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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Muskegon Heights Parade. Wow what a lot of people. What a great turnout of people in the parade. I was walking with Karen Buie. She was a real crowd pleaser. She was walking not riding. She was crossing back and forward giving hugs and shaking hands. People were calling out her name and she theirs, I was amazed at the number of people that knew her by name. When she walked over and hugged them or shook their hand you could just see the power of the personnal touch. Her opponent was in a float. Her float was quite far behind us. After we finished with people clapping and having a good time, I waited and when the float came by there was a silence. However much that float cost it was a waste of money. The rest of us had a good time and were giving out candy and carrying signs which mostly said hurray for our side. Lol. I had a ball. Being the political nut I am, the lineup before the parade was great. I got to meet and greet friend and foe alike. I had a chance to talk with Annette Smedley who is running for county prosecutor. We set up a time that I could call and interview her, which I’ll blog about later. I wanted a little more information from her, show her personal side. I cannot see the downside to having her instead of Tony Tague as Prosecutor. Annette would bring a more personal approach to the office. Her prevention programs would be the face of that.

Everybody ran out of candy, not just us.. Broadway was packed, near the end they were 6-8 deep and crowded, over flowing into the streets on both sides. The Fruitport parade was big but we didn’t run out of candy. If anyone wants to volunteer for a parade see my sidebar for the dates and times, which I’ll update as I get the information. If you’d rather, my Phone and email are listed on the side bar, give me a call and we’ll get you hooked up with whoever you want. I look at the parades as a chance to meet the candidates without the cost of a fund raiser. In fact I’ve gotten two free t-shirts and a whole lot of free candy. Lol Next Sat. is Summer Celebration’s Parade. That is always good I hear, I‘ll be with Karen Buie‘s group. Annette Smedley, and Holley Hughes I know for sure are going too. We all need more volunteers. Never too many. That would be like saying there are too many voters. Politicians love volunteers.


As always the Weekly Sunday Morning Conservative Coffee Ward 2 Muskegon. That’s anybody in what you might call the downtown area. If Clara Shepard is your Commissioner you’re in Ward 2. It’s at McDonalds downtown at 8am. I’ll be at the table with the red Red Wings, hockey cap at the table. I’ll have a book on the table or I’ll be reading it.

Dave Fisher has a fund raiser the 24th see my side bar - calendar.

I talked with Kay Punter who will be running the Republican tent at the Muskegon County Youth Fair and told her I would like to volunteer to watch the booth and hand out literature. She is just starting to get it set up. The Fair isn’t till the 22-26 of July a full month away, but volunteers will be welcomed to help man or woman the tent. Karen Buie is going to come one of the evenings at least. I’m sure the other candidates will come also. The tent will be there the whole time and the more people volunteering the better. The personal thing again. And again the side bar get my number and let me know. As I get info. I’ll put it up.

Mia & Grace, Bakery & Bistro I have a feeling is getting ready to open. I noticed they had some nice local sculptors in their front window. After I did the window peeping at Mia & Grace I walked a couple doors down and stopped at Aguilar’s Family Mexican Restaurant and had a beef tongue Mexican style taco for 1.75. Then I walked next door to AA (I’m an alcoholic BTW) and found out that they are moving. This will be the 4th move since I started going to Port City AA. Some 25 years ago. I think the new place will be around the corner of Apple and Getty. Rolled by Morning Bear’s place she wasn’t out, and the garden spot looked well tended and the flowers and veggies were getting taller. Then home to blog this.

Forgot to mention, I went to the Taste Of Muskegon outdoor tented food fest. I counted 26 different restaurants with a tent serving the best of their wares. Two blocks of downtown were blocked off to hold them all. Location was by the Fraunthal. They had a band at one end and a Beer tasting at the other. Tables set up all over. A lot of people were there, It was crowded. I’m hoping Mia & Grace will be there next year and maybe Aguilar’s too if I can talk them into it.

Well the whole thing, from Parade lineup at 10am to sitting at my computer now, only used up 6 hours of my time. I spent a total of $2 and change, for that I had a great time in Muskegon. I call that a “two thumb bottom up” kind of day.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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