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Friday, July 11, 2008

Holly Hughes

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs.

Well I guess I dated my self with that old song title, but after yesterday that’s all I was thinking. I went to Holly Hughes Campaign Headquarters’ open house. Paula Simoni Holly’s campaign manager called me up and I attended a couple hours early and put together a couple hundred signs. Changed clothes and went to her cookout. It was nice, the weather was nice, the food was free and it wasn’t a fund raiser, and that was especially nice. All the local republican candidates and powers that be were there.

I would guess there were 50-100 people coming and going saying hi and eating hotdogs, and potato salad, beans all good stuff. The Brownies were to die for. Paula made some excellent sugar cookies. You guessed it they were in the shape of an elephant.

Politics at this level is really personal. We were trading campaign stories. How some of the Democrat signs were too big and on the terrace both illegal and were taken down because one of our people complained to the officials. We probably should of told the prosecutor but seeing how they were his signs we didn’t. lol. Needless to say I drove the speed limit home.

The two David’s were there running against each other in the primary for drain commissioner, Not much tension, just a nice summer picnic type atmosphere, there were even a couple kids running around.

My tip of the hat to Holly Hughes, she is running a professional campaign, getting volunteers, she fully seems to understand that elections are not all about money. Voters count too. Holly is running in the 91st district against Valentine and this is one race in which the Republicans seem to have an even chance to actually gain a seat in the State House. Let’s put out some signs. Stop by her office on 765 Norton or stop by her web site.
-----link to Holly-----

The day started out at the Conservative Coffee at Carmen’s Jefferson and Clay downtown. I find in an email it is being called the Carmen Group now. Nice to know. I guess I should change the name in my side bar. Bob Scolnik, Jim and myself and Susie Hughes showed up. I think I’ll just call it the Mini Muskegon County Republican meeting. Lots of talk quite a think tank. Oh well. May be a good chance to make some suggestions for the Real Musk. County Republican Party.

Next I picked up an Annette Smedley for County Prosecutor sign to give to someone who really doesn’t like Tony Tague. He lives on Peck St. so it has high visibility. On top of that the location is a block and a half from the Muskegon County Democrat Headquarters. Big fun. Lol.

I just live around the corner. If I could get a couple people coming to the Sunday Morning Conservative Coffee at McDonalds, I would think it fun to start a City of Muskegon Conservative Republican party out of my home to challenge the Democrats up the street. Probably won’t ever happen but what the hey, you never know.

By the way if you want a sign or if you want to volunteer for something give me a call or email me, or post a comment at the end of the post. Bob Carr, 231-728-3455.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Upcoming. Sat. morning 8:30 "adopt a highway" cleanup crew. call me 231-728-3455 and maybe we can car pool. Corner of Shaw Rd. and Apple

PSS Sunday Morning Conservative Coffee Ward 2 Muskegon. at 8:oo at McDonalds downtown. Look for the Red Wings hat on the table. That's me. See my side bar under calendar.

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