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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Week In Local Politics.

Great week in local politics. Chronilogical

What a lively time we had at our blossoming weekly Thursday 8am “Carmen Group”. By the way all are welcome always, for food coffee and politics. Attendees from left to right. Marv Engle, running for re-election as the 5th District Rep on the County Commission Board. Marv’s link. John Koens, our former long term County Treasurer. Next the King of Muskegon Politics, Mr.David Farhat, past 91st State House Rep. Next are our own Muskegon Bloggers. The Snarky Huntress aka Susie Hughes, . Next GordoM from Muskegon Pundit fame. The Dean of Muskegon Bloggers. . Then there is Tom Pearo who along with me (not in photo) is running for Precinct Delegate from Precincts 13 (Blufton) and Precinct 6 Muskegon.

I have to run now, will edit this later tonight. I still have the Holton Parade and a meeting at the House of Chan to blog about. I'm off to see the Tigers in Detroit.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Edit. 9pm Sun.
Last Friday was another political pow wow, This one was set up by Bob Scolnik.
In picture below are left to right The Muskegon Pundit (see above for web site), John Koens (Previous long time County Treasurer), Bob Scolnik (County Republican Chair Re-running for his County Commission Seat). Next we have our hopes for the 92nd and 91st State House Seats, Jim McCormick, and the indefagitable Holly Hughes. (Please see my side bar for Holly's great Web Site If you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see an envelope which contains the "secret" photo of the prize pig Holly bought at auction at the Muskegon County Youth Fair. It was the prize pig. One young man walked away with a pretty big check. Needless to say, Holly wasn't buying lunch. lol

Just got back from Detroit where we finally beat the White Sox. Both sides had a lot of hits. Lots of runners stranded. Game got real close in the 9th. Rodney battled like crazy with all the three he struck out that inning. He went to a full count on all with a lot of extra foul balls by each but struck them all out to save our win. We had great seats about 7 rows up, next to the foul pole. Felt like Maglio could shake our hands.

On Saturday, at 1pm the Holton parade started and we had the "Buie Bunch" out in force, some new faces to go along with the regulars. Our youngest at 9 weeks was wrapped in shades and all dandied up. He has made every parade this year. As you can see in the photo he's a toughy, only Patrice could push him around. We also had a nice young family giving the "Buie Bunch" a try. Check out the two young ones. For once I didn't have to carry the banner.

Karen was just being herself running back and forth trying to see everyone shake their hands and giving them hugs. I think we pulled off another great job, out doing the competition. With Karen it wasn't hard. I put in some of the pictures before the parade mingling with the other candidates. We seem to be getting tight with the Smedley Crew, nice people. Oh and a little horsing around never hurts.




Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

If you want to join the "Buie Bunch" or any Republican campaign see side bar. If you want to join the Carmen Group and or be the first at the Sunday 8am coffee at the downtown McDonalds, see side bar. Both are under the label "Ccalendar of Events" and my contact #s are there if you have any questions. Feel free to call for yard signs for any of the Republican Candidates etc.

2 comments: said...

Awesome coverage, LD. This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs. Fantastic local blogging that covers all the bases.

Keep up the great work!


live dangerously said...

Appreciate it Nick.

Surprising what a little effort can do. I'm having a ball. Now if I didn't have to work on occasion.-------Well who said life was perfect. lol

Regards, LD