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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Drain Commissioner

The Selection of the Muskegon County Drain Commissioner this year starts with the Primary. I am a Republican and will focus on the Republican Primary. David Schultz, Dave Fisher, and Mike Smith are all running in the Republican Primary. While Dave Fisher has a lot of experience working in the halls of government with all of his service for Muskegon Township. I am siding with David L. Shultz. The first reason are his qualifications. The list is truly astounding for a civil servant. He brings years of on hand experience to the job. Plus a wealth of other engineering related knowledge, both hands on and academic. Take a look at the introductory page of his webpage.
I liked that he stated he has conservative ideals, in the same breath as he proudly states he is a conservationist. This is a balance individual. His true passion seems to lie in Environmental issues and doing what needs to be done. He also states that the post is not political. From talking with him he is not an ideologue as a conservative or as an Environmentalist. If you can take the time to look through his site I think you will be impressed with his “common sense” conservative approach to the job at hand, make government work better to solve problems better. He already seems to know the situation at the Drain Commission. He not only knows it’s shortcomings, he already has concrete plans to correct them. See his Issues section I linked below from his web site.
Again this guy seems eminently qualified by any metric I know to measure with. The part I like is the get things done attitude coupled with the brains and experience necessary to carry it off. This guy is not just looking for another political job. He has passion and a desire to get the job done. He even has the ability to work in a bureaucracy and make it run smoothly. (This guy has a little Bobby Jindal in him. IMO)

If you’ve read any of my blogs you know my mantra of “Make Do, Make it Now, Make It Work”, David L. Schultz seems to fit the profile pretty good so far. As I find out more I’ll let you know. This guy definitely has my support. I’m sure if after doing your own digging he would appreciate your support if you so choose.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

PS Try to make the Muskegon Hts Parade today. Line up at Temple And Broadway at 10:00 Watch or March either way it should be fun.

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