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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"extreme" Top Down Politics

As you might guess from the name of my blog (Bottom Up Politics), I believe that the greatness of this country comes from the freedom the citizens have. Let’s call those Citizens the Bottom. The people they pick in the election process determines to what extent those Citizens hold onto their freedom. If they pick Representatives who create legislation aimed at enhancing that freedom of the Citizenry then that Citizen freedom has gone from the “Bottom Up”.

If the elected officials worry more about themselves than the Citizens then the laws they pass reflect that and the process becomes “Top Down”.

For Bottom Up to work, the Citizenry has to work at it. It will not be of value if given to them. The Citizen will not value it if it is not earned. Plus keep in mind that anything given by a government can be taken back. Those doing the giving assume they also have the right to take back what they had given.

For this country to work, we need an informed citizenry. A Citizenry willing to do what it takes so they can be in a position to demand from the “Bottom Up” just how they want the government to run.

What brought this on was an article I saw on Drudge about a foreclosure of a house that was an “Extreme Makeover”. The TV show (read Gov.) gave a poor family (read Citizen) a ½ million dollar home, plus ¼ million dollar home maintenance account, and scholarships for the children. The effort turned out to be wasted. The home is being foreclosed due to a loan they made against it for a business that failed. I hope the kids still get to go to college.


We hear about this a lot with lottery winners. The example above just seems like a perfect example of how a government through the power given them, decided what the Citizens need in this case a half million dollar house, and for all the good reasons gave it to them. I by the way really liked the show. I’m in construction myself. It feels good to help people. People need help. I prefer it from the Bottom Up. Less chance of the type of thing above from happening.

This example is all the more glaring because it was a heart felt effort from the people. The construction co. and neighbors and friends trying to give from the top down. When government is involved in such giveaways they probably would spend ten times that much and the “show” would not be a week long, but would turn into the longest running play on Broadway.

Top Down Politics doesn’t work.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sorry to rush this blog, but I’m on the go and my computer is going into the shop hopefully only one day. I’m doing some upgrades so I can make up nicer docs., for political flyers for my candidate. (blatant plug) Karen Buie Muskegon County Clerk. Hope to be back soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fruitport Casino

Went to a meeting of the Fruitport board last night dealing with the controversial “Casino” issue. I didn’t even know of it because I was busy paying attention to other things. I had called up Marve Engle about where he had his oversized beautiful postcards made and the cost etc. when he told me about the meeting of the board in ½ hour. He told me that there were some divisions in the board over the issue and said there might be fireworks.

Sounded like fun. The “incident” ranged from inspiring to the embarrassing.

First I went to the Fruitport city hall and they had a guy there saying the meeting had been moved to The Fruitport Middle School Auditorium. Next I walked in with a minute only to spare before we stood up to say the Pledge of Allegiance when it was realized there was no flag. In a heart beat we all turned and gave the pledge to a man wearing a t shirt with the flag on it. He seemed proud, everyone was serious, a flag is a flag. That no nonsense approach and the way in which it was done was the inspiring part of the night.

The tribal chief from the band that is based out of Manistee was there with others from the band. Their presentation was well done. They obviously were used to giving it. There point was that they were serious as proven by their purchase of the land (I think it was 53 acreas south of the abandoned Horse Race Track. They made their case that they were the best tribe to set up the casino. They were tossing around figures in the millions and jobs #s of around a thousand that Fruitport would at least share in. It also became apparent that they were expecting to come away with a resolution from the Fruitport Board stating that they were in favor of them pursuing the Casino.

As background, the Chronicle in an article said that no vote was to be taken, that the purpose of the meeting was to get input from the residents. Most there had read the article.


Quote from the above link, the quote came from the Superintendent of the Board. {Supervisor Ron Cooper confirmed Friday that the board plans to discuss -- but not vote on -- a resolution by the Manistee-based Little River Band of Ottawa Indians' to place a casino at the former Great Lakes Downs site. } From the article we see that the County swiftly gave the go ahead and is on board. The Manager of the Lakes Mall also is for it and was at the meeting saying so.

The article was good as it framed the division and the players on the Board.

The meeting soon fell apart over the divisions. Also over any type of proper rules or respect. A certain board member (I think he was running for the leadership spot in the upcoming election and thought he had a winning issue here) kept interrupting any speakers who were not in favor of the resolution board member or not. Any one even nice old ladies from the audience who dared ask question that seemed to be negative were rudely treated. That was the embarrassing part.

Speaking of the resolution that the board member wanted the board to vote on favorably It didn’t exist. At one point it was worked out that because the main stumbling block was the need for the agreement to have in it some guarantee that the board would be a part of later negotiations. That seemed agreed to but come vote time, it was left out and whatever coalition was formed evaporated and something was passed, and it still never was stated clearly what it was. The vote was 4-3. This was a prime example of how without any rules a group can fall apart and the loudest shouter rules.

It seems ok in Detroit, that’s far away. But in Fruitport??? I’m depressed about that. I agree that the Superintendent didn’t run the meeting well and at times seemed befuddled, but that other guy took a page out of the book of Detroit politics. “ If they’re against what you want, belittle them, laugh at them, shout at them and while it didn’t happen last night in Detroit the intimidation gets physical and that board member seemed pretty close. That was another time I was embarrassed.

I admit I don’t live in Fruitport, and I don’t know the players, or the issues. But I saw what I saw and I hope the board gets itself right. That was not a good example of adults trying to govern. It was more like kids at recess. Partisan politics reared it’s ugly head in Fruitport fueled by millions of dollars as incentive and a thousand jobs to people who are losing both money and jobs. This Casino will happen, and as a conservative who deals with what is at hand, I’m in favor of it. As a conservative the only question I had was when the spokesmen for the tribe kept talking of the local cut being 2% of the net. I wanted to know who had oversight on figuring out just what the net was? The State was the answer. The Money is needed and the Jobs are really needed I along with the losing side would like to be able to have as much say as possible that all the talk of helping police and safety issues and some ethical issues are lived up to. I doubt that will happen.

What is really sad is that a poor man has little say over the scraps that are given. It’s sad that Granholm and co. has brought us to this point. I hate begging for scraps, but I’ll take what I need to eat. This is a good thing. However I will work harder for better. I will fight harder for business tax breaks, so that the only new business’ need not be tax exempt ones.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Week In Local Politics.

Great week in local politics. Chronilogical

What a lively time we had at our blossoming weekly Thursday 8am “Carmen Group”. By the way all are welcome always, for food coffee and politics. Attendees from left to right. Marv Engle, running for re-election as the 5th District Rep on the County Commission Board. Marv’s link. John Koens, our former long term County Treasurer. Next the King of Muskegon Politics, Mr.David Farhat, past 91st State House Rep. Next are our own Muskegon Bloggers. The Snarky Huntress aka Susie Hughes, . Next GordoM from Muskegon Pundit fame. The Dean of Muskegon Bloggers. . Then there is Tom Pearo who along with me (not in photo) is running for Precinct Delegate from Precincts 13 (Blufton) and Precinct 6 Muskegon.

I have to run now, will edit this later tonight. I still have the Holton Parade and a meeting at the House of Chan to blog about. I'm off to see the Tigers in Detroit.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Edit. 9pm Sun.
Last Friday was another political pow wow, This one was set up by Bob Scolnik.
In picture below are left to right The Muskegon Pundit (see above for web site), John Koens (Previous long time County Treasurer), Bob Scolnik (County Republican Chair Re-running for his County Commission Seat). Next we have our hopes for the 92nd and 91st State House Seats, Jim McCormick, and the indefagitable Holly Hughes. (Please see my side bar for Holly's great Web Site If you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see an envelope which contains the "secret" photo of the prize pig Holly bought at auction at the Muskegon County Youth Fair. It was the prize pig. One young man walked away with a pretty big check. Needless to say, Holly wasn't buying lunch. lol

Just got back from Detroit where we finally beat the White Sox. Both sides had a lot of hits. Lots of runners stranded. Game got real close in the 9th. Rodney battled like crazy with all the three he struck out that inning. He went to a full count on all with a lot of extra foul balls by each but struck them all out to save our win. We had great seats about 7 rows up, next to the foul pole. Felt like Maglio could shake our hands.

On Saturday, at 1pm the Holton parade started and we had the "Buie Bunch" out in force, some new faces to go along with the regulars. Our youngest at 9 weeks was wrapped in shades and all dandied up. He has made every parade this year. As you can see in the photo he's a toughy, only Patrice could push him around. We also had a nice young family giving the "Buie Bunch" a try. Check out the two young ones. For once I didn't have to carry the banner.

Karen was just being herself running back and forth trying to see everyone shake their hands and giving them hugs. I think we pulled off another great job, out doing the competition. With Karen it wasn't hard. I put in some of the pictures before the parade mingling with the other candidates. We seem to be getting tight with the Smedley Crew, nice people. Oh and a little horsing around never hurts.




Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

If you want to join the "Buie Bunch" or any Republican campaign see side bar. If you want to join the Carmen Group and or be the first at the Sunday 8am coffee at the downtown McDonalds, see side bar. Both are under the label "Ccalendar of Events" and my contact #s are there if you have any questions. Feel free to call for yard signs for any of the Republican Candidates etc.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A New Muskegon Blog "SNARKY HUNTRESS"

Snarky Huntress

I think we in Muskegon sometimes take for granted a lot of the really wonderful things that this area offers. People from other places when they come to Muskegon are sometimes better at seeing our “forest through the trees”. I still remember my Brother in Law’s amazement at seeing Lake Michigan (the size of it) and the sandy beeches for the first time. He was born in Switzerland raised on the East Coast. He was the head salesman (I forgot the term) for Allied Chemical on the East Coast. The guy was accomplished rich, Big City and well traveled. Yet Muskegon to him was impressive. Go figure.

In a previous blog I interviewed Jeremy and Jamie Pacquin two young married Chefs from Texas who had decided on Downtown Muskegon as the place they were going to stake their future on. They saw the possibilities in our area. They however weren’t rich. They worked mainly by themselves for two years updating a run down store front on 3rd st. between Monroe and Houston. Supported by family that believed in them,. They called it Mia & Grace Bakery and Bistro. (see my side bar lower down under ”Stores I Really Like Close By”. I was worried about the high end, quality oriented nature of their business, in relation to the neighborhood. So being the big headed sometimes condescending good Samaritan I sometimes think I am; I talked with Karen Buie about having lunch there and her maybe talking it up at the County Building. Well we got there and what a crowded place, we had to wait for a table. What a wonderful job they have done with the place. Big City food and feel, as Local artists adorn the walls. They also use as much local produce and meat as possible. I’m really happy they are off to a flying start. The Muskegon Chronicle did an excellent piece on them that really get the ball rolling. “ A Bottom Up Award” to the Chronicle. Another local resource often taken for granted.

Well this is my round about way of making my introduction to the “Bottom Up” people in Muskegon, of a new blogger and site that we are lucky to have. People I’d like to introduce you to the “Snarky Huntress”. Snarky, the people. Below is her web site. By the way she is a regular at our Thursday 8am coffee at Carmens Downtown with the clever name “The Carmen Group” so I’ll put in my plug, if you want to come join the talk and coffee feel free it’s every Thursday at 8am. See my side bar under “Calendar of Events”
-----Snarky’s site/ link-----
Snarky’s real name is Susie Hughes. I was introduced to her through our “Carmen Group” by GordoM of “The Muskegon Pundit” fame. (See my side bar under “Close by Blog Sites Trying To Help”). She is a real go to person when it comes to knowing people in the city and county and it‘s politics. She’s got connections.

Susie has just started up her new site. “Snarky Huntress”. She is really prolific. She is a good writer. What impressed me and gave me inspiration for this blog was her expertise when it comes to hunting. I’m not talking just sitting on a stump once a year hoping a dear comes by. Snarky has traveled out of the country. She is a real Big Game Huntress. Check out her Bio. She has walked the walk. She has shot the shot. She has also put in her time promoting her passion. She has strong connections with the Safari Club been an important part of that group.

Those things I appreciate as it goes to her willingness to put her money where her mouth is. Willing to actually do something about what she believes and not just bitch like most. Believe me I find myself doing it all the time. Her expertise goes directly to the credibility of what she writes.

What she writes and what I give her a “Bottom Up Writer Award” for, is not for her expertise which is obvious. But the broad reach of her blogs. Susie cover a lot of subjects from how to build bird houses to her opinion on how the candidates positions affect her, to what Caliber of ammunition is allowed when traveling, how to become active in the sport, how to plan a hunting trip, and a whole host of conservation issues. I really like how she brings it down to us “Bottom People” down to real life through her example. Not a hint of “Ranting and Raving” here. Just common sense everyday stuff shown through example. Below I linked a blog of hers I found informational and especially just plain pretty. She seems to be a pretty good photographer. Hey I know what I’ll be talking with her about at the Next Carmen Group. My layout of photos in my blog, (to borrow a favorite saying of GordoM over at The Muskegon Pundit), Suck. Lol

Susie it soon becomes obvious from reading her blog, cares deeply for the wildlife and their habitat. She has actually helped the environment more than a dozen tree huggers ever will. Though she seldom talks of it. She will say that hunters and huntresses are the true original conservationists. I am happy to have The Snarky Huntress as a resource I can use to see how my “talk” of Green Conservatives lines up with the “walk” of a real accomplished one. I am happy to have her as a friend.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, July 24, 2008

TWO POST TODAY -- Carli Fiorina

Carli Fiorina + Muskegon County Republican's Lincoln Day Dinner.

As I drove into the Country Club parking lot for the Lincoln Day Dinner, I was tired, hungry and a bit down in the dumps due to what I was thinking was a lack of respone to the "Energy Freedom March". That changed shortly after I got out of the car and the ever cheerful Stu Peterson joined me and said hi. Stu is one of those people that just lift you up being around him. He and Bob Scolnik set up the Republican clean up, of our addopted piece of highway for which I volunteered earlier in the week.

Once inside I realized that I was starting to get to know a few of the local republicans, I was beginning to feel like I was among friends. I went around taking pictures of the people in their Sunday best. People I was getting to know, candidates like Karen Buie, Annette Smedley and just anyone that looked right. I'm putting out all the pics. There is a good one of our State Republican and our County Republican Chairs together. Just some fun pictures of a lot of people that were celebrating the act of politicking and proud to be Republican. Proud to be a part of this process of Democracy.

I remember that Bob Scolnik was worried about a possible low turnout at our meeting Monday. There were a lot of people there. The room was jammed. It took some doing to get everybody seated for dinner. By the way the turkey, was the best this poor boy has ever had. Did I mention that Jack Hoogendyk was there too. Chuck Yob too.

Bob Scolnik did a masterfull job as master of ceremonies. He took care of business well and timely. The candidates were all introduced. Jack Hoogendyk took the platform and gave a nice speech. Holly Hughes (our hope to unseat Mary Valentine in the 91st house seat in the State House) shared with us the impressions and some highlights she had formed while sharing time with Carli Fiorina when they were with John McCain. Holly is really an accomplishe speaker and I might add Politician. Then she introduced Carli.

She talked of how she was inspired to offer to help the McCain campaign. She, like so many on the local level is a volunteer!! What can I say so am I lol. I had been blogging about Dan Burton and his honest desire to compromise to get things accomplished in Congress ao Carli was preeching to the choir as she told of John McCain's proven ability to reach across the aisle and try to do what's right for America. She pointed out another point dear to my heart and that was John McCain's hatred for Ear marks. She reitterated John's belief that for a bill to be passed it needs to stand on it's own merit by itself and debated and voted on by itself not just attached by the dozens to another bill.

She highlighted how he had stood against the President on the need for more troops before the surge happened, from the beginning. This is a man she pointed out that knew about war. This was a couragous man and a man of principle. Willing to go against the grain if he knew of a better way.

She compared historically the way America in the 1920s was in a recession and how we went into the depression by doing exactly what the Obama camp is reccomending. Tariffs supposedly to protect jobs, higher taxes to supposedly get us out of the recession. Both had the opposite effects, and she claims they will do the same today. She turned a Frotune 500 High Tech co. around. I think I'll believe her over a "community organizer" any day. Not to mention that it just makes sense.

There was a lot I missed but I thought the speech was good. My blogger friend made an astute observation that the women and girls in the crowd were really paying attention. I know her talk resonated with me and because of her John McCain went up a couple notches in my opinion.

As a possible running mate, McCain could do far worse.

Well gotta get some sleep. I'll post about the Carmen Group and who showed tomorrow. Also about my first meal at Mia & Grace.

Thanks for putting up with my lack of blogging the last couple of days.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

The Energy Freedom March is Done.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Well what a busy few days it’s been. I guess I might as well start with the “Energy Freedom March”. In my last post I shared my “senior moment” about misplacing my files. Well my fellow partner in crime and blogging, GordoM.
He made a special trip to headquarters for the missing files. They weren’t there. Luckily I was able to make some more up on my computer for our first day. I’ve included a couple pictures that another fellow blogger Susie took of us holding our signs. Susie is none other than the Snarky Huntress.
A fellow I just met at the Muskegon County Republican Meeting the night before showed up and carried a sign for a few hours. His name was Tom Pearo. He and I are both running for precinct delegate slots from different precincts in the Aug. primary.

A good time was had by all. The sign that got the most action was the “Honk for lower gas price” sign. I would estimate a full ¼ of the cars honked. A Fire Truck honked. That was LOUD up close. As our protest was at the seat of Muskegon Government, we even had a few police give up a honk for us. Lots of Semi truck drivers did also, if not downright eager. I was surprised by the number of school bus drivers giving us a toot.

I had tried to keep this a non partisan affair as you can tell by the signs. The largest economic group of people that honked in my estimation were from the lower end of the spectrum. My neighbors. But there was a large percentage from all social groups.

The mechanic was quite different from what I envisioned. I was planning on handing out maybe 100 flyers. Maybe getting 100 signatures. The set up of the corner however, didn’t allow for that. Only a few times would a car be stopped long enough to hand out a flyer and there was next to zero foot traffic so very few petition signatures. This is the first one for me and our group. We did learn some things. One thing I learned was to listen better to my friends.

The event was the day of the Carli Fiorina Lincoln Day Dinner put on by the Muskegon County Republicans. I’ll blog separately about that because that was something special for me and deserves a separate post. I mention it because after the protest I had just enough time to throw on some nicer clothes and attend the party. I was pretty tired and bummed out about the protest, and how it didn’t go as I had planned. It was the Lincoln Day Dinner that revitalized me.

I had pretty much decided not to have it again the next day. But during the dinner I changed my mind. The next day my fellow blogger showed up and we did it again. The honks were just as loud and numerous as before. My partner had to leave early and I was held down the fort by myself. Around 11:00 the Muskegon County Treasurer who has offices on the top corner floor of the county building in which we were in front of came walking out to talk to me. I recognized him as we had met at the Whitehall Montague Parade previously. We don’t share the same party. Lol.

He gave me proof that the protest, through the horn honking was at least getting noticed. He told me that they were having a hard time working up on the top floor due to all the noise from the honking. He said that though he agreed with what I was doing he would appreciate it if we would stop.

Well I made sure we both knew that I had a right to be on the corner, to which fact he agreed, and so I offered a comprised and said I would leave in ½ an hour. I was ready anyway. He graciously agreed. We shook hands and were both nice. We both on our small scale and in our own way showed that compromise is easily achieved if goals on each side are respected. One of my signs said simply “We Want A Do Something Congress” The whole idea behind that and my trying to keep politics out of the protest was to show support for those in Congress that are willing to compromise and actually do their jobs an get something done other than talk. I tip my hat to the man. Who I vote for, well -- As I planned I will leave the partisan out of it. Lol. And you never know. Perhaps if all politicians didn’t “know” who we were voting for perhaps they might try listening a little more. That is a big one for me to accept, but you never know.

By the way I mentioned I was tired. Well after my senior moment the first day day of the protest and being up since 3:00 am, then going to the protest from 8am-5pm and going after that to the Lincoln Day Dinner; and getting home late, I then had to get up early as I volunteered for the job of opening up the Republican booth at the County Youth Fair Wed. morning. I got there at 6:30am and made it to the protest by 8:00am. There wasn’t much of a compromise to quit at 11:30. I was dragging. Don't forget I went to Our Thursday Morning Coffee. The Carmen Group at 8am. I'll blog separately about that too as that is getting some attendence. I'm shocked.

This “politicking” is harder than working and no double time for working late. There oughta be a union. Hey just kidding ok?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Local Politics

More local politics.

Last night we had a good lively and well attended meeting of the Muskegon County Republican Party Executive Committee. Some new faces were there, that was good to see. Before the meeting a few “walk ins” came in and were helped. That was a really good thing. At the meeting a lot of the candidates were there. They each gave a short talk about the status of their campaigns and any problems they were having or help they sought. Basic strategy was talked about. Under new business, our own “Carmen’s Thursday Group” was highlighted by the Chairman Bob Scolnik. Nice plug, some interest was shown, maybe the group will increase. See my side bar under “Calendar” for specifics.

I also gave a short pitch for our “Energy Freedom March” and held up a few signs, at the least the was some good natured laughter, some signatures on the petition, and hopefully some will show up today so there will be a tomorrow. Lol. See top of my side bar for details on the protest march.

Ken Punter gave an overview of the upcoming Youth Fair, and the best days etc, for the candidates to show up and politic. (See side bar under “Calendar”) After the meeting Ken and I went to Holly Hughes headquarters and picked up the “booth” and all the rest of the stuff, drove it to the Fair Grounds on Hts. Ravenna Rd. and set it up so it would be ready for today.


For your levity. Last night at the meeting, I took my folders with all the flyers and petitions I had feverishly copied and put together along with the petitions including the ones we had signed then left them there in my rush to get going on the Youth Fair stuff. I didn’t realize this fact until I woke up out a sound sleep this morning at 4:00am and couldn’t get back to sleep because of it.
The only way I know out of this “Senior Moment” is to call up Bob Scolnik our Chairman, run out to his house hopefully pick up the keys, run back to the headquarters pick up the stuff then run the keys back then run to the “Energy Freedom March” to start that at 7:45. Wish me luck. Lol. Getting old isn’t pretty sometimes. It’s 6:15 now.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Local Politics

Politics in Muskegon, Update

The “signs” of the time. Can’t miss em. Some may wish they could. I’m old school enough that I cut them some slack for their zeal. That zeal is what makes politics at this level work. Those signs are put out by ordinary people that think they can bring something important to the decision making process that we call politics in this free land.

Even from my limited time in “politics” I realize the vast amount of time these citizen politicians put into their efforts. They for the most part receive no money from the Party. Just their own or what they can raise from friends and fund raisers. Dave Schultz had a Wine Tasting last night to raise some money hope he did well. Karen Buie is having a golf outing. Mostly it seems a humbling experience just asking everyone for everything. Whether it’s money, or permission to put up a yard sign or a bigger sign, or begging donations, to setting up websites to opening up their house to strangers spending a few hundred of their own to hopefully make a hundred or more extra. Hoping you break even at least and spending a week of free time setting it up. Advertising is the big ticket here in local politics. Radio ads are usually the best these candidates can afford.

Once and awhile you’ll see a richer person with the billboards and some TV trying to buy their way into office, hey it happens I would rather it didn‘t but it is the reality. Only the voters can decide if it‘s an acceptable practice.

Think of $5.00 per yard sign (at least the corrugated core board type) and the time driving to each place, walking up and knocking on doors and asking permission to put it up. The odds for new comers probably is 10% to get a sign up. The nine out of 10 will say no in differing ways from the vulgar to the polite. Remember too that this is just for the primary. Within I think 10 days after the Aug. 5th primary the signs must all come down. If you’re lucky enough to win the primary then you’re lucky enough to put up the same signs all over again. I remember putting 250 signs together for Holly Hughes in the back room of her Headquarters while everyone else was eating hotdogs at the fundraiser. I just realized that those represented a large amount of money she had to spend. At the State level the process becomes more professional, more money is available.

To go through all that money, time effort and humble pie there must be a driving force to see them through. Hopefully a desire to do good backed up by a strong conviction in the right of what they want to do. I’ll vote for that if the ego is controlled.

You know me though I’m rooting for the little guy, the first timer who works another job, yet still wants to donate all his free time to campaigning so they can have a chance to make a difference. At this level the pay is rotten, luckily the work is part time. But the campaigning is full time while it lasts, if the candidate lasts.

When I see a sign now I smile to myself and a little of the “Better you than me” creeps in.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Help me get the "Energy Freedom March" off the ground, This Tues 7/22 8:30am-5:30 pm at the county building see top of my side bar about it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update on the “Drill Here” Energy idea. + The “Energy Freedom March”

Update on the “Drill Here” Energy idea. + The “Energy Freedom March”

I admit to being angry that Congress will not allow more exploration of energy sources. I’m fed up with Congress seemingly waiting for some :pie in the sky” scientific breakthrough in the energy field maybe a “perpetual motion” machine. I’ve had enough of big talk and no action. I don’t want to wait another 20 years for the perfect solution. I want something done by Congress now.

Gee is it so complicated. The price of oil is shooting up for lack of it. Hey here is a novel idea. Let’s look for some more. Let’s take advantage of what we have; coal, oil shale, nuclear. Let’s concentrate on bringing the price of oil down. At the same time we can put money into coming up with other alternative forms of energy, wind solar bio and any other newer means. But first let us become free from the rising cost of oil. That alone can have a snowball effect upon becoming free from foreign dependence on oil and lead to freedom from oil altogether at least for energy.

Like a war, we need to see some progress. We need to win one skirmish then one battle. The plan will change once the war starts, it has to adapt to changing circumstances: but we need a plan. Then each bill we pass will move us towards victory over Dependence on Foreign Oil. To be non-partisan, we need a plan for the good of America to point to with pride to overcome the naysayer’s .

Below are some links to update what some of the Leaders in this battle in Congress are doing to try to change things. Below those links, see what we’re doing about it right here in Muskegon.

American Solutions, (the people who came up with Drill here, Drill now, Pay Less) The video is a shorter version of the presentation to the leaders of Congress 1.3 million signatures on the “Drill Here” Petition. This will be sent to all the leaders. Hopefully this 1.3 will grow to a goal of 3 million signatures, which will be presented to the Republican and Democratic Conventions.
John Boehner, (Republican Leader in the House) has the following links. He has become the focal point of this process. Constantly bring heat to the majority through a lot of different ways. His current effort is a 10 House member tour of Energy sources in the country. His way of showing that we have the where with all to do great things towards the goal of energy independence. His group of energy bills is called “All of the Above”. It includes not only exploration, but conservation and promotion of alternative energy sources. His current tour emphasizes this.

Yes we are a Can Do Nation. Even if Congress has been a “Do Nothing Congress”.
-----link to Boehner’s sites-----
On the right side of the above link be sure to click on the blog button. This has the full acceptance of the 1.3 million signatures, plus other links to his efforts.

Dan Burton the conservative leader in the House has as is usual been leading his own battle to help goad Congress into action and stir up some publicity. He and Mike Pence and Steve Buyer are holding a Press Conference this Monday 7/21 to spread the word. Show an Indiana united front. Below is a link to his efforts.

Next the guy that started the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” slogan Newt Gingrich has broadened the theme by changing the name to “Do it All, Do it Now, Do it For America” He hopes to gather another 1.7 million signatures to go with the 1.3 to total 3 million to present to both political conventions. Below is his site. Click on Rosy the Riveter to see the scope of his solution to the Energy problem. Click on the upper right Drill Petition to see the current total.

Last but not least Tim Walberg (Michigan’s own) sponsored the first discharge petitions in the House to try to force the “no more excuses energy bill” out of committee where it along with other energy bill are stuck, onto the floor for a yes or no vote. Below is his latest volley.

There are many others, google away, and you will see.

Myself and some others have decided that we also want to not only give our support to this effort but to actually play a small part in this effort, to spur congress on to “Do Something” to help our country to become more Energy Independent.
Tuesday, July 22nd we are holding an “Energy Freedom March” on the sidewalk of the County building. Starting around 8:30 am. I'll be there all day. Feel free to stop any time for any amout of time. Sign our petition for "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" or not. Pick up a sign or bring your own or not. Bring a friend or not. This is a "bottom up type of thing". I’m making twenty signs to carry. Simple messages, Drill Now, Stop Opec. America / Has Had Enough, Drill Here, We Want A / Do Something Congress. Honk For Lower / Gas Prices.

If you want to help out or find out anything at all about this, below are my contact #s

Bob Carr
231-728-3455 let message play (I screen my calls) If I’m there I’ll pick up. If not I’ll call back. If you want to be anonymous, just comment on this blog. Using the anonymous button. Or call back on the phone when I’m home. I can’t afford caller ID> lol.

Hope to see you Tues and Wed.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS don't forget David L. Schultz's fund raiser, see side bar "Calendar of Events"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Karen Buie !!!

Flash --- Our Own Muskegon County Clerk, Karen Buie was one of three local greeters at the airport to welcome John McCain to the area, before Secret Service whisked him off to the fundraising event which was a huge success with a reported $1.4 million raised. The event was at the home of Peter Secchia, a retired businessman and former Ambassador to Italy.

Bob Scolnik our County Republican Chair and John Foreman from Eagle Alloy were the other McCain greeters at the Airport.

Below is a link to Channel 13 and their blurb about it. I'm sure the event will be in the news today all around West Michigan. John McCain is having a Town hall meeting in Warren today (7/18), and I'm sure there will be other stops.
While the likes of Senator Levin will try to criticize, It is good to note that Michingan was not overlooked by McCain in the past, as Obama has done. I heard Levin complaining about the auto industry. Perhaps he should look to our Governor for the past 7 years and her policies.

Anyway just talked with a sleepy Karen Buie (7:30) and she was impressed by the vitality of John McCain and how personable he was. She has some pictures she is getting downloaded and will be up on her website. See my side bar, tomorrow perhaps.
I've known about this since Tues, but was told not to blog about it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


This idea of mine to have a “ENERGY FREEDOM MARCH” (how do you like the new name?) about “DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, PAY LESS” is a way for me to try to show support for those in Congress who are trying to do just that. I feel that they are trying to buck the system. They could use some of our support. I hope this March will show some local support for the idea of expanded drilling. For the idea that the sooner we start drilling the sooner we will start to drive down the price. We need a break. We need to send a clear message to those raising the price (speculators and OPEC etc.) that we have had enough.

My idea of this effort is not to gather an army. I’m talking a few people (4-5) at the core to keep it going for one day, 10 people would be great. Then hopefully people driving by will get interested. I hope to have fliers to hand out that will inform them of what we are doing and why; but also telling them that we hope to have a rally the next day with more people and that it will be made known to the media. This Rally will happen only if enough people show some interest. If we have too small a turnout on Tuesday and few show interest for the next day's rally there will not be one.

What I want to see is a lot of others simply stopping by for an hour or so, picking up a sign and joining in with us. Anonymously is great. I will try to get some signs made up in advance, but as I say later a home made sign is as good or better. But either way is good. Remember the signs need to be read from the street. The sign big enough, but not so big so you can't carry it, the wording short, the letters HUGE. Example. DRILL NOW, FREEDOM/OPEC, ENERGY FREEDOM, HONK FOR/CHEAPER GAS, CONGRESS/DO SOMETHING. The / means the first part on top of the second part, allowing the letters to be bigger. If you are into graphics and want to help let me know. Time is short.

The overall goal is to put some local pressure on Congress to do something about our energy problems. Put that pressure on before they leave for their recess. We need to get something positive done NOW

By the Way. This is all legal, as long as we stay on the sidewalk. No one even needs to know your name. Or you can proudly exclaim it.

I do not want this to be a political party type of thing. This has to do with creating more American made energy here and now. Forcing us to become energy independent. Stopping us from having to give billions of our money to other countries many of whom dislike us and some of whom are our enemy. See my previous post showing the pew poll and how this idea has crossed party lines and has become an American idea. I’m just trying to provide a way for us citizens to voice our opinion in a way that could send a message to our legislators, who seem way too political right now.

While I admit to the part my ego plays in this, I have nothing to gain in any financial sense. Nor am I trying to gain recognition to gain something other than I believe in America as a Can Do type of Nation. If I can help us in any way to Become That again, then I would feel proud of that. That would carry my pride for a long time. Lol I hope others are also willing to that and for the same pay.

As I've said I'll have some signs, but feel free to make your own signs. Small enough to carry, with wording large enough to see from the street. This is meant to be a Grass Roots Apolitical “Action March”. A home made DRILL NOW sign in my opinion shows more heart than a pre made one. More Bottom Up if you will. Let’s try to keep the hate and politics out of this.

Again July 22nd from 9am - 5pm. Come for the day or come for an hour.

Well got to get to work. All my contact #s etc are below. Feel free to call. Or write or comment.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thank You.
Bob Carr
24 Morrall Ave.
Muskegon Mi. 49441
Blog sites.----

If you call, I screen my calls so state your name and I'll pick up if I'm here. If I don't, I'm not, so leave a message and I'll return your call. If you don't want to leave your #, call later in the day or evening, I usually go to bed around 11pm unless I’m listening to the Tigers beat some one like the White Sox lol.
Thanks, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Below is the first draft of what I'm planning to do. It seemed a Bottom Up kind of thing to do. I've talked to a few people already and they seem interested. I want ideas. I'll listen to any critiques of the (PR?). I would like to see other cities try it if this works. It might as well start right here right now in Muskegon. To paraphrase an old politician. A little protest in this city; a little protest in that city; pretty soon you're talking a protest people will hear.
I sent the previous version of this to Nick at Right Michigan for help. Also to Tim Walberg, Dan Burton, and John Boehner. I realize they won't be the ones reading it. But I've talked to people in their staff previously and they liked the rough idea. I hope they will help with the pr and organization etc. It may be wishfull thinking but you never know
To whom it may concern.

My name is Bob Carr. I’m a citizen concerned with the price of gasoline. I am also concerned with the seeming inability of the Congress to do something about it. A recent pew pole showed an upsurge in support for a more direct approach to solving that problem, The poll question asked the person to chose between, more exploration, mining etc. vs. increasing regulation on the oil companies, and or conservation. The surprising thing was that the largest increase came from the young people, the college educated, the women, the liberals. A larger percentage of self proclaimed Democrats are in favor of increased exploration, than the percentage of self proclaimed Republicans. All of this change was done in 4 months since Newt Gingrich got the ball rolling with the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition. He has over 1 -1/3 million signatures.
-----link to pew poll-------
The third box of numbers was shocking to me. This is not a political issue anymore to the people of the country, only to the legislators. I am having this protest march to put a face on the anger the people have with the leadership in Congress.

John Boehner on July 11th released the following. I blogged about it at
-----my blog-----
“I especially liked the fire in the belly as evidenced by the following quote from Mr. Boehner. ““I’m going to say it one more time, we need to do ‘all of the above’ if we’re serious. We can drill in an environmentally sound way, and that’s what we should be doing… We’re not going to leave here for the August recess until we get a vote on having more American-made energy.””.
I have decided that I too am going to do something about the lack of action from Congress. Below is what I came up with.

On July 23, starting at 9:00 am and hopefully lasting all day I and others will be marching and carrying signs in front of the Muskegon County Building. If this is successful and a lot of people show up or promise to the next day, we will follow up on the 24th. I will then be notifying all media of this. Again if this is received well, I would hope other cities might catch wind of it.

I have been in contact with the offices of Dan Burton and Tim Walberg and John Boehner, they all were positive. Tim and Dan have been the pioneers in the Congress on this issue, along with others including Lynn Westmoreland, and Tom Price. John Boehner has taken the leader ship position as he should in the House. The President has finally joined by lifting the ban on off shore drilling.

It is now up to Congress. I’m organizing this “March” to let the people of Muskegon show their views on this issue. Something needs to be done by Congress, before it recesses to help restore the people’s faith in that body. Letting people know that they can be a “Can Do Congress” instead of a “Do Nothing Congress”. This "Action March" is not a march so much as a few people holding signs and hopeing others will join in. I am not affiliated with any goup, I just want to do what I feel needs doing.

Thank You.
Bob Carr
24 Morrall Ave.
Muskegon Mi. 49441
Blog sites.----

email or call or comment. If you call, I screen my calls so state your name and I'll pick up if I'm here. If I don't, I'm not, then leave a message and I'll return your call.

Thanks, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

"Radical of the Week Award"

The article below reminded me of the reasons I first started blogging and got actively involved in local politics, at my ripe old age.
You see I was a young college student at one time, I was a hippie, I did all the things that hippies did. I was immersed in the “counter culture” I protested at CMU after the “4 dead in Ohio” disgrace. I dropped out, I hitched hiked to California, and all over. I did everything except put flowers in my hair. Now I romanticize it by saying I was trying to find the answers to life’s problems. Like the Australians have their youth experience what they call a “Walk about”, or the Amish encourage their youth to go out into the world briefly so their decision whether to remain Amish or not will be based on facts. To insure that the decision will be their own.

This type of cleansing was my education in the realities of life. I admit that I lost a lot of time and the where with all to succeed in life, but in a sense that loss made the wisdom I gained that much more dear.

I learned about freedom. Personal freedom. The one thing I learned, was that to have total personal freedom meant that I could have nothing. Janus Joplin reminded us of that by singing, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”. No permanent shelter, cars, you name it. If it wasn’t given to me, I would have to work for the man, lose some freedom, get tied down and all the rest. I soon found, what everyone finds, the necessity of compromise.

All people go through something like that in varying degrees. I disagree that the process is silly or somehow wrong. It is a basic way a generation asserts it’s right to exist as something separate something unique. What a generation does with that right is something else, but their right to pursue it is unalienable.

-----quote from article------
"It can feel like a counterculture on college campuses, definitely," Ms. Agness said, adding that the organization advocates public policies that recognize differences between men and women rather than ignoring them in an effort to treat everyone the same.
"We do receive a fair amount of opposition, but that's what makes being part of [the network] so rewarding," she said. "You find so many other women who think like you and want to be a part of it."
She added, "Our growth has been phenomenal ... which really speaks to the void on college campuses."

The point I’m getting to is that at the time I decided to learn to blog, I knew that being a conservative could be the new Counter culture of the day. A means to lash out at the hypocrisy of the times. The political correctness of the times. When picking a name for my Live Dangerously blog I was influenced by the thought that to not vote like your parents by in large meant not to vote for the liberal attitudes in everything around us. Just like in the early days of being a hippie there would be certain dangers. Social and otherwise.

Ms. Agness seems to have found some of those dangers. She is the revolutionary of the times now, of the new generation. Willing to stand up against the accepted “consensus”.
When I see 50-60 year old hippies carrying signs and protesting, I realized that they are not so much about protesting as they are about trying to glorify their past. Then I thought how embarrassed I would be if I saw my parents doing that. I would want to rebel from that. I would want to stake my own piece of the world. I decided to try to show those that felt that way that there was an alternative to doing what their parents were doing. Thinking the Politically Correct way. The Established way.

That alternative is conservatism, fighting to keep the freedom we have so we can decide what is best for ourselves, let others decide what is best for themselves. Being on a campus where unorthodox or unpopular ideas are scorned and belittled or worse, one would indeed have to Live Dangerously to Be A Conservative especially upon that stage. My “Radical of the Week” goes to Ms. Agness.

Regards, Living Not So Dangerously Off Campus.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Carli Fiorina Coming to Muskegon.

Carly Fiorina is a National figure. She is the Victory '08 Chair for the Republican National Committee. The person in charge of the National Republican Campaign coming to our town of Muskegon. She is the real deal. Big Politics, Big Time, great food, low price. I’m going. Bob Scolnik the Chairman of the Muskegon County Republicans sent me this email.
-----email from Bob Scolnik------
Carly Fiorina, former Chairman and CEO of Hewlett Packard Company from 1999-2005 will be the keynote speaker at our Lincoln Day Dinner.

We are very pleased to announce that Carly Fiorina, former Chairman and CEO of Hewlett Packard Company from 1999-2005 will be the keynote speaker at the Muskegon Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner on Tuesday, July 22nd.

With the purchase of Compaq Computer, she helped engineer the first $100 Billion info-tech company and is still the only woman to head a Fortune 20 company.

She was recently named the Victory '08 Chair for the Republican National Committee and is a much sought after speaker. I hope you can make time to join us at this very special event.

Bob Scolnik, Chairman

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
6:00 p.m. at Oak Ridge Golf Club
513 W. Pontaluna Rd in Norton Shores
Cocktails - 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Dinner - 7:00 p.m.
Program - 8:00 p.m.
$40/person for dinner
$55/person for dinner & photo reception

Please RSVP by July (231) 206-4873 or e-mail If there is a porblem with that link, cut and paste it into your compose section on your email.
To learn more about Carly Fiorina, go to:

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Check out our new Muskegon Republican Website !!
I know this is above my precinct income level, but I really want to go. So I am going. Save me a seat Bob and thanks for what you’re doing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Holly Hughes

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs.

Well I guess I dated my self with that old song title, but after yesterday that’s all I was thinking. I went to Holly Hughes Campaign Headquarters’ open house. Paula Simoni Holly’s campaign manager called me up and I attended a couple hours early and put together a couple hundred signs. Changed clothes and went to her cookout. It was nice, the weather was nice, the food was free and it wasn’t a fund raiser, and that was especially nice. All the local republican candidates and powers that be were there.

I would guess there were 50-100 people coming and going saying hi and eating hotdogs, and potato salad, beans all good stuff. The Brownies were to die for. Paula made some excellent sugar cookies. You guessed it they were in the shape of an elephant.

Politics at this level is really personal. We were trading campaign stories. How some of the Democrat signs were too big and on the terrace both illegal and were taken down because one of our people complained to the officials. We probably should of told the prosecutor but seeing how they were his signs we didn’t. lol. Needless to say I drove the speed limit home.

The two David’s were there running against each other in the primary for drain commissioner, Not much tension, just a nice summer picnic type atmosphere, there were even a couple kids running around.

My tip of the hat to Holly Hughes, she is running a professional campaign, getting volunteers, she fully seems to understand that elections are not all about money. Voters count too. Holly is running in the 91st district against Valentine and this is one race in which the Republicans seem to have an even chance to actually gain a seat in the State House. Let’s put out some signs. Stop by her office on 765 Norton or stop by her web site.
-----link to Holly-----

The day started out at the Conservative Coffee at Carmen’s Jefferson and Clay downtown. I find in an email it is being called the Carmen Group now. Nice to know. I guess I should change the name in my side bar. Bob Scolnik, Jim and myself and Susie Hughes showed up. I think I’ll just call it the Mini Muskegon County Republican meeting. Lots of talk quite a think tank. Oh well. May be a good chance to make some suggestions for the Real Musk. County Republican Party.

Next I picked up an Annette Smedley for County Prosecutor sign to give to someone who really doesn’t like Tony Tague. He lives on Peck St. so it has high visibility. On top of that the location is a block and a half from the Muskegon County Democrat Headquarters. Big fun. Lol.

I just live around the corner. If I could get a couple people coming to the Sunday Morning Conservative Coffee at McDonalds, I would think it fun to start a City of Muskegon Conservative Republican party out of my home to challenge the Democrats up the street. Probably won’t ever happen but what the hey, you never know.

By the way if you want a sign or if you want to volunteer for something give me a call or email me, or post a comment at the end of the post. Bob Carr, 231-728-3455.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Upcoming. Sat. morning 8:30 "adopt a highway" cleanup crew. call me 231-728-3455 and maybe we can car pool. Corner of Shaw Rd. and Apple

PSS Sunday Morning Conservative Coffee Ward 2 Muskegon. at 8:oo at McDonalds downtown. Look for the Red Wings hat on the table. That's me. See my side bar under calendar.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baseball and Politics

Wow. If you watched the Tigers last night, you’re a happy camper this morning. What a come back. We were down 6-0 in the 6th inning. Got one back that inning, 6-1. Then a five run 7th tying it up. Scoreless 8th. Carlos Guillen our 3rd baseman had two spectacular defensive plays in the 9th to save a score. Pickled a guy between 3rd and home. Then with one on the mighty Cabrera strode to the plate and laced a line drive “walk off” homer to win the game. Wow what a game. These Tigers are getting a reputation as being a comeback team.

Shows what teamwork and focus can do. I would like to feel this feeling come November. Something in me is always rooting for the underdog. That part of me was happy to see Hillary give her victory speech after that primary win. I was happy she got her day in the sun.

While I’m not in a good position to make a big difference in the national election, with my other site I’m trying to put the race into perspective for the average voter. On “Bottom Up Politics” I’m doing what I can to try to get some people interested in the political process, by showing that every one can do some things that will make a difference. That difference may be small but a difference all the same.

Republicans have a chance to become the party of real “can do, get it done” type of change. I can help get that going myself right here, right now. By doing the small things, those things that make a small change people can connect to. I can put a friendly personal face on this election and politics in general. I hope people will again feel the community feeling politics used to generate.

Holly Hughes in Muskegon is trying to do that, in her way with an open house at her headquarters on Norton across from Meijers, You’ll see her banner out front today between 5-7pm. See my side bar under “calendar of events” This is what I’d like to talk up with the Muskegon County Republican Party. Perhaps do it on my own some how. I’m thinking a picnic type of thing. If you have any ideas, comment on any of my posts, or come to one of the early morning coffees listed in the side bar under “Calendar of Events”. I realize this is naïve and a bit fanciful, but if others will join me perhaps it will seem a little less naïve and less of a fantasy.

Perhaps with 2 out in the 9th we can slam a walk off homer and win the upset of the Century.

Ever optimistic, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Holly Hughes
Campaign Headquarters
Open House
Thursday, July 10, 2008
765 W. Norton Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49441
(231) 733-0303
Free Cookout No Charge
Everyone is welcome!
Bring a friend!
Headquarters: (231) 733-0303
Paula Simoni, Campaign Manager Cell: (231) 740-1658
Check out our new website:
Paid for by Friends of Holly Hughes 8801 Lehman, Montague, MI 49437 (231) 894-5956

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Local stuff.

Well hope you all had a nice Fourth.
Things are getting back to normal now for me finally.


Volunteering makes me feel good. Marion's summer celebration parking was profitable for the Nelson Community Association Food Pantry. He sends a big Thanks. I only worked one night I'd like to give a thanks to those who helped out. Especially to Matt who was there the whole time. Every night. He did a yoeman's job.

The Muskegon County Republican Party is having it's own clean up party this
Saturday morning, I'll fill you in on the exact time and location, as it becomes available. What they are doing is cleaning up the area of road that they adopted. We can use any volunteers we can get out there. The job really only needs 4 people to get it done. But if we have 20 we can make a party out of it, and have fun, draw some attention and make the job quick and easy. Call me at 728-3455 I'll fill you in. PS I screen my calls so please listen to the message and start to leave a message and if I'm there I'll pick up. thanks.

I really am out of time. Will blog more later.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, July 4, 2008

Whitehall 4th of July Parade. The Buie Bunch

July 4th Parade In Whitehall/Montague

Big parade lots of fun. Bands, floats, clowns, politicians. Lots and lots of people and things in the parade. Fire engines, old cars. I of course enjoyed the play between the politicians and the people. Lord there were lots of people. We went form the Whitehall city hall all the way down and over the bridge and thru Montague proper. The whole way was jammed with people and lots and lots of kids. I was with “The Buie Bunch” as we’re starting to call ourselves. I’ll bet we gave out 50lbs of candy. Karen was tireless crossing back and forth shaking hands and hugging people. Karen’s mom too was tireless refilling our candy buckets from the car. I saw my oldest and best friend Jim Kienke with his wife Janet. They were marching with Holly Hughes. Holly had a large contingent with her as well. We need Holly to beat Valentine and get our 91st district back. Annette Smedley was there she is running for county prosecutor. Jerry Van Woerkom led up the politicians. Lots of politicking going on. Lots of kids with bags like at holloween. Big fun. At the end of the parade there was the Montague library which was having a book sale. I left with plenty of good fiction to last me for awhile at 50 cents a book. I still have my political reading listed on my side bar to finish.

Tonight is my time to help Marion at his Summer Celebration Parking lot for the Nelson Community Association to fund his Food Pantry. See my side bar in blue at top. Bring a blanket and lay on the grassy hill by your car and watch the fireworks. Best view in town. The money will go to some people who need the food.

Have a great 4th
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Great news. I drove past Mia & Grace Bakery and Bistro on Third between Monroe and Houston; and saw the door open. I parked and they indeed were open for business !! Jamie and Jeremy the two chefs were in the back doing what they do so well. Cooking and Baking. The place looked great. precisely elegant. From the local art on the walls to the local sculptor pieces in the front window, to the white table cloths the to fully well dressed waiter, to the coffee press. The place wasn’t just great, elegant is a better fit. I could see that the extra time they had taken before opening was done for a reason. Every where I looked it was obvious. The wait was worth it, their creative efforts bore evidence to their reason.

Up front Andy the (Maitre D) met me. He remembered me from my previous interview. I really wasn’t there to eat and told him so. He was still pleasant and accommodating. He introduced me to a nice young man, Jake who would of been my waiter were I staying. Behind the counter was a striking woman who introduced herself as Jeremy’s mother Pam. She was busy pressing some coffee. Andy and Pam explained that Jamie and Jeremy were doing what they called a “soft” opening. I had heard Carmen of “Carmen’s” use that same term explaining how they had opened. Andy and Pam explained that it was a way for the public and themselves to get used to each other. A chance also for the crew to adjust the menu and the hundred other things that I can only guess at which go into running a quality restaurant.

As I related in my previous blog, Jamie and Jeremy have been creating Mia & Grace for two years. They are not in a hurry. They are and have been willing to take the time necessary to open when they are happy with what they have created, when they are comfortable with it. In the days of fast Mc Burgers, and in this town; I’m sure I’ll find in Mia & Grace a welcome oasis. I'm sure others will join me in this pleasure.

Just for starters, there were home made fresh cookies, banana bread, and I saw other breads, plus fresh cinnamon rolls, to name just a few of the fresh baked goods from the back room. Please forgive my ignorance of the terminology dealing with bakerys and restaurants. I did see an apple filled -- (donut?). I was told that this was just a beginning of what they will offer. Please remember that Mia & Grace will use fresh local grown food whenever possible. The apple thing was local. The menu I didn’t have the time to really look at. It too was said to be in the process of being formed. I can’t wait. I talked with Karen Buie later about spreading the word to her colleagues at the County Building and she thought it might be a good place for a “meet and greet”. I’m not sure how those work but I’ll let you know the when and what if it comes to pass. A little free publicity wouldn’t hurt either party. I’m talking through my head now though. But I’ll see what can be done between the two of them, and let you know.

My boy is in from Boston and I’ll see if I can take him and his friend there for lunch before he leaves. They're used to this style of food.

It’s 8pm and I haven’t fixed my dinner yet. Like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Writing about a great (elegant) restaurant when your hungry is shear torture. Lol

Regards, Have a Happy Fourth, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative
God Bless our Troops and keep them safe,
They are the one's really living dangerously.
Compared to the danger they're facing, my little play on words seems silly, but I hope not insulting. God Bless Them.

PS Our Thursday morning Conservative coffee went well. An hour of wide ranging and lively political discussion. Feel free to join us. Any Thursday at 8 am. See side bar under calendar. Everyones welcome to all events.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Personal Stuff

Politics is personal. We’ve all heard that before. I’ve always thought of that from the perspective of voters and why they vote for a certain candidate and not the other. I find it applies to candidates as well. Candidates also have distinct personalities. That is obvious. (think Hillary and Obama). Locally that is just as true. What isn’t so obvious to me is that I have a distinct personality as well. It is harder for me to look at myself from a distance. All the stuff that makes up my “personalness” well it’s just hard to figure out. I must realize that I am looking at others from a distance and drawing conclusions. But they are just as complicated up close as I am. If I can’t figure myself out totally, perhaps I should cut others at least the same amount of slack as I cut myself. Mixing all those personalities with mine is what politics is all about. This is an art that I have a hard time mastering. That like any art can take a life time to learn.

With “Bottom Up Politics” I have been trying to get my part of the Republican party involved more with the local goings on with the personal lives of people in my precinct. My precinct voted 5-1 Democrat last general election. I come face to face with people who do not believe in the conservative idea of things. Talking doesn’t accomplish much unless people are willing to listen and most I talk with aren’t. I am trying to come up with conservative based solutions to problems to show as an example what I mean. I find that I come into conflict with other people in my own party at times, it starts to get personal. I too start to take it personal. I’m starting to realize that I must do the same things with the people in my own party. I have to come up with solutions that work that are conservative in principle to convince my own party that the solutions work. I think there are times when I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and forget that I’m just a small cog in the machinery of politics. I believe in the concept of “Build It and They Will Come” . I have to remember though that the “Build It” part makes the assumption that what I build is good sturdy and true. My job is to make it so. Make that something I build a place “they” will decide to come to. Only then will they come.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. From the email I got this morning, it looks like Senior day in Hackley park yesterday was good. Luckily Karen showed up to interview people for “Inside Story” her TV show. So she did make it and enjoyed some campaigning. From the pics Bob Scolnik sent me, I see Holly Hughes, Annette Smedley and Bob were there. For the executive committee members only. Karen Buie was at the Parade.