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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Backlash Back into Reality

Backlash Back into Reality.

From Radio Head to leading psychological research to the results of the last election it is becoming clear that the American people are fighting back. What are they fighting? Simply put they are fighting the rush into a virtual reality the elites and the media are trying to take us. That is a magic place where fake news is applauded and where the end no matter how whimsical and nonsensical is justified, even when the most hurtful effects are upon the most vulnerable among us.

The people are getting hit in the pocketbook by this headlong rush and the billions no trillions it is costing ordinary Americans. They are finally demanding results. All Americans are feeling the pinch and they are at a minimum demanding concrete results.

The leak in the dam is beginning and will soon become a flood. When I read an article about the band RadioHead not giving into demands from the liberals to cancel its trip to Israel, I see hope.

When I see that Connecticut is finally seeing the effects of unlimited tax and spend and bad policy upon their people and the Democrat leaders are waking up to defeat, I have hope. Connecticut is going broke, they are currently over $5 billion in deficit. The big companies and rich are leaving because the Democrat politicians in their pie in the sky liberal promises of a utopian world decided to finally kill the golden goose and take all her eggs. Ayn Rand’s cry of “Who is John Gault” is becoming known. A word of advice on this Wall Street Journal article. The article is dulled out to non-subscribers, but here is a trick I learned. Simply tilt back your laptop screen and it comes in fine. The article is worth reading as it is the problem of the effects upon everyday Americans when forced into the liberal virtual reality utopia. Everyone suffers even those it is set up to protect.

I’m a conservative and believe in conservative principles. I’ve read all the books or at least most of them that sings its praises but in the back of my mind I’ve always wondered why the liberals believed what to me was nonsense. I got my first clues when studying the constitution and its creation. That document was put together by both the conservatives and liberals of the time.

My next insight came after reading Thomas Sowell’s book, “Conflict of Visions” which basically says there are two ways people look at their world and that has evolved into what we call liberal and conservative. Mr. Sowell was beginning to lift the curtain for me. Below is a link to a good review of that work.

Then in 2012 came a book, actually more like a psychological treatise about “Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion”. The title of the book is “The Righteous Mind”, by Jonathan Haidt. I just found it. Although Haidt is a confessed liberal he bends over backwards in trying to figure out the underpinnings of Dr. Sowell’s two types of visions. And he does it in a scientific way. This is not an easy read, it is a well indexed, referenced and massively footnoted work. I have not finished reading it and really only just started but I see it is setting my mind to working again on this problem. It seems like a good book but I don’t know yet if it is a great book.

It is a good study of the two views people have of life and it is pointing out the righteousness of both. It is really diving into and trying to prove that indeed both “visions” are right but that reality lies somewhere in the middle. Haidt talks of emotional vs. rational thinking. He shows through clinical testing how they both need each other to survive. Here is a quote. “When the Master (passion) drops dead, the Servant (reasoning) has neither the ability nor the desire to keep the estate running.” I remembered something from the bible and I looked it up.

Proverbs 29:18 King James Version.

“Where there is no vision the people perish: but he that keepth the law happy he is.”

I could write a lot here about the wisdom of the bible or the second part of the quote about keeping the law but suffice it for me to write that as a rule of law person I believe the above means that when the laws are inspired by vision/passion/faith in a higher power he that keeps it is indeed happy.

I hope the rest of the book is as good as the first 40 pages.

But back to my title “Backlash Back into Reality”. Ordinary people have had enough. This was clear in the last election. People are beginning to stand up and their voices are being heard from their outcry against the diabolical misdeed of Kathy Griffin with President Trump’s severed head to the public pressure towards the wayward sponsors of the Hannity show which have motivated them to come back to his show as sponsors. I see people voicing their own “righteous” anger. Even with the Governor of Connecticut beginning to see the “righteousness” of Free Enterprise there is hope that the crowning gift of Individual Freedom will be not far behind.

I hope for a day when people see that the Common Good is best served not by government regulations but by protecting and enshrining the Freedom of the one to pursue what his or her passions and visions dictate.

Regards, Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth
Bob carr