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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baseball and Politics

Wow. If you watched the Tigers last night, you’re a happy camper this morning. What a come back. We were down 6-0 in the 6th inning. Got one back that inning, 6-1. Then a five run 7th tying it up. Scoreless 8th. Carlos Guillen our 3rd baseman had two spectacular defensive plays in the 9th to save a score. Pickled a guy between 3rd and home. Then with one on the mighty Cabrera strode to the plate and laced a line drive “walk off” homer to win the game. Wow what a game. These Tigers are getting a reputation as being a comeback team.

Shows what teamwork and focus can do. I would like to feel this feeling come November. Something in me is always rooting for the underdog. That part of me was happy to see Hillary give her victory speech after that primary win. I was happy she got her day in the sun.

While I’m not in a good position to make a big difference in the national election, with my other site I’m trying to put the race into perspective for the average voter. On “Bottom Up Politics” I’m doing what I can to try to get some people interested in the political process, by showing that every one can do some things that will make a difference. That difference may be small but a difference all the same.

Republicans have a chance to become the party of real “can do, get it done” type of change. I can help get that going myself right here, right now. By doing the small things, those things that make a small change people can connect to. I can put a friendly personal face on this election and politics in general. I hope people will again feel the community feeling politics used to generate.

Holly Hughes in Muskegon is trying to do that, in her way with an open house at her headquarters on Norton across from Meijers, You’ll see her banner out front today between 5-7pm. See my side bar under “calendar of events” This is what I’d like to talk up with the Muskegon County Republican Party. Perhaps do it on my own some how. I’m thinking a picnic type of thing. If you have any ideas, comment on any of my posts, or come to one of the early morning coffees listed in the side bar under “Calendar of Events”. I realize this is naïve and a bit fanciful, but if others will join me perhaps it will seem a little less naïve and less of a fantasy.

Perhaps with 2 out in the 9th we can slam a walk off homer and win the upset of the Century.

Ever optimistic, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Holly Hughes
Campaign Headquarters
Open House
Thursday, July 10, 2008
765 W. Norton Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49441
(231) 733-0303
Free Cookout No Charge
Everyone is welcome!
Bring a friend!
Headquarters: (231) 733-0303
Paula Simoni, Campaign Manager Cell: (231) 740-1658
Check out our new website:
Paid for by Friends of Holly Hughes 8801 Lehman, Montague, MI 49437 (231) 894-5956

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