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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Snowe and Voorhees

Reagan and Voorhees

We have heard a lot of Reagan quotes over the years, and being a Conservative I agree with all I’ve seen. When Olympia Snowe a Republican non Conservative quoted Reagan I took note. She did it in an oped in the NY Times.


The quote was this. “We should emphasize the things that unite us and make these the only ‘litmus test’ of what constitutes a Republican: our belief in restraining government spending, pro-growth policies, tax reduction, sound national defense, and maximum individual liberty.” He continued, “As to the other issues that draw on the deep springs of morality and emotion, let us decide that we can disagree among ourselves as Republicans and tolerate the disagreement.”

Sen. Snowe of course was talking about the defection of Arlan Spector from the Republican to the Democrat ranks. As has already been blogged to death, she missed the first point about being fiscally conservative and how Snowe’s and Spector’s bailout vote didn’t pass the litmus test quoted above.

As this seems like a waste of a good quote, I think it only fitting for me to find a more appropriate place in which to use it. You guessed it. I would like to throw it at Joanne Voorhees Chair of the Kent County Republican Party. Below is a quote from MLive to explain the situation.

“Kent County Republican Chairman Joanne Voorhees uninvited Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. to town because he came out in favor of civil unions.”

Governor Huntsman Jr. seems to fit the “litmus test” part of the above Reagan quote. I would now like to remind Joanne Voorhees of the rest of the Reagan quote.
“As to the other issues that draw on the deep springs of morality and emotion, let us decide that we can disagree among ourselves as Republicans and tolerate the disagreement.”

I am a Republican because I am devoted to individual freedom. With that comes an abhorrence of Political Correctness. I will chose what I believe and how I will behave and act. Thank you. I believe Reagan drew the line in the sand correctly and Voorhees and Snowe did not; albeit for seemingly opposite reasons. While I admit to not knowing either person, nor Reagan for that matter; it seems pretty clear that Voorhees and Snowe were both trying to make what Reagan called, “the other issues that draw on the deep springs of morality and emotion” part of the new Litmus test for their idea of what a Republican should be.

The majority of American Republicans don’t think so. The majority of American Independents don’t think so either. This majority is what Reagan pulled together with the quote above. He called it the Silent Majority. The media dubbed it the Moral Majority and some dupes like Snowe and Spector fell into it. From the other side perhaps Voorhees would fit into that hole too.

Read the quote again and you’ll see that as far as the moral issues he lumped them all together not naming them, and saying basically we should agree to disagree on any or all of them.

By placing the emphasis on individual freedom vs government control, through cutting its spending and ability to tax; Reagan knew that the moral issues would work themselves out better by a free people than by government fiat.

As I told our County Chair David Farhat, perhaps this controversy will raise our turnout and make our fundraiser successful.

The Muskegon County Republican Party is still having Jon Hunstman Jr. Governor of Utah coming for lunch at noon Sat. May 2nd at the Oakridge Country Club. Catered lunch by Above and Beyond will be served during the program. The cost is $25 .
From 10:30-11:30 there will be a Precinct Delegate Workshop. Any PDs attending this free workshop will be able to attend the Huntsman luncheon for $15.

A busy political weekend as Friday, I will be going to the Hart (Oceana Lincoln Day Dinner) and hear Pete Hoekstra and Geoff Hansen give their talks. The information for all the above and more you can find on my side bar, scroll down to Calendar of Events, then date.

Feel free to attend any one or all.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, April 23, 2009

PD Workshop in MUSKEGON

Are you a Precinct Delegate and have wondered what you are supposed to do?

If you are not one, have you ever wondered what a Precinct Delegate is and what they are supposed to do; and that perhaps you might like to become one?

I am a PD and wondered the same thing, and no one seemed to really care or know what the job entailed nor how to do it.

Well I decided to try to figure it at about the same time the last election was over. Late sure, but never too late. I was mad and embarrassed by that loss, knowing I could of done something more but didn’t know what.

I started researching and asking everyone I knew about Precinct Delegates. The knowledge out there was fragmentary and scattered. I kept at it, kept looking; the internet is a wonderful tool for gathering information; but it still takes real one on one connections for me to really grasp the truths of things.

I found a truth in Livingston County and their Party. I saw on their website a Precinct Delegate Workshop advertised and I decided to go. I’m glad I did. I made some friends and learned a lot about the job of a precinct Delegate. I began to learn the value and meaning of networking and the efficiency of the internet in doing that.
The lady who gave that Workshop Presentation was Marlene Chockley who I talk about later.

I then started rattling the chain of command in the party and low and behold.


It is now official, Muskegon is having its very own precinct delegate workshop. The final nail slid home when I got this email from Terri Reid at State Party HQ.

-----email snipit-----
Thanks for the info. Larry is available to do May 2. We’re also checking with our Deputy Chair Barb VanderVeen about attending.

Talk to you soon.



The info she referred to was all the stuff Marlene Chockley was kind enough to send me about her Precinct Delegate workshop that she gave for the Livingston County Republicans. The Larry she referenced above is Larry Ward from the state party who will give the presentation.

Things may not be ideal and time is short in order to create a buzz to boost attendance, but it is a start.

For some background.

Our County party, thanks to Dave Farhat gave this a focus, something to gather the troops around. David snared Jim Huntsman Jr. Governor of Utah for a noon speaking engagement May 2nd.

It was a onetime chance and I give him credit for jumping on it. I give our other co-chair Susie Hughescredit for suggesting we add on a Precinct Delegate meeting earlier in the day preceeding the Huntsman talk and now luncheon.

I jumped on that idea. Now we will have a full fledged workshop for Precinct Delegates, who after ward will get a discount for the Luncheon and program by Governor Jim Huntsman Jr.

Our past chair and Current County Commissioner Bob Scolnik was drafted to put this together, make up and mail all the invites. Below is a copy of the letter he sent out to around 100 Precinct Delegates. I was impressed. Bob will also be sending out I’m guessing around 700 others to our mailing list without the delegate only labels.
For Precinct Delegates Only!
The Muskegon County Republicans
Invites PRECINCT DELEGATES to attend a
Special Caucus Luncheon and Meeting
Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Governor of Utah
Former Ambassador to Singapore

Saturday, May 2, 2009
10:30 AM $ Oak Ridge Golf Club
513 W. Pontaluna Rd. $ Norton Shores
PRECINCT DELEGATE MEETING 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Social – 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Lunch – 12:00 noon • Program during lunch
$15/person for lunch for Precinct Delegates

Please RSVP by April 29th

Questions? Call (231) 206-4873 or e-mail

……………………………………………………….please cut and mail…………………………………….……………..

Muskegon County Republicans
 Yes, I/we will attend the Precinct Delegate meeting and Caucus Luncheon at the Oakridge Golf Club. Enclosed is my/our contribution of $______for ______ticket(s) at $15 per person
 No, I/we cannot attend the Meeting and Luncheon but I/we have enclosed a contribution of $________ to show my/our support
Please RSVP by April 29th

City____________Zip___________Phone____________ E-mail:_________________________________

Any proceeds from this event will be used to benefit the Muskegon County Republicans. Please make checks payable to The Muskegon Republicans. Send reservation and check to P.O. Box 265, Muskegon, MI 49443 Paid for by the Muskegon County Republicans
P.O. Box 265, Muskegon, MI 49443-0265

In cutting and pasting I have garbled it up. Lost all the color and fonts etc. but believe me it was well done. BTW all are invited to the talk. All PDs from anywhere are invited to the Workshop the workshop itself is free.

I was talking Thurs. am at our Carmen Group weekly breakfast with Jon Koens the 2nd district treasurer about Susie Hughes’ idea of sending the invite to at least all the surrounding County Chairs and having them put it out there also. Jon is getting on it;.getting with Jon De Witt from the Hoekstra 2nd district camp. I’ve called Juanita Pierman and Joan Runnells already.

I have high hopes. Jim Huntsman alone is worth the trouble and my dream of PDs becoming important again in Muskegon has some legs. I realize going to a workshop is only the first step, but I see great things as possible from there. Already others are thinking of setting up tables to give the PDs a place to volunteer for upcoming events of our County Party. (please see the side bar calendar of events). I’d like to set up a table just for the “Adopt a Precinct Program” as well.

The Precinct Delegate was initially set up to be the strength of the party. We can make it so again.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike Nofs Makes his Official Announcement.

Mike Nofs Makes his Official Announcement.

Mike Nofs announced Tuesday that he is officially in the race for the 19th state of Michigan Senate District seat. He did this first in Battle Creek at 10 am, then later in the day in Jackson.

I managed to go to the Battle Creek affair. There were between 50-75 people in attendance. I arrived as the announcer was getting ready to introduce Mike Nofs. I had a couple of minutes to get his picture out in the hall and introduce myself.

Click on pics to enlarge

I found a seat as he stepped up to the podium. Mike Nofs seems pretty average in appearance. He’s not tall or short, skinny or fat. A decent looking candidate. As he started talking I got a feeling that I could talk with this guy; a feeling that he wouldn’t try to overwhelm me and would listen. Mike seems like a real person is what I’m trying to say.

He gave a brief sketch of his early years and growing up with 9 other siblings. He seemed to think that might give him an edge in working with others while still getting what he wanted. His experience in public office seems to bear that out. Some of those siblings, now grown were in the back looking on.

His placards had the word “JOBS” prominently displayed. Mike then explained what his plan would be to create jobs.

First he would help the job creators by getting rid of the surcharge business tax, fight and repeal any and all regulations he could. He drew applause when he said what he thought government should do in regards to small business; “Get out of the Way.”

Secondly to help the workers he vowed to fight for any necessary retraining, and to also fight to lower taxes so the worker could keep more of what they earned.
Thirdly he talked of making the government better able to do the above by making the finances including salaries et al. more transparent.
click on pics to enlarge

Mike’s mantra was “Jobs First and Jobs Now”. He told the audience that to accomplish that he if elected would stay focused on the issue. He said that he would give every piece of legislation that crossed his desk a priority based upon two things. If that bill improved the business climate in Michigan, or it helped to create jobs, the bill would go to the front of the line.

Candidate Nofs also stressed a more common sense approach to Michigan politics. He pointed out that it made NO sense that as property values go down property taxes go up. As workers get their hours cut their income taxes get raised. To stop all that we need to cut spending.

Mr. Nofs was a decent speaker, he is definitely emotional about what he believes and seemed capable of making it happen. He seemed also to be a focused person, able to keep his mind on the task at hand. He also has the experience in government to bear that out. I liked the idea that he was a strong minded person who didn’t seem willing to be swayed by money or politics.

While it didn’t appear he could “jump tall buildings in a single bound” he did seem quite capable of making a plan and following it through. His beliefs and his energy level seemed high enough to carry him through the election. Mike Nofs seems tireless, I’ve heard that about his previous elections, yesterday I got a glimpse of that.

I think, I Like “Mike”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS> I also got to meet Greg Moore, Mike’s Campaign Manager. Also was able to put a face to Steve Sachs from Mike team. Norm Shinkle from the state party was there and we had a nice talk. Norm does get around as I saw him at the Brighton Lincoln Day Dinner.

Talking with Greg Moore, their web site is up but they are having a problem with it as far as administrative and legal things so all they have is the home page up and it isn’t active. It redirects traffic to another page. Greg assured me that the site once up and running was top of the line. Hopefully this week sometime, so keep that in mind if you visit the above site. Check back later.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Muskegon Tea Party facts and New Web site

Muskegon Tea Party facts and New Web site.

Click on pics to enlarge

Big news, a new web site in Muskegon is coming; but first some information about the Muskegon Tea Party from the co-organizer of the event. Joshua Charney. The guy that did most of the grunt work. In a phone conversation he thanked all involved for their effort.

Josh said he was overwhelmed by the turnout at the event; by the emotion of the people attending. I have some corrected figures he gave me in an email I’ve copied below.

-I can confirm numbers between 400-500 by sign in sheets and emails. (some estimates are 700+ but I can't confirm or deny this)

-We had donations to the food shelf (aprox 20lbs)- send pics in the morning, the small amount all will go to Catholic Charities.

-We made it to almost $100.00 ($94.38 which I'm kicking in to get to get to 100) for the postcard postage. (this includes all loose coin put in event donation jar) so 133 postcards will be sent to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. (again pics in the morning after I go to the Post Office.
Xxx my edit xxxx—that is 133 each or 400 cards altogether.xxxx end edit xxxx

-$131.00 donation to reimburse event costs.

-Only 3 elected officials attended the event. (and 3 responses to emails before the event) a huge total of 6! From the 100s of officials that represent our county.

Drop me an email or a phone call in am any morning,

ps hope your voice gets better, we need it!


Now, to the potentially really good news.

Josh it seems is fluent (pretty much) in html. He will be starting a new web site called Muskegon starting some time this coming week.

He hopes to gather the energy he witnessed at the Tea Party and channel it into a way to keep our politicians feet to the fire about following the constitution.

Other than that I don’t know how it will evolve. I do wish him luck and will try to help out when I can. I will put the address up when it happens.

Good luck Joshua.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. See top of side bar. Mike Nofs makes it official this Tues. 4/21. He is announcing that he is a candidate for the 19th State Senate Seat in the upcoming special election THIS November. Don't forget to get involved in the Adopt a Precinct Program, through your local county Republican Party. Or give me a call or email. I'll be happy to hook you up.

Bob Carr

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day In The Life

Below, Me and Michelle McManus, Jack and Saul, Threesome from Livingston County, Joe the Plumber, Saul holding my sign, and Wendy Day one of the originals.

Here is Nancy Pelosi’s take on the Tea Party thing.

I wonder if that was funded by George Soros. I wonder if the family below falls into the 95% of people getting a tax cut.

Click to enlarge pics. There has been excellent coverage of Lansing so I decided to show just a few more pictures and give a synopsis of the rest of my tax day.

Joan the organizer of Lansing

After Lansing I went to Jackson which had their party “Under the Oaks” which is the birthplace of the Republican Party. As I drove around looking for the address I was reminded of Muskegon my hometown. Specifically of my 6th Precinct Ward #2 in the City of. Both were once the jewel of the city and now are run down and mostly slummy and mostly rental houses. Same groups of kids (different names) wandering the streets with nothing to do.

A group of Republicans bought the old house and tore it down and with the City of Jackson made a small park out of it with a couple of benches, a couple of Boulders, and a couple of Historical markers. The markers tell the story of how in 1850 Rev. Gustavius Foster gave a sermon demanding that people should disregard the law. The law was the one stating it was illegal to help in any way runaway slaves. Charles Delang the editor of the Jackson American Citizen printed the transcript. This started a public debate which caught the attention of the nation. He became a leader in the anti slavery movement and also the organizing secretary for the beginning of the Republican Party, right on the spot I was standing taking the pics below. The first pic is as I was leaving 1/2 hour before the event and people were starting to show up. Next two are of the historical markers. The other side of the big marker explained about the editor and the sermon but the pic didn't turn out.

I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting on the bench behind the Markers. H was busy going through his garbage bag of the stuff he picked up that day. Pop and beer cans mostly but some other stuff as well. We just passed the time. Next I went to find something to eat and found a nice little restaurant that reminded me again of Muskegon’s own Mia and Grace, but instead of going the high end route, Max’s cafĂ© (?) went into huge plate full sandwhiches such as the deliciously messy huge pulled pork I ordered and the large bowl of bean soup with homemade bread along with a large Iced tea under $10. The store was right downtown and just a few blocks (walking distance) from “Under the Oaks”. It was also a couple doors down from the Democrat HQ.

It was getting late and they were getting ready to close. I was the only customer and Max was one of those staunch independent voters that probably voted Democrat in the last 4 election cycles if not always, I’m sure. Regardless we got along well and had a good talk. The Democrat HQ was just 2 doors down. Again the similarities abound. In Muskegon I live a couple blocks from the Democrat HQ downtown. Max said it was ironic (without my prompting) that the Republicans started in Jackson downtown, but now has their HQ out in the burbs.He seemed to think the Republicans have lost their foothold in the City.

This picture is identical to Muskegon. This guy also was a perfect candidate to become a Republican being a business owner and interested in politics and helping his community. As I left we both were doing some thinking. At least I was.

I drove back the the Oaks and talked with some people then snapped a couple pics and took off for Brighton. I had to leave before the start of the Jackson Tea Party, in order to make the hour drive to Brighton to go to the Livingston County Lincoln Day Dinner. I was hoping that I could get a feel for the event before it started. When I returned from lunch to sit “Under the Oaks”, there were only two other people. It was 4:30. Then slowly people started to show up. I met the organizer and some others. I also found out they also had had another Party at noon at Rives Junction. A man and his wife had it in front of their house. I was told 50-75 showed up for that. I forgot to ask if there lawn was astroturfed.

By 5:30 the crowd was getting bigger about 50 and I decided I had better leave. As I started to drive off I could see cars parking on the side streets and there were people walking towards the Oaks. My estimate would be at least 100. If I find out I’ll let you know.

I left and on my way, I ran out of gas just out of Brighton. Luckily it was a short walk to get gas but it threw my timing off and I arrived almost ½ hour late. I had to change into my finery in the rest room and barge in late.

I was sorry that I missed Norm Shinkle and others give their speeches. I did however hear Mike Rogers and Pete Hoekstra talk. The dinner by the way was well done. The people in Livingston County were as warm as ever. I really do like that bunch. I’m sorry the pics didn’t turn out well. By that time I was pretty shot. I had been working on the Tea Party thing since 4am it was a long day.
Pics below, Audience, Pete, Audience, Mike Rogers, Audience.

Through listening to the speeches, I gained some insight and appreciation of Mike Rogers whom I never really had looked at in the past. He and Pete seem like a good team in the US House. Both are on the Intel committee. My main impression of Pete’s speech was that he had caught some of the Tea Party energy.

Pete had been to the Lansing one when I was there. Pete’s talk centered around his efforts in the past during the Republican Revolution with Newt and the Contract with America. The Young Turk in him was showing in his speech that night. It was good to see. He mentioned the 5,000 people in Lansing and there were some in the audience I had seen in Lansing there pic. is above. Like I say, I like the Livingston crowd. A bit feisty they are.

I sensed a change in the tenor of Pete’s speech. It was more critical of what is going on. His criticisms were also of his own party which I found enlightening. Some of the Young Turk again was coming out. He talked about what he was intimate with, about that which he had the facts and the desire. As past chair and ranking member of the Intel committee he had a lot of heartfelt and experience born criticism of the way our foreign policy was headed. Pete railed against the notion that the administration has downgraded the War on Terror to an “overseas contingency situation”. He talked of how he felt going to the parents of a killed soldier and offering condolences.

“Overseas contingency situation” my ass, my words, not his.

He was also incensed over the use by the administration of their new term “man-made disaster” when referring to Terrorist Attacks. This then led into a definition of what the difference was between the Republicans and the Democrats. I was glad to see he thought that was worthy of saying in his run for Governor. I was happy to see a statement of conservative, principles stated so unapologetically. His plan for change was reminiscent of the Republican Revolution. Starve the government, pull their teeth by cutting taxes, and cutting the regulations on free people and enterprise. At one point he put principle above politics by saying (and I believe meaning) that we need a governor (and that it didn’t have to be him), that believed in the conservative principles of lower taxes, less regulation and more freedom. I started to think of Engler.

I'm adding this botched movie clip, it's short but you will see something that not even Right Michigan will publish. If you pause you will see Nick from Right Michigan taking my picture. lol.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Freaking Awesome.

Hey I'm Sleeping. Long day was the 15th. Went to sleep on the 16th.

Nick at Right Michigan has some good stuff up already. He doesn't sleep obviously.


I will post later today with some pics from Lansing

I went to the Jackson Party and I have some pics from that

I also went to the Lincoln day dinner at Livingston County in Jackson, had car trouble and arrived late. Have some pics and comment on that too and the rest.

Talked with Josh about the Muskegon Tea Party, a full report will be made later today. Suffice it to say they were overwhelmed. Pat and Frank U. manned the sign in table and reported 700 or more signatures, and jars of donations for the pantry.

Off to Carmen's for our Carmen Group Breakfast I'll try to post the stuff by 2pm

What an awesome day.

Regards, It didn't feel so Dangerous to be a Conservative that day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Adopt a Precinct and Caucus Lunch. (New Face)

Adopt a Precinct Update.

I just had a nice phone call with Terri Reid the leader of the State Party’s (MRP) Adopt a Precinct program. We talked a lot about the effort. The info I posted earlier from Steve Sachs is precisely correct.

If our County Party adopts a Precinct in the 19th we will get 4-500 phone #s in a precinct within that 19th district. Our job will be to call those with a script etc written as a poll to try to locate possible Republican voters.

Terri said she will be sending the email with the attachments so I can copy the bubble sheets off. This I can do, the calls WE can do. They can be done from the home or if we want from the HQ in Muskegon. Any way we want. The time frame from Steve Sachs was also correct and crucial. We would have one week to make the calls.

Terri also agreed with my assumption that 5 people doing 20 a day would be enough to make it work easily. If we had more, we could do it in a day. I’d love to see a party at the HQ to open it up for a spring type of thing when we can start to have meetings down there again. I was in there and already saw a few yard signs for McManus. I’ll be content to see us just get the job done in any fashion; even if only two people volunteer. A beginning is a beginning. Perhaps to quote Churchill, perhaps the

Terri said that this is just the beginning step in ways we could help if interested.
As I blogged earlier; in my talk with Holly bus loads of people were mentioned coming from Kent and I believe Oakland counties. According to Terri this is also true and will start in May or June. The times will come later.

At that time, after the state Party has collected the information from (hopefully our) “Phone from Home” effort; she will start scheduling door to door efforts to find the ones we couldn’t contact by phone. That will require boots on the ground, that will need our help. That’s what the bus load thing is about.

You will be glad to hear that door to door has already started by the Nofs campaign. From what I've heard from three different people so far is that Mike Nofs is a tireless worker and campaigner. Also in our favor a tidbit dropped by Terri is that Nofs is from Calhoun which is larger than Jackson where Griffin the Democrat comes from. Though a small advantage something is better than nothing. Holly reminded me that this district swings back and forth historically.

I’m hoping we in Muskegon as a County Party can first do the “Phone from Home” effort. Then wouldn’t it be great to get a bus load to go at least once to the 19th.

This is what the job of Precinct Delegates is in our own county; to locate and later motivate Republicans to get out and vote. Gathering information for our candidates in our individual Precinct is the first part of our job. Then later making sure all likely Republicans can and do get to the polls. I can’t repeat this enough; this is a golden opportunity to practice what our job as a PD is.

I also spent some time talking with Terri about the PD training workshop I had attended in Livingston County. I told her how good a presentation Marlene Shockley gave and how the County Party had gotten behind it. She knew Marlene and she agreed we needed more of that kind of thing. She agreed that it is necessary if we expect a change in 2010 from 2008!!! What was that saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

I am waiting to hear back from her about whom to call to set that up.

The idea is that a PD workshop would be great BEFORE the Bus Load “Door to Door” part of the “Adopt a Precinct” program; a way to practice what we learn. What part of SYNERGY don’t we understand? Give me a call and I’ll explain. Both are Indispensible in gathering votes here in Muskegon County for the 2010 election.

BTW the Muskegon Tea Party is gearing up and most things are finalized. Keep up with the updates on the side bar.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

****edit update****
Smile you're on GOP candid camera.

Just got back from the Pizza Ranch where the Muskegon County had their "work
pre-membership Meeting. Ie Caucus. It was a good turn out. There is something along with Tea Brewing in the underbelly of America.

I took advantage and presented my info on the Tea Party and on the Adopt a Precinct program. Holly was there and she was able to chime in with some authority about the importance of the Adopt a Precinct program and victory in the 19th. I think the seed was planted.

I will try to get together a more definite plan by our meeting next Monday the 20th. Holly also said that we might be able to hitch a ride on the Kent Co. bus. She said she was going to. I'll find out the particulars and post it as I get it.

Some good news was found in a few new faces. One in particular was a person trying to find out about running for the 91st state Congressional seat now held by Mary Valentine. His name is Chad Wegner out of Fruitport. He is a rookie to the game. After my last post about a political class, Chad seems a breath of fresh air. Another aspect of the uniqueness of his possible candidacy is that he states he is a stay at home dad.

When asked by others why he was thinking about running, he said that I could quote him as saying, “Enough is Enough”. He was fed up with the way things were being done in the state.

This district will be contested as usual. There will be others entering the primary, I will try to keep up with the developments.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Alamo and Jack Hoogendyk

Looking beyond the Tea Party Day activities, what can we do.

The different organizers of the Parties are coming up with their own ideas. I will say here and now that I do not believe a solution involving a third party is practical and would just give comfort and aid to the enemy. Also I don’t think that propagating the Tea Parties on into the future will do anything except give the once spontaneous event a long slow ugly bickering death. A shooting star deserves it’s fiery and glorious death.

The Tea Parties on the 15th, if enough of us attend and are vigorous, will have served their purpose as a wake up call and a rallying point. A "Remember the Alamo" type of thing.

What will have the best chance to lead to change is to find candidates with the integrity to stick to their guns and not fold under the pressure to conform to the Political Ruling Class mentality. As Jack McHugh seems to say in the linked blog below, politicians need to listen to us not themselves.

Jack McHugh, from the Mackinac Center recently blogged about the Political Class and corruption of both parties, in an excellent article linked below.


I don’t pretend to know the answer. That is the problem, there is no macro answer. That really is the point. Macro or Big doesn’t work except for those running the “Macro or Big” and those are few. They have to be broken down to the “Micro” or more local and those are many. The complications (politics) come as to where to draw the line.

That is the whole idea. To solve this problem, we need citizens to stand up and demand to be heard. Not at the national level, but at the local level. We need candidates that are willing to say that my constituents don’t need wasteful programs; don’t want waste and inefficiency; and that it is my job to find the facts about which ones are truly needed and then make the tough decision as to which ones stay and which ones go. It is also my job to let the people that I work for know those things.

We need a Congressman that sets up a process to return money not needed, and make sure that money is returned in lower taxes, in more individual freedom next time. We need courageous Politicians to stand up to their own parties.

We the citizens have to get involved enough to demand this of our politicians. Then we have to support the heck out of them with what money we can and all the time we can find to volunteer to help them in whatever way we can. We have to reward those outside the “political class” in the only way we can; by the currency of our vote, and in the case of Tea Parties, our voice. Their integrity will let them accept no other.

You want integrity? Look for congressmen that have stood up against the bailouts from the beginning. Bush did the first one who was against it then, which Republican had the guts to stand against that? That is integrity. That courage is worth backing.

You want integrity? Look for the Democrats who have stood against the bailouts since Bush left office and Obama came in. You will find integrity there as well.

In each case you will find beleaguered politicians being stifled by the Political Class. They will lose the money and backing of their Party. They will probably lose their elections. These candidates risk all in our name and what do we do to repay them? Do we care? Do we take the time to thank them? Do we make any sacrifices of our own to watch their backs? Or do we come up with some cute thing to say such as “they should of known better”, or better yet “It’s their job”?

When it comes to after the Tea Party, we will as always get what we deserve. Let this brilliant shooting star be the catalyst that starts to make our wishes come true, and not a cause of dissention.

Let us deserve better.

“Remember the Tea Party”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. “What Can I (DO) Today”, not who can I make fun of today?

PPS. I know I didn't mention Jack Hoogendyk. Nice trick Huh? Below is a link to his blog. If you didn't vote for him last election, why not. You do the digging.

Friday, April 10, 2009

L. Brooks Patterson out of Governor's Race

Nick at Right Michigan had this article from


The title says it all.

“Brooks out of governors race speculation that Bouchard will enter”

L. Brooks Patterson is not going to run for Governor in 2010
While I may disagree with some of the article, I agree with Chetly Zarko that “Nonetheless, these are difficult decisions and we look forward to seeing how it shakes out in the next few weeks. “ I also congratulate him on breaking this.

Nice Reporting.

This is a primary race for the books to be sure. Add to what Chetly said about the candidates, the unknown and flash and money of Brandon to go along with the money Chetly mentioned of Rick Snyder; this primary is already underway whether we like it or not. Full of drama. lol

Over on this side of the state Pete’s “regionalized” support is well known. We also know along with the rest of the state Pete’s national reputation. As I already blogged Land and Cox are already proven vote getters and people recognize them state wide. What a field.

Hope in 2012 we can field such a talented slate to run for President.

That would be a pleasant surprise wouldn’t it?

Well done Oakland Politics.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tea Party Merger In Muskegon !! + One in Grand Haven

Then There Was One.


First there was one just a few people trying to gather some friends for a protest. There plan was to start at Hackley Park then march to Heritage Landing to do the symbolic Tea Dumping. I found them at


Fyi when you get there scroll down to bottom and you’ll see a box to enter your state. Click on it and hit Mi. You’ll be surprised by the amount of people and cities.

Then I got hold of them and blogged about it. Next I was forwarded an email from the Muskegon Pundit about a Muskegon Tea Party.


It was something different. Another one of these pesky things had surfaced in Muskegon.

I went to their facebook site and there appeared to be something strange. The three listed all had GR locations. I being the blogger that I am decided to track this anomaly down. I shot them a couple of emails with the contact info I had for the other one. I didn’t get an immediate reply so being the nosey impatient person/blogger I am I noticed one of the people’s email had the word promed in it so off I drove to Promed on Park St. and talked to the supervisor there and he said that there was a guy by that name at the Apple Promed. Off I went to that and sure enough there he was. He had already got my email and had contacted the other group.
Bottom line is that both parties have contacted each other, both are glad for the other’s efforts and have merged into one. To get to the face book group google facebook then type in the search box the words “Muskegon tea party” that should take you there.

Below is a snippet from an email I got about a meeting to set stuff up. If you want to get involved at any level, go to the meeting listed in the email. You will be able to ask all the questions you may have about; place, signs, questions, flyers, promo. Or anything else you want to talk about.

-----email snippet-----
If you'd like to help with the TEA'D Party,There will be a meeting @ Applebees on Sherman- Sat. April 11th @ 3:00.

So there you have it for Muskegon Tea Party. The two shall merge and become as one and the rest shall forever speak Sat the 11th at 3pm or forever hold their piece.


Grand Haven.

I apologize for not putting up your info sooner. I talked earlier with Don Mulder in Grand Haven about the Tea Party he is organizing. I also got his # from the website above. If I remember correctly, he told me then he thought about 40 were interested. I’m thinking more by now. Don said they were meeting at the City Hall. I have a call into him for further details and will post them if I get them. His # is 616-847-1231.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS Our Carmen Group was lively this morning. Good political talk and food at Carmen’s restaurant every Thurs. Morn at 8am. Come join us. Start your day the Right way. lol

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting it Together

Big Doings in Ludington.

Five Counties Republican Parties sponsored a Italian Dinner, a catered Italian Dinner. The food was great. In a flyer they gave out there was a letter from Dick DeVoss congratulating them on the spirit of unity which the whole event was all about.

Eugene Jorissen was the master of ceremonies and he did a great job. Live auctions were interspersed between speakers; a nice break in the action. Also a nice addition to the kittys of the various County Parties.
(click on any picture to enlarge.)

Geoff Hansen who attended recently gave some youngsters from Free Soil school a tour of the offices and actually got them on the floor of the House. Geoff and Michelle McManus helped make that trip memorable. At this dinner a couple of the students stood up and gave a nice speech about the trip; complete with pictures. If they are the new face of our party, we’re doing ok.

There were around 100 people there; volunteers to big shots.

Just by happenstance I sat at a table next to a young man who happened to be the driver for Terri Lynn Land. His name is Phil Kraft; come to find out he had quit college for awhile to be Terri’s chauffer. Talk about a small world, he was the guy manning the Livingston County Republican HQ when I called to find out about Marlene Shockley’s Precinct Delegate Training Workshop. That is the kind of volunteer we need more of. We got on well. Then his boss sat down and I was able to enjoy a meal and converse with Terri Lynn Land.

I was impressed with her. She has quite a varied past and an extensive political history. We hit it off when we both agreed that Cherry probably wouldn’t get the nod to run. We both saw the same polls. Terri in her speech said that Cherry has too much baggage and that got a big round of applause. She also brought up the polls which shows all four Repubs beating Cherry by 10 points.

To her credit most of her speech had to do with her current job as Secretary of State and what she is doing and plans to do yet. One of those things is the use of the driver license to scan and instantly stop someone from voting in other precincts.

While I’m leaning towards Pete, I’m pretty impressed with Terri. Our party has a great amount of talent. This election perhaps the public will get fed up with the promises of the Dems and look to the actual candidates and their qualifications to get the job done. With the effects of the Dems policies showing up all around us in higher taxes, higher unemployment, people I hope will look to qualifications vs party labels.

This dinner was about unity and working together. It accomplished that, at least in a small way, in a grass roots way. My Bottom Up Award goes to the 5 Parties for this effort.

The part of Bill Huizenga’s talk about unity was impassioned. Bill also highlighted the government’s role of keeping the infrastructure up to snuff to also help business stay here and want to locate here. In that regard he talked of his efforts of keeping the waterway clear, keeping the channels dredged and open to commercial shipping.

A big part of the event centered upon the main focus which I think the Republicans are trying to get across. Business = Jobs. Helping business = net income for the state. I would add that helping business = Population staying in Michigan.

Republicans are pushing an attitude of Growth vs loss, positive messages vs negative. So far I’ve seen Pete and Terri and they both are pushing the idea that government intervention if done right can pay big dividends in jobs and income for the state. We need not control business just offer incentives as needed. In her speech Terri said, government should “help you, not get in the way”.

Bob Craig from the Dept. of Ag., gave a nice brief Power Point to highlight how some intervention and help through the Ag Dept has increased jobs and state income in the Ag. Industry. I’ll highlight a couple of facts that in this dire economy jumped out at me.

Gerber has added 200 jobs and invested $75 million in their Freemont plant.
Kellogg added 300 new jobs in research and development and plans on investing $54 million over the next decade.

There were many others.

The size of the Ag Industry seems tied with Tourism. Sandy Crandall gave a rather lengthy report on that.

The party was informative, and did what it was meant to do; help the contiguous counties mingle, network and share information. Everyone there seemed to be exchanging cards and emails. A flyer for example was handed out for upcoming Lincoln Day Dinners.

Lake County Dinner, speakers Pete Hoekstra, Bill Huizenga, Bill Schuette
April 20th, 5:30
Peacock Northwest Senior Center
4240 W 4 mile Rd. Peacock Mi
$25 or $40 for two.
RSVP Joan Runnels 231-266-5102

Oceana County Dinner, Pete Hoekstra
May 1st, 6pm
West Michigan Masonic Lodge
Oceana Drive Hart, Mi.
$3o per person
RSVP Juanita Pierman 231-869-4338

At the bottom of the flyer it says “Working Together We Can Accomplish Great Things”


Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS. A speaker talking about our “adopt a precinct” program would have fit right into this. A golden opportunity was missed. I’m going to call Terry Reid right now and see if this can be set up for the future. Set up for the Lincoln Day Dinners above for starters. I may not be a good speaker but I will volunteer if necessary. In this way I will follow what is written in my header of this blog “What Can I Do Today?”

If you're Afraid, Don't Come


From: on behalf of Port Huron Tax Day TEA Party []

Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 1:43 PM

Subject: [teaparty-organizers] Leftists to sabotage 4/15 Tea Parties?

Dear Tea Party Friends and Participants;

We received this news segment showing Fox's Neil Cavuto reporting about potential

trouble makers at Tea Party Rallies. While we don't expect problems; we ARE prepared and alerted to the potential.


The Port Huron Police Department was notified of this event from it's inception, as was City Council. They will be on alert and assured us they will appear ASAP at any sign of trouble.

I personally HATE racism, and agree with Dr. Martin Luther King's historic words. . .

"that a man be judged not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character."

Any disagreement I may have with our President's policies are because of the substance thereof; not his color. I have voted for black candidates in the past because they represented my values and take on the issues, and will do so again when such candidates come along. AGAIN, NO PHONY DEMONSTRATORS ESPOUSING RACIALLY INFLAMMATORY COMMENTS WILL BE TOLERATED.

Click the button below to see Neil Cavuto's report:

For those who are TEA'D
(Taxed Enough Already),

Your Port Huron, Michigan TEA Party Rally
Organizing Team:
MaryBeth Erdmann
Lee Sheldon
And folks like you!


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breaking xxx Simpson Out of Dem. Primary for the 19th.

Breaking x Simpson Out of Dem. Primary for the 19th.

In Capital Chronicles off of MLive; Susan J. Demas wrote the following article about Mark Schauer

While the article is rather snarky, it does point to the reasons why Republicans are hopefully looking at the 19th special election.

In the article Susan Demas chronicles the record breaking illegal activity of the previous holder of the 19th Mark Schauer. He was fined $187, 000. Susan’s article explains the ill effects that should have on the finances of the State Senate race coming up in November, (yes this November). All that means is that Stryker will have to dig deeper to try to salvage a win for the Dems.
From her article I quote the following.

The Dems are already behind the eight ball trying to hang on to Schauer's old seat. First of all, Republicans tend to do better in special elections and the district is a hard one for Democrats - something even Brock admitted. And the GOP has already started an aggressive fundraising effort for former Rep. Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek, while the Dems will likely waste plenty of resources in a primary between Jackson representatives Mike Simpson and Marty Griffin.

The challengers, are Mike Simpson and Marty Griffin.

Marty Griffin looks like a tough candidate for Mike Nofs; at least on the face of it. I’ve been researching and I see he was mayor of Jackson from 95-06 and he seems pretty conservative in his record. I found 2 or 3 blurbs about how much of a financial conservative he is.

Well then I found a more indepth article by Nick at Right Michigan about the tax and spender under the sheep’s clothing. Nick pointed out how he took credit for writing the Mich. Business Tax; that infamous job killing tax increase on business throughout the state.


Again, thanks to Right Michigan for lifting the Wizard of Oz’s curtain giving us a peak.

Breaking news from yesterday and MIRS.

I was already to talk about the possible primary fight coming up between the Dem. Reps from the 64th and the 65th, ( Griffin and Simpson) to see who was to run against Mike Nofs for the 19th. I had links and maps pitting the two. Oops, then I ran across a blurb from MIRS. I missed it yesterday. Looks like Susan's and my ideas of the Dems wasting money on the Primary isn't going to happen and the reverse is a possibility.

MIRS Capitol Capsule Headlines From Mon., Apr. 6, 2009

Simpson Out, Others In?
"Rep. Mike SIMPSON (D-Jackson) told MIRS today he won't be running for the 19th District Senate seat, but two GOP former representatives say they might be in."

I’m sorry but I don’t subscribe to MIRS so I can’t post the article. But enough said.
Just found out that it takes $1,990 for a subscription, that leaves me out but I luckily was accidently put through to a MIRS reporter and he at least told me that the alleged Nofs contenders are Lorence Wenke form Kalamazoo, formerly 63rd state rep; and Clark Bisbee from Jackson, formerly 64th state rep term limited in 2004.

I got this from earlier about Bisbee as a possible, but I thought it died out. I’m hoping whoever wrote that blurb at MIRS was just dredging up old news such as the link below


While Wenke and Bisbee are seasoned politicians and proven vote getters, I would hate to see a costly primary for the Republicans especially seeing how the Dems have figured it out and gotten rid of their competition with Simpson bowing out. I sincerely hope these two are just flexing their muscle or the reporter was flexing his.

Republicans don’t need a costly primary. All I know for sure for now is that Simpson is out.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

xxx (edit 04/08/09 9:03am) see this link and on this side bar for info from Nofs' campaign about some specifics about the Adopt a Precinct Program (end edit) xxx

Monday, April 6, 2009

Muskegon Tea Party in the works.

Hey Muskegon we might have our own Tea Party.

I lifted the following info off of the Following link. I then called up the people involved to check. If you want to get involved with someone in your area check out the site. People from all around us. So far I’ve called three. Pick your spot and find someone to help out.


Spent a long time talking with Joyce Horness from N. Muskegon and she and Chris Kaijala have done some of the groundwork. Joyce has called and gotten an ok for a rally. They are thinking of Noon April 15th at Hackly park by the statue.
Also they are planning a meeting of those interested (anyone is invited) tentatively for 4/13 the Monday before the Tea Party.

Janice has been trying to get others involved, she is talking to the Chronicle to see if they could put a little piece in about it.

Joyce has been talking about walking from Hackley Park to the Bay to symbolically dump the tea. Not in the water of course.


Rev. Tyler Wagonmaker is having one in Hudsonville.

Called Mary McGrady at 231-893-4832 and she told me that she is helping stage one in Montague.

They had a meeting last week and 15 people showed and they said they would spread the word. Mary also told me they plan on having a meeting the night before at her business in Montague.

Her business is where they plan to meet Party day and then walk with their signs etc down to the Weathervane to hold the rally. She thought said they were starting at noon April 15th then going as long as people came.

Her Business for night before meeting and beginning of the March to the Party

Mary McGrady
Paisley Place (Tea Room)
457 Dowling
Montague Mi.

That’s it for now. See top of side bar for other links as I get them.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Rapids, Tea Party. 5-7:00pm

The Liberals lost face with the success of first the taking of Bagdad in Desert and later when the Surge worked. They wiped the egg off their face and changed tactics. But they learned their lesson. Our young President learned the same lesson, Shock and Awe works or so they thought.

Their attack on the economy and their attempt to take over the capitalist system in such a quick time, seems patterned upon the military's Shock and Awe. The problem is that they have run into a thing they never expected. The Soul of America founded on Individual Freedom and nurtured in the Rights of Man. That soul the British had tried to stifle back in the day with their own shock and awe. That Soul recovered and won the day. That dormant American Freedom loveing Soul is awakening again. It is picking itself up and starting to fight back. Shock and Awe worked in a Dictatorship but the backlash here in this Free country is building and building fast.

The simple, almost comedic rant of Rick Saneile on Fox has been picke up by the hungry public and it is spreading like wildfire. Tea Parties have become the form of protest people are seizing upon. They are the catalyst for Individual Freedom to reassert itself in America.

These Tea Parties are sprouting up like spring tulips. I got wind of one in Big Rapids last week, I emailed her and this was her reply. Sounds like more than one in The Big Rapids. Notice she said she’s heard from all over. Tanya sounds like a serious tea party person. I was so impressed, I’m printing her email. I know she won’t mind. Also I’ve put her Party info on my side bar here and at my “Organize-Take Muskegon Back.

I don't want to hear the "Arm Chair Protesters" afterward saying they would of gone but they couldn't find one close enough. They didn't want to drive all the way to Lansing.

If you can’t find a Tea Party to go to, It’ll be your fault.
Hi Bob!

I would be extremely happy if you would list my Big Rapids event on your site! I've been trying to get the word out as much as I can, but since I'm only one person, it's kind of difficult, lol. I've heard from quite a few people from Muskegon to Traverse City to Mount Pleasant and Grand Rapids, so it sounds like I should have a pretty good turnout! I'm advertising in the Big Rapids Pioneer, and have asked 9and10news and WoodTV8 if they would be willing to at least put my info on their websites...hopefully they will, because there's no way I can afford to pay them to advertise for me. I'm just a poor single mom that's disabled trying to get something going where people who can't make it to Lansing can maybe come here & get their voices heard! We will be taking pix and video for YouTube and other internet sites as well! I just got some information today from 2 other groups that I guess are having rally's here in town (I hadn't heard of any when I began to organize mine last month, neither had the City Clerk when I called about applying to reserve the city park), but we have all agreed to do the "we'll come to yours if you'll come to ours" kind of thing which should work out too since we're all at different times!

Here is the information you may want-if you need anything else, just let me know, ok? Thanks for the well wishes also...much appreciated!
God Bless,

Date: April 15, 2009
Location: Hemlock Park
403 Hemlock Street
Big Rapids, Michigan 49307
Time: 5:00-7:00pm

Organizer: TeaPartyTanya

Pretty impressive I’d say. If my day wasn’t booked going to A Tea Party in Lansing and hopefully in Jackson, I’d go to Big Rapids; I'd like to meet Tanya.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, April 3, 2009

One Thing Hopefully Leads To Another

Big doings for me on this Friday.

I’ve been planning on going to Lansing for the noon Tea Party festivities; well I’m still going, but after that I’m planning on driving down to Jackson.

What started this chain of thoughts out was that I got to thinking about the long drive to Lansing, from Muskegon in my old truck when it dawned on me; as I was making out the calendar on my sidebar that Livingston County was having their Lincoln Day Dinner on the 15th as well. The time for that was from 7-9pm. Viola! I could just hang around Lansing for a few hours and mosey over to Livingston County which was only around 50 extra miles.

Then later as I was thinking about the Adopt a Precinct program, I checked on a map to see where Jackson was and it was about 40 miles south of Lansing. Gee maybe I could work it out to check out the area of the 19th. As a way to fill the dead time between Lansing and Livingston County. I could get a lay of the land so to speak. I decided to call up Steve Sachs from the Nofs camp, to see if they had someplace where I could get in a little peak at the action.

I did and he seemed happy by the prospect. Steve said that would be great and he also said that Jackson was trying to get a Tea Party of their own together for around either 5 or 6 PM he said he wasn’t sure of the facts. He also said that I could probably get an interview with Mike Nofs too if things could work out alright. He said he would check and call me right back. I was getting really excited.

Well that was around 4pm it is now 11:45pm. I don’t think he’s going to call me back. Ya think? I’ll try again tomorrow. That would make for a really busy and fun day though. A day full of pictures and blogging and politicking. A Junkie couldn’t ask for more.

Stay tuned for updates.

Jackson may not happen, but I have a feeling that the Lansing Tea Party will be huge; and my favorite guy Jack Hoogendyk will be there, I’m hoping for an interview from him. That would be great. Put on top of that carousing with the Livingston group and hearing Pete talk well, it couldn’t get much better.

By the way I’m putting it out there now. If someone wants to come with me and share the gas and company you are welcome. Just remember the time involved and the travel. A long and at times possibly frantic day. We could take your car if you don’t like to ride in an old truck. I’d pay my share and then some in that case. Also remember there is a $50.00 cost for the Livingston County Lincoln Day Dinner. See side bar calendar for all the details. Also the Jackson side trip is up in the air at this point, but if interested let’s talk.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

I’m Bob Carr

My Truck only holds two, your's?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We shape our own future

I heard it in the last election from Holly Hughes that we needed to stop the flow of the best and the brightest from our state. We needed to cut business taxes to help create jobs, to get jobs to come into our state. Holly had like many other Republican candidates, business experience and the knowledge necessary to make the decisions necessary to start to turn the economy around. I heard her lament that she was running to help make the state economic environment a place that her children and grandchildren would want to live in, a place to stay in. Others said similar things.

Business people like DeVoss before her have been saying the same thing. Another proven businessperson and someone with turnaround savvy, Mitt Romney comes to mind. But for now the results have been the same. They’ve lost. They have lost to people with little or no business experience.

The other side promised great and free things funded on higher business taxes. Now the taxes on bad policy are coming due and everyone is paying.

There is a whole plethora of reasons why we have lost those elections, but the main reason is that the voters haven’t been ready to vote for a candidate that will demand that it is time for the people to get to work and do the hard things to help keep their jobs, their homes and their children. People have voted for those who said, don’t worry let us take care of things for you.

Well they have taken care of things. They have failed. As with the educational system the failure doesn’t lie with a lack of highly paid teachers and administration, or from lack of better schools, or from the lack of government involvement. Rather people are finally waking up to the idea that increased government involvement is the reason for the failures.

The climate is changing and it is one climate change I can understand and believe in. A larger percentage of voters are starting to feel the effects of the continual increase in government control over their lives. They are starting to understand the trade off wasn't worth it. In Michigan the educational and medical systems are so unconnected to the people they serve that the service they provide is losing focus on why they exist.

People have been living with that disconnect for a long time, we have seen it increasing but believed the reasons we were given for it. Efficiency was the byword. In some board room somewhere people are showing with charts and graphs how efficient phone menus are instead of real people answering the phones. But after a decade of experience trying to get thru to a real person to answer a question not on the menu, I realize the question should be, for whom is this so efficient? I know it isn’t for me. Forgive me this; but for whom does the phone toll?

Police for example seem to be there more to write OKs for insurance claims than to actually catch and punish the bad guys. Next time you’re robbed see if they take fingerprints for example.

The list is endless and that is the point. That general discontent led to those promising change without pain being put into office. They are not following thru with their promises, no change and ever increasing pain. In fact I heard recently that it’s all Bush’s fault. Now how that creates a solution is beyond me and that saying is wearing thin. The taxes are being raised and new ones invented. We’ve had 8 years of Democrats in Michigan and the Ron French and Mike Wilkinson article in The Detroit News linked below points to what extent the failure of the last 8 years has cost us.


Also a hat tip to Nick at RightMichigan for bringing it up. His analysis is linked below. The traffic sign on his sight says it all.


As we continue to bleed our warmest blood of all, our children's and their’s; that discontent is becoming anger. All those little things like the phone menu thing, which used to be a funny story at the water cooler, when told at the unemployment line takes on a different meaning.

All those after the fact remembrances of chances gone by now take on a new meaning also; a meaning bread out of a fear of loss. The would of, could of and should ofs, are turning into a more active “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”; a call to action.

Granholm and Cherry have had their second chance.

This anger is manifesting itself in the “Tea Parties” springing up all over the state. Joe the Plumber is making it to the Lansing Tea Party April 15th for example. Some politicians are coming too. I know Jack Hoogendyk will be there and at the Kalamazoo party also.

Pete Hoekstra is running for Governor. Pete has the business credentials along with the political clout to change the course of Michigan. I heard him in Holland recently announce his candidacy. He talked of a grass roots campaign, of keeping the people at the top of the list on who he is working for. His motto for the campaign is “Michigan’s Future Begins With Us”. In his talk he reminded us how great a state this is, he talked about our Universities and our past greatness in industry. The more I think of that slogan, the better it sounds.

The “us” in that saying is a subtle reminder that for things to change the way we want them to we have to join, do some work, make an effort so we can become part of the “us”. If we are to expect the government to put the focus on us we have to stand up and work for it. We have to make the effort.

Pete is not a glory seeking pulpit pounding type of guy. He is a doer. This time around that may be in his favor. People want a solution focused person to guide Michigan; someone with a quiet sense of their own abilities and vision. Someone who will get down to the business of turning this state around.

Funny thing I heard on the way to research this article. After Pete’s announcement I saw that a Democrat called him a clone of Bush and DeVoss.

Enough said, time to get involved.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Just got a call from Steve Sachs about Mike Noffs Senate bid in the 19th and about the "Adopt a Precinct" program he said was Holly's "Adopt a Precinct Program" I will write an article at my Organize-Take Muskegon Back blog and link it to the side bar hear upper right corner under the 1st video, shortly.