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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Healthy Nelson Project

Talked with Jill Montgomery. She was the person who presented the meeting at Love Fellowship Baptist Church I attended and blogged about earlier. On the 27th a steering committee meeting was held (invitation only) and the results of which are located below. Jill was kind enough to email me them and she said I could post them. She wanted me to say that this is just a one page rough outline.of what she will put in a final and way more detailed version to get the grant. She also said that there were some things she had to verify first hand such as the actual sites for the basketball courts and their lighting and condition ect. (what really needs fixing) before she put the proposal into final form. She does seem to be making a real effort to get input from the neighborhood. Above the normal vested interests. For that I applaud her. She also seems to be very forthcoming with any details I've asked. I appreciate the transparancy. I give her a "bottom up"...

She also said to give her email in case anyone had any questions. She wanted to hear from the neighborhood.
Jill's phone. 724-1293, she said the email was the better way.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Outcomes from May 27, 2008 meeting
Healthy Nelson Steering Committee
In attendance:
· Delphine Hogston Muskegon Area Cooperating Churches
· Sarah Risema Sybenga Community Encompass
· Dan Rinsema Sybenga - Muskegon Area First, Nelson Neighborhood Improvement Association
· Chip VanderWier Neighborhood Investment Corporation
· Reverend Phillips Love Fellowship Baptist Church
· Mike Miller Nelson Neighborhood Improvement Association President, Community Mental Health
· Morning Bear and Guest Residents Nelson Neighborhood
· Mary Robb MSU Extension Executive Director
· Lowell Kirksey City of Muskegon Parks and Recreation
· Margaret Plichta Health Educator, Muskegon County Health Department
· Jill Montgomery PH QIS, Muskegon County Health Department
Not Available: Clara Shepherd, Mary McDonald, Jim Koens
Targeted Projects:
· Parks benches, improved lighting, and trash cans
· Community Gardens
Existing gardens (2) hoop houses, access to water supply, other tools
Funding for 1 more garden in community
Access to discounted flats of vegetables, etc.
· Basketball courts
Improve existing courts with lighting, more hoops, etc.
Look at building new court or improving one that is currently not in use (Nelson elementary?)
Provide program for age specific kids young adults
Night basketball?
Have discount or free for those kids that volunteer in program
· Neighborhood Picnic/potluck
Improve conversations between sides get to know each-other
Have specific events at these picnics
Sporting events such as basketball tournament, softball game, volleyball, dancing contest,
· Provide grants for small community activities to neighborhood groups
Along with “Healthy Community” Goals, all projects must...
· Must be sustainable
· Must be primarily available to Nelson Neighborhood residents
· Should include some sort of job training aspect
· Mentoring of Youth and Train the Trainer should be used in all projects
· Should include character building skills
Information that needs to be provided to residents:
Hackley Library Activities
Parks and Recreation Schedules
List of things to do in Nelson, how to get there, etc.
Get together a networking list of available gathering places for activities and events
List of nonprofit, university, and governmental resources

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