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Thursday, May 29, 2008


You Could Never Guess.

Yesterday it was a Policeman that was right on the spot when I needed him. Helped a possible bad situation from happening. I am not lying, today at my boys house as we were working a neighbor came knocking on the door and said the hill was on fire. Sure enough was.!! Two houses away but beginning to spread and pick up steam. Running up the dune and along the sides and even slowly beginning to creep down the hill. The neighbor had called 911 so I went to see what I could do. The neighbors hose was in the yard and could stretch to where I could reach some of it but not all so I started to do what I could. I stopped half of it.

To paraphrase an old saying, stopping half of it only works in horse shoes, well you get the drift. Within another hour or less the whole hill would have been on fire and at least 3 houses would have been next. Up that nearly inaccessible road came the big fire truck.. Those guys can wheel those trucks around pretty good. Then it was all business. Within 5 minutes there was a fireman who had climbed the hill dragging a hose behind him and a man on the ground turning on the water. They had to bring their own. Another 5-10 minutes later and the hill was swarming with firemen. I couldn’t figure out where they all came from. Another fire truck pulled up behind the first. I think another group came from behind the hill. That fire had no 0 nada chance. The place was soaked.

In the meantime the little covered outdoor grill that we assumed started the ruckus was merrily slow cooking a ton of chicken pieces. It continued on undisturbed by the commotion it had started. Outside of giving all the neighbors something to look at happily diverting us from our chores, we were not disturbed. The disturbed ones were the firemen, who had to rush ,in a controlled panic way, from the minute the warning sounded to the time the situation was under control. Then go about packing up their gear as they let the adrenalin wear off, and head on back home until the next call comes, as unexpected as this one had. Never knowing if it was a simple brush fire that only required haste, or whether they would have to seriously put their life on the line. Perhaps save someone’s life I made sure I thanked them as they left.

Some one else came into my life for a few minutes and quietly left. No names were given just some guys from the fire department. I still after yesterday forgot to get their name, I just took them for granted till they showed up. Perhaps that is as it should be. I’m just glad they were here.

Maybe tomorrow will be a regular day. Lol

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Crack'd Writers said...

You are starting to scare me. LOL

live dangerously said...

yeah me too. Well life's a beetch and then you die.
Regards LD