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Monday, June 9, 2008

Crunch Time

Below is a link about the choices facing the Muskegon School Board.
Colin Armstrong the superintendent of the Muskegon Public School System was hired to not draw down reserves.
------quote-from article -----
The board must adopt a balanced budget for 2008-09 by July 1, when the next fiscal year begins. Concerned about large draws from the district's fund reserves, Armstrong pledged to hold the line on them when he became superintendent in 2006
He is making the recommendations because he has to but with tongue in cheek.
"We're identifying cuts because we have to, but it's not the right thing to do”
Then he lays the decision on the board. At least I don’t know how else to interpret the last sentence of the article.
“"I don't believe I can break that commitment (to reduce fund balance withdrawals) to them," Armstrong said. "But I believe they can override it.”
I realize that the board has the final say, but Mr. Armstrong was hired with his agreement to keep within budget. I would say that this is not what the school board had in mind. If I was on the board that is not what I would of expected.

The budget is nearly 65 million. The amount is 1/5th of a million less than 1/3rd of a percent. (.0030). If we cannot find the ability to cut that little. What are we to do? If the media is to be believed, and the economy is falling apart, what will we do when faced with another doubling of the gas price and rising inflation, and less state and federal funds coming in? Raise taxes on a shrinking tax base? ??? Detroit has learned what comes with that strategy. Bankruptcy. No tax base. The state of Michigan is learning too. Job creators are leaving as fast as they can. The nation I hope will wake up in time. Maybe all of Michigan’s pain then will not of been in vain. If the rest of the country can point to Michigan ( and many already are on a national scale) and say see what happens when you keep taking from those doing the making.
Speaking of Takers and Makers. Lol. I knew I’d get a plug in someplace for this book.
Short piece about that classic book.
“A recent book which I strongly recommend for its readable style and wealth of concrete examples on the difference between those who create wealth and those who merely want to take it is Makers and Takers by Edmund Contoski. It takes aim at all sorts of government interference including environmentalism, taxation, safety regulations and so on and shows how they spring from an "invader" mentality which sees wealth as a static quantity to be seized - and which are at best inferior to the actions of free people, and at worst (and usually) actually counterproductive to their own stated aims.”
The part that says, “… worst (and usually) actually counterproductive to their own stated aims.”; seems to be on point about the whole idea of our form of bureaucratic compulsory education and its stated aims.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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