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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cory Booker/Chris Christi

Cory Booker/Chris Christi.

I first heard of this guy when he won the Mayor ship of Newark NJ. He made a splash in the news and I followed up with some research on him. Wow, this was a guy after my own heart. Booker was a fighter for most of the things I believe in. He is a Democrat and I’m a Republican and a Conservative. Sooooo-How can this be?

You watch the video “Street Fight” and maybe you’ll see what I mean.



Irony is dripping here; especially after the 2012 election.

Is Mayor Booker a community organizer, Ivy League educated lawyer? Yes he is. Is he just another Barack Obama? A resounding no.

If anything I would compare him to Rudy Giuliani when Rudy was Mayor of NYC.

Cory campaigned for Obama but he was not afraid to stand up for what he believed. If you remember the hot water he found himself in when he took the Obama campaign to task for trying to smear Romney for being a venture capitalist. Not only did he think the smear tactic had no place in the campaign but he actually said that venture capitalists were a necessary and good part of the system. Mr. Booker actually said this about the electioneering of both sides.

“This kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides,” Booker said. “It’s nauseating to the American public. Enough is enough. Stop attacking private equity. Stop attacking Jeremiah Wright.” (Italics added).

The reason I’m writing this is in reference to my previous blog about how the Republicans need to have a change of attitude, how they need to face the facts of the last election. How we will not do well until we start to practice what we preach. How we need to show how relevant our message is in all communities. We need to do this by doing what we talk about by living up to our ideals. We are judged by our actions and how they match our talk. All people are.

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Mr. Booker has constantly lived up to his talk. Throughout his career he has done good deeds as well as talked about them. Several instances come to mind. A constituent twitted about how an older relative needed his walk shoveled. Cory went and did it; others picked up on it and shoveled others out. At a fire Cory burned his hands and suffered smoke inhalation rescuing someone from a fire. During this latest Sandi crisis, he’s offered to put people up in his house. We would never expect to see President Obama do this, even in his earlier days. I just cannot even picture it. Romney I can, because he has shown several selfless actions of this sort.

Be that as it may, Cory Booker has cut Newark’s deficit drastically, he has cut the crime rate drastically, and he has given his constituents a choice in education. His education plan was so exceptional that NJ. Governor Chris Christi put him in charge of a reform program on education for the state.

I just reordered the film “Street Fight” from Netflix. Watch it I dare you.

With all the news about Governor Christie and Hurricane Sandi and lately about all the rumors of Booker running against Christi for the Governorship; watching the movie and doing some research, the back-story will become clearer. This is a story of two straight talking pragmatists from different parties. Either way and the best part of that conflict will be that in the end either one will continue working to actually fix what’s wrong and not just talk about it.

This is called leadership, this is what people want. I hate taxes, but if I see something being done constructive with them, I hate them less, hence I hate the people in charge of taxes less. On the other hand I hate it when a government benefit of mine is cut, but if I can see that this is happening for good reason and being done fairly, I hate the benefit cutters less.

While all the rest of you pure of hearters continue to dump on Christi for the Sandi/Obama thing, and while the other side dumps on Booker for his bucking the Democrat machine, something is getting done in NJ and Newark. Something all the talking in the world did little to change till Booker and Christi took the bull by the horns and fought a tough battle against an entrenched cronyism both within and without their parties and to battle this was always outside of their comfort zones.

I too now need to start doing. Our Party needs to start doing. In my opinion all this negative talk including impeachment and all the rest is playing into the hands of our enemies. It used to be that it was mainly the Democrats who when they lost the argument would use personal attacks and smears, I hate to see us stoop to such levels. If we believe our message is so true then we need to practice it in the face of those who call us names.

“Kill them with kindness” may be politically incorrect but it remains an unbeatable tool to use.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Virtual Vs Real World

Doing vs. letting others

What we Conservative/Republicans should learn from this election is simple.

We definitely need to get out of our comfort zone.

By that I mean we need to stop continually surrounding ourselves with those who think like we think. I’m an alcoholic and that is exactly what I would do when I was drinking. I would sit in a bar with other drunks and we’d talk of how great things were. Things got worse.

Ask any football coach; sure we need the occasional rah-rah speech and pats on the back but if we really want to win we have to face up to the reality of what is. What went wrong and our part in it. We have to accept that we missed that tackle or dropped that pass, only after that can we see how to get better.  In other words it involves alot of work along with the right attitude.
We have to admit our part in it. More precisely, that what we worked at so hard didn’t work.

I’ve already heard too many people tell me that they did all they could do.

I’ve told myself that. It’s a way to shift the blame, blunt the harshness of the reality that was this election, to make myself feel better. We did work hard, and to some extent our efforts were rewarded. Examples abound but look at this one. President Obama and Andrew Jackson were the only two Presidents in history that won re-election with fewer votes than they received their first time. But Obama was still elected regardless of our efforts.

Maybe it was not that we didn’t spend enough time doing things but that we should have been doing different things, smarter things in different ways.

Our first job is to admit that all the efforts we made didn’t do the trick. This admission opens the door to the possibility that there may be other ways to change things. It then becomes our job to find those better ways.

We need to look at the basics of what we do to try to win elections. As an example that most of us can sympathize with; do we need to make even more robo phone calls or should we look at whether robo calls give us the “bang for the buck” we need and for that matter whether we should be after the bang or the buck?

The title of my blog is Bottom Up Politics and so I turn to what I/we can start to do to immediately change from the bottom rungs of our Party. This is where we have to think out of our comfort zone.

I just today got a call from a lady in another county who was pretty upset with the election both nationally and in her own county. We decided we needed to sit down and brain storm some out of the box ideas on how to change things. That can be a start in our little neck of the woods if we keep to the task at hand and not call up a political analyst to tell us what to do. LOL.

First as with most things, getting back to basics seems, well basic. It is time for us to clear the brain and start putting in new information from the real world. I need to not listen to Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity every day then sit down in the evening to watch Fox. That is a “virtual” reality, I need to get into the real world more. As a Precinct Delegate I need to be getting into my neighborhood more and find out what makes it tick. That is my elected position after all. Simply listening to people is the greatest tool we have. It is a simple way of doing a good thing for others. I am always amazed what valuable information I learn by simply doing that – especially listening to people as people and not just to those who are in my “Political” comfort zone. Doing that has its own rewards, one of which is I start to learn some new facts from which I can create new “out of the box” solutions.

Above all I must realize that I need to keep an open mind and try to base my actions more on the real world than the virtual world.

George Will in the linked article below touched upon this when he talked about the Hispanic vote and the role it played in the last election. Mr. Will also brought up the idea that “Immigration reform” will be the reef President Obama will build which we can wreck our ship upon if we let it.

-----Quote from Will’s Article-----
"Republicans can take some solace from the popular vote. But unless they respond to accelerating demographic changes — and Obama, by pressing immigration reform, can give Republicans a reef on which they can wreck themselves — the 58th presidential election may be like the 57th, only more so."
-----link to Mr. Will’s article-----
How do we do this other than target more robo calls in Spanish to the appropriate addresses?

We simply put our beliefs into action. We don’t talk about how some of our friends are Hispanic or African American. We talk about our beliefs in the strength of the individual. We talk about the greatness of America where anybody can get ahead and how that is slipping away through over regulation and ever expanding government. We need not talk so much about Harry Reid as we do about the local zoning board that won’t let their son and daughter set up a lemonade stand or that they can’t plant a garden in their front yard.

Politics is personal, all politics from National to local. The more personal the contact the bigger the impression will be upon that voter. To turn an old expression upside down – This is personal this is politics, it ain’t business.

Mitt Romney finally seemed to have it right in the end when it was too late, (or perhaps he had it all along and I couldn’t see it through the fog of my virtual reality) when he talked about making our decisions more for the love of Country not so much for the love of self. That was great stuff but if it was played from the beginning it could have been the reef that Obama and the Liberals could have wrecked their ship upon as they tried to make fun of American values, and Romney could have built upon that. Coming as it did at the end was as I said too late.

So after we lick our wounds and begin to realize that though we didn’t win we came closer than the historic model would have predicted. Though we lost the electoral vote handily the actual vote was pretty close. So what do we do next?

The first thing is to change our attitude. Try a smile for a change. Talk of the joy of freedom not the harmful actions of a tyrant. There are others that will do that and the people know that when they see it. Keep a great vision as our bedrock and let the Liberals make fun of that all they want to. Remember we and all people are creatures of habit, and habits die hard. This kind of thing however is labor intensive and is best done a little at a time. Also we are all human and in our day to day squabble to make a living and feed our families, we need to remember to think of the bigger things. When I do make that effort, I’m always amazed at how I feel better. The reward earned by the doing is a righteous reward.

For an eye opener look at the following link which says that voter turnout was down in most every state in this 2012 election vs. 2008. I checked, it was down in mine.

From my comfort zone as I prowled the polling precincts election day I was positive turnout was up and the Republicans were turning out in droves to vote. OOOPS.

Welcome to the real world.

Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.


Marco Rubio wrote this piece.

Here is a quote from it.

“In the next Congress, I am committed to working on upward mobility policies that will ensure people who work hard and play by the rules can rise above the circumstances of their birth and leave their children better off,” he said in statement Wednesday. “The conservative movement should have particular appeal to people in minority and immigrant communities who are trying to make it, and Republicans need to work harder than ever to communicate our beliefs to them.”

Senator Rubio summed up in a paragraph what I needed 2 pages of fluff to say not quite so well.

Perhaps most more succiently -- We need to get off our High Horse and concentrate on practicing what we preach.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time to Blog Again

Time to catch you all up quick like, on what's been happening to me in my new digs.
I am completely inlove with my new surroundings.

My house continues to be a work in progress, but there is progress. Inside I now have with the help of Rob L. a great butcher block counter top and great cabinets under it. The idea is to have a seperate place to store and use all the equipment needed to preserve the harvest from my garden. ie. Prepare and can or freeze it.

Also I've started making bread with a bread machine and that takes up a bunch of space for the machine and the different flours and misc stuff. The job now is to treat and finish the counter top and cabinets but they at least are in place. Downstairs a new freezer and a room remade to hold my electrical and plumbing suppliess works out nicely.

Outside the garden of course continues to get improved. Latest was the addition of 7 sprinkler heads controlled with switches to make it easier. Though my pump can only push one sprinkler head at a time, I can easily switch from one to another by flipping a switch and not have to drag hose and sprinkler around as before.
Also the start of an addition to my barn/shed is framed up but not sheathed or roofed. This will serve as a place to store excess hay and a place to start the baby chics out untill they can be put out into the movable coops. The projects are all in the process of getting done. Also bought a hoop house in the summer and it is still laying there, I guess next year will be the time for that.

I failed in buying the 2 pigs and 50 chickens I had wanted, you guessed it - next year I will do that too. The plan is thought out and the pieces for the pen and coop are already bought, like I said a work in progress but there is continual progress and for that I'm gratefull.

Now to my real love - politics. I stepped down as Tea Party Chair and Andy took up the reigns and the meetings are continuing. I have continued to go to various Tea Party and Republican meetings and helping out when I can.

I'm trying to help out in the Community in general also, lastly I volunteered to help out during Heritage days which is a fundraiser for the Hart Historical society. First night I was the Fish fryer, the second night I along with another was the chief pig cutter upper and what a pig it was! A 300 pounder slowly cooked overnight on a BBQ grill. It was more pulling apart than cutting. The event went over well for the Society and everyone seemed happy, and as far as I know there wasn't one death due to poorly cooked food.

As a bonus, I got all the bones off the pig to take home. I've already made some ham 15 bean soup and my little dog was the proud recipient of a huge left over bone.

The big news I guess along political lines is that I am running for County Road Commissioner. There were two openings on the Board and only one person running. A County Commissioner talked to me about running and I agreed.

Later another candidate threw their hat into the ring as an independent. This is a coounty wide race with 3 people now running to fill two spots. A Republican (Me) a Dem. and an Independent. My plan of attack to win has been to start going to as many of the Township board meetings as I can to meet people and to hear about what they want the Road Commission to do.

As far as campaigning, I've made up business cards and just today put together my first Yard Signs. I could only afford 50 so making sure I put them along busy streets is will be necessary. With 16 townships I hope to put at least 3 in every one. I'll have to be careful as to who gets signs.

It's not if you live but where !!! lol

I have also started stopping by people's houses when I see them out in their yards. Hope this will be enough. I'm sure as the election draws nearer, I will get more paranoid and start working harder. Up till now I've been going to Road Commission meetings, talking with and meeting the other members of the board. I've been gathering info on how the whole thing works. I've been to several worksites and talked with some of the workers out in the garage to get their sense of what needs to be done There is a lot to learn and I'm digging in, during this calm before the storm which will be the election.

Here is an example of what I did yesterday. Went to the Muskegon County Republican HQ to pick up some free wire supports for my yard signs that I had forgotten to pick up Sat. Went up to Ludington after that to see the Mason County HQ and shop at Meijers, this was to try to get something constructive done before going to a Townhall put on by State Reps. Ray Franz and Ken Horn which I wanted to attend. Mr Horn is the head of the State House Energy committee and Ray works with him. The topic was the ballot proposal "25 25" in general and there was a lot of talk about the new windmill farm. There was alot of good inside info on how the government really works from these gentlemen and alot of info from the audience. All but one or two were against that Constitutional Amendment.  I was before I got there but picked up alot of useful info to use when argueing against it.

There is lots of other stuff I'm into and will talk about in later blogs as it comes up. One of the biggies however and perhaps the most important is that I've decided to run for the Chair of the Oceana County Republicans. I've talked with the current chair and alot of others about it and they all think it a good idea. I'm at all the events and have been for a couple of years. I seem to get along with most of the members. I do have leadership experiance with the Tea Parties here and in Musk. I've been learning alot as I go. As the Chair I would finally have the chance to put my ideas into practice. I would look forward to that.

For the Tea Party and the Republican Party, I helped out at both booths in the Oceana County Fair. I also have been working most every day for an hour or so on the Oceana Republican Website. Ross Fitcher the web designer from Dear Path set it up and has been helping me learn the ropes. The website is starting to look pretty good. I still have a lot of current political content to add but doing a little each day seems to work out well.
-----Oceana Republican Website------
Last but not least the Cozy Conservative Corner which we started even before I moved up is nearing the end of it's second year. Every Tues. morning 8pm at the LaFiesta Restaurant, downtown Hart.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Monday, June 4, 2012

Coalition Building

Coalition Building. The Right of America will learn Tuesday after our Cozy Conservative Breakfast in downtown Hart Mi. whether they have learned to put their feet where their mouths are. Their feet, that is as in walking with them into a polling place and actually voting instead of just bitching about the way things are. I’m talking here about the recall election In Wisconsin which is now a classic battle to “Get out the vote”, and the Left has the built in advantage of the Unions as it always has had across the board. To facilitate that the vaunted Obama machine through them has set up brick and mortar places across the state to do just that. While the right is pouring money into the state for TV ads and robo calls, the left is trying to mobilize the voters to actually get out and vote. I hope the political operatives of the right are doing the same and are not just wasting it on glossy TV ads that some suits in board rooms think are “catchy”. Above all we need to unite the “Factions” of the Right. To make this election and the Big One coming in 2012 work for the Right we need not just the Tea Party, nor just the Right to Lifers nor the Home Schoolers, nor just the NRA, nor the small business people, nor jus the libertarians nor the anti tax people, nor just the people of faith. We need them all and anyone else who wants government to Leave Us Alone. And We Need Them To Vote. And We Need to Work at Finding Them. There are people out there who are conservative and don’t know it, worse than that --- We Don’t Know it or want to. I’m afraid as we ourselves stereotype people as environmental whacos or burnt out Hippies, we may be missing the boat. For example, what do we as typical Conservatives think when we hear people talking about organic farming or alternative agriculture or solar power??? Well guess again; at the local level some of these people are doing what they think is right and good and righteous by themselves for all Right reasons. They themselves and even the yuppies that they sell their wares to now are coming up against the government bureaucrats with all their regulations. I’m meeting with small scale farmers around me in my neighborhood that raise their own crops in their own way and market them wherever they can. Usually they sell their harvest at Farmer’s Markets in larger markets like Muskegon or just to their neighbors. Their wares include Veggies, poultry, pork, beef, dairy products and baked along with canned goods. All home grown or baked or canned. Guess what? Even though they thought they were doing great things for Mother Earth, and for themselves as well as their neighbors, they are finally starting to figure out that bureaucracy is an equal opportunity oppressor of people’s right to do as they wish; regardless of how Righteous their cause. Joel Salatin an author of several books on range feeding chickens and anything else for that matter has written a book entitled "Everything I Want to do is Illegal”. For example over the years he has tried a new method of raising chickens and has met the heavy hand of government regulation at every step of the way. This man and the people that follow some or all of his ways is first and foremost interested in living in a way that is friendly to what they raise, protects the earth, but along with and just as important, profitable to himself at least to the extent that they can live off of their own labors and their land. Below is a link to an interview had with Joel if you want to get a better picture of the man and his lifestyle. -----link----- -------------- Mr. Salatin is a conservative leader in the truest sense of the word. He leads by doing. As more people turn to this type of self sufficient living, they realize that they cannot afford to continually comply with the ever-increasing regulations of government. More importantly as they fight or try to evade these, they begin to see firsthand the harmful and tyrannical nature of these regulations and its effect upon their spirit of individual freedom. This is the nature of Conservatism whether they know it or not; also whether we know it or like it, they are in the same fight as we are. As they fight to survive we as conservatives need to back them up. We need to take up their fight, because in their own way they have taken up ours. We need to fight together when possible, and try to understand each other. We need to understand that there is a difference between the government stopping individuals from doing what they desire and the government subsidizing it. We as Conservatives need to realize what unites us and stay away from that which doesn’t. There are people in all organizations just like this; people in the film industry, in the unions, in the media and in every walk of life and neighborhood, even in Muskegon Heights or Newfield Township, that we would not normally think of as Conservative. We must join with and encourage them by our actions when we find them and not just by our talk. Above all else we need to start doing and tone down the talking. Wisconsin will tell us something Tuesday. Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time for Republicans to Wake Up.

Time for Republicans to Wake Up.

Republican’s don’t even have a candidate yet, and Obama has raised 141 million and is staffing and holding events at a local level in most states and already has HQ all over the battle ground states that are getting volunteers signed up and organized, one on one. They don’t call Obama the “Community Organizer in Chief” for nothing. Remember 2008?
What’s that old saying? “If you don’t study History you are bound to repeat it” or something like that – well you get the picture. While Tea Partiers and Republican establishment types are battling over who controls the Republican piece of the pie, Obama and his minions are trying to with boots on the ground increase their piece of the pie and diminish ours. Even with all the ammunition Obama has given us about his socialistic plans and freedom wrecking regulations including all the debt he is piling up and even with Obamacare, well another old saying comes to mind.

“ Conservatives always win the arguments but lose the election.” For whatever reason and believe me I’ve heard them all Republicans talk a good game but fail miserably at getting out in the Neighborhoods and actually campaigning and doing all the grunt work. Republicans are terrible at illustrating there narrative with deeds. It’s like writing a text of small print and large sentences without any pictures. We seem to think we are above it all. I know for a lot of Republicans there just doesn’t seem to be enough time what with work and all, but beware of that idea.

Make some time if you value your freedom.

We are good at talking about and arguing over how important it is to get boots on the ground, but yet we can’t seem to squeeze out 2 hours a month to knock on a few doors or attend some local fundraisers, volunteer for a candidate’s parade etc.
This is starting to change as the Obama administration is starting to scare us at a gut level. We are starting to feel our Freedom is really starting to be taken away. This is all well and good, but Christ Himself even admits that we will be judged by our actions not our BS. Is this enough? Compare what we do, to the article above and the Obama Machine gearing up and REMEMBER 2008.

Along those same lines how about “we will reap what we sow”? Well Republicans haven’t been sowing much so don’t be surprised or mad with others if the garden is taken over by weeds.

It's your garden too.

Living in Oceana County we are tempted to think that our efforts won’t change things but that is WRONG. DEAD WRONG.

Think of elections and movements as the accumulation of little ripples in the water. Think of the 2010 election Tsunami for the Republicans as starting in that desolate area 12 miles from Shelby, New Era, Hesperia, and Hart –that’s where I live. Pick any spot desolate or in the precinct of a major city. It all starts when someone gets upset enough to decide to vote that year.

That person then starts to pay attention to the news, starts to question things, starts to talk to neighbors and friends and family. As other ripples pop up the ripples become small waves and well you get the picture. All of a sudden people in the news are talking about this great big tsunami thing that happened and scratching their heads in wonder as to how it happened. Well your vote and your actions this time could be the ripple that washes Obama and the Radical Left out to Sea.

It all started as a ripple on the water. Let me repeat -- that little thing caused the Big Thing. That Big Thing wouldn’t have happened without the little ripples.
That is what the Democrats have known forever. The Tea Parties picked it up from them, and are expanding upon it. The name of this blog is called “Bottom Up Politics” and the name stands for that principle. If we get township, village and city governments all peopled with conservative leaders, where I ask do you think the state leaders come from??? Where National Leaders??? Get the picture?

Volunteer; get into local government and local parties. Join groups you always wondered about. Attend a meeting; volunteer to help a candidate, or a party. Get to know your neighbors, don’t BS. Know your stuff, research what you talk about. How many stupid people do you look forward to spending time with? ? ? ? Well don’t be one of them.

Above all have fun, and enjoy what you are doing. Be smart, always question your ideas. People will listen.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative.

Stay tuned as I will start posting local happenings on this site at least twice a week. I will also try to interview or let people know about new local business’ setting up, along of course with the local political poop.

I will also start to list on the side bar candidates who want to be listed so you can contact them to volunteer. Also if anyone wants I’ll list events for whatever causes.

I state upfront here that I will only push what I deem worthy and I also state that this site is blatantly Conservative in nature.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Wisper of Truth

A Whisper of Truth. Can you Hear it?

Big news and Deep thoughts.

Rick Santorum made news and upset the Republican "Machine’s" push for an “inevitable” Romney Victory by winning both the Mississippi and Alabama primaries. Perhaps more harmful to Gov. Romney was that Newt Gingrich also beat him leaving Romney in 3rd place in both places.


My deep thoughts about Santorum and Romney are threefold.

First, 2/3rds of the vote was against Romney as it has been all along. While Romney claims now that he did better than expected in these two evangelical conservative Southern States; you have to wonder why the Romney camp et al threw so much money into the losing effort. Why did they, near the end enthusiastically outspend Santorum by many multiples? Just as they have continually done in the race to date. Just from a financially conservative viewpoint, Mr. Romney seems to be acting very liberal. From a pragmatic point of view, why spend such a fortune and remain continually stuck at 30% of the base? If he is that free with his own money, what about the People’s Money if elected? Another Governor, Sarah Palin said many times what an awesome responsibility it was to have to spend other people’s money when she was the CEO of Alaska. Did you just hear a soft “whisper”? Somehow I don’t think Gov. Romney would lose sleep over wasting a little of our money here and there – or a lot for that matter.

Second, last night I watched the Palin movie “Undefeated” and was moved by how she related to the people because she really was one of those people and how she was able to fight the "Machine". With Romney I get the feeling that he is buying into the "Machine" with every dollar he spends. I think he is getting the very best advice from the highest paid political consultants on how to relate to the common people. Again that "Wisper".
Also I’m half way through reading Andrew Breitbart’s Book “Righteous Indignation” and ironically in the Palin movie there were a few clips of Breitbart explaining why Sarah Palin is such a phenom and why the left is deathly afraid of her. Tying together the book and the movie, that “Whisper” becomes louder and more specific.

Thirdly, I trust Rick Santorum and I don’t trust Mitt Romney. I’m a recovering alcoholic of the last 30 years and I remember something a recovery shrink I was court ordered to see once told me. Even though this lady was an avowed liberal who believed there was no right and wrong(over which we argued on several occasions); she ended up saying that when faced with a choice of things to do, she listened to the feeling she had in her center somewhere between her stomach and heart. I knew even then she was just another hypocritical liberal saying “do as I say not as I do”. I also even then felt that “Whisper” I was getting was about what is the truth and what is not. It was about that gut feeling of what was true or false – right or wrong. It is that “Whisper of Truth” that I get with Santorum, unlike the silence I get from Romney that keeps me at arm’s length from him and has put me into the Santorum camp. Ironically even though the shrink’s advice was hypocritical, I’ve found it true and more than useful especially in politics.

The fact however is that to fight not only the Republican "Machine" but the Left’s entrenchment in the pop culture we have to learn how to turn that “Whisper” into a roar to even compete in the Culture War.

Andrew Breitbart was a champion of this. His gift was his ability to expose the Left’s BS from within. Leave it enough to say that he was at times one of only a very few who were able to take that “Whisper of Truth” and throw it right back into the face of the Liberal Elites whether Democrat or Republican with a volume well above a “Whisper”.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS If you think Romney has nothing to do with "machine" politics consider that in Mississippi, he won the urban areas and Santorum won the rural areas. If you look at the other races such as the one in my home state of Michigan; the same rings true. In fact Mitt Romney wins in all the places that Obama and the Left wins. For example he won Somoa and Hawaii. The reason is that it is in these areas in which you get the biggest “Paid Consultant” bang for the buck. Here is where the “Machine” is always centered. The more condensed the population the easier and less costly it is for example to knock on doors.

If as Romney fans say this only points to his ability to capture the independent and more moderate (read Progressive Liberal) voter. I point you to the following article which breaks down the Mississippi election.
It soon becomes evident in the article that in these urban Party "Machine" settings, the Romney brand can’t even get out the very vote that he claims is his power. This begs the question; if he can’t get out his Vaunted Progressive moderate vote in the primary how can he presume that he will get them and the Conservative base fired up enough to turn out in the general election where his one weapon (money) will be small potatoes against the Obama machine.

Remember too that the Unions have said that they will put out $400 million this election cycle for the Democrats.

What Santorum says about Romney seems to have a “Whisper of Truth” to it. He said in effect that if you run the Republican "Machine" choice (Romney) against the Democrat Machine you will get the same results we saw with Dole, McCain, Ford et all.

What also rings true is that we need a candidate who can win even though he will be outspent because he will be able to connect with the People of America because he is one of them.

We are tired of those candidates who are good at playing the game of politics, we need someone who is good at governing, and someone who governs as an honest person would. Someone from whom we hear the "Whisper of Truth".

Regards again. Live Dangerously Be A Conservative