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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday I picked up my mail and saw a “lapsed notice” stamped in bold letters across an envelope. I got that sinking feeling that in my past I would get quite often as my insurance or electric bill was going to be shut off or cancelled. I couldn’t remember anything I forgot to pay. Well there was. My membership in the National Republican Congressional Conference. The last communication I had with them was an email I sent them, stating what I thought about their high minded not to mention condescending efforts to get me to contribute. I told them that I was going to make whatever contributions from then on to individual candidates. I guess this was their way to let me know that they don’t want me as a member anymore. I guess that is fair as I had let them know I didn’t want to be a member. Nice to know that they got the last word in on Party Money. Nice to know that they haven’t learned a thing about people skills, at least they didn’t send a “vital national survey” needing my urgent attention, and oh by the way could I contribute to help at least enough to cover the cost of the postage.

Well I guess I shouldn’t feel bad, my lights aren’t going to be shut off. And my insurance is still in force. In fact I should be glad, maybe they won’t send me any more stuff about how important I am to the Republican cause and how generous I’ve been. I think I donated $25 a couple years ago. Maybe they can keep doing what ever it is that they do without my $12.50 @ yr. I’ll save the postage and not send them a “LAPSED NOTICE” as to my trust in their leadership. They probably would send me another survey/donation form. I’m going to try to resurrect this party from my end, as the other end has ruined it. With that $12.50, I Think I will buy a ton of candy that I can throw out to the crowd during the parade I’ve volunteered for, to show my support for our Republican Muskegon County Clerk, Karen Buie. She’s too busy to send out “lapsed Notices”. Come to think of it she has more common sense.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Update on the 4th ever Sunday Morning Conservative Coffee Ward 2 Muskegon. Again I got a lot of uninterrupted reading done at McDonalds. See my sidebar under "Calender" for the next one next Sunday at 8-9:00am. At McDonalds downtown.

Nice quote from a poem from Dan Burton’s web site. The quote is from the tail end of the video Dan’s Story.

“So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit. It’s when things go wrong that you mustn’t quit.”


Tom Gagne said...

"I’m going to try to resurrect this party from my end, as the other end has ruined it."

Great sentiment.

I, too, am fairly tired of the surveys when they want my money more than I vote. I swear they work harder for the former than the latter.

live dangerously said...

Welcome Thomas Gagne.

You got that right. I went to a political meeting and issues were not discussed only how to get and spend money. I realize that is important, but the party tends to forget why they are there, why people actually voted for them. They then become elitists. All parties. Don't forget my standing invite to all for my weekly Sunday Conservative Coffee at McDonalds every Sunday early at 8:ooam. Be the first one. lol.
Thanks for the comment.
Regards Live Dangerously