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Monday, January 30, 2017

We need him and he us to "Stay the Course".

"Stay the Course"

In the depths of hardships came the term “Stay the Course”. Its exact history is vague and probably has to do with staying on course in the open ocean long ago. It is almost always used however when people are beginning to falter in their task out of fear.

It is a rallying cry. Winston Churchill used it when all seemed lost. Democrat war hawk Congressman and DNC Chair Henry Jackson quoted Churchill’s use of it many times urging Americans to stay the course in fighting back Communism. Boy have times changed eh?

Ronald Reagan, during the 1982 midterm elections urged Americans to “Stay the Course” and vote in majorities to keep his economic policies going. Well history showed that the Dems picked up 27 seats in the House and 1 in the Senate. 

You might think Reagan saying “Stay the Course” didn’t work very well. Funny thing though Reagan doubled down (sound familiar?) and in the 1984 election he won 49 out of 50 states and got 525 electoral votes. That was the biggest landslide in the history of Americans elections. The Republicans also won the Senate. 

The Democrat Walter Mondale won only his home state and the District of Columbia.

If I can believe the movies, “Stay the Course” was a favorite rallying cry by our troops against the British in our battle for Independence.

If we follow the history about the midterm elections especially 1982 we see that the President’s Party really takes a hit. We need to try to do something about it. What I wonder. Ideas?

I wouldn’t mind hearing President Trump asking us to “Stay the Course”. He will not ask for help that is the way he is – we know that. I'll bet he's probably wondering;  “Where in hell are my supporters? Why aren’t they staying the course so we can make America Great Again?"

Come to think about it I think the House and the Senate Republicans should think about Staying the Course and backing the President, their President – but I forget they don’t now and never did have much of a backbone.

The media and the whole basic system of power in this country is being turned upside down. This is a true test of the “Peaceful Transition of Power” that we are so proud of in this country. How we handle this will let the world match our deeds with our rhetoric.  I'm afraid they see us wanting.

Right now it looks like in the Media that we are falling apart and our proud belief in a peaceful transition of power is at the breaking point. Trumpsters still believe in it, but the Media thinks now that the election is over they are back in charge and can run the show. They still don’t or won’t understand that the whole political correctness that rules them and their narrative is what people voted against when they voted for Trump.

The Media and the Left thinks it is having itself another 60’s moment – their one big claim to fame. Hoping they can bully away all opposition with rallies in major cities backed up by bands of thugs intimidating the average American egged on by no-nothing movie and rock stars.

Shinning city on a hill? Hell no its starting to look like a banana republic fomenting just another Coup D’et.

Reagan would be freaking out - rolling over in his grave.

When common sense which is the basis of “self-governance” is scorned, laughed at and as a last resort “thugged on” we are truly in trouble. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliana knows what he’s talking about from experience.  

Remember the hell the left and the media gave him for cleaning up New York and making the streets safe again.  

Judge Jeanine Pirro interviewed Rudy Giuliani.

The former Mayor, said that President Trump’s immigration action is just like the rest of what he’s been doing since he has been in office – doing what he promised to do. Negotiate on behalf of what is best for America, not the rest of the world but for America. And then – wait for it - actually doing something.

I agree with Mayor Giuliani that this “ban” is based on danger to America and its citizens. It is not a ban on all Muslims, nor on all Muslim countries. Nor is it a ban on all Muslims in those 7 countries. It is a vetting process above the normal vetting process for anyone coming into this country who have reason to be vetted, because they come from a country known to knowingly send terrorists to America.  Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were not included.

Reince Priebus on Face the Nation explained it pretty well. Listen to the video.

Priebus (Trump’s Chief of Staff) explains how it is not a Muslim ban, and how the order so says that persecuted Muslims as well as persecuted Christians are given preference in the executive order. When asked, Reince said that they are looking into possibly expanding the number of countries for further vetting of immigrants that pose a danger to the US of A.

But as Mr. Giuliani stated Saudi Arabia's past terrorist enhancing policy chickens are coming home to roost and they are going through a major change out of self protection from those very terrorists.  It appears President Trump sees an opportunity here to help turn Saudi Arabia away from fomenting Anti-American actions. Again actually doing something unashamedly Pro-American. How dare the President of the United States!

Again I must ask, how can we show support? How can we fight the unbridled “revolt” of the Left all across the media and academia? Even Fox News feels the pressure!  

How indeed. We did good - our part - by voting for Trump we thought that was supposed to be all there was to it. A President and majorities in the House and Senate we thought something might get done. OOPS.

Normally in an election between a Bill Clinton and a Bush it would have been enough – as they are about the same anyway. This time it is different. Mr. Trump promised change, Big Change – Change of the whole system – top to bottom. 

If we expect Candidate Trump after he has become President Trump to follow through on the promises he made, which is what we complained politicians never did and why we voted for him. Then we have to figure out how to watch his back – we ourselves have to “Stay the Course” for the guy who is doing what he promised to do.

I'm angry at what is going on.  Mad as Hell.  At what the Media and the left are trying to force feed me.

Again what can we do? I make no promises but I’m trying to put together some of the ideas I’ve blogged about recently about how to help President Trump, about how to force the media to try to cover our side of the story from the bottom up.

I’m thinking about starting an educational “lyceum” type of organization much like we did with the Tea Party movement.  Then having our own rallies in favor of policies that “Make America Great”.  Having educational Lyceums before the rallies to get everyone on the same page about how to talk to the media and to give people something to come out for. That kind of stuff.

Please I can’t do this alone. For it to work I need help setting this up.  I will be doing something in the near future I won’t be able to do nothing.  I'm to heartbroken over what is going on to just do nothing.  

I will post blogs about it and I’ll need help from volunteers from those who came out and voted for Trump – from those who are willing to “Stay the Course”.  If I know you, you might just get a call.  Better check your caller ID if you don't want me asking.

Please feel free to call me or email me anytime. If not and you see a lonely figure on the corner with a sign, at least don’t run me over.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

Sunday, January 29, 2017

You Cant Do That

“You Can’t Do That”

How many times since Trump announced he was running for President has he been told that?

How many times has he disregarded that advice?

How many times was he proven right?

The number is incalculable. Donald (John) Trump is now President and few people probably now have the cajones to tell him “You can’t do that”. He has earned the right to do what he thinks is right. The election gave him that right.

Now for those of a certain age set, he can say -

You Can't Touch This.

During the campaign, advisers I’m sure told him to concentrate on solid Republicans, he didn’t exactly do that. From the beginning he had a different idea of who would make up his base. He went after them – regardless of what any know it all’s told him. He somehow knew what the average American was thinking – what most Americans dreamed of. This was a self-confident man. If to most people Trump was confusing, his confidence wasn’t.

He spread out to campaign in the heart of Middle America to Union Workers, and minority voters finding those who didn’t believe the BS that America can’t be great again. Trump was willing to go anywhere he thought the message should resonate.  He went anywhere, board rooms, universities, Black Churches, Unions - anyplace.

As RW Bray a Black GOP leading recruiter in Texas said, the black vote is won by connecting with people right in their communities, sitting in the same church pews, and building individual relationships. In the article in the Daily Caller by Amber Randall she points out that Bray was successful by connecting with individuals within the Community. She quoted RW Bray. “when somebody lends you a helping hand, I don’t really think you care if they are Democrat or Republican.” This in “Trumpian” logic seems redundant to say, applies to all people.

Trump was connecting with a lot of people who before were seemingly hidden to and unaccounted for by the “crack team” of GOP operatives, the media and the “Crack Team” of Dems too.

Remember Trump visiting a Detroit Church 2 months before the election?

While this article is so very negative saying that Trump’s support is nearly 0 among black voters and a bunch of other negative stuff, in retrospect the author seems almost comical. Trump won more black votes than McCain or Romney. He did this by simply showing up and caring.

Does this look like someone not interested?

In that speech he said. “For any who are hurting: Things are going to turn around. Tomorrow will be better.”

Remember Trump saying to minorities, “What the hell do you have to lose?”  He was saying give me a chance, I'll make things better.

Trump seems to have found/created his own political base by meshing Union Workers, a growing minority interest in results, working stiffs whether Union or not, and just your average formerly overlooked and ignored people. These people are scattered all over the previously divided political spectrum. 

He was able to mesh with them the political big-wigs he needed to win.  It was a remarkable battle won by shock and awe.

Trump was able to unite them when few in our past were able to with a simple promise. “For any who are hurting: Things are going to turn around. Tomorrow will be better.” 

Did people really believe he could make everything better for everybody? No they knew better, but they also got to know him through his whirlwind “Make America Great” tour connecting with millions. What they trusted and believed was he meant what he said and that he would try his hardest to accomplish what he promised. That was new and refreshing. His coalition came out in droves to let him do just that.I personally was reminded of Roosevelt on the speak to the heart idea and at the same time of Eisenhower in his leadership ability but most of all of Reagan with his connection with people and their belief in America.

Peggy Noonan has been writing some good articles lately her latest one I link to here.

In it she showed how Trump was building a party around his “Popular” message. Here I quote Peggy, “allied not with the two major parties but with the working men and women of America.”

I was captured by her writing (as usual) by the way she is figuring out Trump and what he seems to be doing by instinct. She as all great journalists connects the dots, sees patterns and from experience paints a picture of what is and what is likely to be.

Noonan talked of a Union leader meeting with Trump and how all Trump’s people were there to listen and the good Trump forged out of what could have been a hostile meeting. Noonan explained in detail how that happened. I suggest you click the link to read in full about the respect Trump showed them and they him because of it. The “Art of the Deal” is alive and well in America. Here is a snippet from the article.

“The lengthy, public and early meeting with the union leaders was, among other things, first-class, primo political pocket-picking. The Trump White House was showing the Democratic Party that one of its traditional constituent groups is up for grabs and happy to do business with a new friend. It was also telling those Republicans too stupid to twig onto it yet that the GOP is going to be something it’s actually been within living memory: the party of working men and women, a friend of those who feel besieged.”

President Trump I’m sure over the next 4/8 years will have to remind a lot of people of the GOP not to mention the media and the Democrats that “No – I Can Do This”.

As long as he sticks to trying with all his will to Make America Great Again, the people he represents need to continue to show their support for him.

Then perhaps he "Can Do This".

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

PS. In Peggy’s article she mentioned Joshua Green in Bloomberg Businessweek. I pulled it out of Google,

Well worth reading. I’ll quote one typical Trump thing said when talking about how obvious it was to him what the people wanted and how bad the GOP was at doing anything. He said this about how easily he blew through the GOP competition and resonated with the people.

{“It’s funny,” he told me, delighted by the swift triumph of his influence. “It’s like the paper clip: a very simple thing. But one guy got rich, and everyone else said, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ ”}

Friday, January 27, 2017

Lyceums Anyone?

Time again for Lyceums
Of a Conservative Bent.

By definition the Lyceum Movement was an adult education type of group coming from the method Aristotle used with his students in ancient Greece.

The newer ones of which I’m talking about were scattered across the country before the Civil War. They were made up of local then later traveling speakers talking and helping to educate the citizens of the day on the topics of the day. Abraham Lincoln gave one of his first public speeches at the Lyceum in Springfield which started to get him noticed. They were an example of what made America Great. Individuals getting together to fill a need. In this case a means of educating themselves.

“The Lyceum movement was founded on the principle that local speakers would share information within communities.” We see this concept practiced today in many different forms but the concept of locally sharing information at a grass root level remains the same.

This movement started in 1828 before the Civil War and flourished up until that epic struggle. This like so many of our great ideas started with the ideas of self-sufficiency and individual freedom but morphed into something different through the years.

From the article in the beginning, “the idea of being self-taught was popular at the time. Back around 1800, Thomas Jefferson had upheld the notion of the yeoman farmer, a self-sufficient, rural laborer, as the ideal democratic citizen. Since that time, the virtue of being self-sufficient had remained important and extended to a desire to educate oneself. So, Holbrook (the founder) brought these concepts and beliefs together. In 1826 he implemented his new theory about adult education by organizing the first lyceum society in Millbury, Massachusetts.”

Freedom loving people are thirsty for knowledge for their own betterment. They are willing to take it from where they can find it. Remember this movement was before the advent of the internet and even public education as we know it.

Why do I think we could us a Lyceum now?

From my days in the Tea Party I see a need for an alternative to the isolated and reality distorting effects of the internet. I love the internet. Where else can I within seconds of typing “Lyceum” into my google search bar could I come up with hundreds of thousands of things written about Lyceums? It is a wonderful tool. It borders on miraculous.

Why then do we need to go to the bother of getting in our car and drive to some location and maybe even pay a small amount to sit and listen to some speakers talk about what they want to talk about? What is it that makes learning things in a group of people more – fun?

Why do 100,000 people fill The Big House to watch the U of M football team? Why do people travel miles, hundreds of miles to spend hours finding parking places and then walk miles to sit in a small wooden/plastic chair for 3 hours without much of a clear view of seeing the game? Why pay big money for a hotdog and pop/beer when they could sit at home and with no effort sit in their comfortable lazy boy and stuff their faces while watching up close shots of the action with replays nonstop?

It’s that indefinable sense of community one gets, that feeling that we are not alone. That little extra feeling that what we do is ok and in some cases even good and necessary. Trump new that feeling, so did I as I watched videos of the long lines of people hoping to get into one of his huge venues. 

I felt it before that during the Tea Party days at the large rallies where attendees who were just average folk standing around looking at each other and smiling, sensing how cool this was but not really knowing what to do. I was part of it locally when we in Oceana County put on our own type of (Lyceum) to show case the State Supreme Court nominees. There we were face to face with the candidates, talking with them before and after. Also another time we put on an event show-casing 7 primary candidates for the US Senate seat in Michigan. Up until that point all 7 together had not been in one place, and here they were in Hart Mi. talking with people and everyone enjoying the experience. People to this day remember that event and ask if I am putting on another event like it.

Just thinking of the comradery again starts me thinking of how and when to do another such Lyceum. 

Why again do we like these events? I ask, is the reality of life that we experience exactly what we like or are we forced to do things we may not like? Do we not sometimes learn from the experience? Maybe learning things that we wouldn’t normally? Are we not sometimes better off for the struggle? Is the house of cards we build in virtual reality truly a house that will stand up when reality blows in?

Cry babies 

Ask the Hillary supporters how they are doing as they flail around trying to hold up their house of cards, after Donald Trump blew through town?

Again for this site of mine called Bottom Up Politics, I ask if any of you want to be a part of setting up a Lyceum? It would be relatively simple. Pick a topic and find a place and get a speaker, set a time and have at it. See end of blog post to get my contact stuff.

La Fiesta 

Till then don’t forget about our own Cozy Conservative Corner which meets every Tuesday morning at 8 o’clock am at the La Fiesta Restaurant down town Hart corner of State and Main. All are welcome. Kind of a mini Lyceum with only ourselves as speakers. We just sit and eat breakfast and talk politics. Numbers range from 3-15, usually closer to the lower end. Political Candidates and elected officials welcome to attend. We’ve had our State Senator and State House Rep. Also one time we had our US Rep. We ask them all to just keep the campaigning to a minimum. A good place to listen to your constituents.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Self-Sustaining Freedom/ Self-Perpetuating Self Governance

Self-Sustaining Freedom

Peggy Noonan’s article from Patriot Post. Titled “President Trump Declares Independence”.

In the article Peggy paraphrased Trump’s inaugural message as: “Remember those things I said in the campaign? I meant them. I meant it all.” I think she finally gets it, gets the message Donald ran on. That message was above all a message of honesty and that he is willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Now I hope that she comes to understand that his inaugural message was not one of conciliation over the victory achieved but one for the “ordering of his Taking America Back” battle.

Look no further than our nation’s battle for its freedom and Trump’s method. After we won our Independence in a few short bloody years, we next “ordered” our government to secure our “Noble Experiment in Self Governance” by writing the US Constitution and ratifying it in a few more politically charged years. Implicit in the Constitution was the American People’s responsibility to keep Freedom self-sustaining. Or as they called it at the time self-perpetuating. That was what the “Noble Experiment” was all about. Not winning the Revolution or writing the Constitution – that was just the process, but actually taking part in the day to day stuff of self-governing our Republic.

After Trump won the bloody election, his battle now is now to re-order the government bureaucracies to enable his policies and promises to the public to be implemented. With his cabinet nominees and their confirmation he is setting up the process he needs to “Re-Order” the bureaucracy in what will be a never ending battle empowering average Americans to control their government again. To enable “the people” to control the process once again. Implicit in that is people are willing to share in and take up that battle.

Trump is offering a path to freedom for the people. If they are willing to take up his offer and do the work is the big question. He knows the biggest perhaps non ending battle will be to talk the country into helping him to fight the uphill battle against the 4th branch of government, the bureaucracy. He knows that this fight will take a few years like the election fight before it.

I emphasize with Peggy Noonan and a lot of my friends for being taken aback by Trump’s “bluntness” and coarseness as politically she was formed during the Ronald Reagan era. She was a speech writer for him. He was the “Great Communicator”. He communicated with a self-deprecation and folksy humor that none since have been able to match. It is in the realm however of actually getting things done today that the true test lies in the fight for self-government.

Will the “….plain, unfancy and blunt to the point of blistering.” President Trump be more effective in achieving his goals than was President Reagan’s calming, humor filled attempt at accomplishing the same thing. I really don’t know the answer to that. Time will as always tell that tale. But we are dealing with apples and oranges in that comparison.

What I do know is that the culture of Reagan’s time was different than it is now. I’m afraid that if Ronald Reagan would have run in this election and primary things may have turned out different for Reagan than they did for Trump. Again I don’t know – nobody does. Apples and Oranges. What I do know is that the media and academia back then were not so overtly anti conservative/pro big government. They since have had a couple of decades to hone their skills, so has the bureaucracy in its own self-interest.

Big Government, big Media and big Academia have formed an alliance so strong that no Conservative has been able to make a dent in it until Trump came tweeting along. I believe Trump’s “blunt”/honest delivery was exactly what was needed to marshal the forces outside of the mass media. He is gathering his forces as best he can, through tweeting and bluntness he is forcing what is against him to at least put out the news. Remember this is new territory.

I believe now he is trying to “re-order” the power base through new methods outside of what Peggy Noonan calls the norms to enlist his base of support and drive them to action. He didn’t invent tweeting, what he did was to gather an army of millions of tweeters enabling him to do an end run around the “Media” becoming in essence a media source himself. Those who he is aiming to influence are those scattered pockets of people not totally dependent upon government for survival or upon the media to think for them. They look at government as an obstacle to be overcome. I’m talking the average working class family struggling to make ends meet, trying to get ahead on their own. I’m talking of those without a voice or anyone to represent them and their needs. I’m talking about the forgotten majority of this country that the Media has ignored, belittled and condescended to for so long. You find these pockets sitting around kitchen tables and in small bars and restaurants, hanging out at local hardware stores and beauty parlors, and sometimes crudely discussing their struggles. The odor of non-political correctness wafts from them as a breath of fresh air. FDR found those same people, then Reagan did, now Trump has.

Three different people, three different means of messaging, the same message –“I care we can help make things better.” Now it is Trump’s turn. I hope and I think Peggy Noonan secretly is hoping that Donald Trump in his charge to become President Trump did not burn too many bridges to be able to win the fight for the things she believes in. How else can Trump communicate with the people that elected him? The Media won’t, how can Trump force them too? So far he is finding a way.

All the media elites, the big shots will put a negative spin on whatever he does or says. How else can he get his message out? Rural/middle America has no one blaring out its message for them, to the extent the Mass Media does for the left. In order for this new form of “self-governance” to work, new tools are needed.

Trump is the first one to use the weapons the Left popularized and the right reviled – bluntness, coarseness, irreverence, but what makes him different and what people admired in contrast to the blaring from Politically Correct religious like whacko’s was his honesty and his willingness to risk all to be honest and fight against those who weren’t.

What does Trump lack, what is he fighting? Here is what Peggy had to say about that in her article. “Normally a new president has someone backing him up, someone publicly behind him. Mr. Obama had the mainstream media — the big broadcast networks, big newspapers, activists and intellectuals, pundits and columnists of the left — the whole shebang. He had a unified, passionate party. Mr. Trump in comparison has almost nothing.”………. Then she said “He really has no one but those who voted for him.”

“He really has no one but those who voted for him.” Who is that? Did you vote for him? 

These friends of mine below did!

I believe President Trump knows all this instinctively and is doing what it takes to win his battle to reorder the government so he can go about his major business of making the government a tool to make the people’s freedom self-sustaining.

I ask the American’s who voted for Donald Trump, do you really want what you said you do? Do you really want government to leave you alone? Do you want all the things you heard Trump promise? If so what are you willing to do to help the man out? Are you actually willing to sacrifice for your freedom?

You are his only support in this battle to re-order and diminish the top heavy government that more often than not stands in the way of common sense and our ability as a nation to get things done.
A reporter once described Lincoln’s mop as “Wild Republican hair.” In this 1857 photo, Abe looks like he just got out of bed.  (Sound Familiar?)  
This is a picture closer to the 1838 date of Lincoln's Lyceum speech from which the next line is taken. 

“If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide." 

 Young Abraham Lincoln said that before he was President, before the Civil War and he said that in regards to lawlessness in the land and against mob-rule.

He said that nearly 180 years ago.  Thomas Jefferson had died only 20 odd years earlier. 

In that piece skip the liberal first paragraph intro.  
Young Abe Lincoln at 28 years of age shortly after becoming a lawyer and moving off the land into the smallish city of Springfield gave a speech to a local gathering of like-minded people, a conservative party group. In it he said the above quote, and also.

Lincoln’s speech is well worth the reading if for no other reason than to marvel at the level of beauty the English language can evoke. Newt Gingrich said Trump’s speech was great, and also that it was written at the 4th grade level. Both speeches were great and both were written for the common man and media of the time. For those of you who think we are far smarter now than 100 years ago – well we are not in many ways.

Lincoln lamented nearly 180 years ago in that speech. “Such are the effects of mob law; and such are the scenes, becoming more and more frequent in this land so lately famed for love of law and order; and the stories of which, have even now grown too familiar, to attract any thing more, than an idle remark.” Wow what would Lincoln think if he was alive today in our “Progressive make the world perfect” New Society ruled by feelings and not the rule of law?

What would he think of the “Occupy Movement”, of masked thugs dressed in black throwing rocks and bricks at police while burning cars and breaking store windows with baseball bats? What indeed! He would be outraged. He would also be mocked and scorned by the media.

Peggy Noonan again put it pretty well when she asked Trump voters. “Do they understand what a lift daily governance is going to be, and how long the odds are, with so much arrayed against him, and them?”

That will be the true test of whether Trump voters will stand behind Trump and to what extent. Will they be the “fair weather Patriots” or the actual Revolutionaries.

Yup same guy.  

As with all my blog posts I try to take the National down to the local. Check out Newt Gingrich’s Heritage Speech from a couple days ago.

As always a great speech, wish I could come up with ¼ the stuff he does. Great comparisons with Trump and Reagan and why they are different yet alike and the best was the comparison with Margaret Thatcher. But at the end of the speech he brought it back down to the individual citizens. He asked what can we do to help Trump? Here are the things he said we at a local level could do.

1. Noisily support Trumpism.

2. Scream at the Media when they make a mistake.

3. Talk to our Senators and Congressmen and let them know we will not support them if they don’t back Trump.

4. Do all we can to defeat Anti Trump Democrats, especially in States where Trump won. (Michigan is one of those states with plenty of Anti-Trump Democrats running in 2016.”

5. Back efforts to “crowd source” regulation reform. (I.e. Set up a mechanism to ask people what the silliest regulations out there are and then pick them off. Reward people for doing that.)

6. Help our state government start and enhance regulatory reform as well as Medicaid reform.

7. Help support the Heritage Foundation and other think tanks who can do the research necessary to create such reform plans. (They for example put together a budget plan that Trump is using as a source for his new budget)

From me – I like to find candidates at a level that I can actually help them directly, not so much with money as I am poor but through other ways. I get a kick out of meeting them and hanging out with them. I am helping a former State Rep. in his upcoming 2018 run for the State Senate. He will have a primary battle against the “Poster Child for Republican Elites”. I am setting up his campaign parade schedule in Muskegon. So far there are around 12 parades and we are looking for volunteers to “March” in one or more. It usually includes walking a mile and giving out candy to the spectators and wearing a t-shirt with his logo on it.

Any local candidate is dying to have volunteers help them out. Door to door events are always being held especially as it comes closer to the election. Lots of different ways to help a candidate out. If you are an organizer type of person, get some friends together for a “Meet and Greet” at your home or wherever is handy. Help out at fundraisers.

Before that do your homework, decide how you want to be a part of “self-governance”. Become a candidate yourself at any level. Play to your strengths.

Above all - participate and do your duty to help make the Freedom which self-governance offers us self-sustaining

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

Monday, January 23, 2017

Done Deal

Done Deal
Tidbits on What I Saw.

As I watched the Inauguration of the 45th President Donald J. Trump I picked up on some things I didn’t know or thought curious.

The J. stands for John as in Donald John Trump. Never paid attention or thought I needed to know that.

The First Lady is Stunningly Beautiful. Jackie O. and Michelle eat your heart out.

Who let Chuck Schumer give a campaign speech? The media called it uniting. Trump gave a real uniting speech giving America back to the people and it was called by the media “Divisive”.

Divisive – Really?

Yeah like I said Divisive as hell. Man what can we do to change the media? Hope Donald’s new guy Ajit Pai for Chairman of The FCC works to deregulate and get rid of net-neutrality. That’s a start. We should now have 3 on the board of 5. Time to clean that swamp up too.

Fox coverage by Shepard Smith talked of peaceful protests and how they are an American tradition while the camera men were filming rock throwing masked kids? – No make that thugs. Looked like ISIS thugs in Iraq. Not our nation’s capital. What’s up with Shep?

The only thing from the picture below that is missing is the ISIS flag.

As Shep continued to say how he lived in NY City and these protests were common place. I realized that he too is part of the status quo that Trump is upsetting. Part of that big city condescension. 

Then later as he praised the economic recovery under Obama I wondered when Shep drank the kool-aid. Better question was when did I drink it because I thought Smith was at least “fair and balanced”? I was half expecting him to talk next about a tingle running up his leg over the equanimity and calmness of the Obama’s in defeat, or the perkiness of Hillary – he didn’t.

I did get a new appreciation for Ed Rollins however for calling out the protestors for what they were. He said they were creating “Anarchy in the Streets”. Shep actually said that was a stretch. Isn’t it ironic that it was on CBS not Fox that I first heard anything about policemen being hurt by the rocks and bricks being thrown at them?

After the police cleared one part of a corner there were bricks and stones all over on the street, it was obvious to the viewing public. Just not to the commentators.

From viewing the live feeds it was obvious to me that in places there were as many or more photo-journalists than protesters. Later I saw something to that effect on Drudge.

The Morman Tabernacle Choir as they sang America the Beautiful caught hold of my mind as I tried to follow the unfamiliar words of the 2nd and 3rd verses. The part of the 3rd which said

“O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
And Mercy more than life!"

That was especially poignant to me on a couple levels. First the tribute to those who died to keep America Beautiful and especially the words, “In liberating strife.” That hit a nerve as I’m always talking about how progress is made through conflict and what we gain through struggle we value more than what is given to us.

I agreed when I heard Rush after Trump’s speech call it in one word “Uncompromising”.

After years of watching Republicans and politicians back down and not do what they promised the American people they would do; it was indeed refreshing to hear Trump’s “Uncompromising” speech.

Blew the media away.

I guess I should be glad for the Schumer speech and the leftist commentaries trying to belittle Trump. After all it was that same old same old Politically Correct miasma of literary nothingness which insulted then galvanized ordinary working people around Trump who was the only candidate fighting back.

To win a battle against an entrenched enemy one has to mount a more violent offensive which may be against our better angels but is needed. 

Think of Abraham Lincoln after talking about “our better angels” in his first inaugural speech trying to placate the Confederate States. Shortly after the speech the Civil War started. After losing battle after battle you could see his relief in finding Generals like US Grant. Finally someone who would do anything necessary to win. He perhaps didn’t like Grant or his methods but Lincoln understood the necessity of him. 

It was only after victory that Lincoln again was free to talk about “our better angels” and other more conciliatory words. Again the necessity was, Lincoln needed to get a country up and running again or watch it descend into anarchy.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

Friday, January 20, 2017

Closeted Conservatives

Closeted Conservatives. What can a couple poor Deplorables Do? 

I have been trying to come up with an idea of how to develop a way for the Party to fight back against the constant barrage of the Liberalness predominant in the media and academia. I’ve had little success, but nevertheless I’ve had some – enough here and there - to keep working at it.  Part of the research is to find out what others are doing.

Tues. 1/17/18 I went to a “round table” of 2nd District Republicans of Michigan. This is an official Republican group comprising the Counties of the 2nd Congressional District of Michigan. Mike Hewitt is the Chair for that and his idea was to have the 2nd District meetings held in different places around the District so those not able to travel so far could make it. He hoped new faces might turn up. Good idea.

Even here in this friendly environment I found things got complicated too quickly. That is the way of the world. That is also what Conservatives are fighting against when you hear them talk about smaller government and more local control. The meeting was a classic example how fast things get complicated even by those trying to un-complicate them.  

The contradiction is formed from the idealism of no government and a government that can get something done. We talked at the meeting about that very thing. 

It's a direct function of size.  Most everyone there was an elected official of one stripe or another. Most understood the “compromises” that are necessary to get something done in the political world. We all understand that. Things need to get done on the Macro and the Micro level.  

We also understand Dictatorships are much easier.

While nothing was accomplished on the formal side, some meetings of the minds and networking was accomplished. I too felt buoyed up some that others were struggling with the same problems I was.  The purpose of the meeting after all was to explain the process and purpose of the 2nd District, and that was accomplished.

My main take away was a reinforcement that for things to get done at the local level, the local people have to take the lead and that from the 2nd District on up the chain, there has to be a willingness to help those efforts out - or at least get out of the way.  But above all people have to help themselves - they should be encouraged.

The local efforts, where the “Politics really is Personal” idea proves one on one efforts are what swings elections and are what needs the most help. It is also the most labor intensive.  The state Party has had the right idea but perhaps should shift more of its focus on actually helping, teaching and learning from those who are already doing it and how to help them.

We need to stay away from the one size fits all approach and let the local who are trying tell the Party how it can help. 

How do we translate "Plolitics is Personal"?
Bottom Up Politics.  You are the foundation upon which all else rests.  When the foundation moves all else shakes.

Like I meant to say my main take away was that if I wanted something done I needed to do it or at least organize it myself and not expect any help from the state/national party.  If I got some then great, but not to spend my time bitching about not getting any help.

That is wasting my time and effort.

I would like to aim at a type of “strike force”. I think we need something to keep those fired up doing things. I harken back to the idea of the Tea Party and being on line organizing something all the time to help the cause and keep people interested. A protest rally here a support rally there. Picking a candidate then getting 2 people who would get 2 more and then 2 more to march in a parade for a favorite candidate. Easy stuff, yet effective stuff.

Out doing the competition. Not letting them have their way that is what I want.

At the 2nd District Round Table Tuesday, Joan and Richard Runnels of modest means, passed out a printed page of things they had done themselves to help Republicans in their (Lake) County during the last election. Lake County is one of the poorest counties in the State. No one gave her handout much credit including myself. Mostly everyone sat around making excuses why things couldn’t get done at the State level. The biggest excuse was that it cost a lot of money.

As I was trying to get ideas for my next blog, I remembered the handout the Runnels had handed out. I dug it out, unfolded it and read it. I was sorry I hadn’t read it fully at the meeting. But upon reading it I did have some questions.

I called up Joan the next day and asked her if she had gotten any help from the State Party money wise. She said they had promised to help them, but the Runnels never saw anything from them. They spent their own money doing all of the things listed below.

It was because of the work of people like the Runnels that we won Michigan. Sure the State Party did it’s best with the high tech stuff, but it was the Runnels in their own neighborhood where votes changed from Democrat to Republican.

Here is the list. I only made some grammatical corrections as I saw fit.

{1. Door to door campaign starting July to election.
2. Buying several ads in newspaper.
3. Purchased campaign signs for several candidates.
4. Robo calls were made for candidates.
5. Put on meet and greets for 3 candidates.
6. Used my home for a pick up location for yard signs and advertised in newspaper where to pick up signs.

Summary of results.
Hard work turned our democratic county around and we elected a Republican Sheriff, kept our Republican prosecutor, elected a New Republican clerk, 5 Republican commissioners and Republican Road Comissioner.
First time in over 25 years a Republican majority in Lake County.
This is grass roots politics.
Joan Runnels, Lake County.}

Some background, the Runnels were voted out of the Republican County Party. Thus forcing them to go the way they did. While they were not the only factor in turning Lake County Red they have had a large impact. It seemed they were the only Republicans in Lake for a long time before the “Uprising”.  

Apart from inter-party rivalry, I agree this is the work that needs to be emulated and copied.  This is where the State Party needs lend it's hand.

This is the type of thing that the State Party needs to facilitate. A little money here and there and maybe we can start keeping people interested in helping out. The talk at the Round Table was that to hire office help for each district would be too much.  Here is a clue, people can and want to help themselves.  They could use a hand as needed.

Joan and Richard did their own office work. They set up the North West Conservative Alliance so volunteers would have a name and place to gather around. No membership dues. I also asked Joan if they raised any money from other concerned people in Lake County, she said no. The (NWCA) meets on the 1st Thursday of the month, around 6:30pm at Pompeii’s a pizza place in Baldwin?'s/@43.8913599,-85.8585039,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xa5b8f1e52c732222!8m2!3d43.8945144!4d-85.8519379

Which takes me to larger issues.

The natural progression in the life of humans as they grow and mature is for them to start out idealistically and gradually over time and the maturing process become more conservative. Many books have been written about this and you can get lost in the weeds easily while losing sight of the reality of the situation. Or losing sight of the more realistic motivations people are ruled by.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill.  "If you are young and not a liberal you have no heart, if you are old and not a conservative you have no brains."

But to boil it down, simple self-interest is the key motivation. Whether it be the childish “I want this” to the concept of saving and doing without for your children; this is what I mean by self-interest - the good and the bad.

Because of this “latent conservatism” and relying on self-interest I see a possible great future for Republicans to be able to make inroads in previously thought to be Democrat strongholds – with what I’m calling “Closeted Conservatives”. That is of course if the Republican Party can see it as in their best interest to do so.

For some in-depth study of politics and further research check out the article below.

Great article about the history of the Democrat and Republican parties and the way they have changed over the last 80 or so years by Seitz-Wald and Patula titled “Democrats left in the Lurch”, January 18th, 2017. This is written with an eye towards what the Democrats need to do to rebuild their party.

This however is chocked full of what Republicans should do now and in the future. Just use your imagination a little.  It also is full of overlooking the main problem for the Democrats and that is their condescension and unwillingness to face reality.  

People didn't vote for Hillary in Michigan because she didn't make enough campaign stops.  It was her "Better than You" attitude brought out so succinctly with her witty remark that people not voting for her were a basket of deplorables.
Nice cartoon of what the Dems and Hillary think of "Fly over Country People.

I will be researching this article for info in the future. It is nice to read something in depth for a change.

Hillary tried and Joe Biden lamented about the loss of “white working class America” of which I’ve previously blogged. Hillary was always talking about helping the middle class and Joe when looking at a Trump rally lamented. “We lost because of awful lot of hard-working Americans who live in areas where we did not pay much attention to,” he said (a little disjointedly) at a reception. “Barack Obama won these people. They are not racist. They did not vote for the Democrats this time.”

What did they expect, they made White Middle Class working people especially men so Politically Incorrect and beneath them, why would they expect them to vote for a Democrat who called them deplorable. 

I’m half expecting some of the non-governmental unions to start backing at least some of what Trump is trying to accomplish. If you are a union guy, what's not to like about bringing jobs back to America?  Especially with his ideas of renegotiating NAFTA and getting out of TPP.  He has already before being sworn in put pressure on Companies to come back and to create American jobs. 

I know a lot of the rank and file voted for Trump. From my experience Biden was right. I saw it wherever I knocked on doors.

But above that even, we had a real candidate who people felt they knew and were ok with what they were getting. Maybe he wasn’t the most polished and maybe he wasn’t this or that but people knew what they were getting.  He spoke to truth. 

With Hillary and the rest of the political class in general they knew from experience what they were getting and it was BS. They had enough and were ready to go off the reservation. Middle America had a choice this time and they got excited about it.

The Republican Party needs to keep them excited about it if they really want to change Washington. By their action they will be judged.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Newt and Laura's War?

Newt and Laura’s War?

Strange bedfellows?  Perhaps but think what each separately could do?

Gingrich calling Trump’s battle a “War”

I’ve blogged for years about the bureaucratic nightmare that is Washington. I remember in one of Newt’s books he finally answered the question of why he wasn’t able to accomplish more of the Contract with America than he did. He said when he was Speaker of the House he kept on some of the old dogs as heads of the Committees because he thought their wisdom would help. He said that was a mistake. 

He didn’t drain the swamp well enough and seems afraid Trump won’t either.

He realized too late that they were the problem and caused his plans for the type of change he envisioned and wants Trump to make to falter through delay, inaction, and just getting bogged down in amendments.

Newt knows from whence he speaks.

From the PoliZette article I pulled this quote. “Trump, Gingrich said, has a chance to upend an Establishment that has ruled for 84 years — dating back to the New Deal. He said the president-elect should not expect Democrats, the media, or the permanent bureaucracy to simply roll over.”

Well anyone with a TV will see that the Media isn’t or has plans to roll over any time soon.

Big job, some would say an impossible job. What do you think, is it doable, do you think he could use some help? Well people said the same about Trump beating 17 other Republicans and winning the nomination and the the election? – well forget about it right? He got a lot of help doing that from who? You? He won.

He proved himself to the voting public. They voted – Trump won.

He did it. To be precise, we helped him. How can we help him now? I don’t have the answers but I might have one. Put your own thinking cap on. Use the imagination God gave you, the freedom the Constitution gave you and get out of the house and deal with the reality nature gave you and find a solution.

Trump needs our help. If you think turning Washington on its head is a good thing, leave your biases and agenda at home and figure out for yourself, “What can I do today” to help make this happen.

On the national stage. On the state stage. On the local stage.

Outside of the cities, locally Republicans/Trumpians are doing ok. We have control of more state governments than in any time in our past. That can and will change if we don’t make ourselves heard. My counterparts on the left are working their hardest to make that change. 

Some bigger things are cyclical and against us if things remain unchanged.  I'm talking Demographics and minorities increasing etc.  But we have a superior message and if we can connect we can earn trust.  But that is a personal one on one thing.

You can be the "One" - you are needed to help out.  You simply need to start asking questions - figure out where to start. Find a candidate you like and simply ask, what can I do to help? I have barely enough money to eat but I can find things to help them out with. Knocking on doors, or walking in parades or just showing up at events they have. Some feel more comfortable in a Party setting, find yours.  Grab a phone book or google on line.  Ask questions. 

Believe me anything you can do is very much appreciated. Remember also that the main axiom in politics is that “Politics is Personal”. It works both ways.

Same for state politicians. They are still pretty accessible at this level.

On the National Stage, this last Trump election showed just how effective local people making local efforts were upon the election. When Obama first ran I saw firsthand the effect local effort had on that 2008 election on Obama’s side. I simply tried to duplicate it for Trump.

What to do now?

Think about the election coming in 2018. Think US Senate. I could not think of a better gift to give our new President than a larger more Trump centric US Senate majority. With only 8 Republicans vs 25 Democrats up for re-election this looks doable.

Here in Michigan where Debbie Stabenow seems unbeatable I think it necessary to find a decent candidate and mount a good grass roots fight to force the Dems to at least put more effort into defending her, thus giving us better chances in other Senate races to pick up a few seats. Heck it is not un-doable to think we may be able to have a veto-proof Senate for Trump in 2018. But I’d be happy to pick up 2-4 seats and I think 6 is possible. We would need 8 for a veto-proof Senate.

Remember too that the Dems are in a defensive frame of mind and because they lost Michigan in the Presidential race Stabenow who is rising in the ranks of Senate minority power (#3) will be able to demand more money from big donors and the DNC than she would otherwise.

Along those lines, what if Senator Joe Lieberman who is an Independent but caucuses with the Dems changes and starts to caucus with the Republicans? Just thinking.  Remember he introduced glowingly Trump's nominee for Education Secretary Michigan's own Betsy DeVos.

Just thinking positive, try it you’ll like it.

Here is what the Hill thinks about the 2018 Senate races.

Here’s a thought.

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is thinking about running for US Senate. Her opponent would be none other than Tim Kaine the former Governor and sitting Senator of Virginia. Also he was the Democrat National Chair. Remember he was the Kaine in “Hillary/Kaine”.

Wow that guy is almost as unbeatable as ----- Hillary. LOL.

Here is the article in the Washington Examiner by Paul Beddard, 1/15/2017.

To unseat a sitting Senator with national creds and a $1.6 million war chest already in a state most think isn’t up for grabs would be a daunting task.


Laura Ingraham was always one of my favs since I started blogging, she was also a blogger she is a fighter above all she is not a politician with her own national creds. From the first time I saw her and read her blogs in that geeky unrelated to reality way, I felt we had something in common. I followed her whatever she was into. In 2015 she set up Lifezette.

Laura is Editor and owner of the site.

It seemed to be modeled along the Breitbart website. As Breitbart News was broken down into Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood etc. Ingraham’s site LifeZette is broken down into PoliZette, MomZette, HealthZette, FaithZette, and PopZette.

What I liked about her from the start was her tongue in cheek humor, her feistiness and that she was really smart. She was a Supreme Court Clerk for Clarence Thomas for starters, dummies and braggarts need not apply for that job.

There is hope I believe for her.

Hillary/Kaine won Virginia by 5.3%. Tim Kaine was the Governor of Virginia then ran and won the Senate seat in 2012 with nearly a 6% margin. Remember that was in an Obama election year, he was Governor and his opponent George Allen was relatively unknown outside the state. The big boy donors stayed away from Allen except the Koch brothers did put up $35 k. Like I said not much big money went into that race. The big question in my mind would center on Laura Ingraham’s ability to attract some of the big donors to be able to kick start her campaign. I think she is the only one with the ability to connect with the “Trump Deplorables” and at the same time bring along the highbrow Republicans.

Interesting question.

Why is Virginia a “deep South” state voting Democrat lately? Well it is becoming a suburb of Washington on the Potomac. Half the Bureaucracy lives in Virginia. Compare the election map with where Washington DC is.  The deepest Blue.

I do hope she thinks this through and decides to run. I’m thinking Donald Trump would be in favor of it. He did consider her at one point to be his press secretary. I’m hoping he holds rallies for candidates he likes. She would need his help.

Either way that would be a good race to put a great deal of effort into as the Dems are on the ropes and will be trying desperately to hold onto the seats they have. We need to make them pay dearly if they want to hold Virginia. If they don’t put all their effort into Virginia and Kaine stumbles or Laura with Trump pull a Trumpian type campaign they may find themselves facing another unsuspected Kaine election loss not unlike the Hillary/Kaine one they still can’t get over. 

Heck, I’d even help set up a crayon, playdoh fund for the poor losers.

One thing people are forgetting is how good Trump was with the whole campaign with the people thing. Think what he could do to help candidates in 2018 if he continues trying his damnedest to drain the swamp and the people see progress?

For this Senate upset to happen, Trump needs to prove to his voters that he is continually fighting in that war Newt talked about and doing all he can to win it. We proved what an informed and upset rural population can do when they rise up.

If Trump stays fighting in our corner we can do it again and better.

With good leadership at the top, and lots of help from the Bottom Up.

Find something to do and “Swoosh” just do it.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

Monday, January 16, 2017



I remember when bullying was something I would see occasionally on the playground growing up. It was usually done by bigger nastier (well you know bully types) to those who had no friends and were smaller weaker.

I know that if I saw one of my friends being picked on I would at least stand up for him. That usually worked. Back then the bullies were afraid of being found out for what they were, chickens. That was then of course, they/we didn’t have the luxury of the internet and anonymity.

The very worst thing the internet has given us is the false sense of security we get from seeing only what we want to see and being able with the tools of the internet to construct our own little reality. Any opinions contrary to that reality are mocked and made fun of (yes bullied) into submission. Facts in this scenario as with any bullying become irrelevant.

Might Makes Right. Back into the primordial ooze we go.

I think it fair to say that we are in the midst of a “Dark Age” of the internet where “Might again Makes Right”. This is also far away from the way our Founding Fathers pictured the interplay of rights and responsibilities they envisioned when forming the government of the United States of America.

They saw what effect the tyranny of the masses had upon the creativeness of the individual. They tried to protect that freedom from the beheadings they saw in France which had a more pure democratic system of the proletariat. 

Now the internet has given us total freedom with no accountability. Great right? Anarchists of all stripes both left and right have been fighting against those responsibilities entrusted to the people by the Constitution to insure their own rights. They have been fighting all the apparatuses set up that protects those responsibilities and makes our rights possible. No I didn’t write that backwards. By protecting and owning our responsibilities our rights become possible and are best protected.

Our civilization fought its way out of the primordial swamp in fits and starts. Two steps forward, two steps back. Every once and a while we would learn from our past and make 3 steps forward and only 2 back.

Struggle is key in this respect. Struggle allows us to focus on our #1 genetic coding sequence. Survival. Survival may seem base and crude to some but when asked, or when you ask yourself; why am I here? What is my purpose? Survival is about the best answer. In times of struggle we are at our best. Ironically, that is when we come up with some of our greatest leaps of faith. That is also when our worst side comes out too.

When we lack struggle those who reach the top impose their own struggle upon themselves. From Jesus’s fasting in the Desert, to you name it. The walk about all civilizations put on their kids to force them to grow up on their own. Training 24/7 by top sport figures when they have already achieved the highest awards. Personally, my beating myself up on line to force myself into action that I would normally say I have neither the time nor money to do.

It is from our own struggle and the struggle of others that we have learned the need to control to some extent that very thing that creates such greatness and beauty in our world - individual freedom.

Our zenith of civilization so far can be glimpsed in science, technology, industry, the arts and individual freedoms. Great things have been accomplished through setting up minimal apparatus to ensure individuals their freedom to struggle to achieve greatness.

A great surge forward came with the age of reason. The concept that I individually could reason and figure out my own problems with my own mind was a pretty liberating concept. Ironically the Church helped put this in place or at least went along with it. Later governments were formed to that.

The forces against freedom are of as many forms as those fighting for it. One thing to keep in mind is that they will always give lip service to the idea that they are fighting the restraints of individual freedom. But like my mama used to say, the proof is in the pudding. Look to what they propose in its stead to see the real color of their plans. Usually it is more and more constraints on our freedom in order they say to protect it.

The main apparatus we have set up to insure individual freedom can be found in a government based upon the rule of law based upon the idea that all people are created equally not physically but in their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The age of reason here is apparent in our right to defend ourselves in front of our peers. How many cases now actually make it to a trial of our peers?

The rule of law is the bedrock upon which Free Enterprise and its counterpart money rests. It insures a level jousting field upon which our efforts will be judged by the buying public. Minimal restraint upon that freedom are needed to be sure our ideas/products aren’t stolen or “Bullied away” from us by those more powerful. Or worse yet confiscated for the dreaded “Common Good”.

As I’ve stated we live by struggle, our struggle is to always fight for what will insure our individual freedom from those who want to live off of our creativeness and individual energies. When I saw the bullying going on in the media during the election of the Trump supporters I was outraged and found an outlet and means of struggle by supporting Trump supporters wherever I found them. I/we fought hard and we won.

I thought it was a done deal. Now there is talk of impeachment and Trump isn’t even our President yet. The media is going absolutely nuts. Protesters across the country are gearing up for massive disruptions of our election process and the peaceful transition of power. They threaten the very concepts that our nation is based upon. What are my responsibilities in this?

Am I just to blog away and do nothing? What am I to do? Am I here just to make fun of those who back down? (that was a Segway lol).

Jennifer Holliday and opera star Andrea Bocelli were bullied out of performing at Trump’s inaugural ball. They were taunted with death threats and boycotts of their works. They backed down to the bullies. Please note that these threats were made anonymously. Yet the fear they caused was real, more real for they know not who to stand up too in person.

About a week ago Jennifer in a NY Times article said this about her reasoning for not backing down. “Ms. Holliday said she had been startled and disheartened on Friday by the venom that greeted the news of her participation.” “It brought a lot of threats from people already saying I’ll never work again,” she said. “If that’s what America has come to, where we all hate and bully people, there’s no more freedom of speech.”

She added, “I know everybody hates me now, but that shows we are all just hateful people now — we don’t even want to work together.”

Less than 2 days later she backed out in total surrender to the LGTBT. For the full letter to the LGBT community see the first printing of it in the WRAP.

When the shoe is on the other foot they like to say freedom of speech. I remember in 2015 Bill Maher was protested in a speech he gave at UC Berkley. He was protested for saying something disparaging of the Muslim religion. He said it in humor about Muslim’s crying about freedom of speech when they cut off the heads of non-believers. Ironically shortly thereafter some Muslim’s did just that. At least Maher hasn’t backed down yet.

From both of these examples we see that they believe in freedom of speech and are willing to stand up for it at least a little. Too bad they never seem to follow through. Take the ones who said they’d leave the country if Trump won.

Still waiting on that one to happen. When ya all leaving? Ruth Bader, Streisand, Miley Cyrus, Whoopi and Al Sharpton to name a few?

But I digress. What am I to do? I saw in the Oceana Herald Journal something about some women from Oceana County to attend the protest of the Trump Inauguration. I didn’t see any names other than someone to contact. Anonymity anyone. Neither did I see any article about people from Oceana going to celebrate Trump’s Presidency. I think it time I write some letters to the editor about some people going pro Trump or some of the celebrations here happening in the Pro Trump vein. I know of a small gathering already in Hesperia. Time to do some digging.

If you know of anything along this vein please let me know and I’ll try to do something with it.

Thanks and Regards,
Bob Carr,
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth