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Saturday, June 14, 2008

State Budget Crisis. What Can I Do ??

I received this from Bob Scolnik about the price of gas and it’s effect on the state budjet. Bob is a Muskegon County Commissioner and leader of the Muskegon County Republican Party. If you call up the Muskegon Party Headquarters on Henry St. you will get Bob. He is the person to talk with to help funnel our efforts in the right directions. Here I’ll repeat my mantra. NEVER EVER be worried to call a candidate to just say hi, or to ask a question. They really do like that. Especially if you want to help them. Again the personal thing.
TO ALL: I receive a daily update on news from Lansing and this story was reported today. Since the gas tax is a per gallon amount and not based on the price of fuel, the very high prices are causing...finally...a reduction in the amount of gas sold. That is normally good news, but the amount collected for road construction is falling. That is not so good. Have you driven on Scenic Drive lately?
This is echoing what Nick at Right Michigan has been saying recently about Michigan’s looming budget crisis. He recently had an interview with Mike Bishop that pointed out the upcoming shortages in the budget. Our governor had counted on a level of income that is simply not there. The largest tax hike in Michigan history was passed and now it is understood through the interview that the governor will try to raise new taxes any way she can. Part of that shortfall comes from what Bob posted above. how.
Visit the site. Nick is a gem as far as getting inside info about state politics. Really good stuff that is not available at any other site.

The feelings I get from the interview by Nick of Mike Bishop is that the Republicans in the Senate are finally getting the support and leverage they feel they need from the voters due to the high cost of gas and everything else including food , that will allow them to hold the governor’s feet to the fire and start cutting off what till now had seemed like an endless flow of money. We mismanaged the budget, we need more money, gee let’s raise taxes. Michigan is a perfect example of how when you keep raising taxes on business the business start to leave or go broke so the tax base gets less so there is less coming in to make the budget work so more taxes are sought thus shrinking the tax base more. Michigan has gone from one of the most powerful states to a laughing stock or poster child for the bureaucratic nanny state. It is not hard for people to see the results of tax and spend anymore.

In an ironic way, Michigan has a chance to be a leader for the rest of the country to show how Republican ideas can work to balance the budget and keep this kind of runaway government in check. The irony and sad part is that Michigan had to fall so far into the hole before the public is taking note. Now is the time for the Republicans to become aggressive and seize the moment.

Locally what can we do? Holly Hughes immediately jumps to mind. She is running against Mary Valentine for the State House in the 91st district. She is linked on my side bar. This district is going to be a very tight race. Republicans have a real chance to pick up a seat in the State House here. The Senate could use all the help they can get to hold back the tax hikes that are coming and formulate conservative ways to balance the budget. We in the Muskegon Proper area are in the 92nd district, (city of Musk. and Musk. Hts and Whitehall). Holly’s district surrounds us on the North, East and South. Montague, Cedar Creek, over to Casnovia to Ravenna, Fruitport and Norton Shores. She will need whatever help you can offer.
Below is a link to the actual map of district 91 in yellow as you can see the 91st surrounds the Muskegon area in white which is our district the 92nd.
The 92nd is considered a safe Democrat district. Doug Bennett is the incumbent. I’ll see what I can do about that but it is an uphill battle. The 91st is a toss up and any effort we make might make a real difference.

Remember at the local level especially, the candidates are just happy to hear from you whether you donate or not. Again the personal thing. I’m pretty poor, so when I call candidates, I let them know up front. When I called Holly for example I said I couldn’t donate any money but if there was anything I could do to help in any other way, I could tell she was happy just to hear from me. Again the personal thing. She immediately signed me up for to march and give out candy in the Fruitport parade, it was fun. She also asked me to go door to door and just hand out flyers. It also was interesting. Only took a couple hours total on a nice summer day. Local politics I was happy to see was just like going to visit a friend, almost. Lol. I’m not a people person but I felt at home.

Jerry Van Woerkom who is already fighting the tax hikes in the Senate with Mike Bishop, will also need what help we can give. Money is always needed, but it doesn’t by itself translate into votes. At least legally. LOL Remember what I always say, “politics is personal”, talk with friends, go to events held by the candidates, volunteer to put signs together at party headquarters, volunteer to make phone calls reminding people to voter. Most of all show others by your actions that you are sincere and be willing to answer their questions. Something as easy as putting a sign in your yard is a good thing. The important thing is that a voter actually votes, and how they vote in the privacy of the voting booth. I wonder how many die hard union Democrats during the Reagan landslide actually voted Reagan inside the booth while professing otherwise in public. We’ll never know and that is the secret to the inalienable freedom that we have.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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We're hearing so much about the inevitability of another Dem tsunami but Holly Hughes is going to be one heck of a tough challenge for Valentine, one of two freshman state Reps who've already earned a reputation at the Capitol for being completely detached from everything that's going on.


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Sorry for the delayed comment.
Valentine--Talk about bringing a "do-nothing" attitude to the table. lol.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative