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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When a Little is Enough

In the constant battle over, well – overregulation, there is always room for common sense to find a place; to find some common ground. When that “regulation” is structured to help out local free markets I tend to be in favor of it. When that effort comes from a local source I am doubly glad.

State Representative Goeff Hansen has a piece of legislation pending in committee that would allow the limited sale and tasting of wine at flea markets in Michigan for a small fee. ($25 a day). That fee would go to the State Liquor Control Commission. The Pic above is of the Cheese Lady with Rep. Goeff Hansen at the Muskegon Farmer's Market.

Representative Hansen has seemed to have come up with legislation to help the local wineries of Michigan to promote themselves and help the thriving flea market business of Michigan at the same time.

Before I go further, here are the facts. The legislation is titled House Bill 4147. Below is the preface and title of the bill.

February 4, 2009, Introduced by Rep. Hansen and referred to the Committee on Regulatory
A bill to amend 1998 PA 58, entitled
"Michigan liquor control code of 1998,"
by amending section 537 (MCL 436.1537), as amended by 2008 PA 218.

This bill adds in section Q the following classes of vendors which may sell alcoholic liquors at retail.

-----section Q-----

Mr. Hansen, amendment goes on to state the following.


Below is a link to the legislation.


I called up Rep. Hansen to find out more about the bill. He told me that he had introduced the bill last year and nothing happened. This year he introduced it again. Mr. Hansen seemed pleasantly surprised about the extra interest being shown this time around. Below are some examples.

From Traverse City Dec 19th the article below is pretty in-depth.
It explains that the number of Michigan Wineries and Farmer’s Markets are expanding. Rep. Hansen’s bill would facilitate and promote growth of both industries. At Bottom Up Politics, I favor anything that promotes competition and free markets which helps the small business people and startups. Traverse City a month later Jan.19th
This ties in with other efforts by Rep. Goeff Hansen (R-Hart). He has introduced the “Buy Local/Select Michigan Day” has also co-sponsored a bill allowing Cottage Food Operations. The bill would allow “home-production foods” at farmers markets and other venues.

Rep. Hansen has been consistent in his efforts to help these grass root businesses. I have followed a local Bistro, Mia & Grace in Muskegon, below is a pic of Jeremy Pacquin who is co-owner with his wife when I introduced Goeff to him. At the time they were discussing how Jeremy and Jamie have made Mia & Grace a real garden to table operation. They buy there food from local farmers and make constant trips to the Farmers Market.


For a back story to Mia & Grace look at the link below for an article I posted well before they opened.


The article above combines the farmers market and the small business aspect shown through the eyes of Mia & Grace. Mia & Grace has been a shinning example of the cooperation between the aspects of small local people getting together to help each other. The legislation Rep. Hansen is supporting helps facillitate all of the above.

These may seem like small things, and they may be but they are efforts to lower the bureaucratic bar for the small farmer and entrepreneur to play in the market. Farmer’s Market anyway.

In this case a little is enough.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can’t keep politics out of it.

That is the reality of government. The main thing is that something gets done.
please click on pics to enlarge

I’m talking about the proposed closing of the Whitehall office of the Secretary of State and the moving of the Muskegon Apple location to Sternberg.

Last night State Rep. Mary Valentine (D-Musk.) held a Townhall Meeting in the Collegiate Room of the Muskegon Community College from 6:30-8:00 about that. There was a medium crowd of around 50 made up of candidates and politicos as usual in an election year but others were there as concerned citizens.

This was done to help Rep. Valentine to find out the views of her district on the subject in order for her to formulate a plan. She said at the meeting she will address the problem with legislation she is planning on writing. She mentioned that Sen. Jerry Van Woerkom has a similar plan in the State Senate.

During the Q+A I pointed out that State Rep Goeff Hansen (R-Hart) had introduced a bill (HB5722) to that effect back on Dec 18 of 09. I wondered why that wasn’t acted upon to forestall this outcome. My question was ignored and Mz. Valentine continued on about how Sen. VanWoerkhom and she would solve the dilemma.

From sources I understand that Hansen’s bill will die in the “Committee on Government Operations” for obvious political reasons. Hint. Hansen and Valentine are running for the 34th State Senate Seat. The Dems control the House where they are currently both serving.

There was a printed flyer on the table which listed some things Mary thought were inappropriate, I assume somehow they related to the SOS office closing.
The following one however leaves me wondering.

“Secretary Land Spent $2 million to suppress voters at request of Bush administration”

There was no explanation of that statement. Perhaps just a Freudian slip. I guess she just assumed the audience who seemed mainly made up of Democrats + Democrat candidates would understand that everything is Bush’s fault, by default. The audience seemed to me though to be interested and knowledgable about the SOS closing and I assume Mary may have assumed to little of her audience with that Bush remark.

This meeting, politics aside was very informative and worthwhile if for nothing else than getting local input. The owners of the Whitehall and Muskegon offices in question were there along with the Muskegon County Commission Chair. They all gave their side of the story and I learned a lot. I am in favor of keeping the Whitehall office open and not moving the Muskegon office.

I saw Andy Fink a teacher of government at MCC who brought his class with him and for that I was happy. This was a real education in the politics of government and how in the end things actually do get done if you can cut through the agendas and bickering. I hope they learned that anyway. In fact I hope they learned that the agendas and bickering were the key to Democracy. This was a good example of how the process actually works.

The upside of the Townhall was that it sounded to me there is plenty of political capital to get this done. SOS Terri Lynn Land has already gone ahead and ok’d a rebidding to be done. That will be done by the office of Management and Budget who Mary Valentine informed us she was told will happen later, “after the dust settles”.

The audience had ideas all over the place. It seemed to me that it was plain that the Sternberg move was off the table. However that was what the most comments were about. Secondly the Whitehall closing was much argued against for all the obvious reasons.

John VanWyke, brought up the idea that the figures given from the SOS for moving seemed from his experiance working at Verizon were very low and unrealistic. He joked that the cost for the phones would be more than that.

As a Conservative I appreciate the argument that “consolidation” would save money. However, when this is done by directly cutting services, it smacks of a familiar threat. I liken it to the threat local schools use when trying to get a millage passed. They seem to think the only way to save money is by cutting football. I would think the SOS could find another way.

This rebidding I hope will flush out more realistic facts both from our Sate Rep, State Sen. and the SOS.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Signs of the Times ???

First off, I had some signs made up.

Click on any Pics to enlarge !!!

I think you get the idea. I need some help putting them up around the Muskegon County. Anyone interested give me a call. Bob Carr @ 231-728-3455. I would love to see them popping up here and there. I did buy these myself at around $14.00 @. Sherburn Sign made them up and he threw in the wires at no cost. They usually cost $1.00. I only had 13 made. If you can donate any amount it would help. But the main thing is to get them out.

A word of caution, keep them off the terrace and on - way on your property. It is not a candidate sign so I'm hoping it falls under freedom of speech. But no sense pushing it. Better yet if there is interest we could keep a sign a week then give it to someone else and rotate them so they appear to be popping up all over. lol

The phone # is mine; I’ll screen the calls and pass them on to the Muskegon County Republican Party if that is the wish of the caller. If we want to pull a "Boston" here in Muskegon, we will need lots of volunteers and voters to turn things around. This is my effort within my means to try to do that.

Now - on to the main topic today.

Sat. 1/23/10 a Thanks A Million food pantry truck pulled into the old K Mart Parking lot on Henry and Norton. There were 35 volunteers mainly from the Muskegon County Republican Party there to help distribute the 10,000 lbs of food to those who wanted or needed it. The Republicans co-sponsored the days event.

Bill Cooper is the man responsible for the Thanks a Million program. Mr. Cooper is running for the 2nd Congressional seat being vacated by Pete Hoekstra. Bill Cooper dreamed up the ambitious notion to donate to the 2nd district a million pounds of food. That works out to one hundred truck full’s.

If any of you out there are thinking this is wrong because of the Partisan connection; look at it as Bill Cooper explains it. This is not a direct quote just a recap of what Bill told me.

This money would have been spent anyway during the campaign. It would have been spent on all kinds of things like refrigerator magnates with my name on it, bumper stickers with my name on it, maybe pencils or coffee cups or beer can mittens all with my name on them. Then he challenged me to see his name anywhere around. The truck as you can see he had completely wrapped with a design of his own choosing. Nope his name wasn’t to be found. The implied question was whether I thought the money he's spending on the food trucks would be better spent on the campaign trinkets.

As far as the Muskegon GOP being a co-sponsor; we are no different than any other of the co-sponsors. The main thing is that the money spent ends up in the hands of those who need it the most. Wouldn’t it be great if ½ of all campaign money up and down the ballot went to community causes such as this, I’m talking literally billions.

Yesterday was just one of the planned 100 stops throughout the 2nd district.

From Holland up to Benzie County and all the places in-between. Ludington, Cadillac, Hart, Freemont, Muskegon, Whitehall, and Holland – you name it and Thanks a Million will probably be there. This was my second time to volunteer for Bill and he has the system down to a science. I’ve volunteered for a couple other food trucks and while good, Bill Cooper shows off his organizational skills in the efficiency of his program.

My signs and Thanks a Million, I hope are "Signs of the Times"

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, January 23, 2010

There's Tea in Manistee

I know I go on and on about the Tea Party thing, but hear me out.
Tuesday (1/19/10) I blogged about 50 people showing up at the Ludington Tea Party I went to. I also blogged that Manistee was going to have their first meeting Thursday. I called the blog “Where’s the Grass Roots Excitement?”

Well Manistee had their Party, I couldn’t go; I had hoped they had enough people show up to keep it going. I then got an email from the people who put it on asking if I was interested in giving a talk about Precinct Delegates at their next meeting. I called them back and gladly said yes. You know me and my interest in PDs, I was geeked. But the fun stuff came out as we talked. The excitement it became apparent moved from Ludington and went to Manistee from what Eileen told me.

Eileen Iler was positively giddy about the Tea Party they had, and for good reason. She told me they had hoped for 25 but planned for 75 just in case. Well she was pleasantly shocked when nearly 150 people turned up. Eileen said there was standing room only and that there were 30 more people in the hall listening to Russ Harding talk about Cap and Trade.

30 people standing in the hall and listening through some hastily rigged wireless speakers. They couldn’t see him. I’d call that a heavy dose of seriousness to go along with the excitement.

Below is an article from the Manistee Advocate, I would of just given a link but I had to subscribe so I copied it for those of you who aren’t dues paying members. Somehow I wonder if the Muskegon Chronicle would be that generous.

-----Advocate article------
Manistee News Advocate > News > Local News

Print | E-mail | Comment (No comments posted.) | Rate | Text Size
High turn out at Tea Party

Staff Writer
Published: Saturday, January 23, 2010 12:13 AM EST
There were no crates of tea bobbing around in the river channel the morning after, but the Manistee Area Tea Party did have an overwhelming turn out at its meeting Thursday night.

Eileen Iler, an organizer for the group, said she would have been happy with 25 people in attendance.

Instead, the audience at the Dial-A-Ride building swelled to about 150 to hear speaker Russ Harding talk about cap and trade policy and private property rights.

“More came, but left when they saw that we did not have enough room," Iler said.
Those who filled the room were concerned about the direction of the country, according to member Tom Biggs.

“I was impressed by the size of the crowd,” said Tait Trussell, a retired journalist and periodic contributor to the Saturday Evening Post. “There’s a lot of discontent around the country. The Tea Party movement is trying to bring people together.”

Trussell, of Manistee, has worked with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, where Harding is the director of the Property Rights Network.

Harding, who was the head of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) from 1995 to 2002, has spoken at a half dozen Tea Party gatherings across the state.

He said those who attend aren’t necessarily Republican or Democrat.

“They don’t exactly fit a mold,” Harding added.

Thursday night’s main topics were property rights and cap and trade, a policy that would limit emissions companies would be allowed to put in the air and open up a system where they could trade emission credits.

“Cap and trade is incredibly bad,” Harding said, because the trading of emission credits would “lead to immense corruption.”

Trussell said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shouldn’t put carbon dioxide in the same category as something threatening like sulfur dioxide.

“It’s not really the most dangerous gas in the world. You exhale it,” he said.

Both Harding and Trussell hope the cap and trade bill that passed the federal House in June will stay stalled in the Senate.

“People have become more skeptical of the science,” Harding said.

Harding also spoke about property rights and eminent domain issues, echoing Tea Party sentiments that the government doesn’t have the right to unnecessarily take private land.

The Manistee Area Tea Party is part of a national conservative trend where “patriots” host “tea parties” like the revolutionary colonists who presided over the Boston Tea Party. Harding said the movement has much to do with Barack Obama’s presidency.

“We thought he was going to govern from the center,” Harding said. Instead, Obama has led from left of center in a right of center nation, according to Harding.

Regardless of political affiliation, members of the Manistee Area Tea Party are fed up with the way the country is being run.

"Many feel their elected officials are no longer representing the people,” Biggs said. “They see billions and billions of tax dollars being dished out to banks, auto companies and other special interest groups. They see a country with out-of-control federal spending in the face of a deficit of over $50 trillion. They see a government becoming increasingly intrusive on more and more aspects of their daily lives like what they should eat, what they should drive and what kind of health care they should have, to name a few. Many are concerned about the economic future of their children and grandchildren."

Biggs and the Tea Party “patriots” believe in a limited government, a free market and to return to the principles of the United States Constitution.

In fact, there were copies of the Constitution available at Thursday’s meeting.

“It’s critical to restore the country back to its constitutional roots,” Harding said.

This is one of the first meetings the fledgling group in Manistee has hosted, but according to Biggs, the area can expect more.

"We are still planning our future monthly meetings,” he said. “We hope to have presentations about local politics and host candidate forums. We hope to host expert speakers to inform Manistee citizens on issues affecting them. We need to investigate and understand how legislation will affect us before the laws get passed. One glaring example would be health care bills recently passed in the House and the Senate. Few, if any, Senators or Congressmen had even read the bills or had an understanding of what the costs are and how it will affect their constituencies.”


Wow is what I said. I am looking forward to going up there Feb 11th. Please see my calendar for what I have so far. The venue or place still needs to be found, I'll update the calendar as it becomes available.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, January 22, 2010

Path to Victory. 2010

This should be of interest to all you political junkies out there whether ye be “Old Hands” or new acquaintences from the “Downtown Scotty Brown” phenom.

Conservative Outpost sent an email out with some good stuff for the 2010 Senate races.

The first was Karl Rove’s map of the way things stand now.


Next was a break down done by Rasmussen about the same thing but better fleshed out.


As both reports caution however and as proven by Scott Brown things can change in a heartbeat. Just to be ludicrous in 10 months before the election there will be on average 56,160,000 heart beats in the 300 days. I’ll save you the trouble, 130 beats per minute for 300 days.

Well what can go wrong; --- Plenty !!!! I mean that’s a lot of heart beats. The main thing will be the attitude that the Republican Party brings to this. Already the condescending emails from the Party Apparatus, and here I mean the Bureaucratic apparatus of the NRC seems to joyfully be patting themselves on the back for doing such a good job, as they ask for more money.

I am happy for their efforts to be sure. What bothers me was the little respect that is paid to the people on the ground that got the whole thing off the ground. Mitt Romney as an individual played a key role in the beginning with money and other help. A lot of Brown’s staff were Romney people. Along with that was the volunteer help from the likes of Tea Party people and other independent voters who did the heavy lifting.

All the phone calls and going door to door and just hanging out and talking to people helped more than anything to make this a national spectacle and bring in the big money that put Brown over the top. Remember this money was not from a few big contributors but from littleBig people all across the country. It was the Coakley big money special interests that grabbed the headlines. After Liberals crying for 40 years about the Republicans coddling up to Big Pharma; Coakley’s last minute gala fundraiser was put on by the Pharma’s.

People are voting against big Government as well as the hypocrisy and condescension of its leaders, and the Special interests that bribe it.

While I’m willing to believe Mr. Steele, the head of the NRC when he claims that the efforts were not ballyhooed for a reason, I question why he has to make that arguement in the first place. As leader of the NRC he was selected not to be Candidatelike but behind the scenes Leaderlike. He seems to be too worried that he will not be getting enough credit that he seems to think he deserves. He gets well over $200,000.

That kind of thing we expect but if it trickles down to the state parties and the county parties; then that can be harmful.

I’m reading “To Empower People” by Berger and Neuhaus which talks of how to empower people. How government can get people back into the equation as the prime movers. They talk a lot about how when the government takes something over then the individual stops volunteering. People begin then to lose the idea of duty and instead look at what rights they have to the help – as either taker or giver.

The Scott Brown race was a grassroots effort and I don’t want to see the Party dampen all the enthusiasm by trying to control that effort. If this becomes another top down effort the movement will disintegrate and fall apart. As my whole credo has been Bottom UP Politics, I think of government, bureaucracy and the political system should be there to help me and the rest of the people better accomplish what they want; to facilitate us in our efforts.

From community gardens to food pantries, if people want to voluntarily make the effort and take the time, the government at most should be able to give out some basic help without strings. Without trying to take over our ideas and force us to do things the way they tell us too, and dampen our enthusiasm and in effect disinvest us. The same holds true with Parties.

Don’t mean to sound negative, this Brown thing was just plain wonderful. The above Rove and Rasmussen give us a roadmap to succeed. I just don’t want to see
Big Party jump in and to protect us from ourselves by putting up too many stop and caution signs and instead use a little common sense by letting us use ours.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Just added this. Are these people Republicans??? Get back Rachel. (Alfonzo Rachel PJTV)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where's the Grass Roots Excitement

We’ve heard all the jokes by the liberals about astro turf, hillbillies and pickups, clingy religious gun toting teabaggers etc. Well you jump into a fight and you expect that. I expected it and was energized by it.

The hard part was to put up with the giggling and the snickering and all the other negative naysaying going on in my own party. I thought it was just me and my lack of ability. That may indeed be part of it. I still have a lot to learn. But it still hurt. I have a candidate friend who once told me, he expects his opponent to act badly but when one of his own betrays what they stand for; that is the deepest hurt.

Our enemy we can learn from, Saul Alinsky was the guy who said the bottom line is that we have to do something, anything because if we don’t nothing gets done.

After I went to my own three man protest for the Drill hear, Drill Now, Pay Less protest, nothing much got done perhaps but we 3 felt good, and people out there were all honking their horns. Sol was right. Then the Tea Party Tax thing happened and on my trip to Lansing and Jackson and Reves Junction, something happened. In all those places that day when I looked around I saw that I was not alone in my happiness.

It was in the doing that I and others found a meaning, a common cause to wrap around our discomfort with what government had become. As we looked around we shared secret smiles that acknowledged we were not alone in our thoughts and our deeds. This was a good feeling - that feeling was the seed from which a political movement was made.

It felt good to work together, those alliances – that common ground was comfortable. We did not need an expert or government agency to tell us what we knew. This was the power that formed this country we had reawakened that dreaded bear. We had awakened to the knowledge that we have had enough and the time was right. NOW.

We started using what resources we had. We welcomed those that thought like we did about freedom, and how freedom was enough and all the rest would figure itself out. Common Sense was proving that it could be a workable solution.

Today I started out looking for any news about the Race. You know THE RACE. Then before the real facts could come in I had a chance to hitch a ride with Bill Cooper and his new aide Derek Gray up to Ludington where he was scheduled to talk to the Ludington Tea Party. I had to leave or miss out. My old truck is well OLD plus get about 10 miles a gallon. On top of that, after the Tea Party meeting they were going to watch the town hall on the Proposed Windmill Offshore Farm. There had been another one the night before in Shelby which I missed and which, from everyone I talked with was by all accounts a real barn burner. But back to the day.

I counted about 50 people at Redolencia’s Coffee Shop. The meeting was soon getting to business. A representative from Manistee which was starting up their own group was there and recognized. The meeting talked of having a Movie night and got volunteers. Also the idea of maybe setting up Precinct Delegate Training was discussed. I later volunteered to do one if they wanted.

Rod Merrill told everyone how there were 50 Tea Parties in Michigan. He further told us that they had merged with the 9/12 groups and had hopes shortly to merge everything with the Northern Mi Tea Parties for a united Michigan Tea Party.
Also it was brought up that the Grand Rapids group was having the Tea Party Express stop in their town April 10th on it’s way to Washington. A big party was being planned, for about 4pm. The time I believe is still tentative.

Another exciting event being planned is a debate among the gubernatorial candidates hosted by the Tea Party Alliance. This would be ground breaking.

Then I saw Stacy Mathia, I had shared close to a 24 hour bus ride from Kalamazoo to Washington DC to attend the Americans For Progress event “Restoring the American Dream”. It was then that I learned she was running as an Independent Candidate for Governor. Being a Hoekstra fan I thought her effort was meaningless. Well when I saw her last night I realized I had changed in my opinion of what she was doing. I grew up some since that bus ride.

I still believe that the best way to effect change is through the existing party structure; but I have learned that without courageous people like Stacy Mathia, there would not be the leverage the Tea Party now holds.

This is just a young mother who raised and homeschooled her own children that had had enough and decided to do something. As I in my humble way try to do some things, I realized here she was putting it all on the line so that others could see the way. She was the first one charging up the hill and the hell with the rest – well the rest started up the hill with her. Stacy may not have a chance in you know what to win, but well I don’t think Scott Brown listened to them when they told him that either.

I signed her petition, I hope others in my party see it. I hope they may think about why and maybe Stacy’s sacrifices will not be in vain.

My ride Bill Cooper a candidate for the 2nd Congressional Seat then talked. Bill was animated in his talk and straight forward plus forthcoming with the knowledge he possesses. Mr. Cooper can talk the stripes off a skunk, but when he’s on, the skunk gladly gives him the stripes. Last night he was on.

After I did my own “politiken” for my blog and website, we were off to the highschool where they were having a townhall about the Ludington Windmill Proposed Project. The people presenting it got a cold reception. A lot of people questioned the facts and there was a poor response on the part of the presenters. The audience won that debate in my opinion.

The windmill concept I’m still debating in my mind, but I don’t live there and if there is one thing that the Tea Party movement encapsulates; it is that people – local people can and should decide their own fate. You could say the people in Ludington were practicing Democracy. They were remembering what Freedom is all about; namely – Taking action and accepting the responsibility.

There were alot of interested political folk there listening to the give and take. Juanita Pierman the Pentwater President was the only face I recognized but I was told of others. The two Bills (Cooper and Huizenga) both candidates for the 2nd Congressional seat were there.

I got home at midnight. One thing I will remember and that was where I was when I found out that Scott Brown won in Mass. WOW. There will be reams and reams written about this race and I’ll probably do my share but for now, I’ll remember that I was out DOING Something Anything and for now as Sol Alinsky is rolling in his grave, I’ll just say WOW.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Speaking of Grassroots excitement. Below the first pic is the monthly Muskegon County Republican Meeting and the Pic after is the Monthly Ludington Meeting. To be fair the GOP meeting had more people but still was no more than 15 while the ludington TP meeting had 50. You pick where the Grass Roots excitement.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is and the Rest will be HISTORY

W O W They can't take that away from us.

Enough Said.

While we Wait.

Updates added as the day goes on. Scroll down - Newest updates at the bottom.

Well this is the day. But it’s early and the results aren’t coming in yet. So while we wait I give you this post.

Here is some background on the infrastructure that has helped make all this possible. This is free association at it’s America’s best. At Franklins best. As Tocqueville said ....."In every case, at the head of any new undertaking, where in France you would find the government or in England some territorial magnate, in the United States you are sure to find an association."

Well the New media has given a voice back to people and there associations vs the ever present and dominant bureaucracy.

Here is a link to PJTV’s Bill Whittle’s Afterburner piece about what I just said. The big news is that Breitbart has set up another “Big” website to fight BIG liberal sites and institutions.


Whittle’s segment is eyeopening; and the need for Breitbart’s new Big – BigJournalism I hope will be as effective as his Big Hollywood and Big Government. Remember it was Big Government that brought us that undercover journalism that uncovered ACORN for what it was.

PJTV also has a great piece from their kick ass reporter AlfonZo Rachel. In the below Zoe Nation segment, Zoe in his inimitable style reports live from Boston and he really gives us a sense of what is going on there.


Enough for now, Will update as the day goes on.

UPDATE >>>>>>>

UPDATE >>>>>>> 1pm my time

EXIT Polls. First ones I've seen. Keep in mind Kerry did well on the exit polls and lost. But looking good so far.

UPDATE >>>>>>>

People lining up in the snow at most polling places. Big turnout, yet Brown against conventional wisdom is showing exit polls in his favor.

Just in case you wanted to see a happy Liberal face, as if you weren't scared enough already. If you can't win, change the rules.

UPDATE >>>>> Just a funny bit of advice for those parents still practicing with the Gratefull Dead in their garage.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, January 18, 2010

Turning the Worm

Turning the Worm.

Back in my Precinct 6, Ward 2 City of Muskegon, I keep plugging along.

I’m a Precinct Delegate, this is what I’m supposed to do.

Sat. started out brisk and turned into a busy and rewarding day.

I started the day by warming up the house and myself by the wood stove then getting over to The First Congregational Church on Third St. to help them put on their weekly “Gourmet Breakfast” for anyone who wants to start the day with a good breakfast and community. This is starting to become a habit for me. I volunteer for the Pots and Pans and they always let me do it. Lol.

I’m getting to know the regular workers who keep this great service to the community alive and kicking. State Rep Goeff Hansen also showed up to help out on the floor making sure everyone had fresh refills of coffee and water etc. He too is becoming a regular. The Breakfast turnout this week seemed a little low. I would guess a couple hundred tops.

Each week we get volunteers from different places. This Sat. we had some exchange students from Brazill. Below is their pic. Doing the dishes.

Last week the threat of a state inspector prompted an overall cleaning of the kitchen area. Everything was torn apart and cleaned and disinfected. As luck would have it that was a day I was there. My job as pots and pan washer was long and hard that day. The regulars said they were surprised to see me come back.!!

Final clean up ended around 11:00 which gave me time to go home and freshen up, and stoke the fire. I then headed off to Hackley Park for my first Right to Life March. Again (State Rep 100th seat R Hart )Goeff Hansen was there with his wife Tammy, along with Ken Punter who’s running for the 91st State House Seat and Jerry VanWoerkhom our current State Senator. I was also glad to see State Senator Wayne Kuipers there also.

But the best thing was the turnout. I would estimate it to be between 130-150. We all gathered at Hackley Park and the leaders of the Movement gave a brief introduction, Jerry VanWoerkhom was warmly singled out as a big supporter of their efforts.

Then we all single file marched a few blocks some carrying signs and all keep warm not just from the exercise. Cars would honk their horns in support buoying our spirits. We ended up at St. Mary’s Church and walked down to the basement where we warmed up physically with coffee, hot chocolate and cookies. I saw some people I knew and kept busy, and learned all about Muskegon Pregnancy Services. There were signup and information tables for MPS, and other groups from which I started learning.

We all headed upstairs and I must admit to being impressed with the church itself. Catholic architecture is nothing if not inspiring.

Pat Vendal the President of Muskegon County Right to Life, started things off after a welcome by Vern Mogck and Fr. Matt Barnum had said a prayer. I had met and worked a little with Pat during the 08 election. She and I connected at the Right to Life dinner and also she and Karen Buie were the movers in getting Alvida King to talk in Muskegon. That was when I was first introduced to the “Culture of Life” concept. I helped Pat distribute signs through the GOP Headquarters.

The guest speaker Robin TerLaan from Muskegon Pregnancy Services gave an inspiring witness to her struggle with abortion and the effect they had upon her life and family. She also gave hope as she recounted how she overcame the devastating “side effects” of abortion and now leads a fulfilling life she could not have imagined a few years ago. I was moved.

Everyone then filed forward to light a candle in rememberance.

I decided to volunteer for this effort. At least help them as I can. This memorial and Pat’s speech galvanized a concept I have been building and trying to get focused on for a long time. I want to help set up a venue for a coalition of the various “center right” or “conservative” groups that are out there.

When Pat was speaking to great effect about what was close to her heart and saying we need to pressure our Representatives to fight health care and all the rest. Wow here was someone I knew little about who was singing my song.

We need in Muskegon a group meeting regularly of the leaders of the various and scattered groups. A place to share the beliefs that can unite us, a place to share ideas on helping each other spread the word.

The anger is out there, the frustration with government is there as we feel helpless as our freedoms are slowly taken away. If such diverse groups as the Tea Party, Right to Life, Fair Tax, 2nd amendment people, Small Business folks and all the others could get together and not debate each other but simply ask what can we all do together and individually to help each other’s cause.

There is a wealth of creative ideas out there. We just need a place in which to share them. I feel we can make larger strides by helping others and their causes. We can gain perspective and power through the sharing. We can make ourselves individually stronger through giving to others.

Two heads are better than one.

We can find ways to take back our Freedom.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

No I didn't forget about Brown and Mass. Although the younger Kennedy seems to have forgotten Coakley's first name. He repeatedly called her Marcia instead of Martha.
Well he is probably ahead of the curve on this one. If Coakley loses all Dems will be trying to forget her. Oh and speak about new and inspiring campaigning. The new call to the faithfull is that it's George Bush's fault. Wow - now that is change- LObamaL.

But then Remember when Teddy called Obama Osama?