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Friday, July 18, 2008

Karen Buie !!!

Flash --- Our Own Muskegon County Clerk, Karen Buie was one of three local greeters at the airport to welcome John McCain to the area, before Secret Service whisked him off to the fundraising event which was a huge success with a reported $1.4 million raised. The event was at the home of Peter Secchia, a retired businessman and former Ambassador to Italy.

Bob Scolnik our County Republican Chair and John Foreman from Eagle Alloy were the other McCain greeters at the Airport.

Below is a link to Channel 13 and their blurb about it. I'm sure the event will be in the news today all around West Michigan. John McCain is having a Town hall meeting in Warren today (7/18), and I'm sure there will be other stops.
While the likes of Senator Levin will try to criticize, It is good to note that Michingan was not overlooked by McCain in the past, as Obama has done. I heard Levin complaining about the auto industry. Perhaps he should look to our Governor for the past 7 years and her policies.

Anyway just talked with a sleepy Karen Buie (7:30) and she was impressed by the vitality of John McCain and how personable he was. She has some pictures she is getting downloaded and will be up on her website. See my side bar, tomorrow perhaps.
I've known about this since Tues, but was told not to blog about it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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