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Friday, August 1, 2008

Politics is Personnal

Computer is back and so am I. As usual when I learn something more about computers, I find ten new things I need to learn. Like they say, enjoy the journey. Wednesday night I went with Karen Buie to the Eggelston township VFW meet and greet. Most of the local candidates were there and I got to meet some of the Eggelston trustee candidates. Barb Woudwyk current Oakridge school board president was one I met and liked. Below is a picture of her, talking with David Fisher.

Had a nice time, Patrice and her grandson were there. He has been to every parade with Patrice of course so far. Quite a trooper. The original “Buie Buncher” At the end of the day, the attendance list showed that around 150 citizens came and mingled with the candidates. Holly Hughes was there along with Karen heading up the Republicans. Annette Smedly for prosecuter, the 2 Davids (Fisher + Schultz) for drain commissioner were there. There were a lot of candidates. Too many to name.

I congratulate the VFW in Eggelston for putting on the event. It gave those citizens interested a chance to meet and see the candidates in action, in person. Helped the election process work better. My “bottom up” award to the VFW Post and the Citizens who attended. Below are some of the pics. I took.

I met again young Mr. Dewitt from the Pete Hoekstra campaign. This guy and I love talking politics. This is the face of the new smart and energetic Republican party. I have been blogging about the Energy situation lately a lot. Posting about leaders like John Boehner, Dan Burton, etc in the House and Newt Gingrich. Mr. DeWitt put a face to these people as he has met and talked with them. I was both happy to talk with someone who was a part of what I was just blogging about and that he was at this forum of the Eggelston township VFW. I did pick up some info from him. Rumor has it that Pete is setting up with Bob Scolnik our Muskegon County Chair, a fund raiser at Bob’s house and Frank Luntz the pollster will be there. That could be an interesting evening. This is all tentative, but the date I heard was Sept 6th at 6pm.

Also he mentioned that Pete was coming to Muskegon Aug 4th on his “Bike Tour”
A quote from the above link to Pete’s site.
“Monday, Aug. 4
· Serve guests at the Beachway Resort & Hotel, Tuesday, Aug. 5· Work at Fredericks Design, Inc., · Shadow medical professionals and visit with patients at the new Johnson Family Center for Cancer Care, · Shadow medical professionals and visit with patients at Mercy Health Partners Hackley Campus, 1700 Clinton St., in Muskegon at 1:45 p.m. (open only to press) “

I’m going to see if I can get a picture and or talk with Pete that day. We’ll see.

Thursday morning with the Carmen group was informative and edible lol as always. The “Muskegon Bloggers” were there Susie the “Snarky Huntress”, GordoM the “Muskegon Pundit” and I. Joining us were David Farhat, John Koens, and David Wells. With the primaries nearly upon us you can imagine the talk was lively. John passed out a county ballot and we all picked who we thought would win in the primary. A small “Carmen Group” wager or pool. Afterwards, David and GordoM took me over to Dave’s war rooms in the Noble building. Rumor also has it that David is considering a State Senate run in the future. Anyway Pat Bowen the web master of the new “Muskegon Republican GOP website” was there and I got a quick training session on how to get into and update the site. I’ll be working with GordoM to keep the site up to date and lively. As I learn more I’ll let you know.

As a disclaimer and to puff out my chest some, Karen Buie officially named me her campaign manager. So keep that in mind when reading my blog. If I seem to be pushing her it is probably I am. Lol. From the looks of the schedule she has worked up, I’ll have precious little time for anything other than politics. I’m still finishing up a couple of things in my line of work. Things are getting really busy. Politics takes up a lot of time. Well I wanted to get into local political stuff, well looks like I got my wish. Lol. I’m really enjoying this. Just have to get over the idea of working for money. Lol.

If time really is money then, I’m making a sizable donation. That is one of the main ideas of “Bottom Up Politics”. Campaigns are about getting votes, and votes are about attracting attention to yourself. Money has been the short cut to that process in an ever alarming way. I wanted to show and prove that “Politics is Personal” and the more personal a person campaigns and is personally involved the better it is. Not only for votes but to actually learn what the citizens are demanding of their elected officials.

I wanted to see if through my time and effort, a person of very modest means (read poor) could still make a difference at least at the local level. I hope through my blogsites and participation of the readers I can, and am doing just that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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