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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Jobs – Red Handed

Green Jobs – Red Handed

Well Jenny has a Red Face after one of her celebrated new green job technology company CEOs which she promised $9.1 million in tax credits was arrested. Caught Red Handed. He was a convicted embezzeler here in the United States. Jenny said there was room on the application to put down his past criminal behavior. Gee guess what, he didn’t. Imagine that???? Not only was he convicted in the US, but he was convicted in Norton Shores Michigan. Wow some real home grown stuff. Jenny's staff didn't have far to check, too bad for her they didn't. Plus he had been arrested 2 other times for similar stuff.

I guess all you have to do is fill out the app any way you want and Jenny will throw the long green your way as long as it is a “green” proposal.

Man this is kinda like mixed metaphors; let’s call it “Mixed Holidays”. Kinda like St. Pat’s Day and April Fools all mixed into one.


Well back to reality. Went to a St. Pat’s Day Parade in Conklin Wed. The Parade was really short – just a block long and ended up at a bar. I went there and marched with Ken Punter (Candidate for the 91st state rep. seat). Our little Punter Platoon had a good time mingling and handing out packs of sticky notes which went over really well. I was surprised. Kudos to Kay for that idea.

There were a lot of people there and this was the first time I knew about the parade but I found out it has quite a tradition.

Afterwards the “Platoon” went to Ken and Kate Montgomery’s house for chili, bread drinks etc. all homemade except the drinks. Good fun and talk.


Sarah Palin is coming to Michigan. Just got an email from Jack Hoogendyk stating that Sarah will be the keynote at “Saving the American Dream Summit Michigan”. Below is a link to the info. This will be an all day affair similar to the one in Washington I attended last year, all about learning how to be an activist and carry our message to more people. Too bad it’s on the other side of the state.

Also got an email from Scott Hagerstrom which said the following about the event.

Highlights of the Summit include:
• Top-tier speakers from among the nation’s foremost free market voices.
• Grassroots training from national experts.
• Network with leading activists from across the state and country.
• Enhanced opportunities for youths 14 to 18 including special discount registration and exclusive lunch program with VIPs.
• And much more!

As I find more I’ll post it on my calendar - see side bar.


Lots of news out there today in my in box. Pete Hoekstra had an interview with Newsmax and praised the Tea Party Movement. He said without the Tea Partiers the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Health Care plan would of already gone through. Nice to see him or anyone actually giving credit where credit is due.

At one of the Townhalls Pete gave, I believe in Holland I asked him afterward what he thought of the chances of the Libs passing Health care; and he thought it was likely unless there was a real ground swell against it. Well there was and he thanked the Tea Party folk for it. The video is nice at the end.


The Kuiper’s Senate Resolution just failed the 2/3 vote it needed by 2 votes. Below is a link to Conservative Michigander about it with the appropriate Hat/Tip to Wendy Day.


Wendy’s link to her site, Common Sense in Government/Make Lansing Listen.

Well that’s it for now. Time to go to bed. Tomorrow there is the Center Right and a Punter fundraiser. Feel free to come, it’s in Ravenna at the Ravenna Bowl between 6-8pm. $20 and great tacos etc. I’ll be working a sign in table, say hi.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tipsy Toad Held for "Ransom"

A busy, busy week in the political world of our “Five Counties”

What is it with Thursdays lately? Everybody seems to schedule all their events on that day.

As usual it started off at the “Carmen Breakfast Group” in Muskegon. We had a good crowd and it was nice to see Jon DeWitt making some time for us; we few, we proud – well you get the drift. He must be a really busy guy working on the Hoekstra campaign for governor. Bill Huizenga vying for Pete’s seat showed up too.

After that I headed to the Fix Michigan Center in GR to attend the first of a two part, two day workshop on the use of Facebook for political activists. I had been playing with Facebook and was looking for some inside stuff; but this first session covered the basics.

Pictured below is Jeff Orzechowski the director of the GR Fix Michigan Center. One reason I like to travel around to the different county parties is to help share ideas we each come up with separately. Below is a picture of an attendance sheet the have prominently displayed at their headquarters of the members of the Executive Committee and whether they attended each month or not. Jeff told me they had to get rid of a couple members for bad attendance. I thought that was a great idea. Easy way to show who on the committee is a Member In Name Only. Lol.

After that I had a chance to relax a little and get dressed up for Mason County’s Lincoln Day Dinner in Ludington. Wow I don’t know about the politics but the food was really great. The food was great and just kidding about the politics. All of the Second Congressional Candidates were there and gave a 5 min. speech. My new camera which I’m still getting used to didn’t work the way I had hoped. I had it on the wrong selection and the pictures were almost all out of focus. But below are the few that are recognizable.

Did I mention that coming home was miserable with heavy downpours and fog so thick you could cut it with a knife? At times I had to slow to 30 mph because I literally couldn’t see more than a couple car lengths ahead.

Well Friday I headed to GR for the other half of the Facebook workshop. I learned a lot more this time. The basic idea for me is that Facebook is a great way to organize groups and get people involved in groups. Twitter will be the way to communicate to people on the ground at spontaneous events.

Sat. was the first St. Paddy’s day parade up in Whitehall/Montague. Thankfully the threatened rain didn’t appear and the sun actually came out later for the beginning of the parade. The parade worked out OK. Compared to the Summer parade which is packed for the whole mile long event the numbers were about ½ that perhaps less. Having said that there were lots of people and I would call this first effort a success for Whitehall/Montague.

The rest of my time was spent doing some errands for a couple of the candidates I’m volunteering to help out – and resting my truck and myself.

Monday we had our monthly Muskegon GOP meeting. Good attendence. We passed out some Precinct Delegate affadavids and Commissioner John Snider notorized them maybe up to 15 in all. A good start. The exciting thing was a girl named Amber Weerstra who was there to find out about running for the 10th (I believe) County Commission Seat that is currently being held by Roger Wade a Democrat who recently said he is not going to run again. I talked with her after the meeting and she signed onto the Muskegon Patriots as well. She must of gotten her fill of politics that night as there was a group of the Leadership talking with her in private about her chances and other information.
I'm sure I'll be posting more about this young lady later on.

During that time, Clara my city commissioner walked into Mia and Grace the nice little restaurant I’ve blogged about so much and after eating demanded not to be charged for the meal. Wow what was that all about? Is she losing it or what? Maybe she should step down if her judgment is that impaired.

Anyway in the link above check out some of the videos. Here is one I liked.


Also Juanita Pierman, chair of Oceana County has rescheduled the Cap n Trade townhall for Tuesday April 13th at the VFW in Hart at 6:30. Bill Cooper has told me that he is putting the same event on for Muskegon for the 12th of April, details will be forthcoming.

After Health Care; Cap n Trade will be on the front burner and there is already a groundswell against it forming up. The Tea Partiers have been putting on events and have new ones in the works regarding Cap n Trade. The Mackinac Center and the Center Right Group is doing the same.

People are still angry, the government isn’t all of a sudden getting less intrusive in our lives! Stories of states withholding tax refund money and of police departments writing more tickets just to get more money and lots of other fees being talked about in state congress from the governor on down have gotten some people good and fed up. There is plenty of anger at the local level, the level of you and me to go around without adding new taxes and controls on our medical care and use of energy and water etc.

I give the owners of Mia & Grace two thumbs up for fighting through the city bureaucracy and building the finest eatery in Downtown Muskegon out of a skid row building that should have been condemned. The fought through the constant busybodyness of the City inspection and planning to inspite of not because of the City making their dream come true. Here is a link to some blogs I did about them during the two years of using their own sweat and treasure to build their dream in spite of the city.

First post


And as if that wasn’t enough we have the classic example of a petty tyrant throwing her weight around; not to help the restaurant which has brightened up the precinct but to demand a free lunch. She should be ashamed of herself.

Now to some fun stuff in my precinct

The Tipsy Toad has been Kidnapped !!!!!!!

Harvey Linenbottom from the Love Community Garden has become fed up with living out of garbage cans since they raised the garden plots out of his/her reach and Harvey has taken matters into his own hands.

He claims to have kidnapped the Tipsy Toad mascot and is holding the toad for ransom. It has been confirmed that the Tipsy Toad is missing. Harvey is thinking that without state grant money this year, Love Community Garden will not be able to raise the vegetables Mr. Linenbottom himself is so fond of pilfering.

Check this out.

-----facebook link------!/group.php?gid=363274517075&ref=ts

The Love Community Garden is going it without all the hassles of government grant money like we did the first year. This “Ransom” concocted by Morning Bear along with Pastor Phillips from Love Fellowship Community Church in the spirit of good fun with Dar and Ed from the Tipsy Toad in order to raise some “Seed” money lol. Mainly the money is to be used to hire the kiddy rides we had last year along with the bbq at our picnic.

About the seeds, I’ve been talking with Goeff Hansen about getting the seeds donated from the contacts he has. Marion at Nelson Community Association will help as he can from his annual seedling fundraiser. Last year he got us a lot of tomatoes and Greens.

Since the City cut the Parks and Rec. we will not have the ready made kids to teach once a week. We are trying to figure a way to still do the same thing on an individual basis.

If you want to help with the “Ransom” stop in at the Tipsy Toad and ask the bartender.

Help pay the Ransom

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Center Right is Coming to Muskegon

If "Right to Work" rings your bell along with other conservative messages this is right up your alley. All welcome.

The Center Right Coalition is Expanding Two Meetings, March 18

Lansing 9:30 am - Muskegon 5:00 pm

Agenda for Lansing March 18, 9:30 am

Samuel Ingham Building
116 W. Ottawa Lansing MI

• Gary Glenn, AFA-Michigan. Gary will be giving an in-depth presentation about his personal experiences as Director of the Right-to-Work campaign in Idaho in the 1980's, what the landscape for RTW looks like in Michigan, why it is needed and how it can be accomplished.

• David R. Breuhan, author of "Spread the Wealth" will be speaking on the subject, "Tell the Government to Stop the Printing Press, it is Time for a Market Based Recovery." Breuhan is a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan based money manager who specializes in the management of corporate retirement plans and asset management for high net worth individuals. He received his Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point and was graduated with high distinction from Walsh College being awarded a Master of Science in Finance.

• More to be announced.

Agenda for Muskegon March 18, 5:00 p.m.

Toast n Jam's Restaurant 3462 Henry Street
Muskegon, MI 49441-4356. ph(231) 737-5267

• Gary Glenn, AFA-Michigan. Gary will be giving an in-depth presentation about his personal experiences as Director of the Right-to-Work campaign in Idaho in the 1980's, what the landscape for RTW looks like in Michigan, why it is needed and how it can be accomplished.

• Ken Punter, candidate for State Representative, 91st district. Ken will be discussing his campaign and the issues facing te 91st district.

• More to be announced.
Special thanks for Arline Helms and Toast-n-Jams Restaurant for making this event happen. (SE corner of Norton and Henry in old Kmart plaza.)
Do You Believe in Limited Government?
If you believe government is too big and intrusive, if you believe government taxes and regulates too much, then Center Right is where you need to be. Each month we will:
• Discuss bills before the legislature that need to be defeated because they grow government, or supported because they put limits on government.
• Hear from local elected officials or activists who are keeping watch on the growth of government at the city, township and county level.
• Listen to and ask questions of candidates for office who are running as limited-government conservatives.
• Network with local and state organizations like Mackinac Center, Americans for Prosperity, Education Action Group, MI-FairTax, and local Tea Party Organizations.
• Strategize on how to be effective at protecting our liberties.
You are welcome to bring any issues to the meeting you believe are appropriate. Please let me know if you would like to make a presentation. You will be given 5 minutes to speak, and answer questions. Please bring handouts that explain your issue in detail. Typical attendance is around 50.

If you would like to present, or if you have any questions, please contact me. I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Muskegon has a Tea Party Again

Muskegon has a Tea Party Again

Click on any pics to enlarge

Susie Hughes hosted a meeting of the Muskegon Patriots. This was a newly reorganized group restarted with 4 original members and 2 new people. Believe me we all were anxious as to how many would show up.

We did end up with about 40 people and they seemed interested in doing things.

Chris Kaijala was MC and kept things flowing. Three of the new start up or steering committee members weren’t there for various reasons; but they had things they wanted discussed so we had some double duty. Jim Riley through me presented our next committee event for Aug. 9th, at the AMG building at 7pm.
The meeting will be how we can get involved in the County Government.

I talked real shortly about Precinct Delegates and will set up a Committee event in the very near future. Also about a proposed state Constitutional Amendment.

Susie talked of her idea for a web based “Business sponsorship” button on our site. Then she talked of LeRoy’s efforts in the Facebook and Twitter communities and building a presence there.

Did I forget to tell you Susie and her husband John are members of the Safari Club and also big game hunters.

Chris provided some good commentary and also with his laptop and Susie’s flat screen provided a virtual flag and national anthem along with a brief speech from youtube.

Chris then moderated a discussion from the audience about ideas of what the Muskegon Patriots should be doing in the near future.

Lots of things were talked about such as forming a “Weak Sheep Committee” to pick a week County Commissioner with far left ideas and cull that sheep from the flock. That was Chris’s idea and that really sounded like a great idea and great name. Weak Sheep – oh yeah.

The new faces in the group brought up some good ideas for Committee Events such as a Forum or Townhall on Property Taxes, having a Candidate forum, a website committee, fund raising committee and the list was quite long. What we do will be determined by those people making the suggestions.

The idea in my mind is to set up basic infrastructure which makes it easier for people who have a good idea to run with it. It is about getting frustrated people the tools to do something about what frustrates them.

The main thing decided or in the works was that;
1. The next Muskegon Patriots monthly meeting date will March 30th. Time and place to be announced as we find out.
2. Jim Riley’s event “Muskegon Patriots County Action Committee” will have its first meeting March 9th, 7pm at the AMG building 800 Ellis Rd.
A. This meeting will give us the tools we need to begin to make a difference in the County Gov.
B. Contact Jim Riley 231-557-9912 for more info. and or to let him know you’re coming.
To keep up with changes and new events go to the link below. This is the events page for the Tea Party of West Michigan. Check out what other Tea Parties are doing, get ideas.


From the same websit above under groups is our Muskegon Patriot group


<<<<<<<< News from last night’s Ottawa Lincoln Day Dinner >>>>>>>>>>>
There was a straw poll taken and my source told me the results for the 2nd Congressional Race

1. Jay Riemersma 1414 votes
2. Bill Cooper 692 votes
3. Bill Huizenga 641 votes
4. Wayne Kuipers 45 votes

For those not familiar with “Straw Polls”; they are not scientific. They are put on by the organization holding the event as a fundraiser. You have to pay to vote. In this case each person could buy one vote which was a block of twenty some votes.

While not scientific, they do point to the message of the candidate that night in the “room” and also to the organization they have. How many volunteers can a candidate bring etc, along with the message he or she brings.

Let’s just say it is always nice to finish first regardless.

BTW Jay Riemersma I was told will be coming to “The Carmen Group” for our weekly breakfast this Thursday 8am. The “Carmen Group” details can be found at

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative