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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update on the “Drill Here” Energy idea. + The “Energy Freedom March”

Update on the “Drill Here” Energy idea. + The “Energy Freedom March”

I admit to being angry that Congress will not allow more exploration of energy sources. I’m fed up with Congress seemingly waiting for some :pie in the sky” scientific breakthrough in the energy field maybe a “perpetual motion” machine. I’ve had enough of big talk and no action. I don’t want to wait another 20 years for the perfect solution. I want something done by Congress now.

Gee is it so complicated. The price of oil is shooting up for lack of it. Hey here is a novel idea. Let’s look for some more. Let’s take advantage of what we have; coal, oil shale, nuclear. Let’s concentrate on bringing the price of oil down. At the same time we can put money into coming up with other alternative forms of energy, wind solar bio and any other newer means. But first let us become free from the rising cost of oil. That alone can have a snowball effect upon becoming free from foreign dependence on oil and lead to freedom from oil altogether at least for energy.

Like a war, we need to see some progress. We need to win one skirmish then one battle. The plan will change once the war starts, it has to adapt to changing circumstances: but we need a plan. Then each bill we pass will move us towards victory over Dependence on Foreign Oil. To be non-partisan, we need a plan for the good of America to point to with pride to overcome the naysayer’s .

Below are some links to update what some of the Leaders in this battle in Congress are doing to try to change things. Below those links, see what we’re doing about it right here in Muskegon.

American Solutions, (the people who came up with Drill here, Drill now, Pay Less) The video is a shorter version of the presentation to the leaders of Congress 1.3 million signatures on the “Drill Here” Petition. This will be sent to all the leaders. Hopefully this 1.3 will grow to a goal of 3 million signatures, which will be presented to the Republican and Democratic Conventions.
John Boehner, (Republican Leader in the House) has the following links. He has become the focal point of this process. Constantly bring heat to the majority through a lot of different ways. His current effort is a 10 House member tour of Energy sources in the country. His way of showing that we have the where with all to do great things towards the goal of energy independence. His group of energy bills is called “All of the Above”. It includes not only exploration, but conservation and promotion of alternative energy sources. His current tour emphasizes this.

Yes we are a Can Do Nation. Even if Congress has been a “Do Nothing Congress”.
-----link to Boehner’s sites-----
On the right side of the above link be sure to click on the blog button. This has the full acceptance of the 1.3 million signatures, plus other links to his efforts.

Dan Burton the conservative leader in the House has as is usual been leading his own battle to help goad Congress into action and stir up some publicity. He and Mike Pence and Steve Buyer are holding a Press Conference this Monday 7/21 to spread the word. Show an Indiana united front. Below is a link to his efforts.

Next the guy that started the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” slogan Newt Gingrich has broadened the theme by changing the name to “Do it All, Do it Now, Do it For America” He hopes to gather another 1.7 million signatures to go with the 1.3 to total 3 million to present to both political conventions. Below is his site. Click on Rosy the Riveter to see the scope of his solution to the Energy problem. Click on the upper right Drill Petition to see the current total.

Last but not least Tim Walberg (Michigan’s own) sponsored the first discharge petitions in the House to try to force the “no more excuses energy bill” out of committee where it along with other energy bill are stuck, onto the floor for a yes or no vote. Below is his latest volley.

There are many others, google away, and you will see.

Myself and some others have decided that we also want to not only give our support to this effort but to actually play a small part in this effort, to spur congress on to “Do Something” to help our country to become more Energy Independent.
Tuesday, July 22nd we are holding an “Energy Freedom March” on the sidewalk of the County building. Starting around 8:30 am. I'll be there all day. Feel free to stop any time for any amout of time. Sign our petition for "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" or not. Pick up a sign or bring your own or not. Bring a friend or not. This is a "bottom up type of thing". I’m making twenty signs to carry. Simple messages, Drill Now, Stop Opec. America / Has Had Enough, Drill Here, We Want A / Do Something Congress. Honk For Lower / Gas Prices.

If you want to help out or find out anything at all about this, below are my contact #s

Bob Carr
231-728-3455 let message play (I screen my calls) If I’m there I’ll pick up. If not I’ll call back. If you want to be anonymous, just comment on this blog. Using the anonymous button. Or call back on the phone when I’m home. I can’t afford caller ID> lol.

Hope to see you Tues and Wed.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS don't forget David L. Schultz's fund raiser, see side bar "Calendar of Events"

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