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Friday, July 4, 2008

Whitehall 4th of July Parade. The Buie Bunch

July 4th Parade In Whitehall/Montague

Big parade lots of fun. Bands, floats, clowns, politicians. Lots and lots of people and things in the parade. Fire engines, old cars. I of course enjoyed the play between the politicians and the people. Lord there were lots of people. We went form the Whitehall city hall all the way down and over the bridge and thru Montague proper. The whole way was jammed with people and lots and lots of kids. I was with “The Buie Bunch” as we’re starting to call ourselves. I’ll bet we gave out 50lbs of candy. Karen was tireless crossing back and forth shaking hands and hugging people. Karen’s mom too was tireless refilling our candy buckets from the car. I saw my oldest and best friend Jim Kienke with his wife Janet. They were marching with Holly Hughes. Holly had a large contingent with her as well. We need Holly to beat Valentine and get our 91st district back. Annette Smedley was there she is running for county prosecutor. Jerry Van Woerkom led up the politicians. Lots of politicking going on. Lots of kids with bags like at holloween. Big fun. At the end of the parade there was the Montague library which was having a book sale. I left with plenty of good fiction to last me for awhile at 50 cents a book. I still have my political reading listed on my side bar to finish.

Tonight is my time to help Marion at his Summer Celebration Parking lot for the Nelson Community Association to fund his Food Pantry. See my side bar in blue at top. Bring a blanket and lay on the grassy hill by your car and watch the fireworks. Best view in town. The money will go to some people who need the food.

Have a great 4th
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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