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Thursday, July 24, 2008

TWO POST TODAY -- Carli Fiorina

Carli Fiorina + Muskegon County Republican's Lincoln Day Dinner.

As I drove into the Country Club parking lot for the Lincoln Day Dinner, I was tired, hungry and a bit down in the dumps due to what I was thinking was a lack of respone to the "Energy Freedom March". That changed shortly after I got out of the car and the ever cheerful Stu Peterson joined me and said hi. Stu is one of those people that just lift you up being around him. He and Bob Scolnik set up the Republican clean up, of our addopted piece of highway for which I volunteered earlier in the week.

Once inside I realized that I was starting to get to know a few of the local republicans, I was beginning to feel like I was among friends. I went around taking pictures of the people in their Sunday best. People I was getting to know, candidates like Karen Buie, Annette Smedley and just anyone that looked right. I'm putting out all the pics. There is a good one of our State Republican and our County Republican Chairs together. Just some fun pictures of a lot of people that were celebrating the act of politicking and proud to be Republican. Proud to be a part of this process of Democracy.

I remember that Bob Scolnik was worried about a possible low turnout at our meeting Monday. There were a lot of people there. The room was jammed. It took some doing to get everybody seated for dinner. By the way the turkey, was the best this poor boy has ever had. Did I mention that Jack Hoogendyk was there too. Chuck Yob too.

Bob Scolnik did a masterfull job as master of ceremonies. He took care of business well and timely. The candidates were all introduced. Jack Hoogendyk took the platform and gave a nice speech. Holly Hughes (our hope to unseat Mary Valentine in the 91st house seat in the State House) shared with us the impressions and some highlights she had formed while sharing time with Carli Fiorina when they were with John McCain. Holly is really an accomplishe speaker and I might add Politician. Then she introduced Carli.

She talked of how she was inspired to offer to help the McCain campaign. She, like so many on the local level is a volunteer!! What can I say so am I lol. I had been blogging about Dan Burton and his honest desire to compromise to get things accomplished in Congress ao Carli was preeching to the choir as she told of John McCain's proven ability to reach across the aisle and try to do what's right for America. She pointed out another point dear to my heart and that was John McCain's hatred for Ear marks. She reitterated John's belief that for a bill to be passed it needs to stand on it's own merit by itself and debated and voted on by itself not just attached by the dozens to another bill.

She highlighted how he had stood against the President on the need for more troops before the surge happened, from the beginning. This is a man she pointed out that knew about war. This was a couragous man and a man of principle. Willing to go against the grain if he knew of a better way.

She compared historically the way America in the 1920s was in a recession and how we went into the depression by doing exactly what the Obama camp is reccomending. Tariffs supposedly to protect jobs, higher taxes to supposedly get us out of the recession. Both had the opposite effects, and she claims they will do the same today. She turned a Frotune 500 High Tech co. around. I think I'll believe her over a "community organizer" any day. Not to mention that it just makes sense.

There was a lot I missed but I thought the speech was good. My blogger friend made an astute observation that the women and girls in the crowd were really paying attention. I know her talk resonated with me and because of her John McCain went up a couple notches in my opinion.

As a possible running mate, McCain could do far worse.

Well gotta get some sleep. I'll post about the Carmen Group and who showed tomorrow. Also about my first meal at Mia & Grace.

Thanks for putting up with my lack of blogging the last couple of days.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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