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Saturday, July 26, 2008

A New Muskegon Blog "SNARKY HUNTRESS"

Snarky Huntress

I think we in Muskegon sometimes take for granted a lot of the really wonderful things that this area offers. People from other places when they come to Muskegon are sometimes better at seeing our “forest through the trees”. I still remember my Brother in Law’s amazement at seeing Lake Michigan (the size of it) and the sandy beeches for the first time. He was born in Switzerland raised on the East Coast. He was the head salesman (I forgot the term) for Allied Chemical on the East Coast. The guy was accomplished rich, Big City and well traveled. Yet Muskegon to him was impressive. Go figure.

In a previous blog I interviewed Jeremy and Jamie Pacquin two young married Chefs from Texas who had decided on Downtown Muskegon as the place they were going to stake their future on. They saw the possibilities in our area. They however weren’t rich. They worked mainly by themselves for two years updating a run down store front on 3rd st. between Monroe and Houston. Supported by family that believed in them,. They called it Mia & Grace Bakery and Bistro. (see my side bar lower down under ”Stores I Really Like Close By”. I was worried about the high end, quality oriented nature of their business, in relation to the neighborhood. So being the big headed sometimes condescending good Samaritan I sometimes think I am; I talked with Karen Buie about having lunch there and her maybe talking it up at the County Building. Well we got there and what a crowded place, we had to wait for a table. What a wonderful job they have done with the place. Big City food and feel, as Local artists adorn the walls. They also use as much local produce and meat as possible. I’m really happy they are off to a flying start. The Muskegon Chronicle did an excellent piece on them that really get the ball rolling. “ A Bottom Up Award” to the Chronicle. Another local resource often taken for granted.

Well this is my round about way of making my introduction to the “Bottom Up” people in Muskegon, of a new blogger and site that we are lucky to have. People I’d like to introduce you to the “Snarky Huntress”. Snarky, the people. Below is her web site. By the way she is a regular at our Thursday 8am coffee at Carmens Downtown with the clever name “The Carmen Group” so I’ll put in my plug, if you want to come join the talk and coffee feel free it’s every Thursday at 8am. See my side bar under “Calendar of Events”
-----Snarky’s site/ link-----
Snarky’s real name is Susie Hughes. I was introduced to her through our “Carmen Group” by GordoM of “The Muskegon Pundit” fame. (See my side bar under “Close by Blog Sites Trying To Help”). She is a real go to person when it comes to knowing people in the city and county and it‘s politics. She’s got connections.

Susie has just started up her new site. “Snarky Huntress”. She is really prolific. She is a good writer. What impressed me and gave me inspiration for this blog was her expertise when it comes to hunting. I’m not talking just sitting on a stump once a year hoping a dear comes by. Snarky has traveled out of the country. She is a real Big Game Huntress. Check out her Bio. She has walked the walk. She has shot the shot. She has also put in her time promoting her passion. She has strong connections with the Safari Club been an important part of that group.

Those things I appreciate as it goes to her willingness to put her money where her mouth is. Willing to actually do something about what she believes and not just bitch like most. Believe me I find myself doing it all the time. Her expertise goes directly to the credibility of what she writes.

What she writes and what I give her a “Bottom Up Writer Award” for, is not for her expertise which is obvious. But the broad reach of her blogs. Susie cover a lot of subjects from how to build bird houses to her opinion on how the candidates positions affect her, to what Caliber of ammunition is allowed when traveling, how to become active in the sport, how to plan a hunting trip, and a whole host of conservation issues. I really like how she brings it down to us “Bottom People” down to real life through her example. Not a hint of “Ranting and Raving” here. Just common sense everyday stuff shown through example. Below I linked a blog of hers I found informational and especially just plain pretty. She seems to be a pretty good photographer. Hey I know what I’ll be talking with her about at the Next Carmen Group. My layout of photos in my blog, (to borrow a favorite saying of GordoM over at The Muskegon Pundit), Suck. Lol

Susie it soon becomes obvious from reading her blog, cares deeply for the wildlife and their habitat. She has actually helped the environment more than a dozen tree huggers ever will. Though she seldom talks of it. She will say that hunters and huntresses are the true original conservationists. I am happy to have The Snarky Huntress as a resource I can use to see how my “talk” of Green Conservatives lines up with the “walk” of a real accomplished one. I am happy to have her as a friend.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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