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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Backlash Back into Reality

Backlash Back into Reality.

From Radio Head to leading psychological research to the results of the last election it is becoming clear that the American people are fighting back. What are they fighting? Simply put they are fighting the rush into a virtual reality the elites and the media are trying to take us. That is a magic place where fake news is applauded and where the end no matter how whimsical and nonsensical is justified, even when the most hurtful effects are upon the most vulnerable among us.

The people are getting hit in the pocketbook by this headlong rush and the billions no trillions it is costing ordinary Americans. They are finally demanding results. All Americans are feeling the pinch and they are at a minimum demanding concrete results.

The leak in the dam is beginning and will soon become a flood. When I read an article about the band RadioHead not giving into demands from the liberals to cancel its trip to Israel, I see hope.

When I see that Connecticut is finally seeing the effects of unlimited tax and spend and bad policy upon their people and the Democrat leaders are waking up to defeat, I have hope. Connecticut is going broke, they are currently over $5 billion in deficit. The big companies and rich are leaving because the Democrat politicians in their pie in the sky liberal promises of a utopian world decided to finally kill the golden goose and take all her eggs. Ayn Rand’s cry of “Who is John Gault” is becoming known. A word of advice on this Wall Street Journal article. The article is dulled out to non-subscribers, but here is a trick I learned. Simply tilt back your laptop screen and it comes in fine. The article is worth reading as it is the problem of the effects upon everyday Americans when forced into the liberal virtual reality utopia. Everyone suffers even those it is set up to protect.

I’m a conservative and believe in conservative principles. I’ve read all the books or at least most of them that sings its praises but in the back of my mind I’ve always wondered why the liberals believed what to me was nonsense. I got my first clues when studying the constitution and its creation. That document was put together by both the conservatives and liberals of the time.

My next insight came after reading Thomas Sowell’s book, “Conflict of Visions” which basically says there are two ways people look at their world and that has evolved into what we call liberal and conservative. Mr. Sowell was beginning to lift the curtain for me. Below is a link to a good review of that work.

Then in 2012 came a book, actually more like a psychological treatise about “Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion”. The title of the book is “The Righteous Mind”, by Jonathan Haidt. I just found it. Although Haidt is a confessed liberal he bends over backwards in trying to figure out the underpinnings of Dr. Sowell’s two types of visions. And he does it in a scientific way. This is not an easy read, it is a well indexed, referenced and massively footnoted work. I have not finished reading it and really only just started but I see it is setting my mind to working again on this problem. It seems like a good book but I don’t know yet if it is a great book.

It is a good study of the two views people have of life and it is pointing out the righteousness of both. It is really diving into and trying to prove that indeed both “visions” are right but that reality lies somewhere in the middle. Haidt talks of emotional vs. rational thinking. He shows through clinical testing how they both need each other to survive. Here is a quote. “When the Master (passion) drops dead, the Servant (reasoning) has neither the ability nor the desire to keep the estate running.” I remembered something from the bible and I looked it up.

Proverbs 29:18 King James Version.

“Where there is no vision the people perish: but he that keepth the law happy he is.”

I could write a lot here about the wisdom of the bible or the second part of the quote about keeping the law but suffice it for me to write that as a rule of law person I believe the above means that when the laws are inspired by vision/passion/faith in a higher power he that keeps it is indeed happy.

I hope the rest of the book is as good as the first 40 pages.

But back to my title “Backlash Back into Reality”. Ordinary people have had enough. This was clear in the last election. People are beginning to stand up and their voices are being heard from their outcry against the diabolical misdeed of Kathy Griffin with President Trump’s severed head to the public pressure towards the wayward sponsors of the Hannity show which have motivated them to come back to his show as sponsors. I see people voicing their own “righteous” anger. Even with the Governor of Connecticut beginning to see the “righteousness” of Free Enterprise there is hope that the crowning gift of Individual Freedom will be not far behind.

I hope for a day when people see that the Common Good is best served not by government regulations but by protecting and enshrining the Freedom of the one to pursue what his or her passions and visions dictate.

Regards, Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth
Bob carr

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Getting back Reality

The Promise of Andrew Breitbart

Alive and Kicking.

Andrew Breitbart was a bear of a man. Put him in a fur coat strap on some snow shoes and a fur hat and he would be the picture of a Mountain Man. The reality is far from it. Andrew was a confessed liberal to start with and partied with the best of them. That is perhaps why he knew what buttons to push when arguing with liberals. Plus he had no fear of pushing those buttons, in fact he reveled in it. The hate the left had for him could be explained by his cross over to the other side as well as his vociferousness.  But also his effectiveness at fighting them with their own tools.

We see others who have crossed over which ignited the rage of the left. Ronald Reagan immediately comes to mind. Also on the more esoteric side there is author and playwright David Mamet who wrote a book titled “The Secret Knowledge” which tells of the Left’s effort to dismantle American Culture. I read it and found it pretty insightful. He too was attacked but he never wavered, he just kept on producing great plays with great bottom lines, while the "critics and tastemakers" who control the media would have you believe Mamet is dead, the general public says the opposite.

Also there are other Conservatives who actually practice what the Left preaches and are hated all the more for it. Think Sarah Palin. The left talks of women’s rights and the right of women to be strong and how they should take on the male dominated power structure. Well Ms. Palin did just that and outed the Old Boys Club in Alaska and became Governor. She raised a “damaged” child, the Left you would think would be singing her praises. Why then did the Left reap so much hate upon her? It seems obvious that they disliked her because the Conservative Principles she used worked while the Progressive Principles the left has been espousing have never worked. They hate her for this.

This brings me to the topic of my blog. What matters more, the reality or the appearance of reality? As I write this blog and research through the internet I find myself at the mercy of the “critics and tastemakers”. Even when I search for an alternative to the lefts mind numbing prodigiousness to spin everything their way I too admit to being forced into an alternative route with alternative "tastemakers". To find some truth in between is hard.  However the control of the media by the left’s “tastemakers” needs to be fought against.

Andrew Breitbart knew (and let me borrow Mamet’s title) that “Secret Knowledge”. He tried to create internet platforms for an alternative to the left wing media in all aspects of it from movie to plays to music to news to government to politics to business. His main focus was to break into pop culture to give the young a conservative alternative to what they are inundated with. He tried to break the generational cycle and counteract the liberal educational system in his own way.  He did this through the internet.

We of the right need to make our feelings known as we did in the last election. But not once every four years. Not just in politics either, we need to do it in everything we do. We need to make it personal.  Sure we voted for Trump but where were we when Shelby school canceled an appearance of a Constitutional speaker? 

We need to get local and vocal.We need to go to conservative movies and not go to liberal ones. We need to go to stores that espouse conservative values and not buy at Liberal espousing ones. We need at this point to climb out of the pity pot and choose sides.

If the financial “bottom line” is the only avenue left for us to use in our free enterprise system, so be it, let’s not shy away from using it. As David Mamet’s plays are still popular in the larger audience hence his continued successful “bottom line”, so too can we say no to the “critics and tastemasters” who try to tell us what we should like. Come to think of it lets support Conservative “critic and tastemasters”. I realize to the pure of heart this seems like trading one taskmaster for another but sometimes sides have to be chosen. After the war the pure of heart can blame it all on Churchill and throw him out after the victory as long as they chose his side till won the war.

I think this is that time to choose.

I think the conservatives have for so long been in the minority position that they do not know how to actually lead anymore. Plus human nature is to complain rather than to actually do something. I’ve seen this from the beginning of the Tea Party and since. Conservative groups like to sit around and complain but not do anything. When it comes time to gather up volunteers, from the 50 people in the group you are lucky to get 4 or 5. This is just not found in the conservative world but in the whole of human nature. The problem is the liberals are in control and those “4 or 5” liberals of the 50 have the control of the media and the government. They are the taste and task masters now. As the government takes over more and more of what we individually had to be responsible for we as a people are becoming more and more reliant upon that government and less and less upon ourselves.

The giant wheel of government now takes so much effort just to slow down that I fear sometimes in my darkest thoughts that we will never be able to reverse it.

We are seeing more and more of Orwell’s “1984”s predictions coming true but thankfully we are not there yet. But is “2084” that far away. My kids may live to see it, my grandchildren will grow up in it. Do I want to be part of changing what they will see or not? What will the world we give them be like.?  What am I willing to do to change that dire future? That is the question.

I’ve heard Rush lament about this and he says that the truth will overwhelm the wall of falsehoods the media erects, but Rush mispoke because that wall will not crumble without us as a people pushing it over.  Without our demanding that the truth be told?

Now more than ever is the time to pick sides and start demanding.

Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth
Bob Carr

Here is a film I haven't watched but will.
The Circle staring Tom Hanks.  Not a great film by any means and this probably isn't meant to be Conservative but it definitely tears down the Progressive panasea.
Also I'm re-checking out "Pursuit of Happiness" with Will Smith all about working hard and family struggles.

Monday, May 15, 2017

When something you make to help you decides to help itself instead.

When is a System Too Big?

Simply stated a system is too big when it can’t accomplish the goals it was set up to fix. A corollary to that would be that the system becomes too big to be accountable for making the changes necessary to accomplish its original goals. Or again simply, the institution becomes more important than those it’s trying to help. The case below shows how a Hospital in its drive to save money and get the patients out leads to a pretty sad and catastrophic end. Its inability to change is causing deaths.

Case in point.

The tragic death of Lauren Bloomstein 20 hours after giving birth to a healthy child. She was a neo-natal nurse and Larry her husband was a doctor.

Please read the entire article and keep in mind the problem we are having with the education system which seems unable to change its practices and punish the unqualified with the resulting dumbing down of the educational system through a model which seems based more on what is good for the system than what is good for the students.

You will see the parallels - to me they were obvious. Everyone shifting blame until they landed on the fact that maybe the system was a fault and everyone seemed to agree that to fix that was too big to handle and it wasn’t their job. Nothing got changed.

Does this remind you of any other problems?

It does me.

I see this in all aspects of society today, as industries whether it be schools, governments or businesses as they consolidate and become these mammoth entities incapable of change whose main goal in life is to protect themselves and less about protecting the individual for which they were started in the first place. If you still have doubts look at the VA Hospitals.

A great movie about the inability of the education system to change is “Waiting for Superman”.

The problem is - there is no such thing as superman. It is only when enough individual people get together and create the political will does something get done. Or as the case in education, a system I feel is beyond fixing, individuals out of self-defense for their children have been able to over decades drop out and educate their own children. That has proved to be dare I say it, educational.

Individual liberty when actively pursued will force institutions to change or go under.

We do this in the free enterprise system when it is not monopolized.

Perhaps Lauren and Larry Bloomstein were too much of the system to see it clearly, but their lawyers are not and I expect they will hit the system where they hurt. But will that really solve anything? Probably the only changes will be the hospital will have to raise the costs to the patients for the bungling of its doctors and nurses to cover its rise in mal-practice insurance rates. Just another example of a system too big to fail passing on the costs of its failures to those they are supposed to be helping.

That is what I call the breakdown of the “Free Enterprise of Ideas” that used to run this country that made it great.

Why is it so hard to change something as simple as reading charts and taking the patients’ blood pressure? Why does it take a Superman?

Because we have let the villains become a Supervillains.

Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth
Bob Carr

Friday, May 12, 2017

"Rule of Law"

“Rule of Law” Now and Forever

After years of working for the election of a “Rule of Law” Supreme Court in Michigan, I was apprehensive when I heard Chief Justice Robert P. Young was resigning. Who would Snyder pick to fill the vital role Justice Taylor played in our “Rule of Law” Court?

I was pleased when Governor Rick Snyder picked Kurtis Wilder.

As to his bonefides concerning “Rule of Law”, he is quoted in the above article as follows. "The court ought to say what the law is -- not what it ought to be." Add to that he is an appointee of Gov. John Engler. On top of that our new Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephan Markman had this to say about Justice Kurtis Wilder. "(he) brings what has been a consistent commitment to the equal rule of law and unwavering support for the values of the constitutions of the United States and the State of Michigan."

That is good enough for me, if you’ll remember I was able to get various candidates for the Supreme Court to come to speak to us in Hart over the years. The “Rule of Law” in my opinion is the corner stone of a free and independent people. It is the check upon Mob Rule or as Former Chief Justice Robert P. Young categorized it an “empathy court”.

There will soon have to be another appointee to the Mi. Supreme Court as current Justice Joan Larson has been nominated Trump to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. As you remember her name was in the running for the recent vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. All of these people were initially appointed by Governor John Engler. Mi. could be said to be the hotbed of “Rule of Law” judgeships.

We need to keep that all in mind as these Justices face re-election in the future.

Let us all remain ever vigilant.

To keep what we’ve gained and continue moving forward.

It is as always up to us to keep the “Rule of Law” now and forever.

Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Slings and Arrows of being in the Middle.

The Slings and Arrows of being in the Middle.


Some Fun Stuff

We all know who the sling throwers and arrow shooters are. They are too numerous to mention because they have picked the easy way. It has and always has been easiest to tear down someone or something that is trying to do something. To pick apart what has been done. To destruct vs. construct.

Usually they cloak themselves in far left/right rhetoric to disguise their lack of understanding of the real world or their inability to think original thoughts. You know the ones – the people who like labeling others and decry being so labeled themselves.

The real world we live in is not that way.  Individuals are not one thing –never one thing- they are many things all mixed up and self-formed to make a package that can survive in reality. Everyone makes compromises with reality in order to survive. We see it in literature. The greatest novels are all about the conflicts within ourselves over the righteous and self-righteous, over the ideal and the real. Of what we dream of doing and what we end up doing. Even the best of us can’t come close to perfection. But the best of us try.  That is where real beauty is sometimes found, along with the happiness in overcoming the struggles found in that journey.

People such as Glen Beck revel in labeling people and telling us what the “real” reality is. Other people such as Al Gore tinker with computer models and flimsy science while they both run around pontificating and getting rich by saying that the “sky is falling”.

What is their answer to the question of what can we do to avert disaster? Nothing except Pollyanna/Miss America answers like - do what I do and everything will be wonderful and the world will be saved and peace and harmony will be here. While one says all we have to do is use one sheet of toilet paper, the other is saying buy gold. The sad thing is – people believe them – a lot of people.

So what side should we be on? Wow – Now that is a really stupid question I just asked. It accomplishes nothing. I say neither side is right. If you really want to fight the good fight and suffer the slings and arrows try being in-between – in the middle of those two forces. Try getting something constructive done.  That is exactly what elected officials are elected to do. They have to dig through all the BS piled up on both sides and decide what to do. They have to actually construct something then listen to all the criticisms from those of a more destructive ilk.

But that is what makes a good leader, his ability to dig out the reality of the matter and find a solution that works for the group they are leading. The far Left and far Right seem to all have Right on their side and they all claim at some point to be best for the majority or the common good so how do we decide what to actually try to get people to do. What concrete things do we try to do?

First above all is to figure out what allows American Individuals to decide for themselves – then let them.

Thomas Sowell in his book “Conflict of Visions” which was his definition of the difference between the right and the left came to the conclusion from history that the Right thought we were born flawed and had to work at overcoming our baser instincts to create a workable society. While the left believed we were all born perfect and if we just passed the right laws that perfection would assert itself and create a perfect world. That is a great book and while my summary is a cheap shot at his great book, the point is that neither side is right and in my opinion we need to quit attacking everything from one side or the other and try sitting in the middle more. We need to find solutions that simply work. Americans are getting fed up with the inability of Congress to get things done.

It is from the middle where reality is found. Woodrow Wilson (whom Beck would call the father of American Liberalism) had a counselor by the name of Louise Brandeis whom he later appointed to the US Supreme Court. Below is a NY Time article about monopolies of the current day and they allude to Wilson and Brandeis.

From that I quote the author of the article, Jonathan Taplin.

“While Brandeis generally opposed regulation — which, he worried, inevitably led to the corruption of the regulator — and instead advocated breaking up “bigness,” he made an exception for “natural” monopolies, like telephone, water and power companies and railroads, where it made sense to have one or a few companies in control of an industry.”  A compromise in the face of adamant Ideological opposites.

This Brandeis fellow didn’t like regulation of companies which would seem to put him at odds with the “Father of Liberalism” because he saw how corruption followed but at the same time something was needed that would keep the efficiency of monopoly while keeping some type of curb on the corruption monopolies too inevitably caused. In a word he needed a compromise from the middle. That compromise was the forming of a semi-regulated of what he defined as a “natural” monopoly. Today we call them utilities.

Brandeis at this point was as I would say jumping in the middle in order to actually solve a problem with two conflicting sides. He soon found out how much harder that is because the slings and arrows were coming from both sides at once.

It is in this middle that the President we call Trump is putting himself as he tries to do what is best for all America. He is catching it from all sides because he is trying to govern from there, a space that includes the Hard Hat working steel workers, the coal miners to the small town folks trying to get by and just want to be left alone.

When most of America understands that the President needs all in his administration working with him to do the job, the media and the political elites do not get that concept. –  The truth is in the pudding.  Trump is getting results.

The steel workers applaud him as their industry is rebounding as this quote from the New York Times by Patricia Cohen shows. {“If you could design a perfect administration from the perspective of the steel industry, this would be it,” said Thomas Gibson, president of the American Iron and Steel Institute, ticking off the president’s promises to hack away regulations and lower taxes, while fending off foreign competitors and embarking on a “Buy America” building program.”}

The coal miners applauded him too as he signed an executive order that starts to unravel Obama’s war on coal in March this year. Vice President Mike Pence said “The war on coal is over.” The President said. “The action I’m taking today will eliminate federal overreach, restore economic freedom and allow our companies and our workers to thrive, compete and succeed on a level playing field,”

Good works will out albeit faster in business than in politics. The stock market is on a tear and the Dow is setting new all-time records.

Who says trickle-down economics doesn’t work? The US Government just recorded a surplus of $182 billion. Need I say that what Trump is doing is working with business?

As Trump goes on attack from one front to another the Dems are losing their minds as Rush Limbaugh gleefully says “the Democrat Party is going bananas — completely, totally unhinged — on the road to literal insanity.”

The beauty of all this is that the Dems still don’t see why they lost the election. Any old line “CIO – Democrat” could tell them. They have lost the blue collar voters in droves. What used to be their solid go to base of support is leaving the Democrat Party. Why? Because the Democrats ignored and took them for granted and ended up calling them all the filthy names they used to reserve for Republicans. They in effect put them in the “Deplorable Basket”. The question is can the Republicans get their head out of D.C. long enough to take advantage of that?

So my advice is to keep the faith and keep talking about the positives of what Trump is doing and let the Left walk off the cliff by themselves.

Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth
Bob Carr

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Crisis in the West

Crisis in the West. 

What is that crisis? “… a crisis both of our church, a crisis of our faith, a crisis of the West, a crisis of capitalism.” By Steve Bannon.

I’ve written in the past of what I call “the rhyme to the reason”. In other words what is behind the reasoning that makes it work? We can spew facts all day to prove any point or theory we wish to prove, but without a solid underpinning based upon what really works for humanity in general all you end up with is what we have now. A bunch of ideologues left and right screaming their own facts without listening to the people they claim to represent. This leads to what Europe has and we are beginning to see it here. Riots in the streets.

Steve Bannon said the quote above to a group of Conservative Catholics in the Vatican in 2014. I picked this thread up from a recent article ironically by Peggy Noonan who was complimentary of Mr. Bannon.

Ms. Noonan seems instinctually adverse to the tone of Mr. Trump and his advisers of which Mr. Bannon is one. She however does try to understand that which she is naturally disposed to be against. I give her credit for that. That is the least that journalism should be. That is what humanity can and should be.

As an alcoholic I learned the same lesson Ms. Noonan said she learned from William Safire albeit in a different way. Safire’s advice was not to take the easy way which was piling on when someone is down but to look deeper and find the good that may be hidden. My lesson came at a smoke filled “round table” at the back of an AA meeting room after a meeting where some of the old timers would sit and share their wisdom in some blunt down home ways over cards coffee and caffeine. I was complaining about a certain person and after I was done venting my “friend” told me to quit bitching as it was giving him a headache and take that guy out for coffee and find something good about him. It wasn’t a suggestion at least the “shut up” part. But I did and although we didn’t become lifelong friends we did find common ground.

I’m tired of being told to act and think about how I and humanity should go back to our natural state. I want to lead my life by something more. Something more than how much money I can make, how many times I can have sex in a day or who I can manipulate into doing what I want them to do. Or simply just doing what makes me feel good. I’m of the age of Woodstock and what was there outside of great music and an enraptured press, was a mess. Most people had to leave after a couple of days because of hunger, thirst or just downright primitive conditions. People had to leave just to survive.

It is a place to visit, but you sure didn’t want to live there.

The rise of civilization is a constant work in progress. When we all do our share civilization prospers. Steve Bannon talked of “enlightened capitalism” as the best method we have found to date to help spread the wealth and the work of civilization to the most people. It is the “enlightened” part that Bannon was talking about – the part that Judeo-Christian religion has played in putting the “Rhyme to the reason” of capitalism and has made it a good influence on civilization.

If people had to live only for themselves in a natural state we would soon find ourselves in another dark age of the strong living off the weak. In Bannon’s Vatican speech transcript… he said “… I think we are in a crisis of the underpinnings of capitalism, and on top of that we're now, I believe, at the beginning stages of a global war against Islamic fascism.”

Those underpinnings are; “… the underlying spiritual and moral foundations of Christianity and, really, Judeo-Christian belief.”

The barbaric form of the struggle, the fight against Islamic fascism is the obvious struggle from without; but he also talked of the more nuanced forms attacking Western Civilization from within.

The obvious at least to conservatives is the rise of “crony capitalism” or in old fashioned terms fascism. Even the communist countries in their need to “spread the wealth” have had to allow capitalism to come in. This capitalism however was state run not what we think of as Free Enterprise. The great thing hidden in this was the tacit acknowledgement that Capitalism works.

Bannon then turns to another dire threat to capitalism and that is the Objective school of libertarianism of Ayn Rand. He said “Ayn Rand or the Objectivist School of libertarian capitalism.”

“…is quite different when you really look at it to what I call the “enlightened capitalism” of the Judeo-Christian West. It is a capitalism that really looks to make people commodities, and to objectify people, and to use them almost — as many of the precepts of Marx — and that is a form of capitalism, particularly to a younger generation [that] they’re really finding quite attractive. And if they don’t see another alternative, it’s going to be an alternative that they gravitate to under this kind of rubric of “personal freedom.”

Let me now use this youthful over exuberance as a sedgeway back to “Piling on”.

When “personal freedom” is used to avoid the rule of law, or to live off of what others have worked for, we see civilization start to fall apart. We start to lose the rhyme that makes the reason or what we do make sense.

Bannon talks of both the “crony capitalism” and “Objective Libertarianism” as systems which treat people as commodities. As in my terms “de humanizing” humanity – or advancing civilization at the expense of humanity.

Think about it. Objectivism relies upon a select few leaders of industry to control things. All the rest of humanity are but cogs in the wheels of progress. That is not much different than communism where everyone has a job to do and the state tells them what that job is and how to do it.

The point is. It matters not what ideology we have but how we practice it – that is the rhyme to the reason. There is no ideology that achieves perfection without taking into account humanity with all its flaws. In other words it still remains up to us to live within whatever system the current ideology puts up in our way. Laws are simply society’s compromises on freedom. I’m just always looking to support whatever ideology that puts the least obstacles in our path yet advances civilization along the Judeo-Christian path.

I too as I write this understand that because people have the right to free speech it doesn’t mean that what they say is guaranteed to be right.

If we lose the ability to talk with our enemies – to find common ground – to compromise then we might as well.

Have sex with our neighbor’s wife, then shoot him because we covet his car which we then steal, and tell the cops that you saw your other neighbor do it, all the while you are cursing God while worshipping the mighty dollar and doing it all on Sunday. Oh yeah least we forget, we ship our parents off to the re-education center or old folks home because they thought what we did was bad.

Who needs the 10 commandments? They are only the foundation for the Judeo-Christian beliefs which have guided Western Civilization since its conception.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth