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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"extreme" Top Down Politics

As you might guess from the name of my blog (Bottom Up Politics), I believe that the greatness of this country comes from the freedom the citizens have. Let’s call those Citizens the Bottom. The people they pick in the election process determines to what extent those Citizens hold onto their freedom. If they pick Representatives who create legislation aimed at enhancing that freedom of the Citizenry then that Citizen freedom has gone from the “Bottom Up”.

If the elected officials worry more about themselves than the Citizens then the laws they pass reflect that and the process becomes “Top Down”.

For Bottom Up to work, the Citizenry has to work at it. It will not be of value if given to them. The Citizen will not value it if it is not earned. Plus keep in mind that anything given by a government can be taken back. Those doing the giving assume they also have the right to take back what they had given.

For this country to work, we need an informed citizenry. A Citizenry willing to do what it takes so they can be in a position to demand from the “Bottom Up” just how they want the government to run.

What brought this on was an article I saw on Drudge about a foreclosure of a house that was an “Extreme Makeover”. The TV show (read Gov.) gave a poor family (read Citizen) a ½ million dollar home, plus ¼ million dollar home maintenance account, and scholarships for the children. The effort turned out to be wasted. The home is being foreclosed due to a loan they made against it for a business that failed. I hope the kids still get to go to college.


We hear about this a lot with lottery winners. The example above just seems like a perfect example of how a government through the power given them, decided what the Citizens need in this case a half million dollar house, and for all the good reasons gave it to them. I by the way really liked the show. I’m in construction myself. It feels good to help people. People need help. I prefer it from the Bottom Up. Less chance of the type of thing above from happening.

This example is all the more glaring because it was a heart felt effort from the people. The construction co. and neighbors and friends trying to give from the top down. When government is involved in such giveaways they probably would spend ten times that much and the “show” would not be a week long, but would turn into the longest running play on Broadway.

Top Down Politics doesn’t work.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sorry to rush this blog, but I’m on the go and my computer is going into the shop hopefully only one day. I’m doing some upgrades so I can make up nicer docs., for political flyers for my candidate. (blatant plug) Karen Buie Muskegon County Clerk. Hope to be back soon.

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