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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Went To a Garden Party

Went To a Garden Party

I went to a garden party last night put on by the gardeners of Love Community Garden and the crew from Love Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor Jonathan Phillips had the honor of grilling the hamburgers and hotdogs. Morning Bear the garden organizer along with people from the church helped set up the tent and tables. (and no Hughes wasn’t in the corner wearing Dylan Shoes)

This was a lower key affair from the earlier parties, I would guess 20-30 people came and enjoyed the day.

Below is a pic. of our new sign I just put up the night before.

One of the major new additions to the garden was our rain water collection system.
The pic. below shows the 55 gallon drums laying down together and dug into the hill. From them runs a buried flex tube snaking up the hill to the church connecting to the new gutter system on the church.

This gutter system will serve two purposes once completed. First it will of course collect the rain water to help us water the garden and second it will draw water away from the foundation of the church and hopefully help the water seepage problem in the Church’s basement.

Paul engineered the barrel collection system and Mike Johnson brought in a backhoe to dig the trench from the church down the hill to the barrels. CAPEK workers are putting up the gutter and fixing the eaves plus a lot of the digging and general clean up.

A new family moved in the precinct and we snagged them as they were walking by. They stayed and enjoyed the meal and their new neighbors.

There was Love and Community last night in the garden in the neighborhood.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Muskegon GOP business meeting recap. + Monday Madness

Muskegon GOP business meeting recap.

Crowd was a little less than normal. (15 or so) Fred Bertch was the only new face. Chairman Farhat brought up the idea again of us doing the food pantry truck. He gave an impassioned plea about us doing it; most seemed to like the idea. He said he’d set it up.

I brought up the idea of making yard signs not for candidates but for the Muskegon GOP and putting them in our yards just to attract new members. I passed out pics of Joan Runnels holding their Lake County sign that she claims went over pretty good. And that she got some new members out of it. Our Sec. Stuart Peterson asked David if he was appointing me to be the point man on checking out the costs etc. David said he would check into it himself.

The angst out there in the general public is a real thing; the continuing growth of the “Tea Party” thing is proof enough. Whether the GOP can tie into some of that is a question that is far from answered. Like any top down organization they are looking at how to exploit the “tea partiers”. Not a great idea when the movement is based on the anger of being exploited. We should be trying to help them. We should be trying to set up co-sponsored events, like town halls, or candidate forums.

Anyway Fred gave a pretty good synopsis of the Tea Party movement in Muskegon and Grand Rapids. Our Vice Chair Susie Hughes thought we could get our events listed on their calendar. The “ask not what I can do for you, but what can you do for me” won’t fly too far with the Tea Partiers.

Anyway, our 2nd Monday Madness attendance was about ½ of the first one. We did have a lively discussion however about the Wastewater system and the whole concept of how water will play a crucial role as a commodity in the future.

I apologize for not taking any Pics; as my camera quit working, and I was a little dispirited.

I think it more essential than ever to find and help out any conservative candidate. Also I think it more essential than ever to volunteer for conservative groups and causes. Some effort still needs to be put into getting the Republican party to change. There are only so many hours in the day so act accordingly.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Beautiful day in Michigan for “Politicin”

A Beautiful day in Michigan for “Politicin”

Woke up Saturday morning and the temp outside was in the low 50s, it was cold out. But this is Michigan and its weather changes as fast as (I hope) does its politics. Today would turn out to be a day with connections to the “Five Counties” as well as beyond and into state leadership.

But how was I to know that? As I tried to wake up I fixed some coffee, hit the shower and took off to Margaret Drake Elliot park by the SS Silversides at the Muskegon Channel to volunteer for the Muskegon County Alzhiemers Walk. I was there to volunteer along with Goeff Hansen at the registration table. I got there around 8:30.

Things started off slow and chilly, but by 9:30 the registration table was hopping and things were heating up. I talked with one of the organizers who said that they had around 88 pre registered walkers; by the end of registration – 10:00 - I would guess we signed up between 30 and 50 more.
Click on all pics to enlarge

There were lots of free coffee and donuts for the crowd plus there was homemade pie and other goodies that helped warm up the volunteers. After a brief opening ceremony in which Representative Goeff Hansen gave a short talk to further energize the crowd; the group then broke up into sections for the walk led by a bagpiper and the Alzheimer's march was in motion.

This also was Goeff Hansen’s 50th Birthday party back in Hart, so he had to get back to Hart and I followed later. He told me that his family had been up early working on his party before he made the trip to Muskegon. He said he was up late the night before doing party prep. His Wife Tammy had been putting this together for a couple of weeks.

As I arrived at the Och’s home/farm in Hart a crowd had started to form. I registered and found myself drawn to the food. Lol. There was plenty; brats, hotdogs, and sloppy joes. Tammy said she started with 50 lbs of hamburg to make them. There were all the side dishes also, my favorites were the fruit salad, salsa dip and bow-tie pasta. Plenty of drink from lemonade to Scotch. Face painting and games were aplenty for the kids.

Later everyone gathered under the tents to hear some talk from Goeff and his special guests; Republican Caucus Leader in the State House, Rep Kevin Elsenheimer (R – Bellaire) and State Senator Jason Allen (R-Traverse City) of the 37 district.

Goef's brother stepped up next and gave the crowd some good laughs at Hansen's expense filling the crowd with visions of Goeff's youth and some of the antics we all go through.

From their talk and a fill in from Goeff I learned that Elsenheimer and Goeff share an apartment in Lansing right across the street from Senator Allen and together they call themselves the Hayford Street Mafia.

I had a chance to sit and talk with Rep. Elsenheimer about the budget “negotiations” going on. Friday, several people had issued a Press Release saying a budget agreement was worked out between legislative leaders. It claimed a balanced budget without raising taxes. It was a vague PR. Eisenheimer was one of those legislative leaders and the Republican House voice in the mix. The deal was between Democrat House leader Andy Dillon and Senate Republican leader Mike Bishop. I had one question for Rep. Elsenheimer and that was how much of the Stimulus Money was going to be used to balance the budget in that plan? See link Below


Kevin was forthcoming and knew the subject well. He said as it stands the agreement uses $400 some million of Michigan’s share of Federal stimulus monies. I liked the straight answers. From further research I found the Governor wanted to put in all nearly all of it; $2 billion, to fill the $2.8 billion state budget hole. As Rep. Elsenheimer pointed out to me, in this legislative plan the majority of the Stimulus money could be used to for what it was intended for – creating jobs and not just to pay off debt.

He also talked of how the cuts in spending were real and would be painful, and was happy to see Andy Dillon sign on to the deal to avoid a state government shutdown.

As we were talking Marve Engle, Muskegon County Commissioner from the 5th District sat down with us also, and one of the two huge Saint Bernards came to say hello and I couldn’t resist taking a pic.

The dogs were a hit and served as official greaters.

I introduced Marve and he of course was all business about the budget and how it will effect revenue sharing. This talk to me was a perfect picture of what will be happening all across the state over this or whatever deal is made on the budget. Commissioner Engle is where the rubber meets the road. As he explained to Rep. Elsenheimer the County has already made deep cuts and he just doesn’t know where they can cut any more. But like he said if they have to they will find a way.

Kevin was justly proud of the work the leadership had done. As he said to me, when was the last time the state of Michigan actually cut its budget by 10%, especially without raising taxes? I too would be proud of that. I got out of debt awhile ago and I was proud of that. If my state leadership does the same I will be proud of that accomplishment and of them.

As the liberal wing of the Democrat party and the governor step back into the process, the process will again start to fail. Already the Detroit News on line is writing about it.


So the battle continues as the Granholm whirlwind returns from Japan at the last second to what ??? Save the Day ??? or Pull the last plug on our sinking ship?

Well forgive me, back to Goeff’s 50th B-Day. Rep. Bill Huizenga showed up with his family to picnic and later fish.

The Runnel’s were there from Lake County and the ever present always working Juanita Pierman the Oceana Chair was here also. Jane Drake, Marc Libant, and Jon Bumstead all candidates for the 100th Michigan District Seat were there. Many other notables were coming and going.

Later karaoke gave us all some entertainment which was followed by a live band.

Did I forget to mention the Dogs were a hit. lol

At this point I must say that the Ochs were gracious hosts and their Home/Farm was the perfect setting during a perfect day in which to appreciate what Michigan and its glory is all about; What Michigan’s verision of the American Dream is.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's Have a Ball

“A good tactic is one that your people enjoy. If your people are not having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.”

That is a quote from Saul Alinsky and from his book “Rules for Radicals”

I went to and was involved in the initial Tea Party thing and I still feel the sense of community I felt in Lansing on the steps of the Capital with a few thousand people who felt as I did. Never have I felt that same sense of community. I ENJOYED IT. IT FELT FUN. At the same time I felt as if I was doing something worth doing.

I’ve talked with some who went to the Tea Party in Muskegon and though smaller they still felt that same sense of shared Community.

Using our Freedom is exhillerating and empowering. No matter what side of the fence you are on it can be a good feeling to find a group that shares your basic beliefs. If that group has “fun” doing what they do, it will probably gain new members; if not people will stop coming.

The Republican Party needs to understand that. The leadership if it is to capitalize on this Conservative movement has to learn how to first have fun then ask for the donations. To paraphrase the old ad; the Republican leadership has to “Make money the old fashioned way, they have to earn it.”

Andie Collier and Daniel Libit wrote an excellent article in Politico titled “Conservatives Use Liberal Play book. That is where I lifted the Alinsky quote. See link below.


Note if you will, the title said “Conservatives” not Republicans. Being active in the local Republican Party as a Precinct Delegate and a Conservative I am constantly reminded of the differences.

A fellow local blogger and I once agreed with one of the conclusions of the article; namely that if we were born in an earlier time, we may well have been on the front lines in the early labor movement. Having just said that, I and he I’m sure he would agree find no hypocricy in the fact that we both in our ways are on the front lines of the Conservative movement now.

All movements go through different stages; but they all start with “radicals” the in your face abrasive types. These are the ones that stir up the emotions and bring out the people that are mad but have nowhere to turn. Once they are massed, then Alinsky’s advice works it’s magic.

The Most important thing however is that the “Radicals” of what ever stripe have a message that resonates with a lot of people in the first place. Simply yelling and screaming about the color of the sky will not become a movement. Yelling and screaming will if it ressonates with the inherrent distrust Americans have for government and the fear they have of losing their freedom to bureaucrats.

That feeling started before our country did. It is the reason for our country. It started way before Alinsky put his spin on it. People have been spinning that message for a long time. Now it is the Conservative’s turn. We can take a page from Barry Goldwater who said. “Never forget there was only one freedom on which this nation was founded; that was freedom from government.” -Barry Goldwater …

Again the Alinsky quote is valuable.

—–quote from article—–
And, according to Alinsky, that’s one of the keys to a good uprising: As he put it in “Rules for Radicals,” “A good tactic is one that your people enjoy. If your people are not having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.”

What can the “Five Counties” do?

Have events that center around enjoying our freedoms by using them. The 1st Ammendment enshrining “Free Speech” comes to mind, mix that with picnic type of thing and “Free Assembly” and we’re off and running. Get a fiery speaker who talks for 10 min. not two hours and good food and some “fun” activities and we will be starting to get the message.

In this way we can build a community of Republicans. As the article alludes to we need to take the best from the liberal play book. We need to build a Republican Underground that is always popping up hither and yon with events and activities centering around enjoying and promoting our freedom. But we need to do it in a “FUN” way.

Last month Muskegon started having the following event after after each business meeting. This is a good example of building a community through fun things. Last month’s “Monday Madness” was a success. The main thing as with all of this is to keep the community we’re building as open as possible and encourage new members. See side bar “calendar”

My kudos to my blogger buddy for coming up with this idea. After the meeting everyone gets a chance to talk and let off steam about politics over something good to eat and a libation if wanted.

We as any minority have to use hit and run tactics. We are smaller, we use that as our strength because we can be quicker, more agile and react faster than our politically bogged down opponents. We ourselves need to become not bogged down.

We can stop worrying about embarrassing ourselves and more about getting the word out any way we can.

Talking about things popping up lol. Well Muskegon recently had an “Adopt a Highway” program. I just got a pic from Hank about Mason County’s “Adopt a Highway”. See pics below.

I’m wondering if Newaygo, Lake or Oceana have similar “Adopt a Highway” programs. If so send me a pic and I’ll put it up and we can make a new Gallery of the sign pics.

Also Lake has had success with putting up some yard signs with their Republican Party name and contact #s. We could add something snarky like “Had Enough” Join The Republican Party and Contact #s. Keep moving them get our membership involved, have fun. Have a “Had Enough” party. The conversation has started in Lake and gone to the Oceana Party business meeting, and just at our last Carmen group there was talk of yard signs. Word of mouth does get around. Well you get the drift.

Things need to be constantly popping up, the type of things that people will talk about and invite others to come to. The list is limited only by our imaginations. Some will fail, some will succeed, some will start to get old; We need to Act accordingly.

But as Saul says, “Let’s Have a Ball Doing It”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Interview with Jay Riemersma

Interview with Jay Riemersma – Candidate for the 2nd Congressional Seat

The upcoming general election in 2010 and the Primaries are promising to be long, wild and wooly affairs, with several contentious races from top to bottom. Bottom Up Politics hopes to be able to help our readers learn about the candidates themselves who are running by what they are saying and doing through interviews such as this. Let candidates tell the voters what they stand for.

I hope to interview as many candidates as possible before the primaries, from the Townships on up to State wide candidates; also the US House Seat as well. This site is after all called “Bottom Up Politics”.

Before introducing our next interviewee, I want to make a point of saying where I stand at the time of this interview. I will simply say Positive, Negative, or Neutral. This may change as I along with my readers learn more through this process.
Our interview today is with Jay Riemersma who has filed and is running to be our next US Congressman from Michigan’s 2nd District. In this primary, I am neutral.


(Bottom UP) – Thank you Mr. Jay Riemersma for consenting to do this interview.

Reply – It's my pleasure, Bob. Thanks for the opportunity to share a little bit about who I am and what I believe, and thanks for your efforts to help inform and educate folks about what conservatism is, and why it works.

(Bottom UP) - Thank you also for inviting me to a luncheon prior to this with; Karen Buie, yourself and your campaign manager, Monday, June 22. During that wide ranging talk you had mentioned that in your meetings with voters across the district you had sensed a feeling of discontent towards elected officials. Can you elaborate upon this for the readers of Bottom Up Politics?

Reply - That's right, but I think discontent is an understatement. As I've crisscrossed the district listening to the concerns of business owners, party activists, and been involved in a few Tea Parties, I've heard the same thing time and again: our political leaders, are tone deaf. People are fed up with out of control spending, a punitive tax system, bailouts that look like payoffs to political cronies, and the indebtedness that we're leaving to our children. People feel like they don't have a voice because the officials they put in office to represent their values have compromised.

As you're well aware, Republicans aren't immune from this criticism. We've had brutal back to back election cycles in large measure because our leadership abandoned their principles. I think these conservatives of convenience have hurt the party more so than any liberal attack. I think there are a lot of people out there like me, who feel like their party left them behind.

The upside, of course, is that when you consider the growth of government, ballooning deficits, and the assault on our values, it's becoming abundantly clear to people that "change" is a runaway train headed for a cliff. Sounds nice in theory, but it makes a lousy philosophy of governance. People want substance, not gimmicks, and that means true conservatives have an opportunity to take back ground that has been lost in the culture and in our party.

(Bottom UP) – During our talk I also had brought up your lack of a congressional record from which perspective voters could see your positions on various issues. What have you to say to those who perceive this to be a drawback to your candidacy?

Reply – It's a good question. To those people I'd say two things: first look at our district's immediate history. Congressman Hoekstra had no legislative experience when he ran in 1992. He's become a highly respected leader in Congress and has represented his district well. His inexperience wasn't a barrier when it came to doing the right thing, and it won't be for me either.

Second, I think principles trump experience every time. In this primary we're talking about candidates whose "experience" includes raising taxes on businesses and families and using the tax code to pick which businesses win and which lose. If we're serious about reforming Washington, we've got to have an honest conversation about how to get it done. I think it's unlikely that exporting Lansing's problems to Washington will have much effect.

One of my favorite politicians, Mike Pence has a great saying: "I'm a Christian, a conservative and a Republican. In that order." That's true of me as well. I'm not ashamed of what I believe and I have the strength of my convictions. I won't wilt under the bright lights, and I won't just go along to get along. Principled conservative leadership, an untiring work ethic, and a servant's heart is what I bring to the table. I think that stacks up pretty well against the experience of the rest of the field.

As far as my experience, for nine years in the NFL, I got paid to win, not to compromise. I'll bring that same determination to Washington. My most recent job was working for one of the nation's premier conservative think tanks, Family Research Council, on issues at the national level. I've had opportunities to get to know numerous national leaders and to work along side brilliant policy analysts. I think these experiences will serve West Michigan very well.

(Bottom UP) – As an “Outsider” in politics you will probably face an uphill battle as far as raising money especially through the established political apparatus. Can you as others have done turn that “perceived” negative into a positive? Also what role will the “New Media” play if any? Do you have a website and if so can you give us a link to it?

Reply - People respond to vision, and I think that as I cast the vision for why conservatism works, how to restore credibility to our party, and how to move West Michigan forward, that's something people can get excited about. So while our fundraising may not look conventional, I think the potential is great. We'll definitely be reaching out and connecting with supporters via new media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And I'd encourage you and your readers to check out my website at

(Bottom UP) – At our previous talk your Campaign Manager Jane mentioned a Holland Sentinel Poll. For my readers here is the link . This is a very limited poll from a limited area but still it must at this early stage of the campaign bode well for you that you are leading your challengers by a healthy margin. What does this poll mean to you?

Reply - As you said, it's limited and early, so I don't want to read too much into it. But I think it's perhaps reflective of what we've been discussing here, namely, dissatisfaction with business as usual politics and a recognition of what I offer. I'm not an announced candidate, so to lead the field by nearly ten points was very encouraging. I'm going to do all that I can to merit the support that people are giving me and to earn the trust of those who are looking for real leadership to emerge in this primary.

(Bottom UP) – I hope you will take the following questions in the spirit in which they are asked. That spirit is to help provide our readers with a starting point on which to begin basing their opinion about your candidacy. I might add that I think it wise that you have jumped in early for that reason.

(Bottom UP) – Which skills do you possess and what experiences have you had which you feel will give you an edge in the primary campaign?

Reply - I played nine years in the NFL, an environment where you were paid to win--not compromise. I was successful at the national level largely because for nine years I worked harder than any one else to earn and keep my spot on the team. The work ethic my parents gave me, that has served me so well throughout the various stages of my career, will give me an edge. From my experience as a coach and director at FRC, I understand that people respond to vision and leadership and that success is very much dependent on the team you build around. So my ability to communicate my values and vision for our district and to build a great team is also an advantage. Lastly, I'd say a willingness to listen to the ideas of others will give me an edge.

(Bottom UP) – As a freshman in the US House, I would think your main choices would be to decide upon which committees you would like to focus your efforts. Do you have any specific committees in mind?

Reply - I believe I could make an impact on the small business, agriculture, appropriations, or armed services committees. There's a lot of policy work to be done (or undone as the case may be), and these are some of the committees where those reforms would likely start.

(Bottom UP) – In the US House Pete Hoekstra has sponsored the “Parents Rights” legislation. Would you be behind this bill?

Reply- In short, yes. I would support this type of legislation though Hoekstra's bill is actually a Constitutional Amendment. There is an interesting debate among conservatives on this issue, some of whom believe that codifying parents rights is the best way to protect them from judicial activism, government usurpation, and international treaties. Others believe that creating an amendment will limit the scope of parental rights.

(Bottom UP) – If you were sitting right now in the US House, is there any specific bill or other action you feel an attachment to and would be fighting for?
Reply - Three things real quick: first, I'd work to reduce corporate tax rates to ensure American businesses can compete in the global market place and encourage domestic investment. Second, I'd work to restore funding to our missile defense program and make sure that our military has every tool needed to succeed. Third, I'd get behind the Title X Abortion Provider's Prohibition Act. This bill would prevent Title X family planning dollars (a.k.a. our tax dollars) from going to line the pockets of the abortion industry.

(Bottom UP) – Can you give us a short version of your opinion on the following general issues? If you already have any specific solutions or legislation in mind please feel free to share them also.

(Bottom UP) –
1. Transparency in government, fiscally as well as committee deliberations.

Reply - As the saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant. A simple concept that would really help: one bill, one subject. I think blocking amendments that aren't germane to the legislation at hand would be a good place to start. Prime examples: adding hate crimes legislation to defense funding, or funding for porn shows in the recent "stimulus" bill. Americans are demanding, and Congress should act to ensure that there is adequate time for public scrutiny of legislation--no more 300 page amendments in the middle of the night and forcing a vote in the morning. I'd also like to see an online system put in place that allows voters to connect every pork project to the Congressman that requested it. You want turtle fences? Fine, then put your name on it. These are just a few ideas that I think would go a long way in bringing some accountability and transparency to Congress

2. Lower Taxes

Reply - Permanent tax relief, not temporary, targeted tax subsidies are needed to spur economic growth and investment, and provide stability to our markets. Families and buisnesses alike will prosper, just as a rising tide lifts all ships.

3. Less Government Regulation

Reply - Michigan is one of the most heavily regulated states in the nation. It's part of the trifecta that's crippling our economy (regulation, MBT, not a right to work state). I'll work to reduce federal regulation that hinders our economic recovery.

4. Right to Life

Reply – When we diminish the humanity of the unborn, we diminish our own humanity. I will unequivocally champion the right to life from the moment of conception until natural death.

(Bottom UP) – At Bottom Up Politics our mission is to bring more input from the Grassroots into politics. I think part of the feeling of angst out there that you mentioned seeing was evidenced dramatically by the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” protests on thru to the current “Tea Party” protests which clearly shows people are fed up with the “Top Down” politics both parties and government have practiced in the past. Do you have any suggestion as to how this “top down” government can start to be changed to a more “Bottom UP” and user friendly government?

Reply – What we're talking about is changing a firmly entrenched "Top Down" mindset. There's a belief among the political class that families and businesses are the servants rather than the masters of their government.

I think the message we've got to send to Washington is that they work for us and not the other way around. How we do that is by building on the momentum of the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less, the Tea Parties, and the great showings at town halls across the nation in response to the Democrats plan to socialize health care. I think it's important to note that these protests and increased activism haven't been ginned up by Republicans; they represent real concerns among a growing number of Americans that we're on the wrong track as a nation.

What we need to do is effectively communicate with these folks, many of them orphaned conservatives like me, that their ideas of strong families, lower taxation, and limited government are still the values of the Republican Party. Ultimately, culture is more important than politics. And even if the leadership of our major parties doesn’t get it today, we've got to remain active and engaged and trust that our ideas win in the end.

(Bottom UP) - Well said Jay. Another useful aspect of the internet is its ability to network with other bloggers and their readers. Right Michigan has been a leader in this and “Bottom Up Politics” is doing our bit. At this point I would ask you to entertain a question from fellow Muskegon blogger GordoMuskegon (Jim Riley) at .

(MuskegonPundit)Question – Jay,
Most of those running for Pete's seat have extensive business success or political experience.

If you are not running on your business or political record, your stance on the tough issues of the day are important.

Michigan state government is broke, in good measure because of our anti-business climate and the enormous cost of state employee pay and benefits.
But even more damaging to our fiscal future is our underfunded state pension liability.

As our elected US Congressman, do you think the federal government should help bail out our state's giant deficit?

Reply - Absolutely not. Nor do I believe it's appropriate for our state government to use federal stimulus dollars to patch the state budget and short circuit the hard work of evaluating programs and cutting government largess. Michigan families are in many cases making do with less--trimming their discretionary spending. Lansing should follow their lead. We have a spending problem in Michigan, not a revenue problem. If we repealed the MBT, removed regulatory barriers, and made MI a right to work state, I believe we could see great investment in our state. I realize those are all very big "ifs". But if there was ever a time for some bold leadership in Michigan, that time is now.

(Bottom UP) – Thank You. Here is a quote I found from a Politico interview. (( ))
“They want leaders with the strength to stand up to higher taxes, Wall Street bailouts and out-of-control spending,” Riemersma said in the video. “People have encouraged me to consider running because I have the strength of my conservative convictions and will show leadership in these difficult economic times.”
Can you elaborate on this statement? Can you help our readers understand what role religion would play in your legislative role?
Below is a link for my readers to a YouTube about forming an exploratory committee from which Politico took their above quote.


Reply – – Our nation is undoubtedly at a crossroads. The Obama administration and Congress have over interpreted their electoral "mandate" and frankly are trying to do much more than most Americans want. Whether you talk cap and trade, defense programs cuts, or pork laden bailouts--our President, with the help of Congress, is pushing for a fundamental reordering of the American economy. Now with the attempted back door socialization of our health care system, it's dawning on Americans that the current leadership in Washington is not being guided by the principles that have made our nation great. Whether it's the disrespect of private enterprise, or the willingness of Congress to mortgage our nation's future with reckless spending--these policies demand a thoughtful answer from those with the personal integrity to give them credibility. People that know me--know what I stand for and how I've lived my life-believe in my ability to provide that kind of leadership in Congress.

My faith permeates everything I do; it's not a check your values at the door, kind of faith. I've always sought to bring God glory through my words and actions, and that won't change should I be entrusted with representing the 2nd district in Congress. I will seek to uphold the integrity of this high office in both my personal conduct and in the policies I advocate.

(Bottom UP) – I thank you for sharing your thoughts with our readers at “Bottom Up Politics”. If there is anything else you would like to cover please feel free. The floor is yours.

Reply – Bob, it's been a pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity to talk with your readers, and I hope our paths cross again soon. If you're interested, you can learn more about my candidacy at: . God bless you and you family.

<<<< bottom up edit --- Our paths have crossed since this interview took place and as I posted Monday about the Lake County Reagan Day Dinner, Jay restated that he had earlier in that day officially announced that he is running for Pete’s seat Here is a link to his youtube about it. Be sure to see part II >>>>>>

(Bottom UP) – Again, thank you Mr. Riemersma for taking the time to do this interview and we wish you all the best in this primary campaign.

As Always and With Appreciation; Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hansen Getting “To the Point”

Goeff Hansen (R-Hart) got “to the point” Sunday Morning on the show of the same name hosted by Rick Albin on Wood TV 8. Along with Representative Hansen was colleague Bob Genetski (R-Saugatuck).

The show was about the Budget negotiations going on now within the Michigan government. What is adding extra weight to the process is the two week Constitutional deadline coming up, by which the Budget by law has to be balanced. Failure to produce a budget by that deadline could result in a “Shutting Down” of state government.

See the interview for yourself from the link below then we’ll talk more. Grab a cup of whatever and enjoy, the interview is about 25 min. long.


Back to Basics, my words. Representative Hansen said, “We have to get back to what the Constitution says we have to do”…We have to fund that first.

Rick Albin then asked in effect how we reconcile the two different philosophical approaches to the money shortfall. Do we do that thru raising revenues through higher taxes or make cuts in what we spend. Reps, Hansen and Genetski have experience in that question as Genetski is on the appropriations committee and Hansen has been in on 5 Budgets and been chair of appropriations twice.

Below is a quote from Rep. Hansen about what the job of balancing the budget will involve. He gives some insight into the hard decisions all will face to get us out of this mess.

At a “budget Boot Camp” they were asked not what you want to cut but the question was – “Tell us what you can stomach” Hansen went on to say “…….these are terribly hard decisions we’re going to have to make. If we don’t make them now, if we kick the can down the road again, next year is going to be as bad, and after that we’re going to fall off a cliff.”

What I liked about the interview was that Hansen gave us a look to the future and the rewards possible if we do the hard thing now. He said.

“We have to get Michigan back to the lean mean machine; because when we come out of this recession we have to be the first ones out of the blocks.” He put it out there that we can control the future of Michigan; that we have the power to go on the offensive and not wallow in our self inflicted misery ----- forever.

With Michigan having the highest unemployment rate in the entire country and lots of other terrible economic indicators, it is refreshing to hear a counter to the “Malaise” and “Share the Suffering” kind of talk coming from the other side. This type of talk was reminiscent of the Carter - Reagan debate over the same type of thing and I was happy to hear it.

Representative Hansen brought his retail small business experience to the front to cite specific instances that when a product is taxed higher, causing the price to go up that item is sold less, bringing in not more, but the same or less revenue. The case he cited was cigarettes and the immediate drop in sales the day after the big tax increase went into effect. As Goeff Hansen reflected, if it helped people quit smoking that was great; but as far as raising revenue it proved to be a failure.

Hansen brought to the debate a common sense type of thinking that needs to be applauded at this time in Michigan’s history if we expect to change the course in which we are headed.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall “Adopt a Highway” Cleanup Muskegon.

Fall “Adopt a Highway” Cleanup Muskegon.

Sat. morning around 9:10 I made that long trip out to Shaw Rd. and Apple. I clocked it this time and it was 19 miles from my house by Muskegon Highschool. When I got there Ken Punter the Candidate for the 91st House seat was already there with Stuart Peterson who has been putting on this eventr ever since before I started in the Party. Stuart is the Muskegon GOP Secretary.

The pic below is of Stu’s car. This guy is organized, and ready for anything.

Representative Goeff Hansen (R-100th State House) to give us a hand. It works out great with four people as we can divide up into two teams and we get some fellowship. The portion of Apple Ave the Muskegon GOP is responsible for is 2 miles long. Shaw Rd. our meet up/starting point is in the middle of that. Each team walks different ways, down one side for the mile then back the other side. I partnered up with Ken and below is a couple pics of him doing his thing.

Geoff and Stuart went the other way and on our way back we beat them to Shaw Rd. to claim bragging rights and we walked part of their half to help out. Below is a pic of Stuart, Goeff and Ken.

It’s surprising how much faster it goes with 4 instead of 2 – duh – Twice as fast. Lol. Hey alright I wasn’t a math major. Easier to carry the bags which are only half as full. Ok I know enough already.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS If you get a chance; check out the new web site of the Mason County Republicans.

WOW !!!!

Crisp clean and all the info you can use. I talked last night with their gracious Chairman, Eugene J.Jorissen and told him just that. I will be putting up the info for the Mason County Button on my side bar shortly. I just missed a picnic that Mason is putting on Sunday. I wished him the best with that. Hope I can get some pics to put up here from them. But I’ll be putting up their other upcoming events on my calendar button. Check out the site it’s great.

Day of Caring.

click on all pics to enlarge
The United Way’s Day of Caring in Muskegon at Heritage Landing which was held Friday was a great success. A lot of people showed up, I would guess around 400 but I really am not sure of the #. As I walked in to sign up Merle Scolnik was there working the sign in table.

Next the Muskegon Lions held their annual Pancake Sausage breakfast. I grabbed a big plateful and found a group of Republican volunteers and sat down with them. Our Chair David Farhat was there along with our Treasurer Jon Koens. Jerry Van Woerkhom our State Senator and 91st candidate Ken Punter along with National Committee Woman Holly Hughes were also there. Leonard and myself rounded out that crew. If I miss someone I apologize.

This event as always was well organized. The various groups of volunteers were directed to the various locations that needed to be worked on. Our Muskegon County Republicans were sent to the LST to work on the Lawn in front of the ship.
We had to spread out the piles of dirt and there was a lot of it to spread, but with all of us working alongside another group or two of volunteers it went pretty fast. The next job was building a perimeter fence. Actually Ken led the group that worked the hardest I think at least they worked the longest. They dug the holes in which they put a contraption which they cemented in to hold the future posts. They did 25-30 of those. Scattered through out are pictures of the work being done.

The Muskegon Chronicle provided much needed relief to the volunteers as their crew went around giving out Ice crème goodies like drumsticks and fudge bars etc. they were great.

In-between the post holes we cut and drilled landscape timber to fit, following the fence line to square off the new lawn. Later, I think Monday they plan on spraying the seed for the grass. It will be green pretty quick I’m sure.
There was a lunch break at noon which was made up of foot long Hoogies, chips, brownies, and lots of drink from pop to lemonade to bottled water. Plumb’s put this all on and I thank them.

I made friends with Kate who helped out on the lawn crew. She was with the County Mental Health Crew and I ended up sitting and sharing lunch with them.
Talk about coincidence, in that crew was a girl whom I took to the prom and to be nice to her I won’t give the date when that occured. Lol. I hadn’t seen her since that day and she still looked great. We and the whole table had a good time with that. Being the only male and probably the only Republican at the table ended up being fun and we enjoyed the banter.

The upshot as I told them was that we are here doing "business" not politics, getting something good done for our community, that even politics when it spurs competition to do more "business" well that is a good thing.

Well it was back to work and finishing up the operation. The crowd had thinned out by about 2 and we finished shortly after that. Below are some pics of the "business" we all got done.

Ken and I were lucky and got a tour of the ship. I admit to being ignorant of the actual size of it. It was huge, this ship carried tanks to the shore during invasions. Ken being a marine had served on a later version of the same thing and he kept commenting on the fact that the basics were the same and hadn’t changed all that much. If you get a chance see their web site and come down and take a tour.


Well that was done and we said our goodbyes and left. That rounded out the day for me. The work was hard but as Jerry Van Woerkhom said earlier as we were shoveling the dirt. The physical work was a welcome break from the work he was doing on the budget in the Senate. Some good physical activity helps clear the mind, I know that.

Well this morning I’m off to help the Muskegon Co. Repubs “Adopt a Highway” fall clean up. If you get a chance run out to Shaw Rd and Apple and lend a hand it starts at 9:15 today Sat. See side bar calendar for details. We can always use an extra hand.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative