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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Relationships, Another Conservative Morning Coffee


Politics is personal. How many times in my short political life have I said that? I know probably too many. Politics is personal. There it needed saying again. When politics become ideological it becomes impersonal. I’m sure a lot of people when they read this blog think of me as some right wing whack job. Like everyone else I find it hard sometimes not to try to let everyone know what I believe in. Lash back at seeming personal attacks or at anything that threatens my beliefs. Thank God for a government that keeps me secure in my person so I can feel secure enough to state my views without fear of retaliation. So far anyway. oops there I go again. lol

Surprisingly the best way I’ve found so far to battle that ideologue trap is simply to get personal. When I go out and talk, interact with normal people, not wacko political junkies like myself, I find my rhetorical ideology slipping. I think that is probably a good thing. I tend to learn a lot more from people who don’t share my zeal, my political persuasion. Granted I need my morning fix of Right Wing Propoganda so I can fight the Left’s Leaping Loonies, but I really do better when I try to go outside my box and talk with people, Normal people. Do Things. Leaven my philosophy with deeds.

The purpose of this blog is to do just that. To try to find some people out there who lean to the right ideologically and get together with them and just talk to start with. Figure each other out then plan and scheme to create something good for the neighborhood. Get some things going. A BBQ on Morrall Ave. or a food giveaway or collection. Anything just doing what it takes to connect with other people. Spreading through deeds what we try to spread in the blogosphere. Put a face to what we believe. Instill a little trust back into how people look at Republicans. I have thought of a few things that incorporate both. Blogging and the personal. I thought that maybe whenever I see someone out in their garden or yard doing the tedious work that makes their yard look nicer (our neighborhood nicer) to simply thank them and ask if I could take a picture of what they’ve done and put it on my blog. Maybe come up with a gift or prize, for the best yard improvement. Not who spends the most money or hires the most help, but those that spent the most time, paid the most personal attention. In the winter, maybe do the same with the neatest shoveled sidewalk or a block long shoveled sidewalk that kids can safely walk on, out of the street. Highlight those things people do out of pride not what the government does. Maybe give them a free gift of a meal for two at a local restaurant I’ve blogged. Hopefully get it donated. Have it be a yearly thing. Have lots of honorable mentions. Get people coming to our Conservative Coffees to come up with ideas. Take pictures, plan a small fund raiser maybe, then plan what to do with the money. Maybe just a party. I would like to keep it political somewhat but only somewhat. The main thing is to help the neighborhood, keep it personal, and do it in a conservative friendly way. I’ll hope the people who show up guide the agenda.

There will be another Conservative Coffee starting this Thursday morning at Carmens on third and Clay downtown at 8:00 am. Good Coffee, Great Chow, Buy your own, free conversation and ideas. Don’t be shy, look for the red RedWings cap on the table as always. There will be two of us I know of for sure this Thursday. Look at this coffee as a way to get your Thursday mornings of to the Right start. Lol There is already talk of a larger biweekly perhaps Conservative Morning Coffee. At some one’s office. I don’t know any details yet. Come to the Thursday coffee and help us figure it out. The Thursday coffee isn’t just for Ward 2, all conservatives are welcome.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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