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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second Chances

Second Chances

As a Conservative I’ve always believed in the doing of things as directly as possible. I believe for example in donating my time and money directly to a candidate and not some nebulous National Campaign Committee.

This method not only gives the candidate the full use of my time and money without it being filtered and siphoned off by some bureaucratic apparatus; but it gives me more leverage with the candidate in question and helps me to get involved with all my senses and not just those required to write a check.

Having said that however; as a Conservative I believe in the Constitution, which is after all a blueprint for the formation of some nebulous government. So, as did our Founding Fathers I understand the benefit of a national organization, albeit strictly limited to certain concrete purposes. I also understand the efficiencies of scale that a larger group can offer.

I write this as a preamble to making a plea to donate to the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF).

----link----- .

For further information on the SCF, go to

-----link----- .

I have a system to my donating to political things. Roughly I split it up 50/50. Half of the money goes to local candidates and the rest to the big boys. Before I would donate almost all my efforts to local candidates; however this time due to the historic nature of this election, I’ve decided to give to some national causes. As to the Historic nature, I’m talking about not only having the Republicans win back the House and hopefully the Senate, but to have Conservative Principles at the core of that resurgence. To have insurgent Conservatives elected in large enough numbers to force a debate on changing how this Nation will be run. In fact I believe that resurgence can’t happen without those coalescing Conservative Principles.

We need the Why before the How.
This is paraphrasing Paul Chaney's marketing blog


Again prarphrasing, "Unless you understand why you’re doing something, it makes little sense to learn how." What I'm talking about is politics and politics is all about people. We can't get lost in the consultants spreadsheets or we will lose track of the Why people need to hear to make the effort to get out and vote. Politicians forget this as they get lost in the How of elections.

Conservatives are all about the Why. If we keep focused on that we will not find ourselves in front of the cart.

As a Conservative I have learned that donating to the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) does not guarantee that my donation will go to conservative causes. The opposite in fact appears to be the case a lot of the time. That is why I was intrigued by Sen. Jim DeMint and his efforts to set up a PAC exclusively for the purpose of electing Conservatives to the Senate – not just Republicans in name only, but those who believe and are willing to fight for Conservative principles.

I first donated when Sen. DeMint got behind Marco Rubio in Florida. I hoped this would grow and it has. SCF is now backing around 10 Conservative Candidates. There have been many upsets of the Political Class along the way and as we just learned with the two victories in Alaska and Delaware, we are on the crest of a wave. These Primary victories are what I’m calling our first chance and by and large we did well.

Our second chance comes with the general elections in November. The damage inflicted so far has been within the Republican Party. The paradigm the Mass Media, the Democrats and establishment Republicans state is that we were able to win some of the primaries but we will lose the general election because the voters en mass do not support Conservative Ideals.

Now we have our second chance to prove them wrong. In order to do that however we need to find ways to donate our time and money to honest Conservative Candidates. If we think we can overcome the wealth and manpower of the Unions, trial lawyers etc with a check for $10 – Forget about it.

This anger at Big Government and all the meddling they do in our lives has given rise to the Tea Party movement and other Conservative groups. These groups have made a huge difference in the primaries; however they carry with them the danger of becoming too large and too orientated on growing the group vs. the hard work of enacting the causes they believe in. One is way easier than the other. Promoting the group involves a keyboard, and endless planning committee meetings, the actual work of enacting causes takes time and money and arguing on street corners and in the local restaurants etc.

We as Conservative need to concentrate our energies on principle based policies then back candidates who will enact those policies. On a national scale the Senate Conservatives Fund above does just that. Senator DeMint has set up a PAC with one goal in mind. Elect Conservative Senators by raising money and giving it directly to their campaigns. I’m in – Hope you are too.

Six weeks till November and the time we’ll Remember.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Locally, don’t forget your candidates from State offices on down to County Commissioners. They all would welcome your help in time and or money.
Give them a call.

*** Caution Alert ***
We must be careful not to get complacent and work smart and together.


In this excellent Wall Street Journal article Steve Malenga writes about the “Why” of Chris Christie’s election in NJ and how it is resonating wherever else it is used as in Califorinia. The warning not to be complacent comes with the dollar amount that the unions are going to put into this election - $100 million and all the boots on the ground that will buy.

-----quote from article-----
Of course even with its influence waning, labor can be a powerful electoral force. The AFL-CIO, SEIU and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees have announced plans to spend about $100 million on the November elections. While that's less than 2008, when unions gave $73 million in direct contributions to candidates and spent another $80 million independently on campaigns, the money represents a formidable commitment that could be a factor in close races.
Still, what we are seeing this year may mark a historic shift in American politics. If candidates around the country can repeat Mr. Christie's strategy of winning office by taking on public unions, we could be witnessing a change akin to what happened in the late 1970s, when tax revolts in a handful of states created a nationwide momentum that eventually elected Ronald Reagan.

Bottom line we now have a wedge into the union vote led by the Christie model, we need to use it.

Again Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Human Factor.

The Human Factor.

What is the common thread that runs through the social unease that we see today in almost all aspects of our life? I’ll give you a hint; that “thread” was there since Moses led his people on their long desert outing so many ages ago. Here is another hint. Americans tried to codify it in our Constitution with the words “We The People”.

I’m sure most of your answers are right although the terminology might vary. “The Human Factor” is what I call it. Better yet, the disregard for the “Human Factor”. If you called it “Individual Liberty” you are nearly there.
Remember also that the phrase “We the People” was not an afterthought or a phrase thrown in somewhere in the Constitution to embellish another point. “We the People” was the first phrase written extra large in the Preamble – it was the whole point of the Constitution.

----- preamble US Constitution -------
We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I am not a Libertarian, I realize as did our Founding Fathers that there is a place for government, that there has to be laws and police and military and roads; however, I also understand that we need these things for one purpose and that is to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,…” All else limits the People’s liberty.

So the answer of “Individual Liberty or Freedom” is almost there. However, don’t forget the “We” in “We the People”. We, understanding the need for a government for the reasons stated in the preamble also understand the need to limit that government which is what “We” did in the body of the Constitution.

In using the phrase “The Human Factor” I am trying to expand the scope of “We the People” to include all of society not just government.

For example, yesterday I hooked up to Direct TV after a self imposed exile from TV for over two years. After the flush of watching the Lions and the Tigers live and the Crimson Tide put down Joe Pa; I managed to watch a type of reality show I think the name of was “Undercover Boss”. The story was about the head of a Waste Management co. going undercover and doing the actual work of his lowest employees. He rode the back of the garbage truck, he sucked up and cleaned out their porta potties, he picked up loose garbage from the garbage disposal sites (at which he was fired), worked at the weigh in station for the garbage trucks etc.

Though it was fun to see a “Suit” cleaning out the porta potty, the main thing I (and the COO) took away was the disconnect there was between the boardroom and those who have to carry out their edicts. The built up and institutionalized disconnect from the “Human Factor”. Several examples come to mind.

The woman (think some one’s mother/grandmother) having to carry around a can to go to bathroom in so she wouldn’t have to break the route on her garbage truck and fall behind. Another example was the middle management guy who took advantage of an employee by having her do the jobs of 3 people so he could look good. The COO also realized his responsibility for going along with and rewarding these practices.
That all shows how “Big Business” tries to stifle the “Human Factor”

I see this disregard however all around me. “Big Labor” is equally at fault for disregarding the “Human Factor” the workers. Perhaps it is morally even more disgusting in that they claim to be the sole guardians of the workers or in my terms, “The Human Factor”.

“Big” government, business, labor, media and Political Parties all make up this ever-increasing hostility to the “Human Factor”. We all sense it as we talk to machines over the telephone; get the runaround from city hall or tech support person at Verizon. As the COO from Waste Management found out, every company disregards the “Human Factor” and the bigger the company, government, union, media or party the more layers there are to help disregard it.

As you probably know, I’m involved in local politics. Even at the local level, the Politicos seem to think of the voters as pretty stupid and unable to grasp basic concepts. I too catch myself falling into that trap. The trap is they (me) think of our basic concepts are the only ones and those of the others as not worthy of our efforts.

With the advent of the new media myself and the public is learning to put up a defense to this trashing of the “Human Factor”. The Tea Party movement is the current face of that (self) defense. This movement however carries its own seeds of destruction with it. The Tea Party needs to listen to its own credo about limited government; in this case “de-centralized” power. The Tea Party needs to also pay attention to the “Human Factor”, it must never grow out of its grass roots.
Politico writers JAMES HOHMANN & KENNETH P. VOGEL wrote the below linked article about the problems consolidation of Tea Party groups is causing.


From my personal perspective I agree with the following 3 paragraphs lifted from the politico article.

------politico article quote-----
Activists insisted the energy level in the decentralized movement remains high, but it is manifesting itself in countless local tea party group’s efforts to sway elections.
“It’s stronger. It’s just disbursed,” said Roger Wood, 58, who owns a small printing business in Pittsburg, Ks. “It’s hard to count the number of organizations now.”
Wood himself cofounded the Southeast Kansas Conservative Group, which will host a Constitution Day barbecue to support a candidate running for state legislature next week.

I’ve been to DC rallys and to Lansing Tea Party rallies and local events as well. I didn’t go this year because I was too busy and I went to the State GOP convention where I could put into practice what I’ve learned in the Tea Party. I partied last year now I’m getting to work.

“Big” business and labor must pay attention to their workers, “Big” government and the Parties must pay attention to it voters and Precinct Delegates. “Big” Tea Party needs to pay attention to the local Tea Parties. “Big” media needs to pay attention to the alternative media. All the “Bigs” if they want to stay big need to allow the grass roots to rule from the Bottom Up.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The "Year of the Elephant"

For the “Year of the Elephant” to become a reality Republicans have to pick up a net gain of 39 seats in the US House. That is a lot of races to try to follow. Our National Committeeman from Michigan Saul Anuzis puts out a newsletter that is really good and to the point. In that newsletter he highlighted a map of the districts nationwide that we need to win.

That started me thinking and researching. I wanted to find a way to tell how the effort to win back the US House was progressing and maybe a cheat sheet for the upcoming Nov. elections.

Then I came across the site below.

This site is great.

As far as you or me helping out these candidates; any of the tight races across the Republic could use our help. Since my site is called “Bottom Up Politics” I will focus on the Michigan races. From the site above I find there are three races that are winnable. Three Michigan races needed to win the US House back.

They are the 1st district (the UP) with (Rep) Dr. Daniel Benishek vs. (Dem) McDowell, the 7th district with (Rep) Tim Walburg vs. incumbent (Dem) Mark Schauer and lastly the 9th with (Rep) Andrew (Rcoky) Raczkowski vs. incumbent (Dem) Gary Peters.

As the article states, the most winnable is the 1st district followed by the 7th and lastly the 9th which if it ends up in the Republican column may well signal not only control of the House but a landslide across the board.

Below is Benishek’s ranking from the website above.

Next is Walburg’s.

Lastly Rocky’s.

This sight is pretty awesome. Take some time and look through it.

The “Year of the Elephant” is upon us and with our help it may come to pass, which could set up a winning coalition for the 2012 elections.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.