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Sunday, December 8, 2013



From a blog I wrote before the 2010 mid terms about the Republican’s chances of winning back the US House I said the following about the races in Michigan we needed to concentrate on.

“Three Michigan races needed to win the US House back.

They are the 1st district (the UP) with (Rep) Dr. Daniel Benishek vs. (Dem) McDowell, the 7th district with (Rep) Tim Walburg vs. incumbent (Dem) Mark Schauer and lastly the 9th with (Rep) Andrew (Rcoky) Raczkowski vs. incumbent (Dem) Gary Peters.”

Well, we won those battles and we got the US Senate back in Republican hands.
Looking at the 2014 elections from that perspective, the only conclusion I can draw is that the Democrats are hard up for candidates.  Two of those who lost elections are running again.

The defeated Democrat Congressman Mark Schauer is running for the Michigan Governorship.  The defeated Congressman Gary Peters is running for the US. Senate.
Do you see the irony?  Two Democrats defeated in District wide races somehow think that will translate into statewide victories.  ???

The Republican Governor Rick Snyder already won his statewide race, Terri Lynn Land the Republican Contender for the vacated US Senate seat already has won two state wide elections as Michigan Secretary of State.  Neither of their opponents have. 
Somehow I’m sure the Democrats will try to spin it into being a good thing.  Can’t wait to hear that whopper!  

Terri Lynn Land has started to attract national attention.  Polling data continues to show that she is dead even with the Democrat.  Michigan is becoming one of the races that could help Republicans win back the US Senate in 2014.  

The US Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell recently held a fundraiser for her with a group of Republican Senators running the ideological gauntlet from McConnell to Rand Paul.  Without a primary challenge and with this kind of support Michigan's Senate Seat is becoming a winnable race for Republicans.

I called and talked with her about the fundraiser and I could tell she was pleased and excited.  She informed me that she also spent the day being shown around to some of the PACs located around DC.  I got the impression she was excited about that.
I recently went to the Republican 2nd District Meeting in Allendale in which Congressman Bill Huizenga was on Skype with us.  I told him about the Senate fundraiser and asked whether if the House was planning anything along those lines.  He confirmed that the Michigan US Senate race was starting to pick up traction in Washington and Terri was getting on everyone’s radar.  He also thought it a good idea for the House to do something similar.

So with that in mind, we need to help get out the vote for Terri Lynn Land.  It’s about time for a change of leadership in the Senate.

PS.  Also at the 2nd District meeting Judge David Viviano was present and gave us a nice talk about his qualifications and pride in being appointed by Governor Snyder to fill the vacancy on the Michigan Supreme Court.  The Judge spoke glowingly of the predominance of “the rule of law” ethic on the Court today.  I remember the fight to get the court back to a majority in belief of the rule of law and Bob Young as the Chief Justice.  

Judge Viviano’s appointment turned it into a 5-2 rule of law court.  In an interview after his appointment the following Q+A confirms this.

Q: The comments are that you're a so-called "conservative" justice, and now the court will be 5-2 in favor of the conservatives over the so-called "liberals."
A: "As I've said already, I'm a rule of law judge. What it comes down to is I have a healthy respect and understanding of the constitutional form of government that our Founders created. Part of their genius was putting in a lot of checks and balances so that government wouldn't grow so powerful that it would overtake the citizens and our individual liberty. One of those is the separation of powers. We have a Legislature that makes the law, we have an executive that enforces the law and we have a court that applies the law. If the court goes beyond its constitutional role, then we end up taking from the people their right to have their elected representatives shape policy in the state. So our job is to take the work product of the Legislature and the policy-making branches of government and to fairly apply those laws to the cases that are brought before the court."
The article above was written by Jameson Cook for the Oakland Press News.
I got a chance to talk with Judge Viviano before the meeting and after.  I’m hoping to get him to come to Oceana County to campaign.
I can’t overstate how important and vital the guarding of the Rule of Law is to the protection of our US Constitution and our freedoms.  The Rule of Law is the cornerstone of our freedoms.  
The absence of corruption - conventionally defined as the use of public power for private gain - is one of the hallmarks of a society governed by the rule of law ...

If you think the government is not following the law for its own gain, or if you think some are above the law and corruption is getting out of hand then, We need to get out the vote for this man, and his fellow rule of law Judge Brian Zahra.  FYI liberal Michael Cavanagh is running for re-election.  Let's out vote him too.
Regards, Live Dangerously be a Conservative