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Monday, June 4, 2012

Coalition Building

Coalition Building. The Right of America will learn Tuesday after our Cozy Conservative Breakfast in downtown Hart Mi. whether they have learned to put their feet where their mouths are. Their feet, that is as in walking with them into a polling place and actually voting instead of just bitching about the way things are. I’m talking here about the recall election In Wisconsin which is now a classic battle to “Get out the vote”, and the Left has the built in advantage of the Unions as it always has had across the board. To facilitate that the vaunted Obama machine through them has set up brick and mortar places across the state to do just that. While the right is pouring money into the state for TV ads and robo calls, the left is trying to mobilize the voters to actually get out and vote. I hope the political operatives of the right are doing the same and are not just wasting it on glossy TV ads that some suits in board rooms think are “catchy”. Above all we need to unite the “Factions” of the Right. To make this election and the Big One coming in 2012 work for the Right we need not just the Tea Party, nor just the Right to Lifers nor the Home Schoolers, nor just the NRA, nor the small business people, nor jus the libertarians nor the anti tax people, nor just the people of faith. We need them all and anyone else who wants government to Leave Us Alone. And We Need Them To Vote. And We Need to Work at Finding Them. There are people out there who are conservative and don’t know it, worse than that --- We Don’t Know it or want to. I’m afraid as we ourselves stereotype people as environmental whacos or burnt out Hippies, we may be missing the boat. For example, what do we as typical Conservatives think when we hear people talking about organic farming or alternative agriculture or solar power??? Well guess again; at the local level some of these people are doing what they think is right and good and righteous by themselves for all Right reasons. They themselves and even the yuppies that they sell their wares to now are coming up against the government bureaucrats with all their regulations. I’m meeting with small scale farmers around me in my neighborhood that raise their own crops in their own way and market them wherever they can. Usually they sell their harvest at Farmer’s Markets in larger markets like Muskegon or just to their neighbors. Their wares include Veggies, poultry, pork, beef, dairy products and baked along with canned goods. All home grown or baked or canned. Guess what? Even though they thought they were doing great things for Mother Earth, and for themselves as well as their neighbors, they are finally starting to figure out that bureaucracy is an equal opportunity oppressor of people’s right to do as they wish; regardless of how Righteous their cause. Joel Salatin an author of several books on range feeding chickens and anything else for that matter has written a book entitled "Everything I Want to do is Illegal”. For example over the years he has tried a new method of raising chickens and has met the heavy hand of government regulation at every step of the way. This man and the people that follow some or all of his ways is first and foremost interested in living in a way that is friendly to what they raise, protects the earth, but along with and just as important, profitable to himself at least to the extent that they can live off of their own labors and their land. Below is a link to an interview had with Joel if you want to get a better picture of the man and his lifestyle. -----link----- -------------- Mr. Salatin is a conservative leader in the truest sense of the word. He leads by doing. As more people turn to this type of self sufficient living, they realize that they cannot afford to continually comply with the ever-increasing regulations of government. More importantly as they fight or try to evade these, they begin to see firsthand the harmful and tyrannical nature of these regulations and its effect upon their spirit of individual freedom. This is the nature of Conservatism whether they know it or not; also whether we know it or like it, they are in the same fight as we are. As they fight to survive we as conservatives need to back them up. We need to take up their fight, because in their own way they have taken up ours. We need to fight together when possible, and try to understand each other. We need to understand that there is a difference between the government stopping individuals from doing what they desire and the government subsidizing it. We as Conservatives need to realize what unites us and stay away from that which doesn’t. There are people in all organizations just like this; people in the film industry, in the unions, in the media and in every walk of life and neighborhood, even in Muskegon Heights or Newfield Township, that we would not normally think of as Conservative. We must join with and encourage them by our actions when we find them and not just by our talk. Above all else we need to start doing and tone down the talking. Wisconsin will tell us something Tuesday. Live Dangerously Be a Conservative