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Friday, May 29, 2009

Kronwalled --- hat tip jmifti

Candidate Obama became President Obama through the active use of the internet as a tool to organize and take advantage of a large group of people. He latched onto this and took advantage of that feeling of discontent in the general public.

This was a true grassroots happening. People knew the government was broke and broken, Obama promised to fix it. The people wanted a government that worked. Obama promised to make it work. He offered change. He took a bottom up movement and promised to make over the government in its image. A new way of running government was promised.

The upcoming elections in 2010 will be a reflection of how well President Obama has fulfilled his promises. Not many excuses will make sense. Bush is no longer around, Obama and his Democrats control both House and Senate.

The point I would like to add to this is that Barak Obama promised a bottom up type of government and all we are seeing is a government that is ever taking control of the lives of those on the bottom. What we eat, drink, how we raise and educate our children, how we fix our house, where we live. The first 100 days have been a blitzkrieg of top down NOT bottom up politics. The Obama Administration accepts as Truth that the government is better equipped to handle the lives of its citizens than the citizens themselves.

He did not invent this idea; nor did the Democrats. In our time and party the government rose to (at the time) unprecedented levels. Barack simply followed the trend and upped the anti. Much like Al Gore’s computer projections on faulty data, the process will break down when reality steps in.

I’m guessing when I say that the “millennials” who voted for Barak by a 2-1 margin were not voting for more centralized power of the government to better control what they do, eat, learn, drive, wear etc. They voted for Barack on the idea that he promised them more choice not less. This is an age group that doesn’t like being told what to do. If Republicans can give them an attractive alternative they will quickly change their alleigence.

Barack has opened the floodgates of the Liberals and the bottom uppers downstream who put him in office will be swept along whether they like it or not.

Think not? Al Goreites now tell us not to eat Lamb or buy Lamb because it’s carbon foot print is larger than cattle due to their above normal burping. Well just for an example of computer forecasting, I’ll bet it would show that in the year 2050 everyone will be wearing “still” suits patterned after the Sci-Fi classic Dune. The purpose will be to recapture and recycle not only our body wastes but our methane as well. Also as our cars become smaller and smaller the computer model will show them completely disappearing by the year 2075. By 2100 we will be isolated and confined and numbered to prevent us from ruining Nature.

Forgive me for being paranoid. Computer generated models do that to me.
What I mean to say here is that it is up to Republican to seriously rethink and work the whole Bottom Up Politics thing.

George Osborne, along with David Cameron in England have been doing that for a couple years now. Below is an article about one of Osborne’s speeches. The Conservatives in England have seen what socialism is in real time. The top down nature of the beast has become apparent. The freedom loving Brits have made a statement in their off year elections, by throwing out Liberal in solid Liberal districts, and electing a young Conservative Mayor of London.


Please see side bar under "Update from Across the Pond" at my other bolg, for a history of the British Conservative party rebirth.

It should be our first job to show the people that are paying for this redistribution of wealth the facts. They will speak for themselves. The other thing is that what the Liberals are doing is wasting money. We need to find structural changes to the system that cut out the fat and redundancy and get back to providing basic services to the people at reasonable costs.

If you are serious about change at the more structural level go to Mackinac Center. They are a think tank coming up with ways to use free market principles to change how we handle the problems facing us. Dig into the site. Download the Quicktime player and watch the videos. It’s free.

For the activist, there is all the information needed to help learn how to argue and win with liberals. The proof is obvious. America and other nations around the world using free market practices have risen to greatness. Those using liberal government run socialistic systems have failed. Europe is recognizing this. Mackinac Center has done the research, the tools are there.

All the battles that need fighting; in education, labor and even in our own party are all laid out by the facts. They are leading the way. The question is whether the Republicans will pick up the fight. Some already have; some don’t matter, not now, not in Michigan, not in this crucial upcoming election.

We need a united front.

We have a chance here in Michigan to change the basics of how we do business. We can only do that by uniting our candidates into a Party that stands for a “Choice not an Echo”. We need a gubernatorial candidate that will show specifically how he/she plans on fundamentally changing how the government does business.

When State Senate Candidate (running for the 34th seat) Goeff Hansen said the following “….. the current crisis gives Michigan the chance to make fundamental changes in state government's role.” My ears perked up. He needs to follow through with specifics. The SOS and Gubernatorial candidates should be on the same page with him. Especially as they were on the same stage.


A page out of the Mac. Center would be ok in my book. I realize that this is almost impossible in the primaries, but the time and money spent in the primary would be best spent on figuring out how to unite our message. We need to spend some of this time and money on building our message.

We have a unique chance and some great candidates to change Michigan government.

With a united free market message the Republicans with the crop of talent we have can increase our Senate majority, narrow our House minority and add the Governorship to our slate while keeping the SOS and AG positions.

From the same article, Goeff Hansen is quoted as follows below. If Representative Hansen could start adding specifics to that message, he could serve as a unifier in the party.

-----quote from article-----
"We have an opportunity right now to restructure the way we do things in Michigan," Hansen said. "Just cutting here, cutting there is not working."
Hansen said Michigan policymakers must go back to the state constitution to determine what is mandated. Political leaders must set priorities, fund those and eliminate much of the rest, he said.

In my vision of Bottom Up Politics, what I see coming from the top down is a united message to help those on the bottom throw off the yoke of government suppression. A way to unshackle us from government regulation in all we do. In our work, our raising of our children and the food we eat. We have the right to life, the freedom to chose how we live and the chance to become happy and fulfilled. Not people telling us what to do for our own good.

Time for Republicans to do some Kronwalling.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eastside Extravaganza

East Side Extravaganza – Thurs. May 28th thru Sat. May 30th

Last year and for lots of years prior there had been an Eastside Extravaganza. The event had been lovingly run by Jerry and Carole Nichols. The proceeds had gone back into the community. Fire and police received some; while most of the money has gone to the parks and rec. Dept for their activities with the children of the area. Sadly the Nichols decided to retire from running it. Below is a link to the Chronicle article from last year about that.


Next I saw on the Muskegon County GOP site a listing for the Eastside Extravaganza. I was confused so I started digging. Viola! On the Muskegon County Michigan site I found the following.

May 28th – May 30th
2009 Eastside Extravaganza
This is where summer begins! There will be a Beverage and Entertainment Tent from noon to midnight daily (6:00 pm to Midnight on Thursday). Musical Guests include: Steve Edge, Music Mania, Yardsale Underwear, and Plan B. There will be a Pancake Breakfast (Saturday 8:00 am to 11:00 am hosted by the Northside Lions). There will be Kids Activities and Contests, Games and more. Hey, check out what's new at "Taste of the Eastside," as local restaurants bring out their best dishes for all to sample. There will be the 16th Annual Car Show as well. The event will be held at Northway Lanes (Evanston & Harvey). For more information call 231-773-9181.

There seemed there was really going to be an extravaganza this year. I was intrigued. I called the number above and Sandy Johnson answered and I started asking questions. Northway Lanes is taking over running it from and according to Sandy, with the help of Jerry and Carole Nichols.

According to our conversation Sandy was using the previous Nichols’ format as far as they could. They normally had a Vegas type tent but Sandy said the Lions weren’t able to do it this year and Sandy couldn’t as Northway isn’t a charity.

Also a correction to the above cut and paste from the County The “Taste of the Eastside” is not going to happen as the local restaurants for various reasons didn’t step up. Sandy assured me however that there would be plenty of good food. Multiple vendors were lined up. Next year is well next year.

There will not be a parade either. Now before you get all grumpy and arguementative, I offer the following.

After talking with Sandy I realized that this was a lady that cared about the event, and about her community.

She was trying to keep alive a tradition that has been of benefit to the Eastside; a tradition that she didn’t want to see die. I asked Sandy if this year’s event could be called a get your feet wet type of thing. A time to really see what all is involved and what works and what doesn’t? She agreed.

One thing about the format that remains the same; the proceeds will still mainly go to Parks and Rec. Sandy did mention some will go also to the Cancer society.

The other continuing tradition which will remain untouched is, Fun for all. This event will remain a family friendly event with plenty of activities for the kids; A place for neighbors to gather and celebrate their community. That will not change.

So if you want to enjoy yourself and help a worthy cause; pack up the family and come to the Eastside Extravaganza.

I give a hearty “two thumbs Bottom Up Politics” to Sandy and the crew on the Eastside and the Muskegon Northside Lions. Also, we offer many thanks to the Nichols for building and helping to pass on a valued community tradition. With our help, the Eastside Extravaganza will indeed long endure.
To get my feet wet; as a newly minted Muskegon Lion I will call up and offer my services for the Breakfast that the Northside Lions are putting on.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. Found this blurb on MLive. The Township will mow Northway’s lawn and provide picnic tables in return for donations to the Parks and Rec. Dept. I had to chuckle at that one.


The bottom line is; it’s the real deal, let’s help it become what it was before.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Sat. + Sunday, 2 days, 2 blogs, 2 blogspots.

This blog this Sat.

Sat. morning was a busy day for me and some others here in Muskegon.

Click on all Pics to enlarge.

The first was a 9am meeting Goeff Hansen invited me to attend, along with some others from Muskegon County.

I had heard Representative Hansen talk before at Lincoln Day dinners and the like. I looked at him at first as just another politician doing his thing. By the 3rd time I heard him talk, I had a chance to talk with him. Rep. Hansen seemed easy to talk to yet not as condescending as most of the others. He had the ability to listen.

I had taken him to task over his voting for the bill in the State House allowing people to vote with an Absentee Ballot. I expected some kind of glorious waffle-licious like answer, which I call the canned IHop response.

Instead he led me through his thought process. He told me that he had called a couple of County Clerks to get their opinion about the role if any the new law would pose towards making it easier for fraud to enter into the voting system. Goeff said the clerks told him that it wouldn’t add to fraud. He then simply stated that he felt bound to vote the way his district believed, including the clerks in the district who's job it was to know. That simple common sense approach to a problem may not be glamorous but it told me something about Mr. Hansen. Told me something about myself too; as I would of preferred an IHop waffle to go.

But being the blogger that I am, I called the Newaygo County Clerk to back check his story and my own knowledge. She agreed with what Representative Hansen told me and added other information. Newaygo should be happy to have such a clerk. She is also serving as head of the Michigan group of County Clerks. She knows her stuff. Her name is Laurel J. Brueker.

After that I had decided that I would do what I could to help out this common sense candidate in his quest to fill the 34th State Senate seat in the upcoming election. That seat is and has been ably filled by Senator Gerald VanWoerkom. He however, has bagged his limit and is being term limited out.

In the general election Mary Valentine will be pitted against whoever the Republicans decide to run. Rep. Hansen is the only declared candidate at this time. I know I’ve heard of a possible run by David Farhat and Holly Hughes; however neither have thrown their caps into the ring as of yet. Also there is rumor of another, perhaps William Bobier—just gossip at this stage.

The pictures below are of our little group that hopes to spread it’s spider web over Muskegon County. That is the hope, I know the idea; this blog is called “Bottom Up Politics” after all. Maybe my other blog, “ORGANIZE-Take Muskegon Back” is the better name for this endeavor. That is the blog where I'm trying to learn how to organize voters.

Either way, I remember Nick at Right Michigan before the primaries of 08 advising to find a conservative candidate and do all you can to get him or her elected. This will be my conservative pick this time around.

Representative Goeff Hansen is my pick because all the above speak to the character of the man. We do not need more clever politicians to craft clever answers to our questions and come up with shifty new policies that incorporate what they tell us we want to hear. Below is a link where I got the quote before that which perfectly sums up how I feel about the political class.

-----quote from link------
The media just don’t seem to get it and official Washington seems to be oblivious to the rising resentment the governed have toward the political class which arrogantly contemplates how to “reposition” themselves to appear to understand the anger and frustration. They think they are clever speaking one way to their constituents and differently to one another as though they are performers on stage with the issues of the day as their script. Their weakness is that they don’t know how transparent they are to their audience. Their failure to find workable solutions for any problem - that doesn’t involve massive federal bureaucracy - has inspired many people, who have felt disenfranchised for a long time, to take matters into their own hands.

After I heard an un-waffle answer, something happened. I started to want to hear some more of the same. Simple honesty once heard speaks more of a person and their character than all the consultants with their graphs and charts.

Forgive this first rush of adrenalin; I’m sure he is human. But that’s the point isn’t it?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.


Going to sneak another blog in, right here under your noses.

I left the above meeting and hurried down to the “Veterans Appreciation Event” being put on by “Muskegon Patriots”. I have been working with Josh Charney the leader of Muskegon Patriots along with several others to help put on the event. Compared to the previous Tea Party event, the turnout was smaller. We planned on that due to the nature of the event, and the threat of rain also played a part. We did have a nice event with by my count, over 50 people braving the elements. Our shirt, hat and button sales did well for our first effort.

Josh Charney MC’d the event and gave a nice introduction to the two veterans who gave their talk. I thought veteran Chris Beck gave a very good and heartfelt talk about what it meant to him others to give what they gave in the service of our country.

Chris Beck also talked about what it means to service men and women to get backing from their government as well as from us civilians. He suggested picking a veterans group and giving them some support. Chris’s talk was real, it touched me and as I could see others also.

Who is that guy with the pitch fork, I've seen him before?

Luckily, I knew I would probably be late and as I was in charge of hawking the Shirts etc; I needed a rescue; therefore I was happy when I asked my friend Larry to come early and set up tables to sell the wares and he consented. By the time I arrived the event was in full swing. The sound system Chris Beck brought was banging out the patriotic music and the first speaker was getting ready to speak. Larry had everything organized and displayed beautifully.
Goeff Hansen and his wife showed up a little after I did and I was glad to see him there listening and not politicking. He and his wife Tammy seemed to be taking it all in and looked like they were happy to do just that. A break from politicking for a change.

That’s it for me. However, the Muskegon Patriots are planning more things and I’ll keep you posted here and on my side bar under the calendar etc. Their website is below.


Regards, (again) Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

To see pics and comment on Sunday's activities, click the link below.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You never know till you ask.

More often than not, I’m pleasantly surprised by the result.

I was Coming down Campus Dr. on my way back from my plot at Love Garden when I saw a guy and a girl walking in my neighborhood. They looked like teenagers except they were wearing uniforms; US Army Uniforms. Well in my neighborhood that deserved a long look as I drove by. Finally it dawned on me to turn around and say hello to them and see what I could find out.

Hey I’m a blogger, that’s what I do. I feel like a nosey bastard sometimes.

Please click on Pic to see what I'm talking about.

They were amused by this old man. We introduced ourselves, they were polite, I felt the rude one. The guy was Lieutenant Col. Johntae Anderson, the gal was Captain Jessica Pruitt. Upon questioning I found out that they were in JROTC and attending Muskegon High School. Impressed and intrigued I wondered if there were more young adults like them. Captain Pruitt piped up that there were 109 Cadets in their program.

I asked if they were wearing their uniforms for a special reason and they both said Wednesday was “Uniform Day”. I felt they were proud of it, thank you very much. When asked if they had any upcoming events Captain Pruitt rattled off a list. As my memory is degenerating as we speak, I was impressed and envious. I also forgot the list.

From the website,


I found the name of the Group was the Red Battalion. I also found the list Captain Pruitt rattled off and I forgot.


So if you attend a Memorial Day Parade around here chances are that you will see them. The Army is getting a deal from my neighborhood with these two. Makes me feel good just thinking about it.

I did happen to remember our May 23rd event and invited them. Lt. Col. Johntae Anderson said they were putting up flags at the Oakridge Cemetary. After all the political wrangling of the last couple weeks, I was uplifted because I stopped and turned my car around. I'm glad this time I didn't think I was too busy.

I guess you never know till you ask.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Gag Reflex as a "Recruiting Tool"

Below is the is the published flyer of Muskegon Patriots for their May 23rd event to honor Veterans. FYI they were the co-sponsors of the April 15th Muskegon Tea Party.


When: May 23, 2009 Promptly starting at 1030AM (aprox 1hr)

Where: Veterans Memorial Park, Causeway

Parking: Please reserve south end of the park for Handicap Parking Only. All other parking will be in north end of Park, more parking areas will be announced on Tuesday, and they will all be near the park.

Event: At this event we will be honoring our Veterans and Service Men and Women. If it were not for the time honored traditions of our armed services from President Washington to our current volunteer military we would not be able to enjoy this great Nation.

Bring with:
Please bring signs supporting our troops and veterans.
Cameras, video for sharing after the event
Money for t-shirts, hats, buttons, and beverages ($10, $10

There will be three Speakers
We will have a large signing area with a petition calling for the
removal of Janet Napoitano
Fundraising for continued support of the Muskegon Patriots

We request:
1. Please keep all signs and comments at the event respectful. The day is about honoring service, and support for those who have and are serving this nation.
2. We are not collecting names, emails or any information at this event and ask that no one else does.
3. Please bring a friend or friends, this is an event sponsored by the Muskegon Patriots, but is not about politics.

Petition wording:
We the people, of the great State of Michigan formally call for the termination of Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. We feel that the slanderous and now libel report “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment." Released April 7, 2009 justifies immediate removal from office.

My comments:

First, their website is


There we go again in Janet Napolitano’s words; “Fueling Resurgence in Radicalism and Recruitment” I guess by showing our respect to and appreciation to our Veterans past and present we will be radicalizing all of you who dare comne out to the causeway.

From Napolitano’s report when describing possible terrorists; “Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to rightwing extremists. DHS/I&A is concerned that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to boost their violent capabilities.”

Something is ringing the bell in my memory, something going back to the 60's. Never fear, it'll come to me lol.

Below is a link to the full report Napolitano is standing behind.


I read it all, made me gag: much as the same type of report by J.Edgar back in the 60’s made me gag. That report was about other Extremists after the overthrow of the government and included the likes of Martin Luther King and people who supported that cause. More of the same old, same old.

An elite is an elite, tyranny is tyranny, that at least has not changed. Greed for power remains pure, it knows not racial differences except those that it can use to control all indiscriminately.

In the 60’s I was, to use Napolitano’s term recruited and radicalized through learning of such hate filled double speak by those trying to stop people from fighting for what was their right. Today I am radicalized again by the same type of hateful tyrannical fear mongering against people trying to reassert their rights.

And the part in the report smearing our veterans especially made me gag, then I got mad. Below is the quote I'm talking about.

"Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are
attractive to rightwing extremists. DHS/I&A is concerned that rightwing
extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to
boost their violent capabilities."

By the way. As in the other events across the country with this group; parents are welcome to bring their children. Construe that as you may Janet. To quote someone else. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”. Didn't then, don't now.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Learning From the Journey

A Party in Transition.

Web sites can serve as a tool of change; first for those building the website, then hopefully later for those entering the website.

Our County Party spent a lot of money and time before the 2008 election on setting up a new website. this happened just as I first entered into the County Party. In retrospect, I realize that now that I was at the right place at the right time. I also had just started blogging, and in fact it was a fellow Muskegon blogger who invited me to a County Executive meeting.

All the talk at that meeting was floundering around what the meeting was centered on setting up the new web site. I and my friend seemed like the only ones who knew anything about the internet. We obviously weren’t as our leadership was pushing it. I believe they were pushing it because we had gotten a large contribution just for that purpose; and they were trying to get us to rise to the occasion. To be honest I was just learning how to blog. For those of you who know, the difference between a blog and a website is huge.

My friend and I were treated as experts in the field. I agreed with the consensus , we did need a usable website. Later I ended up putting one or more hours every day into the upkeep of the site. For whatever reasons, after the election, things started happening to the web site. I would enter something and it wouldn’t appear where it used to but in another area. A whole block disappeared. No one could answer or help. I quit. The elections were over, we lost.

The website sat and went quickly out of date. I believe that happened not too long after the election. That brings up one of the changes the party is going through. To keep up and become an effective political force again in Muskegon, the County Party needs to have a full time presence, through the website into the community and not just pop up at election time. Being way behind the game, we need the off election time to regroup and figure out ways to do better in 2010.

I learned my lesson however; I will not volunteer to try to run it again. I will help out as much as I can, whenever I can, but as a Conservative I know that the allure of control leads to corruption.

We just had a meeting with the people interested in the website within the party and someone who will be doing the work. We spent a couple of hours “discussing is a nice word” what we wanted in the site, within the parameters of the existing structure. We did manage to keep on track and I thought it a good meeting.
These confrontational egoistic clashes are good for the party. We are learning how to get things accomplished as a party. We like some others over 200 years ago managed to keep our widely divergent opinions in check and come up with some constructive changes for the website. Our little group of Republicans, learned to work together to make a difference in the website.

The real change and improvement came to how we interact with each other. We are sending a flurry of emails back and forth now with ideas about the website. We have strengthened our infrastructure with this exercise. The next thing we attempt to do perhaps will be done smother and the end result will be better.

We had a change of leadership; we are finally getting a new effort at redoing our website. Not being in the leadership, all I can do is hammer away at what I think is the proper direction for the website to take. Others are doing the same. We however are learning to work together better. I’ve studied a lot of county websites around here and around the state. I even looked at some in New Jersey. Perspective showed me that our website was at least equal to if not more “friendly” than most.
My concept of a website is for it to be a tool to bring people into the party. Also it needs to be a tool for our members to use and to learn from to further our ultimate goal. Winning Elections.

Little did I expect the party would benefit from just the act of setting up the site?
Little did I expect more good would come from setting up the site than may come from the site itself.

If we do it right. If we decide to Learn from the Journey.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updates, Current Projects

Best wishes to David Farhat

Before any updates, I would like to offer my prayers and well wishes to David Farhat our Muskegon County Republican Chairman and past 91st state Rep. who will soon be undergoing back surgery.

1. “Adopt a Precinct”.

Just called the Mike Nofs' Campaign for an update and talked with Steve Sachs. The campaign is in the middle of their Jobs First Bus Tour of the 19th State Senate District comprised of Jackson and Calhoun Counties. Steve said Mike was excited by the large turnouts he has been seeing. I was excited by the way Mike is conducting this campaign. This Jobs First Bus Tour is a “Bottom Up Politics” type of thing.

I then asked Steve about the “Adopt a Precinct” program and whether they were making headway. I was hoping for something positive. I got more good news than I wanted. Muskegon County no longer has to worry about me pushing the “Adopt a Precinct” program. It’s too late for us. Steve said of the 167 precincts in the 19th Senate District they only have 12 left to fill and they will be filled by the end of the week. Sounds like a lot of counties around the state realized the importance of this race and put their efforts where their mouths were.

From the response I received from Muskegon County, I see that I need to work on my Salesmanship skills. Anyway that is awesome news for the Nofs Campaign. Steve said I was welcome to join up on my own and others also. I’m debating, what about any of you? A little door to door in a foreign county seem like fun?

He also said that the county chairs will be mailed a letter asking for financial help. I told him good luck with that. Lol.

Kudos however to the State Party, Terri Reid and Holly for their roles in making this happen.

As I’ve blogged in the past this election is more important than just getting a better majority in the Senate; it is about showing voters that the Republicans are not dead. It could be about drop kicking some enthusiasm into other close races across the state the following year (2010). For all you sports fans, it is about momentum. This Special Election could be great for the Party. Mike Nofs is a serious fiscal Conservative. This will be a crucial race for us to win.

I feel Mike Nofs seems to have found a way to tap into the angst out there as evidenced by the Tea Party popularity. But make no mistake the Dems will throw everything including the kitchen sink into this race to stop that from happening. Dirty politics won’t take long to emerge. If Mike wins against that onslaught; other Candidates should take note for the elections in 2010.

2. The Precinct Delegate program.

We have formed a PD Committee headed by Pat Uriarte. We had our first ever Precinct Delegate Training/get together, it went well. One is feeding the other. The party has agreed to let it run itself and is available to help as needed. It is really now up to the individual PDs to accept the responsibilities that go along with the job.

Jim Riley has started a separate blog for the PDs/Volunteers of Norton Shores and its 11 precincts. I agree with his concept which is to expand the duties of the PD to include actually getting “hands on” with the Precinct politics. A knowledgeable voter is what we need afterall. On his new blogsite he has linked to the city meeting sites as well as the county commission sites. Jim wanted to get a site up. He will be adding to it and tweaking it as it happens. Hopefully this site and others like it will help provide the tools for citizens to see how the government works and then be empowered to work toward making changes as they see fit. Sites like this are a way also of creating a local internet meeting place to share easily ideas in between meetings.
3. Carmen Group

We had a lively discussion at our Thurs. morning Carmen Group about everything under the sun, but mainly about what to do about our Muskegon County Website. A meeting of those interested and the principles involved is to take place Friday at 2:00pm. Nerves are being twisted a little on this one. There is however agreement that something needs to be done; and that is the main thing. We all have solutions and ideas, but none of us really know what will work with the set up we have, what can be changed easily and what requires what I call major change to the site. We are meeting with the person to be in charge of it for the first time at least in a while. We will figure it out; because on that there is a consensus.

I feel it important to have a focal point, a portal to what the County Party is doing; both for the party people, and the general public as well. We will be setting up the basics Friday such as a phone # and contact #s, make sure all the buttons work and start coming up with new things. I guess like a lot of things in our party that need changing, we first need to start, and setting up an infrastructure that is easily changeable is key. As we learn new ways, we need to be able to adapt our structure to reflect those things we learn.

I was asked to do Interviews with Township elected officials to put on the website. I came up with a proposal and we’ll find out if it will fly.

4. Love Community Garden is all ready.

A few of us have already planted our plots. A water source is being planned and discussed. We do have a cattle trough with lid for now. It is functional. There has been talk of later in the summer maybe having some sort of event for the gardeners to get to know each other better and swap ideas and friendship. A picnic sounds nice to me.

5. Tea Party News.

The Tea Party in Muskegon which was a huge success has spawned further action. One of the leaders Josh Charney has set up a web site. . Building upon that enthusiasm there is another event planned for Sat. 5/23/09 at the Veterans Park in the Causeway. This event will be to celebrate and honor our veterans past and present. Also another Tea Party nationaly is planned for July 4th. Right now Muskegon is thinking along the lines of renting a bus to drive to Lansing where a big event is planned. This is still in the planning stage and may change. If you want input into what will happen, check out the above site for the times and location for planning meetings for these events. All are welcome. My job for the 23rd event was to get tee shirts, hats, and buttons made. They are. A hat tip is in order to “Shirts n Stuff” for quality, friendly and fast service while you wait. I will then man a table at the event to sell them, to help defray the cost of the event. A new couple is bringing pop and water in a cooler which I’ll be selling also.

There was a misunderstanding about the location of this event and I’m here to confirm that it is at the Causeway. NOT Heritage Landing, or the LST or anywhere else. Join the Revolution. See you there.
6. Blue Sky Lions.

The new Blue Sky Lions of Muskegon is having a really rocky start. I don’t know if it will live up to its promise. For example we were offered a booth at The Fruitport Old Fashioned Days and we couldn’t find enough volunteers to make it work. That would have been a good first fund raiser for us. We gave it back to the Fruitport Lions hopefully they will still have enough time to get volunteers and have a fund raiser for themselves. I and another are going to volunteer to help them out. So if you’re at the Old Fashioned Days put a quarter down on the Candy Bar Game table and help support your local Lions.

I just heard about an emergency meeting of Blue Sky Monday. That doesn’t sound good to me, I’ll keep you posted.
7. Marion's Nelson Community Food Pantry

Also helped Marion from Nelson Community Association pick up a truckload of food for his Food Pantry from the Postal Workers Food Drive Tues. The food picked up by the Postal Workers gets hauled to the Shiloh Tabernacle out by Russell Rd. From there it is distributed to the Pantries around Muskegon. We’re on the list. I drive Marion once a year and we load up my truck and haul it back to his Pantry. I actually enjoy helping my old friend, plus I got a can of my favorite, Corned Beef out of the deal.

That is pretty much what I’ve been doing in my neck of the woods lately.

Never forget to ask, “What Can I Do Today”, and you’ll never get bored. lol

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch 23

Catch # 23

I always claim the most important task of the party is to get our candidates elected. To do that I claim we need to organize the party on a more user friendly (grass root) level. The obvious purpose being, to defeat the Liberals.

I applaud our County party, they have begun the process. In the past, we only had a monthly board meeting to vote on or bring up ideas. That was it. If you wanted to prepare for the meeting ahead of time, good luck. Agendas weren’t available until you walked in the door. To try to get on the agenda, well it was kind of a secret ritual type of thing.

That is changing, that is a good thing.

Now the party has new caucus luncheon meetings a week before our monthly board meetings. This was set up for the purpose of letting those other than the leadership have some input into the agenda and generally help create a place to foster committees and their workings and get people involved.

Our last caucus was yesterday, 5/11/09 at the Pizza Ranch E. Sherman at noon. Our Vice Chair emailed everyone beforehand that anyone interested in talking about our Web Site should show up 15 min. early to hash it out. (An opening for the committee idea.) That was a good idea we did meet and talked but it wasn’t long enough to get much decided. But it was a step in the right direction.

Let me preface what I say next by stating that these caucus’ are an execellent idea and have done wonders at firing up our County Party. They have been pleasant affairs, people eating good food while a very informal type of “meeting” took place; more of a discussion. The process of running these get-togethers, is still in the making.

That is where the Catch comes in. Primary season has started in full gear.
After the too short 15 min. work session, we were invaded by Chuck Yob and his Candidate for Governor and their entourage. Leadership (may) have known ahead of time, I don’t know. But the rest of the meeting was a pitch by the Candidate for his candidacy.

This was part of Yob et all’s new “listening tour”; I know not too original, and perhaps?—“Telling” in its similarity to another current tour?

Getting back to the Catch 23 idea. Getting past the idea that the Yob express steamrolled in and took over with a film crew and entourage, shutting out a representative from Hoekstra’s camp and another candidate running for US Rep, who is part of our County party; the Caucus accomplished nothing while the membership was there. Only before in our 15 min. of grace and later after the membership left including the entourage was anything constructive accomplished for our County party. Then it was done with the same 4-5 people. The purpose of the meeting was defeated; if you see my point.

The Catch of course is how to get things done for the party to help support the candidates? How do we keep the Party focused on what is good for the Party and not what is good for the candidate? Obviously things need to be seperated. Primaries are an inherently divisive but necessary process. We need them to help bring new ideas and people into the Party. The “event” yesterday was perfect if you wanted to learn about a Candidate. The Candidate performed well and we did learn about him which was good. Face to face is necessary and a good thing.

I'm sure this is just a blip in our learning process.

We could to set some parameters. Let us conduct our business during the caucus and let the candidates have their 15 minutes of grace before and after. If they want more, then they should schedule something on their own dime and their own time.

If they wanted to really listen on their Listening Tour then well you can figure it out. I would think a potential Governor should be able to.

Below are pictures of our group
Click to enlarge

One of the Deadly Duo.

Next are the guys doing the filming and seemingly as I tried to get to the restroom; blocking the exit. lol

I don't know, I guess I felt a little pimped out. But I guess it was generous of Mr Yob to provide West Michigan an alternative to Pete Hoekstra. Thoughtful guy our National Committee man. The more the merrier I guess and all that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Choice Not an Echo

A Choice Not An Echo

Jona Goldberg used a quote from Barry Goldwater to tie in the Death of Jack Kemp, the defection of Spector and a plan to help the GOP out of the mire we are in.


Jona painted such a good picture that I’m cutting and pasting a part of it verbatim.

And herein lies the real opportunity in Specter's defection.

It's likely the Democrats will now have the 60 votes to run the Senate. Hence, Obama's legislative failures will, by definition, be failures to win over members of his own party. Republican "intransigence" and "partisanship" will be rhetorical in that Republicans have no formal means of stopping Obama, only the power of their arguments.

That is the environment conservatives thrive in. Yes, the Republican Party needs some new ideas, new solutions to our problems. But conservatives do not need new convictions. The GOP can choose to be the party of Kemp or of Specter, the choice or the echo. The spirit of Kemp stands for principle over power. The specter of Specter glorifies solely the principle of power. Kemp was far from perfect, but after his short time in government, he'll be remembered not only for doing great things but also for believing in the greatness of America.

Arlen Specter, even if he spends 40 more years in government, will be remembered for nothing at all.

Our strength as a party not only has been that we are the party of ideas as Jona Goldberg says; but also the party that knew how to carry them out. In times of trouble the voters would turn to the Republican party as the place for ideas and the practical knowledge to make them work.

I’ve posted the above ideas on this site and my local site “Organize-Take Muskegon Back” because “A Choice Not an Echo” is a perfect slogan for the County party to put up on a Billboard listing 2-3 real choices we offer the county and state voter. A Choice Not an Echo is also a perfect rallying cry to help create a real grass root organization at the Precinct level that we need desperately and what my local blog has been all about.

It would be a waste of time to post it on my Live Dangerously site as I know the National and state Republican Parties would never be so bold. The Power Politicians and their cadre of consultants would recoil at something so “controversial”

Great by me. Let them create the ashes that we the grass root Republicans will rise out of. They’ve made a good mess of it so far.

Our County Party is really starting to get behind the Precinct Delegate idea that will help. Another blogger friend and myself are trying to set up our own blogs devoted to PDs.

GordoM at Muskegon Pundit is in the process of putting up a brand new blog dealing exclusively with Precinct Delegates and local politics. Check his blog often. I’ll be interested to see his site when it’s up. He is talking of using it as a template for getting PDs recruited and putting them to work and a tool for other area blogs to use. Our PDs could set up their own using the template. Blogging is easy. Perhaps if there is interest we could give a class at the county party level. We are talking of having possibel PD monthly meetings. This could be the focus of one of them.

His blog if I understand it is to be based around Norton Shores PDs. A portal into Norton Shores politics and a site where PDs can find the tools to use to see what’s going on in NS and report about what they find. Also other tools to try to use that knowledge to affect NS politics can be developed. I hope I’m not putting words in Gordo’s mouth so I’ll shut up and wait. But it will be, A Way To Get Involved. What ever it turns out to be, GordoM is a good organizer. I can’t wait.

We both were excited to see the email from Jack McHugh the other day. It was the kick in the butt we needed. Someone needs to use the tools below. I decided it is my responsibility to protect my “Individual Freedom” by doing just that. I think GordoM would agree.

Below is a link to a blog I did about Jack McHughe's artilcle. The links I list after are his and are tools we can use to get things done to help create “A Choice Not an Echo” at our local Precinct Level.



I will be sending my Take Muskegon Back blog in a different direction and hopefully GordoM and I can coordinate our efforts. As we in the Party evolve this Precinct Delegate thing, I think our blogs cam be a relevant tool. Our county party is at long last going to get our County Republican web site back up to date. That if done well could serve as the hub for our individual Precinct level efforts, at least be a calendar of events and a way for people to learn about and volunteer for the Republican party.

From the Goldberg article again “The GOP can choose to be the party of Kemp or of Specter, the choice or the echo. The spirit of Kemp stands for principle over power.”

I saw all the proof I needed that what I was thinking had broad popular support on April 15th at the Tea Parties all across the country. People by the hundreds of thousands across the country basically said they have had enough of “Power (Big) Politics”. Before that I saw it in the 1 and a half million signatures on the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition.

We as Precinct Delegates and volunteers of the Republican Party need to tell the “Big Power Politicians” where to go and what to do. It can again be our party, it can again be the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

I’m going to blog on my other site “Organize-Take Muskegon Back” and start rearranging it. I am really excited to find another blogger who is not only joining but leading the way. This can be the party of “Individual Freedom” again where we all are leaders. We can all charge up San Juan hill together of our own accord. We can if we pool our thoughts and energies offer “A Choice Not An Echo”. We can then make it Happen.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting Involved, Why Bother?

Getting involved? Why?

I get involved in my community, in politics etc. because my agenda is “Individual Freedom”

I believe I can only keep or gain my “Individual Freedom” through using it. Through my asserting my right to it; I stake my claim. That is what my blogging and political talk is all about.

But anyone who has watched old westerns dealing with the “gold rush“ knows; the important and hard part is defending that claim.

By making an effort at joining with others of like mind I am finding ways to actually combine with them and affect my community. That is the work of “defending that claim”.

To me that used to be one of the hardest things to do; the idea of walking up to a stranger even though a neighbor and introducing myself was tough. I never considered myself a social butterfly. The odd thing I’m finding is; people for the most part are friendly and interested and happy to at least talk and be civil.
The things and problems we have in common still far outweigh our differences. At the personal neighbor level that is ever so apparent.

I read an article by Michael Gerson in today.


The article talked about a book coming out next year stating how religious people are more apt, three times more apt to be joiners and doers. I pulled this quote out of the article.

Theology is not the predictor of civic behavior; being part of a community is. People become social joiners and contributors when they have friends who pierce their isolation and invite their participation.

That quote dovetailed perfectly into what I’ve been learning. Just the act of walking your neighborhood and making a point to say hi and talking with the people you normally run across, will be in that effort by itself self fulfilling.
One thing will lead to another if you let it and at least in my case I’m getting involved.

I was waiting to get involved. Bob Scolnik asked, I jumped. Others will too if asked.

Individual Freedom is all about learning what you are good at and being able, having the freedom, to strive to do those things you feel rewarded by doing. This may be considered selfish behavior; and not in the public good. But anytime I try to force myself to help others especially if what I’m doing is against my nature, I find that the people I’m “helping” are resentful and not really being helped.

Don't ever lose track of the people no matter how lofty your goals.

We all have seen what decades of government programs in the name of public good has accomplished in getting rid of poverty, helping education, our health etc. Perhaps it is now the time for a resurgence of “Individual Freedom”.

Perhaps it is time for people to stake AND defend that claim to their Freedom.
I’ve helped a neighborhood garden start. The first thing Morning Bear our organizer did was to find gardeners in the neighborhood. This our second year we did accept some financial aid to help buy dirt and lumber for raised beds. We built around twenty beds. We had all volunteer labor (un paid volunteer labor). We sought ought the Lions to help us for free. Three Lions came and one had a small loader. We built and loaded the beds with 26 cubic yards of dirt, we did it in one day. Pastor Phillips was out there all day long with us.

Below are pictures of Love Community Garden. BTW we have a list of gardeners wanting to use these beds. They are ready; yesterday I built a lid for the water trough. Our gardeners are willing to water with watering cans. They want to get planting. One Senior lady with MS was over in her slippers and house robe and Morning Bear our Organizer told me she was nearly in tears because she had her own spot and we had built it along with another one higher to accommodate her. People will be planting this weekend.
click on pics to enlarge.

Next are pictures of a neighborhood garden which patterned itself from our plans. The amount of lumber they ordered was the same. They however ordered twice the amount of dirt. 50 cubic yards. We had the same amount of space to fill and 26 yards was more than enough. We had some left over.
They however built them all twice as high as ours; therefore ending up with half as many plots. This other program still lacks gardeners, I guess they forgot to order them, so I guess it’s ok. It, as you can see by the pictures also lacks volunteers or shovels or both. I heard they are hoping the city can do it for them. They did put the boxes together and I will say that I do wish them luck and hope they do well. In fact I told the lady from the County who is incharge that I would be willing to volunteer, but only if I wasn’t going to be working along side a paid volunteer. I just can’t help but compare what private initiative with a little financial help did compared to a government funded thing run by a full fledged city acknowledged and recognized Neighborhood Organization.

Just the idea of half the beds, and twice the dirt and there was talk of hiring a Americorp person till that was quashed. Also there was way more than twice the money. My suggestion is that they should of first got the gardeners as Morning Bear and Pastor Phillips did last year, then the rest just follows according to the gardeners wishes.

I’ve found the more Individual Freedom I fight for the more I use and value that which I have. Also the less I want given to me and the more Freedom I want instead. I’m learning to enjoy the “work” of Individual Freedom.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun Political Weekend

Fun Political Weekend

Oceana County Republicans had their Lincoln Day Dinner Friday night with Pete Hoekstra as the keynote speaker and Goeff Hansen as the MC. Goeff did a great job. I had met Juanita Pierman at the Five County Fun event last month so I was glad to see her again. Her Lincoln Day went well, I would make it at around 100 who attended. The food and friendship were both more than palatable.

Click pics to enlarge

I was also to see that active and vibrant group from Lake county not only show up but help out. They ran a pretty creative pin the donkey raffle for a muzzel loader and some other prizes. Kudos to the Runnels.

Pete Hoekstra gave a pretty good talk and managed to bring up some good lines about the Democrats. Prior to his talk there was a professional auctioneer auctioning off some things and his barrarge of pitter patter was so fast and confusing people had a hard time understanding and also trying to figure out what and how much they were bidding.

Pete brought up the comparison between the auctioneer and Nancy Pelosi as they tried to ran bills through congress and specifically when Pelosi was trying to say she didn’t know anything about torture after she had been briefed multiple time about the enhanced interrogation techniques that were to be used. Pete was very specific that during the briefings it was stated which techniques and under what guidelines those techniques were to be used. Pete’s best line was about Pelosi acting like an auctioneer, just babbling a mile a minute and not saying anything and leaving everybody scratching their heads.

Pete’s passion for intelligence and foreign affairs and the bad direction the administration is taking us is obvious. Also obvious is that Pete knows what he is talking about in this area. Pete also has been in the national news of late “big time”. I did notice that he dedicated too much of his talk to national affairs probably because of all that national attention. He only managed a few minutes talking about Michigan and that he was running for Governor. I think he will need to start to focus on Michigan again and get specific about what is wrong and start to offer a specific set of solutions people can get behind. Think "Contract With Michigan" if you will. We know and love him for what he has done on the national stage and now Pete needs to show us what he will do on our Michigan stage. I know it is early yet and all the candidates are feeling their way into their new campaigns, but Michigan and his specific solutions to it's problems need to be out there in the forefront.

As Pete mentioned in his talk; Michigan is a huge state. As my Chairman pointed out because of that, before the 2010 election, he will probably only get one more shot at the voters in Oceana County. A state level connection needs to be made now and cemented in next year. On Pete’s behalf the national media coverage he has been getting lately, because of his expertise in Intelligence is priceless. His other primary contenders I’m sure are drooling. Now however is the time to parlay that excellent name recognition and stature into Michigan issues and how as a leader he will find solutions.

I really like going around to the different county parties and meeting one or two people and just pick their minds, of course I’m always pushing the idea of working together and that kind of thing. I think just by going to some out of County events, I’ve learned that people seem to be receptive to that idea and it is a good ice breaker with strangers. Besides if anyone needs not to feel more isolated, it’s Republicans at the county and township level.

This is all I have time to post about now. I did go to our 1st ever Precinct Delegate Workshop, Sat. morning and it was ok. It was a beginning. I would guess 20-30 people showed up. After that was the Luncheon featuring the Governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman Jr. We had a fair turnout of around 60 or more. For a spur of the moment thing we did good. Farhat, Hughes, and Scolnik did well. I will post on my Organize-Take Muskegon Back blog tomorrow.

xxx edit 5/3/09 xxx link to my other site and post. xxx end edit xxx

Also I worked on our Love Garden along with the Blue Sky Lions. Pictures of all I will post but not till tomorrow.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative