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Saturday, September 13, 2008

My apologies to all.

I’ve been so wrapped up in the mechanics of this election, I literally have no time left to blog. This election is turning into my own extreme reality show. To bring my readers and myself up to date I have been operating the Muskegon County GOP Headquarters on Henry and Sherman in Musk. For the last two weeks. I’m there Mon-Fri noon to 5:00. From there I can keep up with my other job which is being the campaign manager for Karen Buie the Muskegon County Clerk. Or so I thought. I also thought I could keep up with watching over and updating the County GOP web site. Oh Well. As soon as I get one thing started in walks a possible vote. DROP EVERYTHING.

I went down there this Sat. morning for example to make sure all was in order for some door to door that Holly Hughes and Karen Buie were going to do. Being Sat. I thought I could catch up on things. NOT I arrived at the HDQ around 7am and started setting up some more stuff we got in, then went to the phone and started calling to make sure things hadn’t changed overnight. People started to come in off the street around 8:30 and they just kept on coming. At 9 I gave up and decided to turn on the lights. !!! I’m almost out of McCain stuff. AGAIN Of course the McCain/Palin stuff is not going to arrive for at least another week. I’ve a list of people over 125 strong that want the McCain/Palin stuff, they all ask me the same question, with varying degrees of incredulity. Where the heck are they. My favorite that I myself have asked is. ARE THEY WAITING TILL AFTER THE ELECTION ?????

Then I started to getting a few people asking to volunteer for the McCain/Palin campaign and I had no where to send them. I just felt stupid as I took their name and numbers, I just tried to not look the part. This Political Thing of Ours is a pretty shaky and loose type of thing. A spur of the minute type of thing. Fueled by a few volunteers doing what they can when they can with nothing like an overall plan only the overwhelming desire to see their side win. A desire that this would be a good thing.

I’m pretty organized and like things to happen in orderly ways and my brain gets fried wondering what is going to happen next. I’m pulling what little hair I have left out as my brain go zonkers. I’m amazed though at how things do eventually work out. Usually for the good. My heart just gets stuck in my throat when I think of some of the obstacles the candidates have faced and what sacrifices some candidates have made to try to see their dream through. I’m coming out swinging next time I hear some “What Can I Bitch About Today” type say “All politicians are crooks“

I hardly have time to check out Drudge. Let alone all the juicy news. There is so much going on in life in this election and I have such a chance to have an imput that I’m like a pig in well I guess the term now is lipstick.

I do love blogging so I'll take a stab at it now and then like tonight in the dark. lol. This political thing is just as great and the helping of others is direct, but this will be over soon enough. For your Grace and Wisdon I thank you Tiny Tim for reminding me that God Blesses Us -- and Everyone.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow de Dowdy. Look at Drudge

The Drudge Report today 9/8/08 is full of good news
The bounce after the speeches at the Republican convention was better than the bounce Obama got from the other one.
The base is fired up, let’s do what we can to keep it that way. Let us make sure we do not do what we have done in the past, namely let our elites in our party sabotage this heaven sent chance. In the Drudge report also notice that there is an article about how this ascendancy may help congressional candidates. This is big this may be the “tipping Point” now everyone on three P U S H for all you got and we’ll get "this thing of ours" unstuck.

Obama may think he walks on water but he better look out for the line of cars flying by him. Lol.

Notice in Drudge that Oberman was canned as anchor. Notice two pictures of Palin. Who needs mudslinging when there is so much good to hold up and be proud of.

We can win this thing and people are becoming aware of it. That is the beauty of a secret ballot. The more mud slinging by the Dems, and the more viciously they attack, the deeper in their own morass of filth they sink. Let us be sure we do not stoop to their level. The American people are not as stupid and as blind as the Dems and some of our own elite think.

Now we have a choice. The choice is as vividly clear as I have ever seen it.

It is up to us TODAY. We need to ask ourselves every morning, “What Can I Do Today” to help this reform ticket, What Can I Do Today to help get the word out. What Can I Do Today to steer the Campaign along the positive and uplifting messages that WE NOW OWN simply by our actions of nominating this pair of candidates.

Come on down to the local party Headquarters and demand to help out. To be heard. Work with what is there, let’s make this a truly uplifting election.

Before you donate to a local candidate, make sure they are aware of the national race and remind them that there will be coattails to ride in on. Make everyone aware that you talk to of how great our candidates are. Defend them. Live Dangerously Don’t be Afraid to Be A Conservative. Never be afraid to do the right thing. This ticket will watch your back if elected. Let’s watch there’s thru the election.

Regrards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It Works

Click on Picture to enlarge
Bottom Up Politics In Action. It Works

God Bless America, that it works best in America. In some countries it takes armed conflict and revolution with death and mayhem to achieve the wishes from the bottom up.

In the last almost two years, culminating in the two conventions we have witnessed the power of the secret ballot at work. I have been following the Drill Now debate for a long time now and have seen the voice of the people from “Bottom Up” reach into and force itself to be heard at the highest levels of government. It is through the political process that this voice gets forced upon the candidates for all office. I saw this “voice” rise in volume as the gasoline rose in price. Finally a national leader Newt Gingrich quantified it through polling then formed a plan of action. Slowly some young congressmen picked up on it then the leadership such as John Boehner in the House then the Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain. We saw the same “Bottom Up” Effect during the primary on the Immigration issue and specifically the Border Fence issue. The Power of the People is awesome, when it can be focused on one issue that is based upon common sense and upon the values the vast majority of Americans believe in, the effect of that power can be broad in it’s reach and long lasting. It can help shape the very future of our country.

We have seen that John McCain understands this. He appears to instinctively know this. Through perilous life lessons he has gone through there seems to be that balance necessary for any good things to be accomplished in the real world. McCain has learned the absolute need to be practical in order to survive and live another day. At the same time in the same ultimate school of life and death he was able to cling to his core beliefs. It seems that those beliefs are what not only let him make the necessary compromises with reality but inspired leadership from his fellow inmates, and even in at least one of the enemy.

One other lesson learned I’m sure was what happens when too much power is collected at the top and forced on the people from the top down. How easy those abuses occur and what little chance those abuses are seen from the top.

We have seen John McCain dramatically go to his core beliefs in his selection of Sarah Palin. She is a soul mate in regards of that mistrust of concentrated power. This is not some wild right wing notion. This is an American core belief. This is Democracy in action. This is “Bottom Up Politics” on the National Level. Little did I believe that I would see this during this election cycle.

I figured we would have to go through another liberal onslaught bringing our country to its knees economically and on the world scale before we could find the strength to rise loudly enough to force change from the Bottom Up.

The people have glimpsed the future under Pelosi and Reid and now Barrack and are learning quickly that they don’t like it. The incredibly courageous and astute pick of Sarah Palin by John McCain for his running mate has given voice to the longings of Americans that they will be not only listened to but understood at their core from the leadership at the top.

At the local level we have to keep our voices loud, but we must also offer more than the threat, we have to stand up for those who are “clearing the road” for us. They are the ones who in the political sense have put themselves in Harms Way. I mean no disrespect to the military by this, but in their political careers they are risking all to give us the sounding board we have missed for so long.

What Can I Do Today.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS at a local level. Here is a picture of our County Clerk with two new young republicans who are thinking about getting more like minded friends of theirs together. Our county party is trying to facilitate this through having our headquarters open and accessible to those willing to make a difference. Click on picture to enlarge

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My previous blog had to do with the Tent Revival of Pastor Duncan. His selfless efforts to spread the Word. To help people. I promised some pictures but only one came out. It does not capture the fun and spirit that followed but here it is.

To be honest this was my first time in a revival. I really enjoyed it. It let some of the pressure off me. I felt good about it.

Next. The "Buie Bunch" had it's last parade of the season. We were many and we were the most pumped up and together Bunch out there. Even in the "Labor" Day parade where most Republicans fear to tread and most don't. We were jamming. Clapping and Chanting Karen Buie Muskegon County Clerk. Well you had to be there to appreciate the buzz it created. Let me tell you there were a lot of people there and they appreciated it. We were the only one that the announcer mentioned twice on our way past due to our outbreak of Chanting. This picture was setting up before the crowds.

This has been a great Bunch of people of all ages, from Patrice's grandson Jayden too well the old man. ME. lol. I hope this group will stay together and help us with our upcoming fundraisers, and other activities. We have a thousand yard signs coming. That alone would take one person a week to put together. With the "Buie Bunch" some music and food at the Newly opened (lol) County Headquarters, It could be done in a night. Have to get Shelly on it.
I can't help but feel good about this whole thing.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative