooper. She listed a few.

1. That Bill Cooper wasn't a Christian.
2. That Bill Cooper moved from Arizona to Michigan just to run for office
3. That a business of Bill Coopers was foreclosed on for failure to pay taxes.

Meghan then explained the truth to these accusations.

Bill Cooper belongs to a Church in Fruitport for 25 years, his children attend a Christian School.

Bill Cooper never had residence in Arizona.

While he paid the taxes late he did pay them and it wasn't done to avoid paying but rather a not uncommon business tactic.

I also talked with Lia who was covering for Jane Jelgerhuis Jay's campaign manager. I was sorry to here that Jane was in the Hospital for some serious surgery. The prognosis was positive but she was in no position to comment at this time. Lia said she would contact me Monday.

Lia did confirm however that Jay Riemersma will attend the debate Thurs at MCC.

That's is except for some hard real stuff from my precinct. (Precinct 6, Ward 2 city of Muskegon)

Wow what a bash at Love Community Garden. The Picnic was put on by the Garden under the direction of Morning Bear and The Love Fellowship Baptist Church and Pastor Phillips. BBQ@ chicken, Pulled pork and Hotdogs and Hamburgers. The rides for the kids were fantastic, we had face painting and even a petting zoo. The ladies of the Church made some great dishes to go along with the meat. Big fun and plenty of kids having a ball and well behaved.

This is a perfect example how people can get together and learn again how to be self sufficient and create the neighborhood feeling of old. In My Opinion this is a perfect example of Church injecting moral values back into the community.

Also the Republicans had a road clean up with Stu as always setting it up. Along with Stu Peterson in the pic is Jim Riley in the middle and on the Right Ken Punter candidate for the 91st State house seat.

Also not in the pic was Jon Koens and State Rep. Goeff Hansen candidate for the 34th state Senate seat.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative