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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Great news. I drove past Mia & Grace Bakery and Bistro on Third between Monroe and Houston; and saw the door open. I parked and they indeed were open for business !! Jamie and Jeremy the two chefs were in the back doing what they do so well. Cooking and Baking. The place looked great. precisely elegant. From the local art on the walls to the local sculptor pieces in the front window, to the white table cloths the to fully well dressed waiter, to the coffee press. The place wasn’t just great, elegant is a better fit. I could see that the extra time they had taken before opening was done for a reason. Every where I looked it was obvious. The wait was worth it, their creative efforts bore evidence to their reason.

Up front Andy the (Maitre D) met me. He remembered me from my previous interview. I really wasn’t there to eat and told him so. He was still pleasant and accommodating. He introduced me to a nice young man, Jake who would of been my waiter were I staying. Behind the counter was a striking woman who introduced herself as Jeremy’s mother Pam. She was busy pressing some coffee. Andy and Pam explained that Jamie and Jeremy were doing what they called a “soft” opening. I had heard Carmen of “Carmen’s” use that same term explaining how they had opened. Andy and Pam explained that it was a way for the public and themselves to get used to each other. A chance also for the crew to adjust the menu and the hundred other things that I can only guess at which go into running a quality restaurant.

As I related in my previous blog, Jamie and Jeremy have been creating Mia & Grace for two years. They are not in a hurry. They are and have been willing to take the time necessary to open when they are happy with what they have created, when they are comfortable with it. In the days of fast Mc Burgers, and in this town; I’m sure I’ll find in Mia & Grace a welcome oasis. I'm sure others will join me in this pleasure.

Just for starters, there were home made fresh cookies, banana bread, and I saw other breads, plus fresh cinnamon rolls, to name just a few of the fresh baked goods from the back room. Please forgive my ignorance of the terminology dealing with bakerys and restaurants. I did see an apple filled -- (donut?). I was told that this was just a beginning of what they will offer. Please remember that Mia & Grace will use fresh local grown food whenever possible. The apple thing was local. The menu I didn’t have the time to really look at. It too was said to be in the process of being formed. I can’t wait. I talked with Karen Buie later about spreading the word to her colleagues at the County Building and she thought it might be a good place for a “meet and greet”. I’m not sure how those work but I’ll let you know the when and what if it comes to pass. A little free publicity wouldn’t hurt either party. I’m talking through my head now though. But I’ll see what can be done between the two of them, and let you know.

My boy is in from Boston and I’ll see if I can take him and his friend there for lunch before he leaves. They're used to this style of food.

It’s 8pm and I haven’t fixed my dinner yet. Like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Writing about a great (elegant) restaurant when your hungry is shear torture. Lol

Regards, Have a Happy Fourth, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative
God Bless our Troops and keep them safe,
They are the one's really living dangerously.
Compared to the danger they're facing, my little play on words seems silly, but I hope not insulting. God Bless Them.

PS Our Thursday morning Conservative coffee went well. An hour of wide ranging and lively political discussion. Feel free to join us. Any Thursday at 8 am. See side bar under calendar. Everyones welcome to all events.

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