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Thursday, May 29, 2008


You Could Never Guess.

Yesterday it was a Policeman that was right on the spot when I needed him. Helped a possible bad situation from happening. I am not lying, today at my boys house as we were working a neighbor came knocking on the door and said the hill was on fire. Sure enough was.!! Two houses away but beginning to spread and pick up steam. Running up the dune and along the sides and even slowly beginning to creep down the hill. The neighbor had called 911 so I went to see what I could do. The neighbors hose was in the yard and could stretch to where I could reach some of it but not all so I started to do what I could. I stopped half of it.

To paraphrase an old saying, stopping half of it only works in horse shoes, well you get the drift. Within another hour or less the whole hill would have been on fire and at least 3 houses would have been next. Up that nearly inaccessible road came the big fire truck.. Those guys can wheel those trucks around pretty good. Then it was all business. Within 5 minutes there was a fireman who had climbed the hill dragging a hose behind him and a man on the ground turning on the water. They had to bring their own. Another 5-10 minutes later and the hill was swarming with firemen. I couldn’t figure out where they all came from. Another fire truck pulled up behind the first. I think another group came from behind the hill. That fire had no 0 nada chance. The place was soaked.

In the meantime the little covered outdoor grill that we assumed started the ruckus was merrily slow cooking a ton of chicken pieces. It continued on undisturbed by the commotion it had started. Outside of giving all the neighbors something to look at happily diverting us from our chores, we were not disturbed. The disturbed ones were the firemen, who had to rush ,in a controlled panic way, from the minute the warning sounded to the time the situation was under control. Then go about packing up their gear as they let the adrenalin wear off, and head on back home until the next call comes, as unexpected as this one had. Never knowing if it was a simple brush fire that only required haste, or whether they would have to seriously put their life on the line. Perhaps save someone’s life I made sure I thanked them as they left.

Some one else came into my life for a few minutes and quietly left. No names were given just some guys from the fire department. I still after yesterday forgot to get their name, I just took them for granted till they showed up. Perhaps that is as it should be. I’m just glad they were here.

Maybe tomorrow will be a regular day. Lol

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This One Was Here When I Needed Him.

I had a busy confusing and complicated day. First I went in the morning to see my boy fresh from Boston at his house he bought here in Muskegon last year and I had been helping him fix it up. We took some measurements bought some lumber set up the saws then I had to leave as my very closet friend was being prepped for a triple bypass surgery which turned out to be a quadruple.

I went home first to clean up and change clothes. While there my guy who was painting my house finally had shown up, it was noon of course he said he’d be there at 8. Well this had gone on for 4 or 5 days and he didn’t show one of those days. Well last night he had asked to borrow a ladder from me. The new one I had out back that I never used because it was too big and heavy. Luckily after I said yes I had second thoughts, and followed him to see where he took it. It seemed reasonable so I figured that was ok. I went home and slept on it.

Today when he finally showed up, I had some time before I had to be at the hospital so I swung by the place I had seen him take the ladder to. Something just didn’t seem right, later I was glad I did. I recognized the guy who my painter had brought with him last night to help him with the ladder. That fella was working at another house. I stopped and asked about the ladder, he asked if I had gotten the money, I asked what money and he told me that he had bought the ladder from my painter for $70.00. Well I finally had enough of my painter. I was worried though about the confrontation, you know the he said, I said kind of thing that can escalate pretty fast, I had previously worked in bars as a bouncer and I didn’t want to go to jail if I had to defend myself. Luckily as I was debating how to fire him a cop was driving by and on the spur of the minute I flagged him down. I quickly explained my problem. I told him I wasn’t going to press charges but I wanted him (the policeman) to know what was going on and to be parked close by just in case.

This Policeman listened to my story and probably thought I was a little short of a full load. He did however do as I asked him to do. He did say jokingly to fire him quick as he was on the way to check in at the end of the day. Well it all worked out fine. My painter left without a fight and the policeman left to quit for the day. I was really glad that the policeman did what he did. He didn’t have to and he could of made a complicated mess of the whole thing but he didn’t. The problem was solved. I do love people that resort to common sense. Lol. Granted the crook made $70 off of the deal and doesn’t have to finish the job. Maybe not justice but I’ll sleep well tonight, I doubt he will. I gave him a chance and he knew it because he saw the black and white after I fired him and he thought he had to go talk to him. He couldn’t quite believe that I was letting him go. He asked me twice if he didn’t really have to talk to the policeman. I told him he didn’t that he was free to go and that I had given him a chance which he should use. I felt like the priest in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Lol I then still had enough time to go back to find the guy that bought my ladder. I did and we talked during which time I found out that my painter had previously sold my metal brake which was still in my yard chained to my trailer to that same guy for $200.00 It had cost me $1200.00 The guy had paid him, he showed me the card that he had kept track of his payment to my painter. Well I had second thoughts whether I should of pressed charges. But I think I’ll let it go at that. I’m hoping there was a reason for it happening the way it did. There’s a sucker born every minute they say, well my painter must of thought he’d run into twins. Lol.
From there I hurried to the hospital. After a 6 hour operation things were ok. She was pumping her own blood again. With the help of friends and family she will be back working as hard and non stop probably sooner than we think is prudent. But after today, what do I know?? I’ll be doing what the doctor says. That woman means a lot to me, she watched my back when others left me. She’s that way. I’m happy to have the chance to watch hers, when she can’t tell me not to.

I do want to take the opportunity to thank the Policeman who helped me out without throwing his weight around. When I think of all the grief they get from the public, I probably wouldn’t of been so nice if I was in his position. I made sure to thank him as he rode off. I gave him my precinct delegate/ blogger card, I hope he reads this blog. The most telling point of this whole episode is that I just realized I didn’t get his name. This tells me that I take the Police so much for granted and I buy into the negative pr they get that I take them completely for granted. He was there when I needed him to be and very cooperative, when he was in a hurry and didn’t have to be. He humored me, he believed me enough, and after all the abuse he probably receives from the public went with my idea. Thank you sir again for the help. I cannot even pull up a good picture of his face. The uniform and car and position have left him faceless to me. I truly regret I can’t thank him personally, by name, as one person does to another human being.

Well I’m happy today is over and all in my life is secure. Too bad I have to paint the rest of my house now. I won’t be able to hire anyone else. Oh well a small price to pay for getting my friend back, making a faceless Police force human, and even giving a wayward person a second chance. Most of all I’ll sleep well tonight. I hope all do. Today I saw the forest through the trees. Saw what helps keep all this neighborhood working. The authority needed to help us when we wander. We may abuse them because we don't like seeing in ourselves what causes the need for them. But needed they are, as I learned to day if for nothing else but to watch my back. Again thank you and feel free to contact me with your name so I can properly say thanks.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Don't Ignore The Democrat Voter.

An alternative to ignoring the Democratic voter.
Common strategy for both parties come election time is to get out the vote of their own party faithful. I agree that this is the most efficient use of the limited resources the party has. I would like to however speak about an alternative. In the big picture John McCain is obviously going after the independent voter hoping that if he makes a good enough case, he can get their vote. He is leaving the get out the vote apparatus to do what they do. This is as it should be. He is setting the policy at the top. The direction he wants the party to go in order to win the election.

How does this transfer to the local level? To my level? To my party? The county Republicans also are putting their efforts into first getting out the Republican faithful, mainly with the aid of voter ID lists ect. Targeting where efforts should be made. Where the volunteers can go to do the most good. To actually get a voter who will vote Republican to the booth. That is what actually matters in an election after all. This is crucial for the party to do. That step is however of a mechanical nature, and based solely on the current election. We let them know who the candidates are, create a little “buz” repeat the message as the election day draws near do what you can to physically get them to the polls. Next comes targeting the independent voter which is harder to do. More labor intensive. Less “Mechanical”, but still focused on the current election. The message has to be more direct and personal. But just as necessary to win an election. Getting the faithful to the polls is only the first step. We need to swing the majority of the independents our way. As I’ve said that part is not mechanical. That voter wants to know what answers we have to the issues that he or she themselves have with the “broken government. If I am to sway them I better be able to really listen to what they say and be able to answer in a short concise way, or shut up and listen more and go home and think harder and come back with an answer. To try a democrat to vote different is harder yet. Splitting their vote perhaps. Has a lot to do with the individual candidate and the issues. This part is a long term continuous struggle. We in my opinion have to put effort into that constantly, always seeking inroads on a personal level. At my level I need to try to do things anything to start, trial and error stuff. Keep the winners. Use my inalienable right and ability to fail as a plus. Lol.

The Web, I obviously believe is one possible way to get out the message to the independent, and perhaps plant some seeds in the democrat faithful. At the national level they recognize this but are not yet adept or comfortable with the concept. They are trying to set up an alternative to Move On.Org. The Muskegon County Repubs are setting up their own web site, and I’m hoping for good things. I believe the Muskegon Pundit will be involved, to what degree I’m not sure. {Please see my side bar for his link under CLOSE BY BLOG SITES TRYING TO HELP
The Dean Of Area Conservative Bloggers
Hopefully he will be able to guide it along a user friendly and inter active path. I have high hopes.}

All of this however does not negate the need to have a personal presence on the ground.
By doing all the above and doing it better than we have done in the past we can win the Presidency.

But----What about my precinct? What do I need to do? I find it hard to ignore the Democrats in my Precinct, nor do I think it wise. If the general population is reflected in voter preferences, I have to bump into 6 neighbors to find 1 republican. Should I ignore that Republican. No I should weep tears of joy to find him or her, form a relationship and network if possible. That is what this blog is all about. “Bottom Up Politics” is an attempt to find other Republican or people interested in the Republican message or at least my version of it. Lol.

Man I’m going round and round the idea of not ignoring the democrat voter. I guess the harder the job the easier it is to ignore. In other words, who am I to criticize the leadership of the party. If I seem to at times it is out of frustration. At this level there is only me. I have to understand that and figure out a way to do my job. How do I get the message to people that don’t want to hear it? The only way I’ve found is through example. My hardest thing has always been meeting new people. What meager attempts I’ve made so far however have been enlightening. People in general are receptive and willing to talk if approached in a friendly way. I can do that. What do I do after they answer the knock on the door. Nobody wants to listen to a sales pitch. But what am I doing there if not to sell the Republican idea? I have to go back to the reason I’m doing this in the first place and it is personal, and it is simple. I believe in conservative ideas of common sense government. I need to come up with real life examples of how the government is broke and real examples of how Republicans (ME) hope to fix it. To do that is not just saying the big boy political slogans like “Tippy canoe and not taxes for you” or some such. I know what part of government is broke that affects me, have to assume I don’t know what part needs fixing to help that individual. That involves listening and fitting my core beliefs to solve that problem. As precinct delegate or at least a wannabe it is my job to pass that complaint up the ladder and then come back down with a solution or at least a reason. This is way over my experience level, but I’m trying. This will not happen quickly. I guess the only way to do it is to Just Do It. Knock on doors, ask questions then LISTEN. With the advent of caller ID, our elected reps will learn to dread seeing my # lol.

The thing I want to do is start building for the future. The Republican message I believe in. The people I believe in. For people to trust my version of the message, I have to believe in myself. Sorry for the pep talk to myself.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Monday, May 26, 2008


My first Memorial Day Parade as a participant went great. All except the blisters. I was with Holly Hughes, the largest contingent by far of all the other candidates. I alone gave out 4 buckets of those little Tootsi Rolls. With twenty some volunteers for Holly the kids along the way were happy Holly was running. Karen Bui and her contingent was there with her family and friends and volunteers along with Sen. Van Woerkom and with his crew. We were all pretty close in the staging area before the parade started, alot of politicking was going on and just plain meeting old and new friends. I met a guy with a Van Woerkom t shirt and he turned out to be the staff member I talked with while I was tracking down the progress of Senate Resolution L which I had ended up blogging about. It’s always nice to put a face with a name.

As always it was a big parade. There were horses and motorcycles and bands. The Scotville Marching Clown band made their traditional appearance. The antique cars made my mouth water. They were from my era. The cars I dreamed of when I wwas a teenager. That little red T Bird was awesome. They were so nice I didn’t mind being reminded of my age. I’ll be listing the other parades as I get them on my calendar at my side bar. I hope to be in others, I assume there will be Independence Day parades. As Always if you want to join in let me know. The weather was perfect and the crowds were relaxed and happy. A Good thing all around.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Conservative Coffee. First Ever

Well I convened the first weekly “Sunday Conservative Coffee for Ward 2 Muskegon” this glorious Sunday morning. The sky was clear the sun was shinning, I bought a coffee, put my secret red “Red Wings” cap on the table and waited for people to flock to me. Well nobody did. There was an old guy, older than me anyway sitting in a booth kitty corner to me and he pointed to the wall next to me which was covered by a huge Picture from the 1930’s of downtown Muskegon.

This man asked me if I remembered that. I said I remembered the same stores but from the 1950’’s and he said “oh” like I couldn’t understand some secret knowledge he possessed . During the course of our conversation he let me know he was a retired educator, that he was of an age where he grew up with prejudice but always tried not to be so himself. He told me what he thought on a variety of things.

He told me how his mother told him how cute a little black girl was and how she couldn’t help it that she was that color. He told me how even at his young age how he thought that was unfair, and how he didn‘t think like that. He also told me about his views of the Spotlight incident, and that the owner was a black from out of town, and had a party for underage black kids and even though there was no alcohol he thought it was wrong to give black kids a place to hang out especially in a bar. How he was afraid of black youth in the street. I kept butting in and it would take awhile for him to recognize I was trying to say something then off he would go again, this time about how the civil rights rallies were staged by the media in the 60’s. The guy just keep on talking, I kept trying to change channels but my remote wasn’t working properly. Lol I guess part of the reason I didn’t like it was because it was a little to close to me, made me start to look at my actions with others. Do people think I am doing the same thing.? God I hope not. Part of this blog is to help me help myself. Socially I’ve been like a piece of wallpaper, I’m trying to get off the wall. I tend to “philosophize” instead of getting into what others are thinking. It’s just easier. Like it’s easier talking about something than actually doing something, anything constructive.

I’m trying to not be like that guy. I hope I can listen and learn from others. If you think “young and stupid” isn’t a truism, I hope to show that “old and brain dead” isn’t either. I hope that part of my brain that welcomes change hasn’t totally atrophied. I finally told that gentleman that I had to finish reading my book. He said ok and then as he was leaving he told me that he was there every Sunday morning. Man oh Man what was the name of that Disney movie with Bruce Willis about seeing yourself in the future. Scary stuff, not the movie which was uplifting, but the thoughts I was having. Well like him I’m still going to be there next week and like I say till you know what freezes over. I’ll deal with him and own thoughts about it as I will. Before this I had thought about moving to maybe Mia and Grace when they open. Maybe rotate among the local eateries. We’ll see. I see also another diner on Jefferson and Clay calling itself Carment’s is coming soon. I peaked through the window and it looks like the old Walgreens downtown in the 50’s. Ooops there I go again.

I think at least I have to keep the idea that meaningful conversation is a two way street firmly in my brain will help. Talking and listening. For me to keep from getting like that and keep my mind open to change and be able to adapt to reality I need to be able to truly listen to others. Without that, my version of Bruce Willis’s movie will not be an uplifting one.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Still time to get in the Memorial Day Parade Fruitport, walk and pass out candy. See my side bar titled Calendar. I’d be happy to hook you up with directions or give you a ride whatever, you can pick between walking with Karen Buie or Holly Hughes. Let’s pray the rain holds off. Lol. Email me -- Or go to their web sites on my side bar and let them know. They’ll be happy you called.

PSS. Found the Bruce Willis Disney movie. “The Kid“, I loved it, Bruce shows he can act and not just as a rock em sock em type. I’m a fan of his and the rock em sock em stuff. I admit it. Guess it’s a guy thing. I’ll bet he’s a secret Conservative. lol

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Cruel and unusual punishment. That’s the way I used to feel as I walked past US 31 barbeque when I was quite a bit younger, broke, with a drinking problem, no work, barely surviving through no fault of anyone else. The cruel part was behind the building in that glass front rotisserie, really quite a beautifully constructed thing. Slowly going round and round were those huge juicy beef and pork roasts slowly cooking to perfection. Oh it was heart stopping, and all those juices sizzling --- and the smell, well now you know what I mean by cruel and unusually potential tasty punishment.

I’m still not well off but George Buris’ US 31 Barbeque is one of the few places I go to treat myself and or a friend. I used to go there with my kids when I could. The handmade shakes were just out of this world and the kids loved the fries.

Again as with Bolt Hardware, US 31 to me is, was and always will be there. A fixture I take for granted. I decided to stop in and introduce myself and find out the story behind the business. They weren’t open when I went but I knocked on the back door, and George Buris came out and after introductions I said I’d like to interview him but I wasn’t the chronicle or anything and my viewer ship was 10-20 on a good day. We started talking and the history began to flow. People like to talk about what they love and know. His Dad Paul Buris started the business in 1939 on Ottawa St. He ran it till 1953 when his son, the man I was talking with, and current owner took over. He told me that the Chronicle said that the US 31 Barbeque was the oldest family owned restaurant still in operation in Muskegon County. He proudly said that they have done that with the same 3 sandwiches. He left it up to me to draw the obvious conclusion. Those sandwiches are deeeeelicious.

Also coming up in October is the 70th anniversary of the Restaurant.

{{{ Just my idea, we the people got active by getting involved by eating there. We helped make it a success. If government would offer such a satisfying fare as Mr. Buris does what an enjoyable thing government could be}}}

We talked of things we found we shared in common, like the love for the old downtown. The old Michigan and Regent theatres, as a kid George said that he was especially fond of the pool hall. Come to find out he knew my Dad. Well I’m digressing, back to business.

If you’re familiar with US 31 Barbeque you’ll know that they strive to produce quality. Their entire selection of entrees just includes 3 sandwiches. A beef or a pork or a combination of each barbeque. The recipe is secret and most people me included have tried to copy it. Speaking for myself my attempts while edible were a distant second. They do offer French fries, and of course those “to die for” shakes. If you want fancy, well you can leave it home because there is only room for good at the US 31 Barbeque. My opinion is that fancy is usually just a way to disguise or dress up a not so good thing. No need of that here. And if you want fast clean and efficient service you will get it. More time to enjoy the meal in the booth. Also if you need some for the office call it in and before you get there your order will waiting.

A word of caution about seating. It is limited and a line usually forms right at the peak times so plan accordingly. Anyway take it from me it is worth the wait. If I blog too much about restaurants at times forgive me. If you’ve been hungry food seems to always be lurking in your brain. Lol. Well I’m hungry now got to go.

Here are the hours, location and phone.
Monday - Thursday 11:00 - 7:00
Friday + Saturday 11:00 - 8:00
Closed Sunday.
Location 151 W. Muskegon Ave
Phone 231-722-3948

Also on my side bar scroll down to the “Stores I Really Like” area for their info any time you’re on my site. Say if you want to order lunch ahead lol.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, May 23, 2008


Overcoming My Demons

Well all, I’m going to try and report on the meeting at Love Fellowship Baptist Church I went to last night. Let me start by saying there was a deli tray of sliced ham and beef and three kinds of cheese, plus a veggie tray. Not being easily embarrassed I took full advantage of that aspect of the meeting. Before, during and after. Kudos to the Providers.

Jill Montgomery and her able assistant Margaret Plicta (SP) filled more than my stomach last evening, lots of information was well presented. I felt perhaps too much of an emphasis on charts of the breakup of race, income distribution and all the other divisions that need healing in the community that are required to obtain government grant money. This after all was what the meeting was about. To be fair the meeting was about getting input from this part of the neighborhood that might help formulate a more representative grant proposal. Lots of ideas came forth, plus lots of accusations, all in all a lively time was had.

Being familiar with how lawyers coach clients and prospective clients on what they want them to say without really telling them what to say, I couldn’t help but feel like a client being maneuvered into coming up with the correct answers to already formatted questions that needed to be asked and answered in order to meet the requirements of the grant. I am just to old school to not get upset by the inherent manipulation of this process. It is a struggle for me at times like this when my cup is running over to keep it from spilling and getting messy. lol

On this point I need to bitch slap myself some. My whole reason for this blog is that I will accept the catastrophe that is this our bloated government for what it is. Though I may do what I can to limit it’s abuses, However I will become as one of those I criticize if all I do is use “therapeutic alienation” to “self medicate my frustration“, instead of actually doing something constructive with the tools at hand. Believe me, Government money can provide a powerful tool for helping people help themselves, Jill and Margaret were the face of that tool. I must also admit that they did a good job. Being on the sidelines is easy, doing what they do is hard , personally hard. The people in the middle who actually do the work are the ones doing the hard work for now and deserve our thanks. Later the key to the success of the projects will lie in the actual participation of us, the neighbors in our area for the money to be well spent and have a chance to do some good, we are the ones who need to see to it. We might remember that there is no one left to thank us, we should accept self satisfaction in what we create as thanks enough.

This money as I understand it is a one shot deal. It cannot fund by itself a long term project, and the amount involved is relatively small and probably will be divide into a few smaller sections or projects. I will look at this as a good thing. I will choose to look at these projects as individual pilot projects with enough seed money to succeed if they are worthy. Kind of like a free enterprise system of government money with the profit motive being the wellness of the community. A pretty compromising position for a right wing nut like myself or a left wing loony like some of my friends. Well they were friends till they read this. Lol. But hey, look at all the compromises that went into the Constitution. That turned out “fair to Muskegon”.

Before I close I do think that there were people there willing to do some of the roll up your sleeves work. Rev. Phillips seemed such a man, and he seems to also be in a position to help coordinate efforts, whether we get grant money or not. I to be true to my beliefs, I have to make the point that things can get done without the granting of government money. To bitch slap myself again and keep me in my new path, it is my job to help do the work to help to see to it that the money if it comes get used well. If we all our share in that, it can’t help but not.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Bolt Hardware. It’s a family affair.

Bolt hardware at 236 Mason has been a fixture in the neighborhood for as long as I can remember. I had to ask for the address because I just always knew where it was. That probably explains why I haven’t blogged about them yet. There is history in this store. The metal ceiling squares harken back to another time. The history though is not just found in the building. The real history lies in the very concept of a local family hardware. Mark and Callie have run the store since I can remember. Their daughter Betty has been helping out more and more. Here are two people who love doing what they do, and because of that have been able to adapt their business to the community and survive while other larger business’ have not. If I was them I would feel pride in that alone. They aren’t affiliated with any big chains either like ACE ect. What you see is what you get. No nonsense allowed. They cater to the neighborhood and it‘s needs. A big aspect of their business is fixing and reglazing broken wooden and aluminum windows and storms. Or if you just need a piece of glass cut to size for a special project they’ll do it. Hard to find that service anymore. I might add that the price is hard to find also. Callie told me that they had the lowest price in town for keys and duplicates. As I looked around I realized that they do have a lot of different things for sale. Hand tools, parts to fix broken water hoses, broken stuff, like window latches. The kind of stuff needed to do basic maintenance, the kind of stuff that is hard to find at the big stores. They have some of everything as far as the hardware of life. Plumbing and electrical stuff, not the fancy packaged stuff, but the stuff you need to fix a leaky faucet, put in a new toilet, change a light switch. They also cut and thread pipe. Plastic, galvanized and black pipe and fittings. Nails by the lb., or half a lb. if that’s all you need.

This is a store of what people need and use everyday in their lives. The stuff that helps keep us caught up with the wear and tear of everyday life. Brooms, rakes, leaf bags, utility garbage cans, all those mystery parts inside your toilet. There is always somebody there glad you stopped in and happy to wait on you, help you figure out how to solve what you need solved. They go out of their way to help, they’ve been doing it for years, they know how. Usually better than the kid at the big box stores.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. I don’t have a web site so I linked them back to this page in my section on the right side bar titled “Stores I Really Like Close By” (I needed a link to list them there) Bolt Hardware doesn’t need a web site. They’ve been doing fine with “word of mouth“, I just thought I’d give them a little “word of blog”. And thank them for being there.

Store Hours
Mon + Wed. 10:00 - 5:00
Tue. Thurs. + Friday 9:00 - 5:00
Sat. 9:00 - 2:00
Telephone - 231-722-2845

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday I was in Benson's picking up my gal. of milk on sale for $2.79 and I stopped and really looked at the new 3 door freezer section they recently put in. I noticed the Ice creme and frozen dinners ect. But what really jumped out at me was the frozen fresh meat. Real deal meat. Pork chops and I saw some hamburger there too. Small amounts but it looks like they are just testing the waters. I'm not going to meijer's just to pick up a lb of hamburg any more or a gal of milk, I can't afford to pay the gas. Don't forget to check out their weekly specials on their website. See my side bar under "Stores I Like Close By"

Also stopped in to Logan's print shop to ok the printing of my precinct delegate/ blog site cards. Gee does that make me a professional blogger. OOPS I guess I forgot free enterprise 101 To be a pro, I'm supposed to make money not spend it. lol Maybe I should become a professional bureaucrat. Anyway back to Logan's. They seem to cover all aspects of the print world. I saw a nice area set aside just for weddings, invitations ect. BTW Printing is all they do. They seem to do it well. Today I'm picking up my cards. They are on Apple by Benson's. Go from one driveway to the next. Don't forget to look as you cross the street though.

Scroll down my side bar to "Stores I Like Close By" for more details

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative



Thursday at 6:30 at Love Fellowship Baptist Church corner of 8th and Monroe is our last chance to have input on how we would like to see the money from the Health Department spent helping our neighborhood’s health and well fare. Some ideas I’ve heard are to create a local soccer team, build a park, a garden area. Think health and diet and exercise and come up with your own idea. I talked with Jill Montgomery from the health dept who is putting on this and she is really easy to talk to. Remember free snacks. Here is an easy pleasant way to help the government work the way you want. Become part of the solution.

This Sunday think of me sitting all alone at the first weekly Sunday Coffee for the Conservatives of Ward 2 (or SCFTCOW2 Oh well maybe not), at the downtown McDonalds, at 8:00 am. If you have a problem with the time "comment" or email me. This is truly a “Build it and they will come” type of thing for me. No agenda, no free coffee, (I’m poor too!)and at least to start probably no people. The upside for you is donations not accepted. The upside for me is I will finally get some time to catch up on my reading list. I'll be the guy reading a book. I will have a red Red Wings baseball cap laying on the table. (secret handshakes come later lol). I’ll be there every Sunday morning. Any changes, I’ll post on in my blog. See my side bar calendar for details.

Be of Good Cheer: Government Can Work, Politics Can Be Fun.
Karen Buie and Holly Hughes along with others will be in the Fruitport parade memorial day. Still time to volunteer for either. Parade line up Monday morning if you need a ride let me know 231-728-3455. See calendar on my side bar for times ect.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, May 19, 2008



A new well done classy joint is opening up in our neighborhood, on 3rd street across from the old Matson dealership. I saw somebody painting the outside so I stopped. His name is Jeremy Paquin. He showed me the inside which was really nicely redone. I mean nicely done. I’m in the trades and this place has style. This place looks like it means business. Jeremy told me he and his wife, Jamie moved here from Texas and they are both Chefs. The other part of the sign proudly proclaims Bakery and Bistro. This is not just a fancy dunk your donut. This lovely young couple are chefs, I mean they actually cook real food with a “Bistro” flare. The kitchen though not functional yet, looked impressive to me. I mean you mix quality fare with baked goods, well I wish they were already open. They say mid June perhaps earlier.

I stopped in later and had a chance to meet Jamie. She said the focus would be that they were using local products as much as possible, Getting special coffee blends from Grand Haven, and using local grown produce. I will leave the rest of the menu and business plan for them to flesh out on their web site as they build it. She gave me their web site. Like the business the web site is there but still under construction. Their phone # is 725-9500, don’t try the phone as it’s not hooked up yet..
Jamia told me that they both moved from Texas to open their business here, around two years ago and have been working to make that broken down store front into something. I feel that they are making it into a reflection of themselves,, something special fresh and new. We will be better off IMO if we conform more to them than they to us. I truly wish them well.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS I’ve put their link on my sidebar under “Stores I Really Like Close By”
Jeremy told me also the store hours will be Mon - Sat. 7am-5pm. Looks like there will be another choice for breakfast and lunch in the neighborhood.



This is an update on what I know about the upcoming meeting at the Love Fellowship Baptist Church this Thursday. I called Jill Montgomery at the Health Dept. to find out some stuff. I hope I accurately report what she said. First she took some umbrage at the notion of this as being a study. She explained it to me that the state gave the money to the Health Dept. to formulate a plan detailing the necessary steps needed to accomplish the goals of bettering the health or quality of life of the neighborhood. I know it is a pretty broad stroke. BUT---

The purpose of the meeting at the church is to provide another means to gather as many varying ideas and options to help formulate that plan. If ya got em, bring em. See the side bar for the exact time and location. BTW there will be food (free.) See I’m feeling healthier already.

Ideas can be anything from garden spots, basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer teams, bus passes or other methods of getting to grocery stores, building a park, If you can think of it bring it with you. That is what the meeting is about.

I would like to retract my earlier writings that claimed falsely as to the purpose of the money being to fund a state run store. I guess I let my right wing whacko paranoia get the better of me. As Joe Friday always used to say. Just the facts Mam, Just give me the facts. Well today I got some of the facts from Jill, hope to learn more at the meeting. First there is not enough money available to start a store. Secondly, she mentioned something vaguely about only enough to fund 5 projects. I might be wrong there. The point is, that she is talking about smaller more personal projects. I like that. As a concept I like smaller people oriented projects. I like diversifying, The facts will be there.

Please come to the meeting and find out what others think and most important put in your thoughts. Let’s show that we also can be constructive in our criticism.

Regards, Live

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Daily Update

Heard from a common friend that the blogger at the New Nelson Neighborhood blog is busy taking care of her mother who has fallen very ill, and hasn’t had the time to keep up with her site. Her link is below.
I hope she doesn’t mind but I’ll add some things here that I picked up. Talked with the Muskegon coordinator? Of the Water Walkers. She put them up during their stop in Muskegon. It went off without a hitch after overcoming a last minute schedule change. Those Walkers walked quicker than expected and Morning had to hurry up and rearrange lodgings ect. But things worked out.

I also found out from the same person a couple of things about the coming meeting about the Community Mental Health funding for a study of the health of our community to be held at the Love Fellowship Baptist Church 5/22/08 at 6:30. (See my “Calendar of Events” tab on my side bar to the right of the post). What I found out is that it is being put on by Community Mental Health. Not the Nelson Neighborhood group. This will be the time to let Community Mental Health know what you think. One good idea already brought up which will be brought up is that someone volunteered to set up a soccer team to play in the local league at that wonderful field across the street from the Fellowship Church on 8th st. The problem is we don’t have a team. We don’t have a team because of lack of funds. One the cost to join the league, and the kids need equipment for their own safety and that meets the rules of the league. That sounds good to me. Getting some of the kids into organized sport has not only the obvious health benefits of exercise but all kind of other good things. Not least of which is to give some an alternative to roaming the streets. I’ll be letting Benson’s know of the meeting and try to get them to come to see at least what the neighborhood thinks of the need for food providers in the community and let him see what I perceive as the threat of possible state funded competition. Hope you all can show up, bring any ideas you have, last chance for input before the bureaucracy gets its hands on it.
My best wishes go out to "Nelson Neighborhood" and hope her mother is well.

Be warned I noticed in the following I’m waxing philosophical. I know I promised earlier to keep this blog wax free. Lol I couldn’t help it. Forgive me.
Next on to my stuff.
Went to the Republican 2nd dist. Roundup. Mainly billed as a strategy session and leadership session to help coordinate Republican efforts, up and down the our beautiful west coast of Michingan. It turned out to be a good start perhaps of something a little more. I had never been to one but everyone said they were surprised by the large number that turned out. New faces were there. New voices that weren’t afraid to speak up were there. A lot of new ideas were put forth. The main one I and others pushed was the idea of issues being the important thing that drives elections not chart and graphs. We need the issues first then the other. See my blog on the Peggy Noonan article I posted last nite
There was some younger voices there. I think the message is starting to get through. If those new voices can stay on point, considering the political climate maybe some good can come of this and a new Republican Party can emerge that we can again be proud of. A Party that is inspired by ideas not computer driven analysis. God Bless Peggy Noonan. We don’t need salesmen selling OUR party we need people figuring out one on one how to get people to trust us one on one then maybe they’ll trust our candidates. Then maybe the candidates can earn their trust. I was inspired by a speech from our redoubtable Congressman Pete Hoekstra. There, is one voice from an issue driven person who has stayed the course we all can trust. I for one will push all I know how to on the issues. I hope every candidate at all and especially locally can use those core ideas to shape their message about what they plan to promise the people they plan on doing. I’m not talking hot button issues. Locally I’m talking things people can relate to. Making government work. Make it more efficient, relate what you can do to the people. How you as their representative are going to make government work better for them. Not give them more but make government a better experience when used.
Any way, I just wanted to recap the event. A new website for the County Republicans was put up, is in the process of being formed. Could be a good tool. Hope we can steer it in the right direction. User friendly. One thing Congressman Hoekstra said that gave me more hope was that he thought this was good. We may have more of these meetings. If so I want to be prepared with some concrete things we can do. Maybe a Freedom list of principles. Maybe just one thing. “IT’S THE GOVERNMENT STUPID” Government’s broke let’s fix it.

Regards, Live Dangerously.

PS. Any candidate that wants to let me know anything they want or need I’ll be more than happy to post. Upcoming event I’ll put it in the calendar on the side bar. Need volunteers I’ll mention it at least in your side bar tab. Want to have a side bar tab let me know. I’m here to help I’m free. Use me. Lol I’m also worth every penny. Not many viewers YET. But for the price you can’t lose.

PPS. Anybody else feel free. I set up this site to try to coordinate efforts and ideas. To help facilitate the making of an issue orientated Republican Party. For anything to change input from different places need to be heard and joined with the others.

Please voters and the people that work for them (the candidates) feel free to comment on any article, you can comment on anything at all. Doesn’t have to do with the article at all. I’ll try to monitor it all everyday if I miss something feel free to gripe at me post again. For those who would rather not post feel free to email me at

Thanks again, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, May 16, 2008



Yesterday I wrote my piece here about what to do if there seemed nothing to do about securing the cause of Freedom (My Freedom) that day. I came up with the idea that by organizing my thoughts on what I’m doing would help me keep in the forefront of my mind those basic ideas so if an opportunity presented itself I wouldn’t miss it.

Well after I wrote that piece I decided to go find a lawn mower, and a chain, as someone stole mine. As I was backing out of my lot, I saw an older woman pulling one of those two wheeled shopping carts. So armed with my newly focused ideas I stopped to ask her if I could give her a ride. You know me being all noble and such. Well as soon as she looked at me I knew. Those eyes were sharp clear and wise. She and I talked for awhile, she didn’t want a ride. She told me a lot about the neighborhood and Clara Shepard, and politics. She doesn’t know anything about the internet or computers, But she knows more than I do about life. She thought it fateful that I stopped her and talked to her about Benson Drug and my effort and Clara Shepard and hers. We parted with smiles and continued about our business.

I’ve thought about her saying how fateful our meeting was. Finally it dawned on me that it was. It reminded me that while all the blogging and thinking about politics has it’s place, none of it is of any importance to others unless and until it is used to actually do something in the community. Also the concept I was writing around yesterday came into focus. Helping others helps yourself. It is a “selfish” act, to help others, if you can’t accept that term, call it a “win win” situation. The irony in life is that giving is truly a selfish act. For some reason in our makeup we feel pleasure, when we help otherw, we feel better when we help others. The more personal the more we like it. Donating to welfare through taxes isn’t quite as fulfilling. I think it was when researching my “two Brooks make an emerging River” article on my other blog that I came across something from one of Arthur Brooks books, I think it was the “Gross National Happiness” the story about the Millionaire who gave out cash, I think Hundred dollar bills to people he didn’t know as anonymously as possible. When asked why, he simply said it made him feel really good.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS>Purep at Muskegon Comical gave me the heads up of a meeting about the $20,000 loan and study of resident health issues at Love Fellowship Baptist Church, 1404 8th 5/22/08 at 6:30. I’m putting it on the calendar on my side bar. I’m going join me. Like the “Constrained Vision” says. Whether you like it or not, it’s there. The money will get spent. I want to be part of the discussion on just how it does. Maybe some good can come out of it. Mainly I want to see as little harm from it as possible. I surely don’t want to use government money to set up competition and drive something like Benson’s out of business. Call it the Wal-Mart Syndrome. Lol

Thursday, May 15, 2008



What can I do today, to save the world? Some times I’m too busy to do or even think of what those big things are that I can do to change things. Sometimes I just have to lay back and relax. This blog is not about becoming a frantic political activist, James Carvel has no worry from this end. What I’m talking about are the personal things I do during the day. I’m trying to set myself up a type of filter that can remind me that even the smallest of my actions has consequences for me and my Freedom. So far this is what I’ve come up with.

The first is that blaming others (verbally or mentally) for what happens to me due to my own actions doesn’t accomplish anything and detracts from doing something constructive that could help myself.

Secondly BELIEVE that I have the right to do as I chose. What I chose will define me as a person.

Third, that I decide and do something is justification enough for that action.

Fourth, I must accept the consequences of those actions.

Fifth, people have to help themselves, I have to be sure if I offer help to someone else that it does not hinder them from helping themselves. Teach them to fish not give them fish. Teach them # 2. Do not blame them (#1) Counter productive to me.

Sixth, teach myself to use the “unalienable” tools I have to help myself. Those tools are logic, thinking for myself, taking the time to think through a question. Decide what I want to do and form a way to do it. But KNOW that I as all humans have those abilities. Again try not to hinder others from doing the same.

Well that all of a sudden seems like a lot to do today outside of work, mowing the lawn, splitting wood, ect. I’ll have a full day just helping myself. I’m sure during the day if I keep these things in my mind, ways will filter through that can really help Freedom one person at a time.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Always feel free to comment, I really want to get some people together to brainstorm ways to do something any thing from planting flowers, to studying and presenting a proposal to the City Commission, anything we think will be a good thing for the cause of individual freedom in our neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Benson’s Drug Co.

Just had my meeting with the owner of Benson’s Drug + (?Produce?) store.
He seemed receptive to the idea of selling produce and more food. The problem as always is money and the idea that one thing leads to another. I agree that an incremental approach is the best way. So many times we see government money wasted by an all or nothing approach. Gather enough money and tax breaks whatever to get a big grocery store built and set up and they do not have time to sort out all the problems before the high overhead catches up with them. A year later the city is wondering what grant money they can spend to take care of the blight caused by the vacant, out of business grocery store.

Randy, the owner talked of other stores in the area going out of business, Right Aid on Apple for example, how the big boys Meijer and WalMart want no part of building here, theft being the main point. He also commented that when he goes to Meijer he sees a lot of his customers there. The connection was that he would have to compete with Meijers in price without the buying power. I also told him that earlier about 8:30 I had talked with Clara Shepherd and that she was in favor of any foray by Bensons into selling produce and that she thought he was doing a good job. He also mentioned that the new frozen food cooler had cost $6,000. Remember too that they have made some major renovations. They have a new electronic sign and they bought out Mills next door.

Benson’s has found a way to make a small neighborhood store work. It is clean fast and efficient. Part of their success I see is that they are willing to experiment within budget new ideas to find what fits their customers need. I know the “within budget” idea is pretty radical especially to non-profits but hey it is working and not costing taxpayers anything plus giving us a needed service. And - that little piece of the neighborhood looks really nice.

The way I see it is that we have a pretty easy job. First, let them know that they are appreciated, say hi they seem to like that. Our other job is to check them out before we drive someplace else and see if we can save ourselves some money. Their job is to keep making sure we do. Sounds like we get the easy part.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

ps. See my side bar under "Stores I really like close bv" for link

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I drive an old Ford Pickup truck which I paid $1,000 for and I could barely afford that. I need a truck to do what I do. It carries my tools around. I get 10 miles to the gallon. It’s 10 miles or more to Meijer’s. If I need a gallon of milk it would cost me $2.79 on sale today at Meijer’s and $4.00 for gas. That’s $6.79 for that gallon of milk. Well I know better than that, I used to go down to the gas station where it cost $3.69 and almost no gas. Saved me probably counting gas $2.50. But WAIT.

I found a blessing in Benson Drugs, it is closer than the gas station, and way cleaner and friendlier. The milk today is $2.79 on sale. The majority of the time it is on sale. I’ve picked up cheese, eggs and some other food items cheaper than at Meijer not counting the gas. That’s right cheaper and if you throw in the gas savings or bus hassle what a deal.

Benson’s is a first class place on top of that. The people are friendly, try saying hi to them and see. They are an example of free enterprise at work. I would rather have them continue to expand their food line than have some government program try to set up something. We know how that would work, look at Katrina. Anyway their link is below.
Make sure you check out the weekly specials.

I talked with Darin at Bensons this evening as I picked up my milk and coffee strainers, about what he thought about trying to sell some produce and he seemed eager and said he had been trying to do just that. Darin has been expanding the food line constantly for quite awhile now and it seems to be working. He told me that the owner had just bought him a three door cooler for selling frozen food out of and sales are brisk. Darin pointed to a basket at check out with some bananas in it which they were selling one at a time, and they were selling. Darin also said apples were sold that way and sold well. Produce sells if people have a choice.

I’m going to talk with the owner tomorrow about selling produce. Darin told me to and said he’d be in. If some more people let the store know they would shop for food there we may be on to something. This is what I’m trying to do on this site. Get some change going, not just talk about it.

Suggestions, any one? Petitions Ideas.”? Anyone want to come along with me?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Karen Buie

Talked with Karen Buie.

She is an exceptional talent. She had a really long day today she told me because of all the filings by all the candidates who plan on running for public office this election. Record numbers of candidates filed. A couple of party surprises on the local level. For one, I'm glad to see Dave Fisher is running as a Republican for Drain Commissioner. Almost across the board there are a lot of candidates for both parties. Karen said the Chronicle was there so the news of the results will be in the paper, maybe tomorrow. I will try to put up the information here, and get in touch with some of the candidates.

Karen Buie for County Clerk will be saved a primary but Nancy Watters filed to challenge her in the general election. Rumors are that Ms Waters is pretty well funded. Here is a race in which we can beat the big money with some good old fashioned "we the people" door to door work. Maybe if we can gather some people here we could figure out some event to put on and help the community at the same time. Suggestions?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Welcome one and all.
This site is a political action site carried over from my other site.
If you want to know my views go to that blog. In short I'm conservative, simply meaning that I believe we have to figure out how to get the government to work. How to cut down on the waste, how to more efficiently let the our elected officials fullfill the promises they make to us. I feel the government is too big but more importantly I feel it is inefficient.

This is the place where I want people to join together to see to it that common sense rules are applied to government as we apply them to ourselves. Also I want this to be a place where people who want to actually do something can find or create with others that something they desire to do.

In this year of elections, I will be posting on the side bar the diferent candidates I favor. Yes that is right the ones I favor. Try them out see what you think. Above all feel free to post here. If this works I hope to get interviews and more active and interactive stuff. We'll see. It depends on my response. Let me know.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.