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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Personal Stuff

Politics is personal. We’ve all heard that before. I’ve always thought of that from the perspective of voters and why they vote for a certain candidate and not the other. I find it applies to candidates as well. Candidates also have distinct personalities. That is obvious. (think Hillary and Obama). Locally that is just as true. What isn’t so obvious to me is that I have a distinct personality as well. It is harder for me to look at myself from a distance. All the stuff that makes up my “personalness” well it’s just hard to figure out. I must realize that I am looking at others from a distance and drawing conclusions. But they are just as complicated up close as I am. If I can’t figure myself out totally, perhaps I should cut others at least the same amount of slack as I cut myself. Mixing all those personalities with mine is what politics is all about. This is an art that I have a hard time mastering. That like any art can take a life time to learn.

With “Bottom Up Politics” I have been trying to get my part of the Republican party involved more with the local goings on with the personal lives of people in my precinct. My precinct voted 5-1 Democrat last general election. I come face to face with people who do not believe in the conservative idea of things. Talking doesn’t accomplish much unless people are willing to listen and most I talk with aren’t. I am trying to come up with conservative based solutions to problems to show as an example what I mean. I find that I come into conflict with other people in my own party at times, it starts to get personal. I too start to take it personal. I’m starting to realize that I must do the same things with the people in my own party. I have to come up with solutions that work that are conservative in principle to convince my own party that the solutions work. I think there are times when I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and forget that I’m just a small cog in the machinery of politics. I believe in the concept of “Build It and They Will Come” . I have to remember though that the “Build It” part makes the assumption that what I build is good sturdy and true. My job is to make it so. Make that something I build a place “they” will decide to come to. Only then will they come.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. From the email I got this morning, it looks like Senior day in Hackley park yesterday was good. Luckily Karen showed up to interview people for “Inside Story” her TV show. So she did make it and enjoyed some campaigning. From the pics Bob Scolnik sent me, I see Holly Hughes, Annette Smedley and Bob were there. For the executive committee members only. Karen Buie was at the Parade.

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