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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Energy Freedom March is Done.

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Well what a busy few days it’s been. I guess I might as well start with the “Energy Freedom March”. In my last post I shared my “senior moment” about misplacing my files. Well my fellow partner in crime and blogging, GordoM.
He made a special trip to headquarters for the missing files. They weren’t there. Luckily I was able to make some more up on my computer for our first day. I’ve included a couple pictures that another fellow blogger Susie took of us holding our signs. Susie is none other than the Snarky Huntress.
A fellow I just met at the Muskegon County Republican Meeting the night before showed up and carried a sign for a few hours. His name was Tom Pearo. He and I are both running for precinct delegate slots from different precincts in the Aug. primary.

A good time was had by all. The sign that got the most action was the “Honk for lower gas price” sign. I would estimate a full ¼ of the cars honked. A Fire Truck honked. That was LOUD up close. As our protest was at the seat of Muskegon Government, we even had a few police give up a honk for us. Lots of Semi truck drivers did also, if not downright eager. I was surprised by the number of school bus drivers giving us a toot.

I had tried to keep this a non partisan affair as you can tell by the signs. The largest economic group of people that honked in my estimation were from the lower end of the spectrum. My neighbors. But there was a large percentage from all social groups.

The mechanic was quite different from what I envisioned. I was planning on handing out maybe 100 flyers. Maybe getting 100 signatures. The set up of the corner however, didn’t allow for that. Only a few times would a car be stopped long enough to hand out a flyer and there was next to zero foot traffic so very few petition signatures. This is the first one for me and our group. We did learn some things. One thing I learned was to listen better to my friends.

The event was the day of the Carli Fiorina Lincoln Day Dinner put on by the Muskegon County Republicans. I’ll blog separately about that because that was something special for me and deserves a separate post. I mention it because after the protest I had just enough time to throw on some nicer clothes and attend the party. I was pretty tired and bummed out about the protest, and how it didn’t go as I had planned. It was the Lincoln Day Dinner that revitalized me.

I had pretty much decided not to have it again the next day. But during the dinner I changed my mind. The next day my fellow blogger showed up and we did it again. The honks were just as loud and numerous as before. My partner had to leave early and I was held down the fort by myself. Around 11:00 the Muskegon County Treasurer who has offices on the top corner floor of the county building in which we were in front of came walking out to talk to me. I recognized him as we had met at the Whitehall Montague Parade previously. We don’t share the same party. Lol.

He gave me proof that the protest, through the horn honking was at least getting noticed. He told me that they were having a hard time working up on the top floor due to all the noise from the honking. He said that though he agreed with what I was doing he would appreciate it if we would stop.

Well I made sure we both knew that I had a right to be on the corner, to which fact he agreed, and so I offered a comprised and said I would leave in ½ an hour. I was ready anyway. He graciously agreed. We shook hands and were both nice. We both on our small scale and in our own way showed that compromise is easily achieved if goals on each side are respected. One of my signs said simply “We Want A Do Something Congress” The whole idea behind that and my trying to keep politics out of the protest was to show support for those in Congress that are willing to compromise and actually do their jobs an get something done other than talk. I tip my hat to the man. Who I vote for, well -- As I planned I will leave the partisan out of it. Lol. And you never know. Perhaps if all politicians didn’t “know” who we were voting for perhaps they might try listening a little more. That is a big one for me to accept, but you never know.

By the way I mentioned I was tired. Well after my senior moment the first day day of the protest and being up since 3:00 am, then going to the protest from 8am-5pm and going after that to the Lincoln Day Dinner; and getting home late, I then had to get up early as I volunteered for the job of opening up the Republican booth at the County Youth Fair Wed. morning. I got there at 6:30am and made it to the protest by 8:00am. There wasn’t much of a compromise to quit at 11:30. I was dragging. Don't forget I went to Our Thursday Morning Coffee. The Carmen Group at 8am. I'll blog separately about that too as that is getting some attendence. I'm shocked.

This “politicking” is harder than working and no double time for working late. There oughta be a union. Hey just kidding ok?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative.

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