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Monday, March 30, 2009

Pete's Day in Holland

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It was a beautiful day for me to get a glimpse of the change Michigan needs in leadership.

Around noon Monday, I got a call from Pete Hoekstra for a phone interview. I just had a couple of questions. They as you may guess had to do with the special election and how Pete planned on making his campaign for Governor a grass roots affair.

Pete assured me that he was aware of the importance of the special upcoming election in the 19th Senate District race in Michigan with Mike Nofs running. He said he would help all he could to help elect Nofs. Part of his bike tour would include Mike’s district for starters.

During our phone interview Pete was animated about the grass root nature of his upcoming campaign. His Bike tour is shooting for 1,000 miles. Also he said they were shooting to line up 100 jobs that Pete would work at around the state.

When I asked what would set him apart from his fellow Republicans in the primary: Pete acknowledged the wealth of talent in the party that he faced. He then went on to explain that his combination of business experience and politics was second to none and would help him in the primary. I would add that the grassroots approach would help distance him also.

He told me of his MBA degree and 15 years of business experience. Also he reminded me of his 16-18 years of political experience. Pete I might add is not just another politician. He has been in the halls of power in Washington. He has played with the big boys in the glory days of Republican controll and not; and he worked his way up the ladder to a leadership role in the intelligence oversight committee.

Yet, I have met Pete several times now and he is accessible. I am but a lowly PD not even in the County Power structure and he gave my blog of 10 readers on a good day some time for an interview. That is a Bottom Up type of thing.

Later that day I drove to Holland to hear first hand his announcement that he is running for Governor of Michigan.

The setting was at the Herman Miller plant’s Green House in Holland. I got there just before Jon DeWitte and the advance team got there. We were quietly wondering if there would be a good turnout.

The venue was simply the factory work floor. A space was cleared and a platform stage set up. Three lonely rows of about 12 chairs each sat in front of the stage. When they opened the doors at 4 for the event at 4:30, I walked in with about 5-10 others. Slowly others began arriving; by the time Pete and his family came in there was a good crowd. People kept coming and Pete kept mingling.

There were other local politicians there also; Bill Huizenga ranking among them. All three of the networks were in attendance too. Rally signs were being handed out, I got a couple. They are nice looking and have Pete’s new campaign slogan on it.

Being a grass roots fan I was happy to see the slogan.

“Michigan’s Future Begins With Us!”
There is a new campaign website also.

I’m bad with numbers but I would say at least there was a hundred if not a lot more. I’ll try to show some pictures.

Pete Hoekstra started off with a brief biographical sketch of his college and some of his business experience working right there at Herman Miller. He gave the company credit for teaching him what real business was all about.

Then he started in on the grass roots nature of his campaign. He elaborated on what he told me in our phone interview earlier. He said he was going to be in all 83 counties, tour 1,000 miles with his bike and try to line up a hundred jobs to work at all in the name of grass roots politicking. He talked of how already that day he had talked with a couple of companies that were going to get him for a day. Cutting aspargras behind a tractor was one. I know a little about that, I hope he leaves that job with all his fingers.

At one point Pete alluded to the fact that the state of Michigan was a lot bigger than his previous Congressional District. I can’t imagine the job it would be running for the Governorship of Michigan.

Pete did a good job of reminding us how Michigan’s unemployment was driving out jobs and driving out our young people as they searched for jobs. He seemed capable of working solutions to remedy that due to his experience in business and politics.

This was an easy gig in front of the faithful in his home area. This is as it should be at the beginning. The tough stuff will start soon enough. I hope we can all unite behind this upcoming special election. With some real cooperation in that then perhaps we can avoid the extent of the inevitable damage which will happen in the primary with so many talented challengers, and competing egos.

Perhaps it is a time now that people are getting tired of the hard and ugly partisan fighting and ego clashing. Perhaps an honest and business minded candidate with all the qualifications can win in 2010.

At this point I am behind Pete if you hadn’t figured that out. I will try to be fair to the rest of the candidates which will not be hard. I have blogged about Terri Lynn Land and Mike Cox especially about the “Transparency” issue. Both of them are leaders in this. They are also proven vote getters state wide. Patterson I admit to knowing nothing about but I will learn.

What still impresses me with Pete is his likability. After all the years and political hardball he has played on the national scene, he still is an approachable and likeable human being. Someone you can talk to.

After giving the interview he granted me; he at the end said please call me about any questions you have. The thing is, I believed him. That is what I see in Pete, an honesty.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have had a short talk with Holly J. Hughes, Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan, about the “Adopt a Precinct Program”. Holly has been doing some of the leg work setting this up. She has been getting volunteers and I added my name to the list. Holly has passed it up the line. I’m hoping to hear soon.

I don’t know if our Muskegon County Party will have any coordinated effort about this, but this seems to be a way for me to get involved anyway. Maybe I could call it “Orphans for a Precinct” lol

I would think that the 19th district and Mike Nofs would be happy to receive any outside help they can get: whether it be feet on the ground, phones in hand, or dollars.

By the look of his web site he could use some internet help.

I’m assuming he is putting together a Nofs for Senate web site. I’ve emailed them and will wait for their reply.


Precinct Delegate update.

I have emailed and called Livingston County to see if they have made the Videos they said they were making of the PD training workshop they had. I posted about it earlier and had asked for a copy. Hope they didn’t have any problems with the tapping and also hope to buy a copy for our County party to do what they will with it.

I still think the “Adopt a Precinct Program” would be a great focal point to help ratchet the interest of our Musk. Co. PDs.

Haven’t heard whether our County is meeting on this or not.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS> I am going to the Lansing Tea Party. See top of Right Side Bar for what details I have.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Importance of Self

Republicans are always talking about looking for a way to break into new neighborhoods. You’ve seen the speeches on tv and youtube. I’ve been trying to communicate with the Party to get some real grassroots going. So far we’re talking about a Ricky Nelson sounding garden party this summer in some secluded park. Boy that’ll rattle the Dems.

However, as I get caught up in the minutiae and personalities of County Party politics, I lose track of what I’m trying to do.

Preserve, fight for and encourage personal freedom wherever and whenever I find it, in whatever form It appears. If you look, the opportunities for that are boundless.

The County Party is just one small way to fight for that liberty: and not very efficient at that. There is a whole world out there. Freedom loving People are crying out for help. These cries are coming from my own and surrounding neighborhoods. The cries are from people with little care for politics, they simply know they need to do something. We can be the party to give them that power vs. the party that has been talking about it for 50 years.

The front lines in the fight for individual freedom against the onrush of socialism can and will be fought in the strongholds of the Liberal establishment. That is where the failure of the liberal agenda is most apparent. You see it in Europe; we should see it in Detroit or Muskegon. My fellow Republicans you know where I’m talking about. You know the code words I’ve used. If you don’t, I’ll invite you to come over to my house.

Unless, my friends, we are ready to cede our last and dearest value (Freedom) to the Democrats, we need to make a principled stand in support of all those who are crying because their children are being abused by the schools; those whose rights are being taken away in their workplace. We need to stand up for anyone who is after their right to exercise their individual freedom in whatever way they choose. We need to show how strong individuals are. Poor people got through the depression by growing some of their own food and helping each other. They didn’t need a bureaucracy to tell them how and in what manner they need to live their lives.

The ammunition needed to fight this battle is lying all over the place in my neighborhood. It can be found in boarded up store fronts, homes with barred windows and doors. It can be found in the groups of aimless youth wandering the streets. These discarded buildings and people are what is wrong. It is not the people and buildings; it’s the fact that they are discarded. They are being ignored and manipulated into being the justification for governments to grow. Their misery is necessary for governments to grow.

Are we better off now with all this governmental help?

More seriously than that, that which is wrong can be found in the attitudes of the new people coming into the neighborhood farming this new found treasure; they refer to as the poor helpless downtrodden masses. They plant and nourish grant applications and harvest grant monies in the name of helping this poor area. These applications need have little or anything to do with actually helping the people in the neighborhood. They are written for the most part by people inside a bureaucratic entity like the Health Dept. to keep and add to their employee base. The money is there why not take it? Who’s going to check how it’s used? Who cares?

An apparatus has been formed that funnels government monies to the neighborhoods. The problem lies in the groups set up to funnel this money. I’m learning the leaders of these groups have very little in common with the communities they are claiming to help. Some may but the majority does not.

The ones that do live in the hood you can find in the gated condos springing up around the neighborhoods. They will tell you how they have moved into the area to help be a part of change and to understand better their neighbors.

These people are the liberal do-gooders. As a friend of mine might say; they are the preachers who will only give you a pair of shoes if you listen to their sermon. These yuppies and preachers are not where the ammunition is. They are the ones spreading the ammunition around. All their failed promises stand out starkly in my neighborhood.

I have a friend, who spent all summer going without shoes out of a stubborn sense of her right to individual freedom so she wouldn’t have to listen to the sermon. It had nothing to do with the sermon. It was being forced to listen that she found offensive. The do-gooders in this case would have been better off if they would have just given her the shoes. If the sermon was good it would of stood by its self.
It is in the heart of my friend and others where I see hope for individual freedom.

There are others out there too. Someone like a certain city commissioner who is constantly battling to see that all this grant writing money actually goes to help people that need it, not just to create money streams for yuppy filled bureaucracies and their siblings. The whole nonprofit gaggle is getting out of hand. I think it’s time to open a hunting season in their honor to thin the ranks, to keep them manageable. Sometimes I think this whole nonprofit is just a way for failed upper middleclass people to find work and not have to feel poor, and still feel sanctimonious. The rest of us just get to feel poor.

Recently I have been reminded of that. It’s easy for me to get carried away in the big picture talking of Thomas Sowell and his writings, trying to figure out the world. Sooner or later the world will knock me back to reality.

I hope this to be the first in a series on the workings of non profits in my neck of the woods and the harm they are doing. Hopefully along the way I’ll be able to show how this as most bad things can be used to create something better and more honest.
The truth may help us to pursue our happiness in our own way which is what will make me happy. You can feel free to do it your way. I will help to throw out the money changers and instead help those who help others. Above all I will help myself by doing that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes Finally. There is a Battle Starting.

There is one thing a battle needs; another side. John Boehner is and has been giving us just that. Finally the Republicans are trying to stand up and offer an alternative with teeth. Through the alternative media they are getting the message out.
Boehner with the help of Eric Cantor are putting out the Republican answer to the Obama budget. Below is Boehners article talking about the new web site of Cantor’s to push and explain the Republican’s alternative.
This is almost like the English Shadow Government idea. We get a chance to give alternative solutions. Getting that message out to the general public is the key. Fox has helped; all the little efforts on the web like this one hopefully have a cumulative effect. The best of all worlds would be to have the networking of these efforts then have them joined by the County parties and what resources they have such as websites or other volunteer efforts.

I’m happy to see some of the pieces falling in place. The Boehner/Cantor effort is a great start. The likes of Gingrich’s “American Solutions” and their efforts to bring various internet based groups together is another good thing to see. The Tea party thing, the Oil Drilling Protests and similar things provide another key. Such private groups that Jack Hoogendyke are pushing are another piece.

What all of these things have in common is that they are free of the party apparatus. This is either a good or a bad thing according to how you look at it. Being a conservative “free enterprise” Republican, I look at these things as a way for “The Republican Party” to try out new ideas without risking the party name that some seem so afraid might get tarnished.

If some of these ideas seem to work out then the party in its wisdom can get behind them. Much as we did with the “Drill Here, Drill Now” protests. I think I’m seeing that with the “Tea Party” protests sprouting up across the country. This allows the party to do nothing until they can see that there is at least no risk. I give Boehner credit for getting on board with that. On the activists side it holds out the promise of help if they are successful.

I have pretty much decided that I’ll be working on the outside. I want to not waste my efforts. Sometimes it is easier to change things from the outside than from within. I never understood this before, but now I’m learning.

There always does come a point.

If our politicians can weave these outside organizations into their campaigns; both parts could gain from the effort. There needs to be a synergy created between all groups helping each other.

These private groups and the interaction of the Candidate’s campaigns can provide the final piece. What I’m talking about can be exemplified by the Chamblis campaign. Our victory there was aided by all of the above. We especially were aided by outside PACs with ads and money.

I’m also seeing some interaction between politicians and the spontaneous protests of the public over the new budget. I just wish this process could be speeded up so it could have an impact on the 2010 election. The Party is so stuck in it’s “Big money”, “Big Contributor” mentality that progress is slow. Everyone is so afraid of doing something that might reflect badly on them as they go groveling to their money guys that nothing new is tried.

Hopefully the above mini “tea party” revolts of individual effort outside the Party will help talk the Party into doing things different.

The Adopt a Precinct program (see side bar on right 2nd down) could be a start in that direction. But there needs to be some synergy. There needs to be a cooperation running both ways.

We need the 19th Senate seat. We need the practice working together and setting up a better infrastructure before the primary and general election are upon us. Just as we can use the Primary campaigns to refine our apparatus for the General election; so too could we use the Special election this November. The momentum that a victory then could us would be huge. What a boost to the morale of the troops. What is that chance worth?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My computer and tv and all the stuff putting me on the Information Highway was stolen and it has taken me awhile to get functioning again. My apologies and I will return. Shortly see my post at Live Dangerously.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lansing "Tea Party"

For background to this post, let me explain that I had emailed a note about March Madness to the same crew earlier and they acted pushing Michigan ahead of Illinois. We stayed ahead, moved into the final "sweet 16" and now we face Wisconsin. We need another come from behind win to advance further.

Below is a copy of an email I sent out to some of the people I know thanking them. My data base is relatively small so I'm posting it here.

-----------------end of background-------------

If you voted thanks, we did it. We made it past Illinois. Now we face Wisconsin, they are starting way ahead. But look at the link and you will see how doable it is. How little of an effort is needed to achieve success.

While this may seem unimportant; the important thing is to start a Republican network system. To use what we have and broaden it out. We need to get used to using that network again to promote our ideas.

I’m from Muskegon, and I’ve met some fellow Republicans in Brighton (Livingston County) and am emailing them. A little friendly competition in this and what is below would be great, can you imagine comparing notes in Lansing. I even emailed Pete. If you all know others email them and sign up or “join the bracket”. Let’s show that we want to push Michigan back into the red.

These types of things seem silly until one actually participates in them. The bottom up thing can be entertaining as well as important. Changing one’s own perspective is the first step in changing that in others.

Don’t forget the other important and fun thing in the works. This could be part of a National big deal. About 3 weeks ago there was a tea party in Lansing on just 3 days notice and around 300 attended.

Since then there have been several nationwide and others in the state. Orlando had over 4,000 attending.,0,426670.story

Michelle Malkin has been keeping track of all the different “tea parties going on around the country. Check out her site and see the pic from Cincinnati, 5k strong.

April 15th there will be another Lansing “Tea Party” which should give a whole new meaning to the term Tax Day.

We yell loud enough, and we will get coverage.

We had 300 on 3 day notice. That’s 100 a day. Are we not angry and frustrated? Are we not tired of our hard earned money being taken and given to others? Don’t we want to do something? Can we not in 22 days get 2200 at least to Lansing?

Get hold of friends. I wish I could remember the amount of days we work for the government before we work for ourselves. Is one day too much to work for ourselves? Car pool, get into the spirit of the thing, make up signs, act like you’re a Free American. While I emailed Pete etc. and I hope they show up wouldn’t it be great if they put their heads together and used their abilities to get a lot of their people to come. Not that I want a Politician love fest, this is a PROTEST march after all. Rally the troops but the troops are what we are after.

We’ve all got connections and friends, let’s talk it up.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously Demand Your Freedom
Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

(edit-6:15,3/22/09) Breaking news. Just got this off the internet. Those attending a "tea Party" have been labeled as possible "Terrorist" in a Police alert. Incredible as it sounds.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Adopt a Precinct

I received this email from the Mi. Republican Senate Campaign Committee. It sounds like they are setting things up. Hope they put their best effort into this contest; our chance to win a seat back in the State Senate. This will show to me how the Republican leadership will act during the upcoming elections in 2010.
Mr Carr-
I apologize for my tardy response to your request.

I can assure you that individuals have been working on the details of the adopt a preceint program for Senate District 19. They are finalizing plans before the overall launch of the program.

I will make sure that your email gets the attention of the appopiate person, we certainly appreciate your willingness to help our efforts. The Senate Republicans are excitied about the opporuntiy to take back the 19th and appreicate the support of the Mr. Weiser and his staff.

Thank you for all you do for the party.

Tammy Bagby
Senate Republians

Nick at Right Michigan has just posted an informative article, keeping us up to date on this important race. Please note that this will be an early gauge as to the effects on the voters of Liberal policies. A taste of whether or not voters are unhappy with the way things are going in the country. How do you feel? Also the ability of Stryker to buy votes will again be tested. He's been successful so far, do you want to help put a thorn in his side? This is our chance to showcase the Liberal failures at a personal level to combat the Democrat’s big money.
Perhaps we can bring it home and make the election personal.
Also look to the side bar for an upcoming section on “Adopt A Precinct”. I will put it up soon, hopefully, in a day or two. I plan on having links to any outside info. I come across in the order I find it; with the newest on the top. I think it will be a link site set up by date on entry and a title of entry. I will try to find my old posts to put up first.
I’m doing this in the hope that it will be there as a way to see at a glance what the latest progress is being made; as well as the history behind it.

A way to share info.

This is a newer email I just got. A quick follow up to the one above.

Mr. Carr:

Thank you for your interest in our adopt a precinct in the 19th Senate Special. My name is Terri Reid and I am the project manager on this.

The 19th Senate Special is our best opportunity to change the tide. Winning this seat will give us a huge boost as we move into 2010. Holding on the majority in the State Senate may well hinge on winning this seat. Its importance in the big picture can’t be underestimated.

Currently, the adopt a precinct program is focusing on voter id by phone. We are asking county parties to commit to phoning one or more precincts with a 5 question script. We will send you bubble sheets and the script. The list will likely be around 500 calls per precinct. Each call that is complete will be marked on the bubble sheet and the sheets returned to the Michigan Republican Party for scanning.

We are currently phone matching our file. We’re looking at no later than April 1 to have the sheets ready for distribution.

Please let me know if you need additional information. Thanks so much for your interest.

Terri Reid

If you’re interested in the adopt a precinct program keep checking back. If you want to get more involved email me or call. My info will be on the side bar, under “Contact Me”

(edit) Here is a link to a Human Events sponsor talking about the same type of "special election" but on a National Level. The reasons they state for the importance of their election are the same reasons for Michigan's albeit on a smaller scale.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Me and Thomas; Frustration Showing

I went to a meeting last night of the Muskegon County Ex. Board. We had a pretty good turnout. I didn’t count but I estimate between 30 and 40 attended. I was surprised by the turnout. I was optimistic.

I soon became less optimistic. We do seem to have our own little civil war going on at the county level. It has been there since I’ve joined always simmering in the background. A difference of opinion about trying new things may help to explain the differences. Perhaps it goes deeper to an issue of whether we can trust new faces. Being one of those new faces I admit to my fair share of bias in this regard.

Let me plow ahead regardless. We formally set up a new Precinct Delegate committee. It was already a done deal Pat Uriarte is the Chair of the new committee. As Pat isn’t too computer savvy, apparently our County Co-Chair will handle the emails and communication.

I keep hearing the idea that everyone will wait and see if there are any Precinct Delegates who will show interest before we get too involved. Back to the glass half empty idea. I tried to make the point that the County Party needs to get behind and push this idea. Push the idea, the concept, not formulate every aspect of it ahead of time. Be an enthusiastic facillator.

I also try to push the idea that the “Party” should let the volunteers for this and other things have the freedom to try new things and control their piece of the party. In current jargon allow them to become invested in the Party so they will feel a part of it.

Individual Freedom is what I’m about. I don’t need an overregulated leadership in the party. Not in the party that I see as the last bastion fighting against an over regulated government.

Before I get too involved in my passion; let me share an article by Thomas Sowell.

The title says it all. The Republican Civil War.

While I tried my best to find the good in John McCain last election I had to struggle. I found myself arguing for a more middle of the road Republicanism. I didn’t like it. I did it but I didn’t feel comfortable. I should have listened to my instincts. Some of my friends warned me I should have listened. Instead for the sake of party unity I went along to get along.

I found myself more often than not arguing against the everyday voter coming in off the street that had misgivings about McCain. I thought it was my duty to stand up for the party candidate.

I’m still conflicted about that idea. On one hand I think it was better to vote for McCain than Obama. McCain did represent more of my ideas than Obama did. I think the lesson I have drawn from this is that I should have been more involved and active working for a candidate I believed in from the very start.

Nick at Right Michigan a long time ago posted about finding a local Conservative candidate and pushing hard from the beginning. I should take that advice more to heart.

Perhaps in my heart I know I didn’t fight hard enough to allow myself to feel content supporting the lesser of two evils. I think that from now on I will try to put my effort into fighting for what I believe in and then perhaps I won’t feel so guilty if I lose knowing I fought a good fight. Then again maybe I’ll win. Miracles do happen.

Anyone out there interested in setting up a loose network to find and promote true Conservative Candidates; Individual Freedom candidates? Give me a holler.

Back to Thomas Sowell, I do not agree with or want Meghan McCain to be my spokesman, but whatever floats your boat.

From the following quote from the article, it sounds as if Mr. Sowell is getting as fed up as I.
The only time John McCain led Barack Obama in the polls last year was after Governor Sarah Palin joined the ticket. The economic collapse doomed their candidacies but McCain would have had no chance at all with another inconsistent and inarticulate Republican like himself on the ticket.

I think Thomas like me couldn’t sleep well last night out of frustration with his own party. He continues to let it all hang out.

-----Another quote------
Yet many in the Republican Party seem to have felt as embarrassed by Governor Palin as they have been by others who articulated principles, instead of trying to be in step with the fashions of the time-- fashions set by liberals.
Maybe those Republicans who put a high value on being accepted in elite circles should be embarrassed by the narrowness of their elite friends, who disdain or demonize people whose principles they disagree with, instead of answering their arguments.

Ever the optimist Mr. Sowell finishes up by showing the way out of our civil war.
There is certainly a lot to be said for inviting wider segments of the population to join you, by explaining how your principles benefit the country in general, and those segments in particular. But that is fundamentally different from abandoning your principles in hopes of attracting new votes with opportunism.

He further points out the glaring chasm between what the Democrats have promised their base and what they have actually accomplished. That which is our opportunity. How their most ardent supporters have been let down the most. The complete failure of the inner city educational system and high crime rates should be the place where Republicans can attack with alternative solutions solidly grounded in conservative theory. Thomas said he had hoped Michael Steele would be the one to articulate those ideas, he has not but again to optimism; he hopes he may still be able to.

At our meeting when the group was talking about outreach I brought up the notion that expanding our PDs into Democrat areas could be a function of the PD system. Someone said that “the number of PDs in the Heights could fit on my lap”. That got my juices flowing. I fail to see why Democrat areas should be off limits to us. Outside of the fact that we have been milking a dwindling base for too long, I fail to be shut out because a Democrat hung a Democrat only sign up. Another talking point for me about civil rights to go along with the civil rights of children not getting equal education, the civil right to walk your sidewalks without being afraid of Crime. Freedom is what I’m talking about.

As the party of free enterprise, I wonder what McDonalds would do if they came to Muskegon and saw no McDonalds. Would they decide that it is obvious that they shouldn’t put up a McDonalds: or do you think they would look at Muskegon as a golden opportunity?

I realize the difficulties. My Precinct is 5-1 Democrat. My problem is I can’t move to the Burbs. A friend of mine moved to the Heights. He is my first recruit from the Heights. This new PD will fill the lap of the aforementioned naysayer by himself. I don’t call that a waste of time, I call that progress.

The only thing I fault Thomas Sowell with is that while he is correct that we don’t have anyone who can articulate a conservative message well on the National level; he fails to point out that there is no one articulating the middle of the road Republican message either.

So with my rant over, I look to the positive. We have a PD Committee. We have a chairman, I also joined and one other old friend joined also. You’ve heard it before. Where two or more gather together…..

I did get a glowing email btw from Marlene Chockley former Grassroots chair about the article I wrote about her PD Workshop in Livingston County. She said I fired her up and she was going to give another workshop in Washtenaw County. I’ll pass on the details when I get them. Even I like a pat on the back now and then.

Back to work.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

ps. Phyliss Schafley link
Notice the part where she said. "Obama has learned how to organize the grass roots, get them together in small groups (in the old-fashioned way) and then urge them to "spread the word and build support" (with 21st-century Internet tools)."
The small groups and technology is the combination we need. Not just one and not just the other.

PPS. Here is a couple of links. A way to get involved at different levels.

(UPDATE 3/18/09 2:pm) We surged ahead of Illinois from an 8/2 deficit to a one point lead 12/11 Thanks for answering my email blast. Blast your friends. Keep up with the game see the link below. Thanks to Nick at Right Michigan for picking it up too. As we enjoy the competition we are building a network for 2010.
-----sweet 16 link-----

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grass Roots + Precinct Delegates

Former Grassroots Vice Chair of the State GOP Marlene Chockley, put on a power point presentation for the Livingston County Republicans Sat. morning. This was a Precinct Delegate Training workshop. Although Livingston County is 150 miles away, I was hoping it would be worth the trip. (time and money).

I went.

I was hoping to find out more information on what the job of the Precinct Delegate is or more precisely how I could start to do that job.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Prior to the workshop, the Livingston County Website put out a notice and bio of Chockley and the event.
In the article it had the MI GOP Precinct Delegate Handbook to download. In my previous research I had already downloaded this and studied it well. That was all I could find about PDs from the state party; to do the job I needed more. That was part of the reason I was willing to spend the time and the money.

Upon arriving I was given a four page informative outline of Marlene’s presentation. I will try to scan and link it on my Organize-Take Muskegon Back site. See side bar. I will dissect the information as fully as I can on that site. My purpose here is to try to highlight the overall feeling at the meeting.

I walked in and found people setting up coffee pots, fruit trays and donuts aplenty. I started meeting people. They all seemed friendly and welcoming. I left there and found the mini theatre where the event was to be held. I started introducing myself. There were a lot of good stories to be had. I would guess that there were about 30 PDs. While it wasn’t packed, it felt full. Full of life.

Marlene Chockley started her presentation which she punctuated with plenty of to the point personal examples from her experience that added insight and some humor. The structure of politics I’m learning is a continuation of personal connections. The example that the former Livingston Chair Cindy Pine was at one point Marlene’s boss highlighted that point. That all pointed to the idea that the Precinct Delegate was the beginning, the foundation of that whole system of connections upon which the party is based.

When asked about “The Party” most people go off into a philosophical direction. God knows I do, or did. The part of the Party, as I’m blogging about it now has to do with how it works. The philosophical underpinning is one thing, now I’m trying to learn the how to part. The part dealing with the personal interconnections that make it work. Again to paraphrase Drucker. A good idea is nothing until it degenerates into work. I wanted to learn how to do the work of making the good idea of Conservatism into something.

As I was listening, some of the pieces started falling into place. The reasoning behind the importance of a DeVoss sticker on a car in the driveway, and why I should make a written note of that got explained. Tidbits like what a candle burning in a window on a certain date means and also why I should make note of that. The whole importance of lists became more apparent. I made my first real acquaintance with Voter Vault. The whole reasoning of why I would want to walk around the neighborhood and knock on doors was better understood. The reasoning of how that fits into voter vault and eventually may get an extra Republican voter to the polling place became clearer.

I need to find out how to get trained with Voter Vault.

Getting back to the general, I found a feeling of identity among the attendees; unity. They were PDs. This meeting was about PDs, it was put on by the County Party for the express purpose of helping PDs connect and let them learn how to do their jobs. It was as close to a coffee clutch atmosphere as a workshop could be. The whole atmosphere was conducive to PDs.

While the hierarchy of the County was there, they kept in the background. They were watching and I hope listening. There was not a hint that this was a County meeting to discuss what the PDs should be doing and weren’t; jammed in between the reading of the minutes and financial report. This was by of and for the PDs. Two hours worth.

The County Party did a great job of advertising and probably getting the main pieces in place. They made it possible; they made it clear they were in favor of the effort. During the question and answer and discussion part there were a lot of good ideas put out there, by the PDs, about the PDs, the hierarchy listened. I know for example the main stumbling block thrown in my way by those I try to convince that we need something like this in our County is that the PDs don’t do anything. They don’t even show up to meetings. That was true here also. I mentioned there were about 30 PDs there, I’m sure there were twice that number of PDs not attending.

In this setting that was not a negative. After two hours of bonding, the negative was turned into a positive. The glass that was half empty became half full.

This workshop was an example of how a few positive actions and or lack of the negative, can change a negative into a positive. We need to make the PD position an important part of the Party. All the literature says PDs are the building blocks of the Party. Perhaps we can learn from the PDs what the party needs going forward. Perhaps many heads are better than a few when it comes to elections. I know many are better than a few when it comes to counting votes.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't Buy Me Love

Staying the course\

I have my ups and downs. Like everyone else I guess. The more I get involved in something the higher the highs the lower lows. It gets distracting. I tend to focus less on what I’m trying to get done and more on the little things. Sure the little things matter, they matter a lot. Without them nothing gets done. To paraphrase Drucker in his book. A great idea is nothing until it degenerates into work.

But I digress. Without keeping firmly in mind the reason one is working so hard on the details: any little detail can develop a life of its own and may lead me some where I don’t want to go. That is fun and can lead me to all sorts of interesting places; but not likely towards our desired goal.

So now and then I have to just stop working the details and reaffirm my goals. If I can’t then I go work on something else and come back to it later. My brain sorts things out without me. Better sometimes than with my input. I draw my own conclusions from that. Feel free draw your own.

If you read this blog (or if not) I’ll let you know, I am interested in generating interest in setting up some active Precinct Delegate groups as a means of getting volunteers, as a means to spread our message, as a means to affect the election in 2010. I’m not an organizer or sales type; it’s a gift I lack. But the message will sell its self to a point. That is why I try to stay focused on the message.

I’ve actually set up a separate blog just to do that, Organize-Take Muskegon Back. See side bar.

Well recently, I’ve taken to blogging about national issues, as I wait. Wait for something to happen. Usually it does. Today while researching other things I happened onto the Livingston County Republican Web site
That link was a Meeting they set up to Train Precinct Delegates.


I was back to it. Calling and emailing. Politics is local, local is fun. The theory stuff is important from a core value type of thing; something to ground my action on. But actually doing something? That is what it’s all about.

The little things, the Precinct Delegates, my neighbors; getting them together adds up to a bigger thing. They are what makes the values important. Learning who my neighbors are, finding some more Republicans in the hood. Then trying to make a place that welcomes them into the fold; that is what is all about. The Party getting other groups together, that can add up to bigger things

Our special election for the 19th Senate seat here in Mi. is a really big thing. Maybe it’s worth a little break to regroup, refocus on what little things are crucial to let that bigger thing happen.

The Precinct Delegates are the little things that will make that victory happen. Stryker’s money can buy some votes, but as the Beatles used to sing. “Money, can’t buy me love”.

Politics is personal, and nothing is more personal than Love.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

During the Nuremberg trials doctor after doctor who participated in immoral procedures used as their defense that they were just doing their job. Well then as now there are and were people who thought that those doctors should of stood up and demanded their right to choose what procedures they would do on moral grounds.

Hitler in his dreams of a pure race did not allow at all for free choice. The inmates at the camps certainly weren’t granted it. The doctors according to their own testimony felt they had just as little choice to disobey orders. One of the chargeable actions as listed at #15 in the trial was the following description.
15. Euthanasia. September 1939 - April 1945. Involved the secret killing of the aged, insane, incurably ill, deformed children, and others, beginning at asylums in Germany and later in the camps and occupied territories. Charged against Blome, Brack, K. Brandt, and Hoven. Blome was acquitted; Brack, K. Brandt, and Hoven were convicted.
It seemed obvious that the above included all sorts of people that Hitler thought unwanted. Another thought, how else would you classify the aborted baby? I know illegitimate and inconvenient are thrown around but they are just adjectives for unwanted.

In the aftermath of the World War II, the Catholic Church was taken to task by those zealous to portray the Church as corrupt and only looking out for itself. Why they ask didn’t the Church stand up and try harder to do more to save the Jews from Genocide?

Well the church has learned its lesson and has been fighting what it considers immoral. They are ideologically opposed to abortion. Now they are doing what they can against abortion. They are talking of losing one of their biggest money makers. For this, the same critics seem to think that they are wrong. Even go so far as calling them immoral. Someone needs to check their spell checker for the work hypocricy.

I would of thought that the liberals would love to see the Church divest itself from the Health Care System. After all it is cutting into the Liberal money stream.

The critics base their criticism this time on claiming that the church by threatening the closure of their Catholic Churches is harming society. They are starting to sound like they have taken a page out of Hitler’s play book. He claimed that sterilizing Jewish mothers then killing them was a higher calling for hospitals because in that way they could help stop the spread of the disease of Judaism. What other field than medicine was more capable to serve the community in such a way?

The doctors agreed and the church later tacitly agreed by doing little to stop it. Both went merrily on their way. The doctors later said they didn’t have a choice. Just doing their jobs, they said. We thought then that the excuse wasn’t good enough. We let some go, punished others and hung the worst offenders.

Isn’t it ironic that this new legislation entitled “The Freedom of Choice Act” is forcing religious doctors to fight for their freedom of choice so as not to be forced to perform abortions? Fighting to stop making part of their job description killing unborn babies?

I haven’t even asked about the freedom of choice for the unborn.

Here is a link to an article about the new attempt to force FOCA upon the public and all hospitals. I say all because I assume that there are doctors not in a Catholic hospital that will also be forced to follow the new law or lose their jobs.

Happy thoughts this Sunday
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.


-----link to Nuremberg trial-----

Saturday, March 7, 2009



The new Lion’s chapter in Muskegon. Blue Sky Lions is off and running.

They are getting together with the Love Community Garden to supply volunteers from The Lions Blue Sky to help the people at Love Community Garden put together the raised garden beds. A Lion has a Kubota loader and believe me that will help us move some 26 cubic yards of dirt. Plus all will pitch in to build the frames for the raised beds.

Englewood Farms and fellow Fruitport Lion Marve Engle is giving Love Community Gardens a break on the dirt and free delivery to boot.

This is set up for May 2nd come rain or shine.

If you want to help give me a call. Bob Carr, 231-728-3455

News from the Carmen Group. (Local chit chat of a conservative nature every Thurs, 8am at Carmens.) Marve Engle one of our County Commissioners and a regular at the Carmen Group gave myself and J. Riley another blogger and regular from Carmens a guided tour of the waste water management facility out Apple Ave.

There was a minor overflow of the dyke of a holding pond. The spill was minimal and the spillage was safe. It just went to another area to soak in and not to any creeks or flowing water. This was not raw sewage.

This was my first visit to the Water treatment part of the complex. I’m used to just thinking about the solid waste area we see from Apple as we drive along.

The sewage treatment was something altogether different. It was huge. The water in their main holding pond if I remember correctly amounted to more water than Mona lake or Duck Lake I forget which. Either way that's alot of water.

There was a road on top of a dyke between two holding ponds I swear it was a mile long and narrow. It was really only one lane. There were seagulls galore and from our guide we learned that this was nothing. During the spring the seagulls nest on the road and there will be thousands more. It reminded me of Hitchcock’s old movie “The Birds” and driving along a spit of road between two massive lakes of sewage, I couldn’t help think of the movie. “Monsters from the Blue Lagoon” lol.

There were also other ponds where the sewage is initially aerated and the settling process is begun. The facility I believe has over 1200 acreas.

Crossing Apple, Marve showed us a project that Dave Farhat is responsible for and trying to get working. The project has to do with wetland habitat for pheasants. Also a small lake he hopes to center youth activities from the city and other areas around in tandem with the pheasant thing. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

Like so many other things Republicans do for the community they tend to do them under the radar. Why? I don’t know, modesty perhaps. I think that they think if people think it is a Republican thing they won't cooperate. But I see nothing wrong letting people know. People seem to cooperate with Democrat plans. They shout it from the roof topl The main thing is to get something good done. This seems like such a thing.

I will try to get an interview with David in order to let you know what is in the works.


My favorite stores are doing well.

Benson’s Drug is doing great. What a pleasure that place is. People from the neighborhood are getting to know their grocery dept. The new frozen meat products, vacuum packed by the Meat Block is selling well. They started carrying frozen hamburger, steaks, porkchops and the like. Good quality stuff right here in the neighborhood. They also are selling fresh potatoes and onions. Now if you run out you don’t have to run all the way to Meijers. You can walk to Bensons. On Apple just East of Terrace.
-----link to previous post-----

Mia and Grace Bakery and Bistro is doing a booming business over on Third St. off Monroe. The food is still the best Texas Cuisine in the county. They have a farm to table program. They buy fresh from local farmers. The great news is that they have offered to buy from the local neighborhood gardens, of which Love Community Garden is one, if the produce we grow meets their standards. That was a really nice gesture on their part.

The art work of local artists and down-home walk in atmosphere will take one out of the hood (oops Muskegon) for awhile and you can pretend you walked in off the street for lunch in a Bistro in Boston. Really a pleasant dining experience.

Below I have in order some of the posts I’ve made of them.

The family owned and run Bolt Hardware had to trim back it’s hours, due to an illness in the family. The owners wife Callie who was the main operator of the store during the day, in recent years was losing weight and kept losing it till she had to go to the hospital. She told me that they gave her every test they could think of but not a clue as to the cause. She is back out and everyone is hoping she will get better. Especially Mark her husband who I’m pretty sure he is getting worked to the bone.

Below is a link to a previous post I made in May about Bolt Hardware.

There was something about a metal plate in Callie’s hip that the radiologist over looked on her chart and in the process of x-raying her she received 3rd degree burns on the outside. The tests are trying to show if that had anything to do with it. So far they have disproved any other cause they can think of.

I would have had a lawyer the first day but that’s just me. Any way she is still really fragile but wanting to get back to work so the hardware can get up and running regular hours again. Mark her husband works nights and can only keep the store open from 1pm weekdays. Like I alluded to; Mark is probably needing some rest.

Stop in and tell them hi. Wait till the afternoon though.

BTW they are at 236 Mason.


As always US 31 and Mr. Burris are selling the heck out of those Barbeques. There is a reason his is the longest running family restaurant in the County.

Carmen’s new restaurant seems to be doing well. At our meeting there last Thurs. early there was a booming trade. There was another group meeting there I think they had about 10 with them.

Hard to blame them for picking Carmens as their breakfast fare especially their omelets are to die for.

Well that’s enough for now.

Getting hard as I move around the neighborhood not to spend some money locally.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

Economic choices

Let taxes be raised in order to give people money so they can spend our way out of trouble.

Lower taxes and let people keep more of what they make so they can spend our way out of trouble.

The third dirty little secret: cut business tax and let companies hire people so they can spend our way out of trouble.

Ireland was once the poorest of the poor countries in Europe.
In Ireland much like in Michigan: spending fueled by taxing were both out of control. Both were trying the raise taxes approach. Their respective economies were in shambles and jobs were few. The young and the brightest of the college grads were leaving for greener shores. At least the ones who could. The poor as always were left behind.

As Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland Mary Hamey said.
“We went on a borrowing, spending and taxing spree, and that nearly drove us under,"

Next the article went on to say that Ireland made some changes in the business tax rates. Ireland decided to change course and go on the lower taxes approach. The road less traveled. They slashed them to 12.5%. Here is the quote. “This change included a corporate tax rate cut to 12.5 percent, far below the rest of Europe, which attracted foreign investment. Nine of ten of the world's top pharmaceutical companies and seven of the top ten software designers currently have operations in Ireland.” The country is flourishing. The article tells of a pre capital wealth greater than France Germany and Britain. Other articles refer to Ireland’s nearly immediate economic turnaround as miraculous.

-----link to above quotes-----
What about Michigan?
Michigan didn’t follow that path. We went on the other road. For some reason the one more traveled. What are our prospects for future growth in Michigan? What will we do to stem the tide and keep our young from leaving and breaking up our families?

Well from the sounds of it the Democrat party and their front runner for Governor seem to think everything is fine and we will do well.

I used to think that the first step in solving a problem was to admit there is one. John Cherry so far doesn’t seem to see there is a problem. I lifted the next quote from an article By Nick at Right Michigan in which he quotes the Detroit Free Press. Nick also made the point way before I. But something this serious I see no harm in piling on.
Cherry will run on Gov. Jennifer Granholm's record of working to retool and diversify Michigan's economy to take advantage of green energy. Granholm is term limited and cannot run for reelection...
"We laid the groundwork for an ambitious agenda to revive our economy, restore our standing in the world, and pave the way for a clean energy future -- a future that starts right in Michigan," Cherry said. "And we're just getting started."
-----Right Michigan link------
This is just the beginning of my rant. Michigan is just one of the group getting on the band wagon. As we travel down the road well traveled. As this country creeps closer to nationalizing banks and the auto industry through our tax dollars as leverage; we seem eerily to be following in the footsteps of socialist dictators. Currently Chavez in Venezuela will serve as an example. As much and as loudly as the Liberal press has lauded him, I use the word example as an example of how the Democrat leaders view him and his experiments.

Chavez has tried the first method in Venezuela. He too has gone on a reckless spending spree and the results are becoming obvious as the link below shows.
In the article the author says. “Government price controls on basic goods have been in place, in various forms, since 2003. But the restrictions have forced Venezuela to become increasingly reliant on imports of these products as local farmers will not supply the selected food staples at government prices.”

That makes sense to me. I wouldn’t either. He keeps telling the farmers when what and how much to plant and at what price to sell, and they have gone broke of quit growing the products.

The conclusion that the author then makes leaves me scratching my head. He says. “Mr Chavez last month won a referendum allowing him to stand indefinitely for re-election. With that now achieved the Venezuelan leader, who has vowed to turn his South American nation into a model Socialist state, is now taking some unpopular decisions needed to stabilise his floundering economy.” What Chavez is doing is more of what got him in the mess to start with. Of course they are unpopular, the people are starving. If he nationalizes the farmers he will have to force them to farm at gunpoint and we all have seen what the results in Russia were under that idea. I guess he figures it’s the only way he has left of keeping his base, the poor, happy or at least locked up. Too bad the author didn’t have a “history check”; but then again he didn’t use his spell check so I doubt wrong history would bother him much.

I hope President Obama’s closeness with Granholm and Chavez doesn’t give him too many more ideas. The ones he is doing are bad enough. But keep in mind that Chavez is using the “national security” idea for nationalizing food. I hear echoes of that when I hear different groups calling for laws to prohibit food in restaurants that is “unhealthy”. Ie. cheese burgers and fast foods. Or more to the point, louder echoes when I hear that obesity is a national epidemic that we need to do something about. An epidemic is not far from being a “national security” issue. The whole idea the left has come up with of suing the food makers for what people eat as they have done with the cigarette industry and are trying with the gun industry create a loud ringing echo coming in from the backdoor.

For a big “bang” of an echo, how about “nationalizing” cows due to their flatulence and their effect on global warming. But I digress.

Just a related thought: maybe the millions of little guys in the few Big Unions ought to pay closer attention to what happens when you make the terrible factory owners pay more and more and have less and less control over what they sell and for how much.

Now is the time to do that, when there are still secret ballots.

Most American workers can see the earmarked pig through the lipstick. I have more faith that the workers will dare, the states run by bureaucracies will dare in far fewer numbers. Ireland broke the path and is beckoning for us to follow them up that road less travelled.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. That Gordon Brown, the traveller of the well trodden path in Europe, is getting his butt kicked in England by the conservatives and David Cameron. I see he is blabbering to us about how well the "same old" will make things different. Coming to our country and doing that is as obvious a calculated political move as what? Voting Present?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Adopt a Precinct

Adopt a Precinct Update

I’ve been trying to find out about this Program to be run through the State GOP. Gradually I’m starting to get replies from those I’ve left messages with.

I originally heard of this from Norm Shinkle who was running for State Republican Chair, I believe late Dec. 08. I thought it a great idea then.

Nick at Right Michigan then had this to say.
In the 19th District Special Election its Mike Nofs or bust. The man has locked up support in and around the convention and was getting his name dropped by activists from across the state. This is going to be a national race and expected to see an infusion of millions of Dem dollars so watching the Party rally around a candidate with broad bipartisan cross-over appeal is exciting. Mike Simpson and Marty Griffin, look out.
That quote was from his post below.
In an earlier post Nick explained Mike Simpson and Marty Griffin were possible Democratic challengers and he was told, not so good in their polling numbers. This was during the State Republican Convention.
I was at the Convention also. I heard a couple of people mention to our caucus about the importance of the upcoming race for the 19th state Senate seat in an upcoming special election that was just called by the governor.

Granholm BTW is not stupid politically. The timing was perfect. It blew a chance for Mike Nofs to attend and make a big buzz. The fact that she held of till now and is calling for a Nov. election I think will backfire. The Citizens of the 19th deserved a much earlier election. They could of rightfully had their own Tea Party. No Representation in the Senate for a long time. It was obvious this was a political play by the Governor at the expense of the voters of the district.

Below is an article showing the backlash I’m talking about. The article is from the Jackson Paper.
Note the City of Battle Creek and Albion had passed motions asking Granholm to set a date for the election and that Jackson County is thinking about doing the same. After this article was printed Jackson County also passed their resolution calling for the Governor to act.

The article said this
“Though local leaders have expressed concerns about a lack of Senate representation, Griffin said constituents' needs are being met and conveyed in Lansing by the area's state House members,”

Pay close attention. The person that said the above was the Democrat mentioned as running for the seat, Martin Griffin. I wish Griffin luck when he tries to convince the voters that he has their best interest at heart. Seemingly he seems to think that his job is redundant and is being done by the State House.

{Just an aside. Over here in Muskegon our Republican Jim McCormick running against Doug Bennett for the 92nd district suggested we needed only one house legislature and we could get rid of the Senate. Imagine Bennet’s chagrin when he hears his Democratic colleague agreeing with McCormick.}

Now for the real updates. Mike Nofs is officially in the race, as announced by the Mich. Senate Republican Campaign Committee.
Btw. Here is his House of Representatives Web site. Nothing about the Senate race but some good background stuff.

Got an email and phone call from our Muskegon County Chair David Farhat who is running (I think) for Jerry Van Woerkhom’s term limited Senate Seat. David was glad to see my interest in the Adopt A Precinct Program. He said he had been talking with the Senate leadership on how to get this going.

I’ve talked with Norm Shinkle and traded emails. Norm is hard at it as only he can be. He is rooting out cell phone numbers and whatever else he can for the registered voters in Calhoun and the majority of Jackson Counties. If you have any lists let me know. I’d be happy to forward them or put you in touch with Norm. From his email. “It appears that Mike Nofs may be a 'consensus' candidate. With the filing deadline in May, primary in August, and general in November, there may be more candidates.”

The timeline Norm mentions explains some of the hesitation to get this kicked off. We have to go through the primary process. There has been rumors of other candidates thinking of running. The real rumor is that with Strykers money the Dems will run someone in the primary to force Nofs and the Republicans to spend some of our precious resources before the general. Stryker has more money than the Republicans have.

I would love to leave Stryker poorer and with a bad taste in his mouth come Nov. That alone would be worth the effort after the havoc and lies from the last election especially over the Supreme Court race.

Also received an email from the vice chair Barb Vander Veen. Hope she doesn’t mind. I copied it below.
Hi Bob,
Boy do I HEAR you!!! I just want say thank you for all your efforts in the past. I will be working with this area of the state beginning in April to help you with exactly all the issues you mentioned and I can't wait! Until I can get started I will work to get you the help & answers you need. Once on the job, I will be meeting with people up in your neck of the woods to get your ideas and input, and to see how we can grow the GOP in Muskegon. Be encouraged, help is on the way!
Please  feel free to contact me.
Barb Vander Veen 
The topper was today when the Calhoun County Chair returned my call. Elizabeth Fulton was a breath of fresh air to talk with. She was open and forthcoming. She shares my idea that communication is the key within the Republican party. She agrees that having open and honest communication is a key to helping the party.

I told her I hoped to be able to get a few people from Muskegon fired up and willing to help her out. She said she would be willing to come to Muskegon and talk to our group. She even suggested that Steve Fachs come with her. Steve is the Vice Chair of the Calhourn County Party and also more to the point one of Mike Nofs Campaign Managers.

This is the kind of cooperation I love to see.

It will be a job to get my end taken care of. Volunteers in our own area are hard to find let alone trying to find them for another. I’m going to stay positive about this however. I will also try to ask the help of all others who may be willing to bring this about.

As I’ve written in the past in Bottom Up Politics, I must watch my ego. Just start by asking “What Can I Do Today?” “Who Can I Share This Political Adventure With?”.

As always, any ideas on how to get volunteers for this effort, give me a holler at

Victory is ours for the taking
If your low on money like me, trade some time for it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

I’m going to add this. I was going to sneak it in without letting on what a bubba I am. Below is a web site for Elizabeth Fulton. Imagine I was trying to talk politics to her!! About the 19th district.!! If you’re reading this Elizabeth my apologies.