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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Was snooping around in my neighborhood when I happened across an old friend from back in the day working with a couple of kids from the neighborhood. They were fencing off a small field on the corner of Beidler and Southern just a little north on Beidler. His name is Marion. He was fencing off the field as he does every year in order to have a place to park cars during the Summer Shoreline Celebration as a fund raiser for his Nelson Community Association. I stopped and spent an hour and we finished the job. We needed an extra large post so I took Marion down to the city maintenance building and he sweet talked them into loaning him one. I got roped into helping him tomorrow to put it up so his sign or banner will be secure. What the heck. You gotta love this guy.

Below is the pertinent part from a blog I previously wrote about Marion and the respect I have for the man. Below that is the link to the blog I took it from.
-----part of the link dealing with Marion-----
Also I’d like to give a 2 thumb “bottom up” award to Marion who runs the (other) Nelson Neighborhood association. He does this all by himself mostly, some others help out when we can, when he asks, which is seldom. Definitely a different approach from Morning’s above. He runs a small food pantry in a building he bought. I spent last Sat. from 8;30am to 6:30pm going all over Muskegon County to the different Green Houses that donate flower and vegetable plant to him every year. Three round trips to Weises in Montague, Twin Lake nursery on Holton Rd, Pavolowski on Airline , Barry’s on Whitehall Rd. ect. He charges his members and whoever else shows up, a dollar a person. Probably about 4 flats @ person. We get about 60 - 80 people. He gave me $60 to help cover gas. I had a volunteer name of Tim a sharp 17 year guy. Eager to help. I worked him hard. Lol no complaints from either of us. Marion is always beating the bushes for food donations and volunteers to help get the donations. He has a major fund raiser selling parking spaces for Summer Celebration. Again volunteers stand and help run it. Also another fund raiser happens every Christmas eve when he puts out, cut out milk gallons with a candle, to outline the sidewalk or curb at places that donate to him. I drink a lot of milk, I donate to him probably around 200 clean and delabled milk jugs. Now that’s what I call recycling. That’s green conservatism. A lot of places downtown and other areas in the neighborhood are lit up Christmas Eve, it is a pretty site. All driving past benefit, Marion can buy more food for his pantry. He doesn’t get government money. He also doesn’t drive a car. Never did. When I feel I don’t have enough whatever to be able to do something, I think of Marion. BTW he has to be at least 80 years old and he just recently had a hole drilled in his head to remove blood. But he was there handing out the plants to everyone and quieting things down. Doing what he’ll tell you is right to do. This guy is what I would call an FDR democrat. ----- Before you start thinking those thoughts, remember so was Ronald Reagan. From successful solutions, a successful party will follow.
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I just added in BLUE at the top of my side bar a blurb about Marion’s fund raiser for the Nelson Neighborhood Community Association Food Pantry.

Don’t know what else to say other than enjoy the Summer Shoreline Celebration.

Regards. Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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