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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Below is the first draft of what I'm planning to do. It seemed a Bottom Up kind of thing to do. I've talked to a few people already and they seem interested. I want ideas. I'll listen to any critiques of the (PR?). I would like to see other cities try it if this works. It might as well start right here right now in Muskegon. To paraphrase an old politician. A little protest in this city; a little protest in that city; pretty soon you're talking a protest people will hear.
I sent the previous version of this to Nick at Right Michigan for help. Also to Tim Walberg, Dan Burton, and John Boehner. I realize they won't be the ones reading it. But I've talked to people in their staff previously and they liked the rough idea. I hope they will help with the pr and organization etc. It may be wishfull thinking but you never know
To whom it may concern.

My name is Bob Carr. I’m a citizen concerned with the price of gasoline. I am also concerned with the seeming inability of the Congress to do something about it. A recent pew pole showed an upsurge in support for a more direct approach to solving that problem, The poll question asked the person to chose between, more exploration, mining etc. vs. increasing regulation on the oil companies, and or conservation. The surprising thing was that the largest increase came from the young people, the college educated, the women, the liberals. A larger percentage of self proclaimed Democrats are in favor of increased exploration, than the percentage of self proclaimed Republicans. All of this change was done in 4 months since Newt Gingrich got the ball rolling with the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition. He has over 1 -1/3 million signatures.
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The third box of numbers was shocking to me. This is not a political issue anymore to the people of the country, only to the legislators. I am having this protest march to put a face on the anger the people have with the leadership in Congress.

John Boehner on July 11th released the following. I blogged about it at
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“I especially liked the fire in the belly as evidenced by the following quote from Mr. Boehner. ““I’m going to say it one more time, we need to do ‘all of the above’ if we’re serious. We can drill in an environmentally sound way, and that’s what we should be doing… We’re not going to leave here for the August recess until we get a vote on having more American-made energy.””.
I have decided that I too am going to do something about the lack of action from Congress. Below is what I came up with.

On July 23, starting at 9:00 am and hopefully lasting all day I and others will be marching and carrying signs in front of the Muskegon County Building. If this is successful and a lot of people show up or promise to the next day, we will follow up on the 24th. I will then be notifying all media of this. Again if this is received well, I would hope other cities might catch wind of it.

I have been in contact with the offices of Dan Burton and Tim Walberg and John Boehner, they all were positive. Tim and Dan have been the pioneers in the Congress on this issue, along with others including Lynn Westmoreland, and Tom Price. John Boehner has taken the leader ship position as he should in the House. The President has finally joined by lifting the ban on off shore drilling.

It is now up to Congress. I’m organizing this “March” to let the people of Muskegon show their views on this issue. Something needs to be done by Congress, before it recesses to help restore the people’s faith in that body. Letting people know that they can be a “Can Do Congress” instead of a “Do Nothing Congress”. This "Action March" is not a march so much as a few people holding signs and hopeing others will join in. I am not affiliated with any goup, I just want to do what I feel needs doing.

Thank You.
Bob Carr
24 Morrall Ave.
Muskegon Mi. 49441
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