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Friday, June 6, 2008

Here is something else about what someone with a little clout can do locally one on one with future voters, It’s called planting the seed that it is possible to do better; that yes two parents can be better than one parent families. It’s also called caring or as I surmise in his own words, “giving a damn“. I took out the following guts of the article.
“Beating poverty in America nowadays is largely a matter of personal behavior. Get a high school diploma, don’t have kids until you’re married, don’t get married until you’re 21, and you probably won’t be poor. It also helps if you work hard, show up on time, act courteously, and avoid anything felonious.

But where are these kids going to learn such things? It’s the stuff you just sort of absorb in a healthy, traditional, two-parent home, and that’s exactly what they’re missing. If they learn what they’ve lived, they’re done for—the girls too likely to “come out pregnant” like their mothers, the boys to be underemployed and maybe even do time.
You can’t legislate responsibility, either. Personal behavior in a free society has to be a matter of choice—choice without which there is no virtue—virtue without which a society can’t be free.

It seems to me that leaves these kids only one recourse: the culture. Where the institution of family is broken, only the surrounding culture can teach people the inner structures required for a life of liberty.

Many conservatives often seem to have given up on culture or not to care. There’s a strong strain of philistinism on the right. When we talk about “culture wars,” we usually mean preventing the courts from redefining marriage or promoting abstinence instead of birth control: culture, in other words, as the behavioral branch of politics.”
The link to the article is here
Mr. Klavan as an author was able to get his foot in the door. As a story teller he instinctively knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. He paints pictures with his words, and he seemed to make the most of it. He simply talks of real change and that it can only come from changing the environment the kids grow up in. The values of success need to be available for our kids to choose from. In the areas that need help the most those values are lacking the most. How do we do that? This is not something that bureaucracy can fix. They’ve been trying for a long time and it is getting worse. People like Mr. Klavan can. You and I can. I don’t know how exactly, neither did Mr. Klavan I presume until he actually started to do something. Neither will I, nor you. That's where the courage comes in. That's where the excitement is. Mr. Klavan also did not write a long piece as I would of. Perhaps it is because he knows that the imagination of the reader can fill in the gaps better as to how they can relate to the story. Perhaps he instinctively knew that teaching through parables allows more freedom to the student to not only learn what was said but how to think their own thoughts. Sort of reminds me of the different approaches to the personal computer between IBM and Microsoft. Interaction is good more interaction is better.

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