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Friday, June 27, 2008

David L Schultz

Nick at Right Michigan, wrote the article below . “Beggars Can’t Be Choosers etc. etc, etc.
The Article highlights the problem Conservatives have in the State of Michigan as far as getting their agenda implemented. Nick further defined the problem by stating the slim majority Republicans have in the Senate against the Democratic control of the House and Governor’s Mansion: makes it hard to put a conservative stamp on the legislation enacted. He also alluded to some dissention within the Republican party.

His article helped clarify for me the problems the state Conservatives were facing. It was in the comment section that I found my solace and some inspiration.
-----Nick’s reply to comment------
That's up to each and every one of US... (none / 0) (#4)
by Nick on Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 12:25:13 PM EST
We need to identify, encourage and support genuine conservatives at the grassroots level starting yesterday!
Would encourage everyone to pick a race, Congressional, State House, County Commission... whatever... find the true conservative in the primary and put your money where your mouth is by backing them on nights and weekends.
It'll take that kind of effort to turn this state red. But it can happen.
Well the truth is always simple. But just as in quitting smoking for example, the change is very hard in the doing. Constant effort is required until it becomes second nature to not smoke, or in our case be on the phone, or going to a Republican meeting etc., march in a parade, or “Putting your money where your mouth is”. Nick urges us to support “genuine conservatives at the grassroots level starting yesterday!” Well I finally found one and am starting to support him. My support is mainly as a volunteer and hopefully spreading the word to someone else who might be reading this blog. My finances are slim. He will get some, but mainly I’ll offer all the hands on support I can give him. He is running for Muskegon County Drain Commissioner. His name is David L. Schultz. Below is a link to his web site. It is also on my side bar.
David Schultz states in the web site which doubles as his business web site, that he is a conservative. That alone seems a bit like “Live Dangerously Be A Conservative“. In conversations with me in the past he has intimated that stating his conservative beliefs may well have some negative effects on his business. They could also have positive ones. At least he is proud enough and firm enough in his basic principles to put them out there for all to see. From looking through his website, I was amazed at the concrete and specific knowledge he would bring to the job. On a technical level he is definitely qualified.

So what’s the problem? Well the local leadership seems to be backing Dave Fisher who is Dave Schultz’s main opponent in the Republican Primary. Let me tell you what is my problem with Dave Fisher?

Some background to help understand this race. Below is a snippet from a Muskegon Chronicle Article about the race for Drain Commissioner.
Hulka, an eight-term Democrat, has been battling the county board over his job performance for the past year, and is facing accusations that he forced his office staff to do illegal political work on county time.
Squaring off against Hulka in the Democratic primary are Kenny Erdman, Jeffrey Hepler, Bill Larson and Adam Rosema. Larson is a former Muskegon city commissioner. Republican candidates for drain commissioner are David Fisher, David Schultz and Mike Smith.
Then the main reason I’m not supporting Dave Fisher is the next snippet.
------Snippet same article-----
Fisher, the longtime community development and utilities director for Muskegon Township, originally planned to run as a Democrat. But he said the crowded Democratic field gives Hulka the edge, and he believes he would have a better shot at the incumbent in November.
"I want to win, and I don't believe that's possible with five people fighting in the Democratic primary," Fisher said. "The advantage goes to the incumbent”
Let’s just say my money or my mouth isn’t going to Fisher in the primary. Winning may be everything most of the time. But at what point do I draw the line and say the party stands for something. Where is it written in stone that certain people are the ones who know best. I hear people in the party saying we are being hijacked by liberals. I hear the public saying both parties are the same. At what point do I stand up and say this is where I draw my line on principle? Well to paraphrase Newt. “Right Here, Right Now, Vote for Principle” not who has the better political connections.

Fisher’s logic is good. A candidate has to get elected in the first place to be able to do anything. While Fisher may have better bureaucratic/political connection in the county, Schultz also has them through his business. If anything Schultz may bring a wider variety of connections from all his work with other counties and serving as an expert witness on drain related projects throughout the state. Both would be a welcome change from Hulka. The department will work better under either of the Daves. I make note of the fact that Dave Schultz has the experience of what it’s like to be on the other side of the government. As a conservative I think that is important. As a business owner he brings that to the table. Schultz has the definite lead in the expertise and science, which would help him create new innovations needed. I guess the question becomes whether Schultz can bring enough to the table on the political side to show he can get the base fired up for him. I just talked with him, his campaign staff is in place, his campaign is getting in gear, he just filmed a channel MCC tv thing. He’s lining print and radio spots, signage etc. He’s making connections that he should with political leaders. I see that Karen Buie endorsed him. Being a big Buie fan, I’m happy to see that. The Primary will decide. The Party and the county is lucky to have such able candidates. Dave Schultz needs to give them reasons to vote for him outside of his obvious ability to do the job and fix it where it needs it. His job qualifications are what people will fall back on when asked why they want to vote for him. His political skills determine for the most part whether someone actually votes for him in the first place.

My efforts for David Schultz will be to get the word out as best I can and help him in any other way I can. His qualifications for Drain Commissioner speak for themselves. In his website he has already suggested concrete specific changes he plans to make. Not save the world Miss America answers, but specific “Make Do, Make it Now, Make it Work” kind of changes. But he is starting from scratch, Schultz has a campaign staff in place and off and running. I didn’t know that. His job is to start letting people know he can get elected. And why people should vote for him. For this to work he needs people, and ideas.

So anyone out there please check out his website. If you like what you see, contact him directly or get hold of me. My contact me info. Is on my side bar under “Contact me info” lol. I’ll get you hooked up. We will need bodies to fill t-shirts. Good exercise and fun. See my sidebar for the list of parades in my section called “Calendar of Events” Want a sign in your yard give me or any of the candidates a call.

This is all my way of trying to do what I can for a grass roots Conservative, help get the message out there, and help my Republican Party in the process.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS I talked with David Farhat for the first time on the phone. Not at all about the Drain
Commissioner thing. He was really behind the idea though of getting as many people involved in any way with the election in general, Republican in Specific. He is truly talking from experience. I look forward to meeting more with him. Picking his brain if he let’s me.

PSS The Thursday Conservative Coffee (1st ever) was attended by 3 people. Boy did we talk and argue. It was at Carmen’s on Jefferson and Clay. Ate well too.

PSSSSSSSSSSSSS See side bar Calendar for the summer celebration parade with Karen Buie.

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